Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 499-500

Chapter 499

After everyone had met up at a nearby cafe, the technicians from Dragon Shield had figured out the best way to do it.

Ye Xing laughed after hearing this, “It’s okay, high technology is being used.”

“It can’t be helped, it’s so as not to cause too much conflict.”

Ye Xing agreed to this plan and then started to implement it.

The plan was a bit complicated, it was to make a replica of the meteorite iron, based on the pictures of the meteorite iron, the technicians from Dragon Shield made a replica in the hotel that night.

This replica could be said to be an exact imitation of the meteorite iron in the museum, and as long as you didn’t have to touch it with your hands, you absolutely couldn’t tell it was a fake.

Ye Xing then took Du Jiuniang and Qiao Baihe into the museum, and the three of them dodged the cameras and barged straight into the surveillance room.

The security guards in the surveillance room were quickly subdued and Ye Xing turned off all the surveillance. Next, he rang the fire alarm and created thick smoke.

Everyone ran towards the outside of the museum, and Ye Xing took the opportunity to exchange for the meteorite iron, only to have just opened the lid with a loud boom, turning the table where the meteorite iron was placed into the centre of the explosion, sending Ye Xing flying straight out.

He fell to the ground, drenched in blood, and if he didn’t have the hardening technique to defend himself, he would have turned into a pile of rotten meat by now.

Meanwhile, Du Jiuniang and Qiao Lily rushed to his rescue as a gust of strange noises appeared overhead, only to see countless faceless people up to two metres tall with four sharp bone blades appear.

These monsters were already similar to large spiders and opened their mouths to eject poisonous gas.

Du Jiuniang closed the door and the poisonous gas rotted the heavy wooden door into water. The two of them picked up Ye Xing and flew out, but unfortunately, just before they reached the back door, they were surrounded by countless faceless people.

Mo Qian Yun, who was covered in black qi and had a hideous face, came out and roared in a voice that was unpleasant to the ears, “I guessed you would come to rob the meteorite iron to make magic weapons, so here you are, haha.”

“Sister, you take the master away, I’ll stop her.” Qiao Baihe roared.

As soon as Du Jiuniang shoved Ye Xing to Qiao Baihe, she pushed her away with force and roared, “You guys hurry up and leave.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Du Jiuniang was already heading towards Mo Qianyun to kill her.

As she killed Mo Qianyun, the faceless people, eager to protect their master, rushed towards her.

Mo Qian Yun was dumbfounded, but Du Jiuniang rushed towards her somewhat fearlessly.

“Seek death.” With a single wave of Mo Qian Yun’s hand, a leather whip covered with sharp thorns shot out and viciously pierced into Du Jiuniang’s body.

At the same time, Qiao Baihe let out a miserable cry, but with tears in her eyes, she hugged Ye Xing and quickly broke out from the other side.

The street was crowded with people and Qiao Baihe quickly got into a taxi and just threatened the driver to drive.

By the time Mo Qian Yun chased her out of the back alley, there was no trace of anyone else on the street except the crowd of onlookers.

“This time even if it doesn’t kill you, you’ll have to be left half dead so that you won’t get in the way of my plans.” Mo Qian Yun sneered before turning her head and walking into the back alley, the faceless people following her out in droves.

Qiao Baihe was unbearable and took Ye Xing back to the hotel, looking at Ye Xing, who was covered in bruises, and cried out again.

Inside the hotel, the others saw the scene and immediately treated Ye Xing’s wounds.

At this moment, a huge wound appeared in his stomach, and all the internal organs could be seen.

With such a serious injury, anyone else would have died, but Ye Xing kept on surviving with his strong vitality.

Lin Wei took her men to the museum, but they could not find Du Jiuniang’s body, she had fallen into the hands of Mo Qianyun and was feared to be in grave danger.

Ye Xing woke up that night, his whole body was wrapped up like a big dumpling.

Without the power of the Heavenly Elements in his body, he would have been dead for many hours.

Ye Xing was scared for a while, he had always been the one to calculate others, but he did not expect to suffer a big loss this time by someone’s backstabbing, and most crucially, the death of Du Jiuniang, which was a very big blow to him.

Two days later, the group left Senna City. There was no need to think about the meteorite iron, and it was useless to stay on.

But when the group went to the airport, they were suddenly stopped by a group of blondes with blue eyes.

A blonde woman on the other side, who was more than one meter eighty tall, smiled and asked, “Chief Ye, we are from the Scarlet Fortress and invite you to be its guests.”

Ye Xing frowned, “Not much interest.”

“Chief Ye almost died inside the museum for nothing more than that piece of meteorite iron, in fact, there are many such extra-terrestrial meteorite irons within our Scarlet Ancient Fortress.” The blonde woman smiled and threw out a temptation.

Ye Xing’s expression was grave: “What is your purpose in giving me this information?”

“Our purpose is the same as yours, to destroy that witch.” The blonde woman invited again.

Ye Xing half-heartedly followed them to the Scarlet Fortress, while the others took the plane back home first, this time he was determined to avoid another tragedy of major casualties for the others.

The Scarlet Fortress is located on a plain dozens of kilometres outside the city of Seine, where spring is in full swing all year round, with dense vegetation everywhere and no mountains or hills, it looks like a picturesque landscape.

All along the way were cows and sheep and flowers, this is the advantage of not having a small population, if it was within the Chinese country, I am afraid that this kind of place would not give you a few farmhouses.

Ye Xing arrived outside the Scarlet Castle in his carriage and looked up to see the ancient castle, which was dozens of metres high and towering, very ancient and majestic.

The owner of Scarlet Castle had changed several times, and the current owner was very mysterious, but when Ye Xing came here and took a look, almost all of them were ancient martial artists.

These foreigners were already physically strong, and with the cultivation of internal energy, their strength was not to be underestimated.

However, all the ancient martial arts in the world came from China, so even if these branches were powerful, they were not powerful at all.

The stained gla*s windows were several metres high from the ground, and with the various stone statues and paintings in the hall, it was as if one had entered a Western fantasy magical story.

After Ye Xing waited for a few minutes, the owner of the castle finally arrived, a silver-haired old man with a rich body. The blonde woman helped him downstairs and sat trembling on a tall, heavy chair.

As soon as the old man sat down, his body aura was released. Ye Xing noticed that something was wrong, an evil aura, and immediately frowned.

“Young man, you don’t need to be hostile towards me, I am indeed not an ordinary person, I belong to the evil spirits.” The silver haired old man laughed up.

Ye Xing narrowed his eyes and drank: “Good and evil are not mutually exclusive, you appear in front of me in a dignified manner, aren’t you afraid that I will strike and destroy you?”

The atmosphere was instantly tense as the blonde woman even touched the gun on her waist, and the other ancient martial artists around her were also ready to move.

Ye Xing looked around at everyone and sneered, “Just these men of yours, you are still not good enough to deal with me.”

The silver-haired old man waved his hand and the others withdrew their auras, and the blonde also put her hand down.

“Young man, we are descendants of the blood race, but have long since stopped plaguing humans, and if our enemy continues to grow stronger, everyone will have to become her slaves in time.” The old man with silver hair said cautiously.


Chapter 500

“You’re talking about Mo Qian Yun?”

“I don’t know who that witch is, anyway, she is very powerful, not only has she wrecked the island country, she has also created many monster strongholds within our country.”

Once Ye Xing heard that Mo Qian Yun had turned foreign countries upside down, he was not too anxious in his heart, after all, countries are not friendly and mutually supportive, but also accompanied by many competing mutual interests, sometimes it is also philosophy to die a friend of the road rather than a poor one.

The silver-haired old man then said, “There is still a lot of meteorite iron inside our ancient castle, if you want this item, we can make an exchange.”

“How to exchange, let me go and kill Mo Qian Yun?” Ye Xing shook his head and said, “I am no match for her, perhaps there is no one in this world who can deal with her.”

The silver-haired old man was lost for a moment, he knew Ye Xing well, this man was very famous in China, not only did he destroy Jiang Qin, one of the four great masters, he also subdued all the originally unruly ancient martial arts sects, even the Immortal Sect was under his grasp, such a real power figure actually said that he couldn’t deal with that devil woman, it looked like this maybe there was really no one who could subdue.

The silver haired old man pondered for a moment then said, “Then even if we can’t deal with that devil woman, we still have to find a way to eliminate those strongholds of hers, if you can a*sist us, the meteorite iron can also be taken away.”

Ye Xing smiled and nodded, “I can promise you this, but let’s say in advance that if Mo Qian Yun is there, then you can’t make a move.”

“This is of course, my people can’t die for nothing either.” The silver-haired old man agreed to this condition.

Ye Xing followed him down to the basement of the ancient castle, there were many antiques displayed inside, from medieval armour to swords, and all kinds of vases and porcelain and jewellery, it could be said that it was so rich that it was like entering a treasure trove piled with mountains of gold and silver.

Ye Xing took a few glances as the silver-haired old man placed his hand on an orb, only to see the orb flash with a light, followed by the sound of electronic unlocking.

Then there was a click and a gap cracked in a cupboard in front of him, slowly growing larger and becoming like a door.

Ye Xing glanced inside and saw that it was another secret room, which was still lit up with lights.

The old man with silver hair walked in and pushed out a trolley.

Ye Xing glanced at it and the trolley was opened, revealing the meteorite iron inside.

The meteorite iron had a unique appearance and colour, like the stars in the sky. Ye Xing smiled and said, “I wonder if I can borrow a room?”

“Are you trying to refine this meteorite iron into a weapon?” The silver-haired old man shook his head and said, “Actually, I have acquired this meteorite iron for many years, this thing that even if it is melted, it cannot be made into a weapon.”

“This meteorite iron is not a mortal object, of course it is not something that can be refined by ordinary people.” Ye Xing laughed.

The silver-haired old man looked embarra*sed and muttered in his heart that the other party just did not look up to him and had to see how you could refine it.

The silver-haired old man took Ye Xing to the boiler room, which not only had boilers for the whole castle, but also furnaces that could be used to refine weapons.

These furnaces were equipped with the latest technology, and the flames that came out could make the temperature reach a terrifying level, making them the ideal equipment for making weapons.

Ye Xing arrived at the furnace, and the silver-haired old man told the workers to open it.

Because the furnace was fired with a mixture of fuels, it was hardly used at all, and when it was needed it was simple to press the switch and turn on the flames, and soon the temperature of the whole furnace kept climbing, reaching several thousand degrees of heat.

The worker opens the mouth of the furnace and pulls out a reddish instrument.

The apparatus was also truly terrifying, burning red but not melting by any chance. The meteorite iron was put on it, and it was obviously not the first time these workers had done this, they were familiar with it.

Soon the meteorite iron began to melt inside the furnace, turning into a puddle of silvery liquid.

As soon as Ye Xing saw that the fire had been reached, he immediately asked the workers to pull it out, and then began to drip blood down.

The silver liquid joined the blood and the inside began to go crazy. Ye Xing then recited the mantra silently and his powerful spiritual power began to make contact with this meteorite iron, at the same time, he punched the power of heavenly yuan into the meteorite iron and then found a solidifying mould.

The meteorite iron liquid was poured into the grinding tool, and Ye Xing held the mould with both hands, enduring the high temperature, and then began to input the power of heavenly energy.

Soon the flying sword took shape, and when the mould was opened, the old man with silver hair and the others were stunned as a silver flying sword without a hilt and with a sharp, pointed end took shape.

One should know that once this meteorite iron cooled it would quickly coalesce and eventually turn into a big pile again, making it impossible to refine it into a weapon, never thought that this moment would actually come true.

After the flying sword was refined, Ye Xing took this sword and brought it back to the house and began to refine it.

Refining the flying sword was to restrain the powerful spell formation internally, but Ye Xing did not have this ability, so all used a tricky method.

This method was a secret technique of the Immortal Sect, and Zhu Xiaohong taught it to him, so naturally he picked up a big bargain.

Ye Xing closed the door for half a month and came out again, the whole was already very different, because the magic weapon flying sword had been successfully refined.

Although it was a half-finished product, it was just as powerful, but of course, if we counted according to the grade, this flying sword could only be considered the most inferior magic weapon.

So what if it was inferior, no matter what the black cat or white cat was, if it could catch a mouse, it was a good cat.

He had experience in controlling daggers, and this flying sword magic weapon was no longer too much of an obstacle for him.

Within ten meters, the flying sword could hit anywhere, and the speed was so fast that it could also produce a gas explosion, so terrifyingly fast that the opponent would be dead with a single thought.

Within fifty metres, the effect is reduced, but it can also be invulnerable.

Beyond a hundred metres, it was difficult to manipulate, and there was only a chance of killing with a single blow.

Ye Xing calculated that within a short range of ten metres, he could fight one against a hundred, one against a thousand, or even one against ten thousand if the opponent didn’t bring hot weapons, and he would have little problem against ten thousand people.

A hundred meters away, that is the same as a sniper, you must find the right target and kill with one shot.

Ye Xing was satisfied with the power of the flying sword, and when he returned to the ancient castle, Blondie was already fully loaded and ready to go.

I have to say that this big foreign horse is just exciting to look at, with long legs, thin waist and good figure, and big places to make people blush and get excited.

Ye Xing was in a good mood and asked with a smile, “Beauty, is there a bar, I’ll buy you a drink.”

“I’ll buy you a drink if you’re done with your business.” The blonde laughed.

Ye Xing nodded down and then set off with them to the Faceless Man’s stronghold.

There was an immigrant area somewhere in Sehna City where almost all the locals had moved out, and there were empty houses around this area.

The empty houses are often burgled, and theft is so common in the city that the police don’t even come out when it happens.

The immigrant area is full of potholes and the sanitary conditions are very worrying, but there are many cute immigrant children to meet.

These children look innocent, but many of them are spies, and when they find out that the police are investigating, they will immediately inform the adults.

They are the only way to survive in this part of the world.