Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 497-498

Chapter 497

The giant man was surrounded by the Qi of the formation, and the stones all over his body fell, not lasting more than a minute before he turned into a pile of mud.

Ye Xing walked over and took a look, there was really nothing there, but this immortal cultivator from the higher realms used his divine thoughts to come down to this realm and easily coalesced a monster of terrifying power, this tactic was really scary enough.

Ye Xing walked back, picked up Murong Xue and was about to leave the cave.

Suddenly, a blinding golden light fell from above, Ye Xing cast out a hardening technique, but unfortunately it was useless, the golden air shield formed by the hardening technique was as fragile as an egg shell, and instantly turned into nothing.

Murong Xue pushed him away as the golden light enveloped him, followed by dragging her body towards the top.

“Wife.” Ye Xing shouted.

Murong Xue wiped her tears and said, “Ye Xing, cultivate well, we will see each other again.”

With a whoosh, the golden light quickly retracted towards the sky above, as if it had never appeared.

Ye Xing was stunned and filled with anger, why was he unable to protect his woman even at this time.

Ye Xing seemed like a wounded lion, and Shangguan Lan next to him took the opportunity to try to slink away, only to be held down by Ye Xing and his whole body fell to the ground and ate several mouthfuls of dirt.

“Ye Xing, you B*****d.” Shangguan Lan cursed up.

Ye Xing came up to her and questioned angrily, “What do you think is going on?”

“I don’t know, do you think I can pull off such tactics?” Shangguan Lan sneered up.

Ye Xing grabbed her by the neck, Shangguan Lan was instantly breathing hard and looked like she was about to die, but Ye Xing suddenly withdrew his power.

Shangguan Lan panted heavily and managed to recover when Ye Xing had already walked out from inside the cave.

Shangguan Lan hurriedly rolled up and darted towards the very back, arriving at a polished and flat stone wall, she was filled with joy as this was where the second spell formation was located.

Shangguan Lan was just about to get closer when suddenly countless cracks appeared in the stone wall in front of her, followed by the slipping of a crust, and the immense stone wall turned into a formation.

A huge ancient formation set into the tens of meters high stone wall, at this moment the ancient formation activated, a burst of spiritual light continuously flickered on the stone wall.

“Haha, the second ancient formation has finally activated, and the recovery of spiritual energy is already halfway successful.” Shangguan Lan laughed in triumph.

Ye Xing didn’t pay any attention to her, the Second Ancient Formation had been activated since he broke the Four Spiritual Fierce Formation and absorbed the elements of water, fire, wood and earth, there was no way to stop it.

If he tried to destroy this ancient formation, it would naturally cause the earth dragon to roar, and then the whole cloud province would have to face the merciless fury and all kinds of heavenly calamities would descend, which was beyond human power to shake.

At this moment, Ye Xing had gained a lot of information and understood the significance of the existence of the four ancient formations, but for the entire realm, the higher realms were the threat.

Murong Xue was taken away by the receiving golden light, it was obvious that some big man from the higher realms had taken her away by force, as to what the purpose was, it was not very clear yet, but Ye Xing understood one thing, if you fall behind, you have to be beaten, only if you keep improving yourself, you can keep your lover.

Leaving the cave inside, Ye Xing came outside in the Companions’ valley it was already dark, the Second Ancient Formation was starting to activate and there would be no more danger of earthquakes in the vicinity.

Ye Xing headed towards the cave of the companions, on the way countless companions pounced towards him, unfortunately Ye Xing was furious at this time, his body was covered with blazing flames, the fire element covered his body all around, the companions were burned to death as many as they pounced.

Ye Xing entered the cave and all the women of the compulsion tribe were overjoyed.

Ye Xing returned to Mi Jiao’s room with a gloomy face, and Mi Jiao asked, “Did you save your wife?”

“Rescued and snatched away.”

“What? You didn’t stop them?”

“Couldn’t stop them.”

“Then you had to go somewhere else to save her?”

“No, that place is not for me to go.”

Early the next morning, Ye Xing took Zhu Xiaohong and had to leave the Compulsion Valley, because the second spell formation had been opened and there was no need to hide this.

When Mi Jiao heard that the place that the family had been guarding for so many years was no longer worth guarding, she was more or less lost in her heart.

“From now on you can stop guarding here, there is a wonderful life out there too.” Ye Xing said in a serious tone.

Mi Jiao nodded down, “Don’t worry about it, we are not savages and actually go outside a lot, if we were really isolated from the world, we wouldn’t be able to understand what you guys are saying.”

Ye Xing nodded and said, “I will visit you often, and if you want to take your clan out to live, I can arrange everything for you.”

“Hmph, you are afraid that I will go and hara*s you and influence your other women, right?”

“Don’t say that, I feel the same way about you as I do about them.”

“Well, I’ll use the phone you left behind, and when I miss you, I’ll go to the provincial capital in Cloud Province and wait for you, besides we don’t need your help, our companions have quite a lot of wealth and aren’t poor.”

“Ah, so it’s still me picking up rich women?”

“Yeah, if you don’t leave me, I’ll let you eat soft food and feed you for the rest of your life.”

“No way, I have a backbone, I can’t eat soft rice.”

Ye Xing and Mi Jiao finished speaking and smilingly led Zhu Xiaohong out of the Compulsion Valley.

When they left, Mi Jiao said lostly, “We will age quickly if we leave here, it’s not that we can’t leave, but we can’t leave.”

“Patriarch, the spell formation has been opened, what will we do afterwards?”

“What are you panicking about, it’s not like the spell formation has been opened and destroyed, we won’t age because of the curse, we will still look beautiful for the rest of our lives.”

When Ye Xing left the Compulsion Valley, Zhu Xiaohong could say with a sigh of relief, “The Compulsion Clan actually has a name called the Fountainhead Clan.”

“Ageless tribe? Are there really people who live forever?”

“It’s called the Fountainheads, but they are actually cursed people, it’s no good hanging out with them, you’re right to leave.”

It didn’t take long for Ye Xing and Zhu Xiaohong to walk out of the Compulsion Valley, and they soon made contact with Du Jiuniang and the others.

Everything that happened inside the Compulsion Valley could not be told, Ye Xing naturally had to conceal the part about the compulsion tribe, and only gave an account of what happened inside the spell formation.

Everyone was quite disappointed, especially Luo Xiaoyun, after searching for these many days, Murong Xue had disappeared again, she was simply crying.

Ye Xing frowned and advised, “My wife isn’t dead, you don’t seem to be crying for her.”

“You said she was taken away by people from other realms, doesn’t that mean she’s dead?”

“When I say taken away, it’s not dead, it’s really taken away, it’s just that it must be a bit hard to find her again.”

The group left Cloud Province and went back to the city of Guangnan Province.

The second ancient formation had already been activated, so naturally the other two ancient formations would inevitably have to be activated as well, and all Ye Xing had to do now was to recruit more people with spiritual roots to deal with the next great change in spiritual energy recovery.

At the same time, the island country is suddenly transformed and a large number of horrible zombie viruses start to spread, which makes all the surrounding countries panic.


Chapter 498

On the third day of Ye Xing’s return, he was called to a meeting by Bei Ye before he had even gotten over it.

The meeting was a big one, with the major leadership of China plus the Chinese military spirits forming a powerful circle of power.

The meeting was about how to solve the zombie crisis, as this one was almost certainly caused by Mo Qian Yun, and if it formed a large spread, not only would the island country be in big trouble, it would also cause China to suffer irreparable damage.

“The exchanges between China and the island are very frequent and there is a lot of movement of the common people, if we can’t control it, our coastal areas will also become like them.” A clerk wearing gla*ses opened the screen after he finished speaking.

What appeared on the screen was a horrible and terrifying zombie wave in a major city somewhere in the island country, and there were also demon slaves, faceless people, out among them.

Ye Xing frowned and didn’t worry too much as the meeting ended and he was called out alone by Hua Junsheng.

Hua Junsoul said in a deep voice: “No matter what huge changes will happen in the future, we should do well in the present, you have a bright future, you don’t need to go this time.”

“Junsoul, it’s better for me to go, Dragon Shield has just been established not long ago, all the big guys are not strong enough yet, besides, this old demon woman Mo Qian Yun is very powerful, she should be at the Foundation Establishment stage by now, if I don’t go, I’m afraid no one will be able to deal with her.”

“That’s right, the Foundation Establishment stage is indeed terrifying, but you don’t seem to have given much of a boost to powerful means despite your rapid progress in cultivation.”

“Does Army Spirit mean spells?”

“The five elemental spells are extremely difficult to obtain, and there should be quite a few among the Immortal Sect, you should properly penetrate and participate.”

“Army Soul is right, to deal with Mo Qian Yun, one should indeed know more spells.”

Ye Xing found Zhu Xiaohong after he returned and directly told her what he thought.

Zhu Xiaohong was puzzled, “The Immortal Sect’s spells all start with the most basic techniques, such as the Jade Maiden Heart Sutra that Murong Xue cultivates, or the Cold Ice Dao technique, in addition there are no spells above the Foundation Establishment stage in the Immortal Sect.”

“The Immortal Sect doesn’t even have spells above the Foundation Establishment stage?”

“Of course not, the Immortal Sect is nothing more than a branch pa*sed down from the upper realms, the spells acquired are not many, even the basic merit methods only have three sets.”

“That’s troublesome, I’m afraid there’s no other place to get other spells on this Blue Star.”

“Although the Immortal Sect doesn’t have any spells above the Foundation Establishment stage, you can actually try refining spellcraft if you want to increase your combat power.”

“Spellcraft?” Ye Xing frowned.

“That’s right, my previous Kun Wu sword was also refined by the previous Sect Master, with your talent of having all five elements, it shouldn’t be difficult to refine a magic weapon.” Zhu Xiaohong said.

Ye Xing said to do it, the materials and methods for refining magic weapons were all in Zhu Xiaohong’s hands.

By far the easiest magic weapon to refine was the flying sword, for one thing the combat power was amazing, and for another the flying sword type was the most widespread magic weapon.

Ye Xing began to collect materials, relying on the power of the country of China, it was really not too difficult to collect heavenly materials to refine magic weapons.

The only trouble was meteorite iron, only extraterrestrial meteorite iron could achieve the hardness needed for a magic weapon.

Ye Xing had investigated and the only piece of meteorite iron that could be confirmed was currently in a museum abroad.

With a smile he said, “Let’s start with it.”

Zhu Xiaohong frowned and said, “This is a foreign country, this country doesn’t deal with us.”

“It’s best if we don’t deal with each other, if the relationship is good, I’m still embarra*sed to do it.” Ye Xing smiled badly.

Ye Xing was going to a foreign country, and a highly developed country at that, this was something that made a group of women all excited, each one packed their things and had to follow.

However, in order not to attract attention, all of them had to go separately, and their routes had to be inconsistent.

Ye Xing ended up flying with Zhu Xiaohong for more than thirty hours to enter the other country.

After leaving the airport, Ye Xing and Zhu Xiaohong took a taxi to the hotel in the city first.

As a result, the driver spoke rudely, and when Ye Xing argued with him a few times, the B*****d even started to call someone secretly.

Although it is one of the top five first-tier cities in the world, with the increase of immigrants over the years, the three religions and nine cla*ses converge here, and when there are many people, it is easy to get into trouble, and the security is not as stable as before.

And these people in the city of Seine are very good at reading people’s minds. If you have an Asian face, you are guaranteed to be attacked.

Such was the case at this moment with this driver, who, despite his bald and bearded head, was clearly not a local, but an immigrant.

He spoke in his native language, thinking he could keep Ye Xing from hearing what he was up to, but at this moment Ye Xing was no ordinary person, relying on his powerful spiritual power, he could tell whether the other party was speaking with good or bad intentions.

Ye Xing instructed Zhu Xiaohong to just follow him later, he had to see what this driver was up to.

The car drove farther and farther away, and had already arrived at the immigrant area within Seine City.

Ye Xing had done some research before he came here, the immigrant area was a famous “no matter what” area, where immigrants from all over the world gathered, security was extremely poor, and murders often occurred.

In other words, if you get robbed or beaten up here, it’s useless to go to the local police station to report it, because a dead foreigner is as good as a dead bedbug in this immigrant area.

The taxi pulled into a small alleyway where several strong men, some of East Asian origin and some wearing masks, had gathered.

But judging from their clothes, they should all be in poor condition, all belonging to cheap clothing.

The driver turned his head and shouted at Ye Xing, meaning that he wanted them to get out of the car.

When Ye Xing did not get out of the car, the driver was furious and opened the back door, but Ye Xing kicked him off.

The driver was a tall man of about five meters, and his body was like a big wild boar, about two hundred pounds, Ye Xing’s small physique was not half as bad as his, but at this moment he was like a broken sack, and fell to the ground, spitting blood, and his ribs were kicked down several times.

The others looked at the wrong place, these Asians are the best bullies, after robbing them of their money, then clean up their mess, if they meet a beautiful Asian girl, they can also each vent a little, then there is such a sudden kicked by the other side?

Ye Xing got out of the car and looked at the group with a smile on his face, and opened his mouth and cursed “thank you”.

These B*****ds were so angry that they all pounced on each other, and Ye Xing cleaned them up one by one, and they were all killed.

He didn’t kill them because he was afraid of causing more trouble, and if he did, they would have to live like dogs in the immigrant area, which was more enjoyable than killing them.

Ye Xing took care of all the people, turned back and drove the car away.

After arriving at the hotel, Ye Xing left the car at the roadside and then went upstairs to check in.

The small incident just now had no effect at all, and Ye Xing began to calculate how to steal the meteorite iron from the museum within Seine City.