Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 481-482

Chapter 481

Burning Lamp was incomparably surprised, “Invoking heavenly thunder, you actually know Daoist spells.”

“What’s so strange about that, if you old man wants to try it, I can let you taste the power of the Heavenly Lightning Formation.” Ye Xing laughed coldly.

Burning Lantern really feared, after all, he was not familiar with Ye Xing, the other party’s first strike was such a terrifying spell, even if he was one of the four great masters, he was quite scandalized, knowing that if he could not kill Ye Xing unharmed, he would have to face the revenge of Hua Junsheng with just a little trauma.

He was scornful of the Hua Jun Soul, so he absolutely could not let anything happen to him.

“It’s fine to let you go, leave a woman behind.” Burning Lamp smiled and pointed at Du Jiuniang.

Ye Xing cursed, “Old man, I said you were a B*****d, and I really didn’t get you wrong, asking me to leave a woman behind to protect myself, I’m not as nasty as you.”

“If you don’t stay, don’t let any of them go.” With a big wave of his hand, Burning Lamp was about to let his men attack.

Suddenly, there were screams in the distance, followed by a smell of blood that began to spread through the area.

Ye Xing was also surprised, this was not a slaughterhouse, where did such a horrible smell of blood come from?

Ahhh ……

A burst of strange screams came, only to see a group of swift-moving, long-handed and long-legged faceless people appear.

These faceless people are like spiders, with long, thin limbs and skinny bodies, walking at a fast speed, and emitting a fishy smell wherever they pa*s.

The police force around them were ordinary people, and when they smelled these fishy odors, they instantly vomited with a wave of nausea and weakness. Those faceless people pounced on them, sucked human brains and blood, and appeared even more furious.

Bang Bang ……

The police force began to fight back, firing all kinds of bullets indiscriminately, but unfortunately, the faceless people were not afraid of bullets, and only cannonballs could blow them away.

The faceless people are getting more and more, like a swarm of spiders surrounding this side, the burning lamp narrowed its eyes in disbelief.

Ye Xing considered this and said in a deep voice, “It looks like we’ve all become Mo Qian Yun’s prey. I thought she was hiding, but this demon is looking for a chance to take us all out.”

Burning Lamp roared, “Everyone stand by, don’t be afraid of these monsters, it’s no big deal.”

The people of the Xuanwu House were already scared to death, they usually had too many comfortable days, there was no sense of crisis for them at all, at this moment when they were faced with such a terrifying faceless man, some of them were already shaking in their legs and others were on edge.

Suddenly, an ancient martial artist from the Xuanwu House was attacked by the Faceless Man, and the others tried desperately to help, but to no avail.

The people of the Xuanwu Mansion had no fighting power and the rest were useless. Lin Boyang with a few disciples still had some fighting power, but unfortunately the Faceless Men were too many, numbering over a hundred, and could be called an army of monsters.

“Father, if you don’t do something, I’m afraid we’ll all be finished.” Lin Boyang pleaded bitterly towards Burning Lantern.

Burning Lamp, loving his feathers, sneered, “I would only let the other side gain by striking this time, retreat.”

Lin Boyang was furious and clenched his fists, but he could not disobey, so he could only lead a few disciples to cover the retreat, but most of the police force and the ancient martial artists of the Xuanwu Mansion became victims, everyone went after Burning Lamp and the others, but no one helped them, and those faceless people also saw what the other side had in mind and specifically attacked those vulnerable ancient martial artists and the police force, the battle turned one-sided and turned into a ma*sacre.

The strange thing was that Ye Xing and the three of them were not attacked, those faceless people seemed to know how powerful he was and did not dare to make a move at all.

Ye Xing said in a low voice, “You two sisters will go first later, I’ll run easily alone instead.”

“What if we meet Mo Qian Yun?”

“Don’t be afraid, my methods are extremely restrained against them, you guys just run.” After Ye Xing said that, he led the way and killed them, fighting an escape route for the two of them.

The faceless people did not dare to attack, but soon a strange laugh came, followed by the sight of Mo Qian Yun flying from afar.

This demoness pointed her toes at the ground and her whole body flew out several metres, her eyes pitch black and her whole being evil.

“You still want to escape? Is it a dream?” Mo Qian Yun let out a jarring, strange voice that was neither male nor female.

Ye Xing roared, “Go.”

Qiao Baihe and Du Jiuniang decisively left him, and the Faceless Man quickly pounced over, and when Ye Xing saw it, he directly threw out four Daoist talismans.

The thunderbolt came together and the Faceless Men were instantly killed on the spot. The power was so great that it was terrifying, and the divine Heavenly Thunderbolt had a spreading effect.

At the same time, Qiao Baihe and Du Jiuniang also managed to escape.

Mo Qianyun’s face was full of anger and with a wave of her hand, countless clods of mud on the ground flew towards Ye Xing.

Ye Xing drove his hardening technique and a golden light shield emerged, but he was also knocked away by these mud blocks.

As expected of an immortal cultivator who was about to build his foundation, the terror of this spell was simply terrifying.

Ye Xing did not stop either, throwing out Daoist talismans as he fled, not to mention that Mo Qian Yun was extremely afraid of the Divine Heavenly Lightning Spell and did not dare to go forward with all his might.

Ye Xing waited for Qiao Baihe and Du Jiuniang to escape and started to think of a way to retreat himself, when suddenly there was a ringing in his ears and it was the Dragon Shield that started to contact him.

Ye Xing asked Dragon Shield’s men to check the nearby map to see if there was a convenient place to get out, and finally only found a chemical factory.

As soon as Ye Xing heard about the chemical factory, that was a good place, he immediately flew over there.

The chemical factory was quiet at this time, only the employees on night duty were there. Ye Xing came to stand in an open space and Mo Qian Yun soon caught up with him.

“Kid, you actually mastered the art of thunder magic, I just can’t let you go.” Mo Qian Yun continued to make a voice that was unpleasant to the ears.

Ye Xing sneered, “Who are you scaring? If you weren’t scared, you would have caught up with me and killed me that way just now.”

Mo Qian Yun coldly shouted, “Your thunder spells are all driven by Daoist talismans, they are tricky means, I’ll see how many Daoist talismans you have left, I have plenty of patience to play with you slowly.”

Ye Xing really didn’t have much left, this Daoist talisman was like a bullet, when it was finished, it was really gone, when the time came, Mo Qian Yun was afraid that she would have to come up and kill him, but when he came to the chemical factory, that was not necessarily the case.

Ye Xing’s eyes swept and found a tanker with chemicals parked at the opposite corner, a plan came up in his mind and he quickly rushed towards it.

Mo Qianyun hurried to catch up, Ye Xing turned on the switch of the tanker, at once the liquid inside quickly sprayed out, corrosive and unpleasant gas filled the surrounding.

Ye Xing hurriedly ran away, it was really f*cking horrible, his clothes were corroded by those chemical liquid to make several big holes.

Ye Xing took off his jacket when Mo Qian Yun suddenly appeared, he didn’t have time to think much and threw out a Daoist talisman.

The pervasive gas was ignited and the surroundings instantly turned into a sea of flames, Ye Xing had long since flown out to avoid this.

Mo Qian Yun was wrapped in the flames and instantly let out a wail. These flames were mixed with chemical liquids and were simply terrifying, landing on his body was like dog skin plaster, not only did it burn badly, it was also extremely corrosive.

Ye Xing rushed to bolt, this was a once-in-a-lifetime moment.


Chapter 482

As soon as Ye Xing ran out, he grabbed a turn with the others. On the chemical plant side, Mo Qian Yun was able to get out of the blast circle and let out a roar, attracting a large number of Faceless Men to come over for a turn.

Mo Qianyun let out a roar and the faceless men swarmed around her and left the area quickly.

Ye Xing and the others drove to the shore. Dragon Shield had already contacted the boats to send everyone away first.

As a result, Ren Qingqing had to stay behind, and Ye Xing glanced at her and yelled, “Why do you have to stay if you’re not going to take care of the others?”

“I know this place very well, and I know Xuanwu Mansion very well too, so it’s definitely to your advantage that I stay.” Ren Qingqing’s mouth tilted up with a confident look.

Ye Xing laughed, “So what if you are familiar with it? The strength is not good, staying will only add to our mess.”

“Don’t underestimate people, wasn’t I the one who placed the bomb near the warehouse?” Ren Qingqing gambled a little.

Ye Xing was about to say something else when old man Ren came closer and advised, “Chief Ye, let Qingqing stay, she is familiar with the environment, besides you still have to face the threat of Xuanwu House, she is also familiar with Xuanwu House.”

Ye Xing nodded his head in agreement, and then sent these people on board the boat to leave.

Ye Xing and the others left the shore and found a house nearby to stay, they could not go to the hotel for sure, and they could not stay in Taoyuan City for long, after all, they had offended the Xuanwu Mansion, their status was no different from that of a fugitive.

When it was almost dawn, Ye Xing was woken up by Lin Wei and came outside the house the other party was heavily preoccupied.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Wei said with a heavy expression, “The ship was sunk, there were a lot of deaths and injuries, only a few children survived, and two of Dragon Shield’s technical squad are missing ……”

“The Xuanwu House did it?” Ye Xing exploded in anger.

Lin Wei nodded down, “It was a shell from a coastal team, the only person who could command such a vessel to open fire could be the Xuanwu House.”

Ye Xing’s eyes were red, this old son of a b*tch, Burning Lantern, was too ruthless.

Everyone else knew about this, Ren Qingqing was clamouring to take revenge, Ye Xing listened and said, “It’s okay to take revenge, but you’re not allowed to mess around, or we’ll go our separate ways, and I won’t care how you go about it.”

Ren Qingqing hesitated for half a day and finally nodded her head, she wanted to take revenge and had to rely on the power of Ye Xing and the others.

The group began to plan in detail, Lin Wei also consulted Bei Ye, and the answer she received was not to make too big a deal out of it.

Ye Xing began to plan his revenge, Burning Lantern and Lin Boyang were definitely the first targets, to deal with them, killing them would not work, these two guys must have already been prepared and could not continue to live in the Xuanwu Mansion.

Ren Qingqing said; “I can contact the inside man inside.”

“Is the position of the inside man very high?”

“Not very high, but they can know what is going on inside the Xuanwu Mansion.”

Ye Xing shook his head, “Forget it, the position is not high, it is impossible to find out the whereabouts of the Burning Lamp at a time like this, instead it is easy to reveal the whereabouts, too many people have already died, we cannot continue to let innocent people sacrifice.”

“Then how do we find the Burning Lamp?”

Ye Xing sneered, “Who told you that I was going to look for him?”

Everyone raised their heads as Ye Xing said, “Although Burning Lantern is so powerful over here, the pressure is not useless, if he causes many more bloodshed, he will not have a good time, then it will not be us looking for him, his people will come to us of their own accord.”

Lin Wei got worried, and as a result, at night, Ye Xing took them inside Taoyuan City.

At this point there were various checkpoints on various roads around the city, but they weren’t of any use to them, for one thing it wasn’t that difficult to change their appearance, and for another it was too easy to hide people in the car.

The checkpoints were all local police officers and could not really be guarded to the hilt.

Ye Xing and the others blended into the city without any problems, and the first fire was directed at Xuanwu Palace.

They stole an oil tanker and rammed it directly into the Xuanwu Palace, not realising that it was extremely laxly guarded, and knocked down the fence in one go, then detonated the tanker causing a big stir.

Although there were no casualties, the bombing of the Xuanwu Palace was an act of vengeance.

That night, Lin Boyang, who was hiding somewhere, was furious and gave orders for a city-wide manhunt.

Unfortunately, the search was to no avail, as Ye Xing and the others had already arrived at a gang gathering place led by Ren Qingqing.

The venue was called Paramount, and the decoration was not high-cla*s, with three floors in total. On the surface, it was for playing game machines, but in reality, all of them were machines for gaming and gambling.

The ground floor is a large casino and a nightclub. After winning money, you can go to the nightclub to spend it and get a group of beautiful girls to serve you, and after losing money, you can also go to the nightclub to spend it and pour out all your grievances on those beautiful girls, which means that you have to spend money on both the left and right hands anyway.

The venue is owned by a local big shot, but Ren Qingqing knows very well that it is Lin Boyang’s private property and has been in the area for decades without any problems.

Of course this kind of place cannot be too clean, what with forcing good people to become prostitutes, bullying the common people, loan sharks and other bad things just to make money, it is nicknamed Sin House.

After all, many of the people here were full of evil, so getting rid of them would be a way to get rid of the people.

A group of people entered the casino because they were generous with their money and were completely hoi polloi. The mainland hoi polloi were so famous these years that they directly made a certain manager of the casino come and wait on them.

Ye Xing told everyone to play separately and entered the VIP room by himself to play with people.

The bet was very simple, blackjack, and Ye Xing was not there to win money, but to make trouble. It happened that a big man across the room had a hot beauty with him, and he was talking and laughing with people from time to time.

The big man got angry and got up and slapped the table and cursed, “F*ck you, are you here to gamble or to pick up girls?”

Ye Xing laughed: “Gambling and picking up girls are not in conflict, I can see that this beauty smells of dust, she can’t be your legitimate wife, right?”

The big man was instantly furious: “She is the lover I found, none of your business, if you want to gamble, gamble properly, if not, get out of here, or I, Fatty East of Flower Market, will make you look good.”

“Fat Tung, calm down, these mainlanders come here arrogantly just because they have a bit of money, let them have their way for a while, leave this place and they will look good.” Another bald man next to him, wearing a fancy suit and a lot of luxury items, looked like a big brother.

Fatty sneered, “F*ck the dead continentals, I’ll make you look good when you leave this place.”

“So gutless, huh? Inside the venue, you guys wouldn’t dare to make trouble?” Ye Xing smiled and deliberately caused trouble.

These two people were so angry that they wanted to make a move, but the male dealer immediately advised, “Everyone take it easy, it’s not good to make a scene in the venue.”

When Fatty sat down, Ye Xing picked up his gla*s and threw a gla*s of wine at him.

The fat guy was so angry that he rushed towards Ye Xing, but he was kicked away. The bald guy next to him was also dumbfounded, and Ye Xing held his head down and slammed it directly into the gambling table.

After a few blows, the bald man’s head was covered in blood and he was lying on the ground with only half a life.