Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 477-478

Chapter 477

People are on edge in Peachtree City. Ye Xing and the others walk out for a stroll and find that by late afternoon there are hardly any people on the roads, but the nightclubs and bars are just as busy.

There had been many murders in the city recently, with brutal methods and an extremely high death toll, and fear had developed.

Almost everywhere Ye Xing pa*sed, he noticed the unsuspecting glances of the locals.

Ye Xing didn’t care about that much and took the group to find a place to eat.

When they arrived at the entrance of a Chinese restaurant, the group was stopped by a waiter.

“Sorry, everyone, if you don’t have a reservation, you can’t go in for a meal.” The waiter explained in a courteous manner.

Ye Xing smiled; “Can’t you make a reservation right away? I don’t see many of you eating inside.”

“Sir, our restaurant has always been about creating a comfortable and warm dining environment, so there have always been restrictions on the flow of customers, I hope you understand.” The waiter continued to reflect extremely strong quality.

Ye Xing belongs to you are not polite, I am even more not polite, the more polite you are, the more quality he also has.

“Understood, make a reservation now, if you want to pay more, we have no problem with that.” Ye Xing said with a smile.

“Aigooooo, where are these mainlander riffraff from, talking is dirt, this is an upscale restaurant, don’t let them make this restaurant tacky.”

A whispering mocking voice came from behind them.

Ye Xing and the others turned their heads to see two fashionably dressed, uncommonly dressed beauties strutting over.

The arrogant women of this big bay island claimed to be of high quality and looked down on everything that pretended to be rich, but in fact they were not of high quality, they just felt that in recent years the conditions on the other side of the river were getting better and better, their income was getting bigger and bigger, and they had turned from being superior to being inferior to the other side.

Ye Xing laughed: “Who just ate Sh*t and didn’t brush their teeth? You speak so foul and your breath is really big.”

Of course, the two beauties knew that Ye Xing was deliberately damaging them, so they immediately turned blue with anger, and one of them pointed at Ye Xing and yelled, “Dirtbag, this is not a place for you to be wild.”

“This is a consumption place, if you have money, you can come and spend it, it’s useless for you to try to scare anyone.”

“Hmph, it’s true that you’re a thug, you speak with such no quality.”

“Having no quality is not something you hang on to all day, when dealing with polite people, we treat them with sincerity, when dealing with the kind of shrews who open their mouths and are not polite, we certainly won’t be polite either.”

The two bay girls were furious and complained to the waiter.

The waiter frowned and said, “This gentleman has not yet entered the shop to spend money, and we are not qualified to stop the other party from entering.”

“Don’t think that just because you have a bit of money, you’re a bumpkin, you’ll never change.” The two bay girls finished their mockery and walked into the shop with a smile on their faces.

Ye Xing was furious, Lin Wei came closer and said, “Forget it, there’s no need to be common sense with these people.”

Ye Xing laughed coldly, “Whoever said that is not capable of anything, I am a person who holds grudges, why should I be polite to them if they dare to ruin my face?”

Ye Xing took out his mobile phone and called Lin Boyang, he yelled, “Mo Qian Yun has two of his men dining at a restaurant, you should send someone here quickly, if you let them get away, don’t blame me for not giving you information.”

The others were dumbfounded at this, Du Jiuniang laughed outright, this guy Ye Xing was too bad.

Lin Wei had to keep her place after all, and for Ye Xing to do this was indeed a bit much.

In less than ten minutes, the urgent sound of a large number of people approaching came from outside the restaurant, followed by a group of people in black suits rushing in, followed by a police force with loaded guns.

These men recognised Ye Xing and the others, and one of the stout men came to him and asked, “Chief Ye, we are from the Xuanwu House, I wonder where those two Mo Qianyun’s men are?”

Ye Xing pointed to the two bay girls sitting inside the restaurant, the man in the suit didn’t care so much, he led his men and rushed into the restaurant and started to arrest them.

The two bay girls were scared silly, what the hell was going on here?

“Interrogate them properly, Mo Qian Yun’s people are hiding very deep, they are not easy to talk to.” Ye Xing smiled.

The people from Xuanwu House nodded down and quickly grabbed the two away, the waiters and the people inside the restaurant were dumbfounded.

Ye Xing didn’t care that much, he took the people into the restaurant and consumed up.

The restaurant manager called over the waiter and after hearing his words, his face changed drastically, to be able to bring in a large number of police force and Xuanwu Mansion people with one phone call, this group of people must have come from a terrible place.

Ye Xing and the others ate and drank enough, and the restaurant did not charge them, so they walked straight to the street to digest a little.

Lin Wei came to Ye Xing and frowned and asked, “I’m afraid those two women will suffer an undeserved disaster, is this too much?”

Ye Xing laughed, “I don’t think it’s too much, if we find out what they are, the Xuanwu Palace will definitely let them go, it’s just a lesson for them.”

Lin Wei drank, “But why do you have to do this, it’s just one breath, is it worth it?”

“You must not forget my identity, I am the chief of the Dragon Shield, if I am humiliated, it is the Dragon Shield that is humiliated, not to mention investigating those two bay girls for a bit, I would be upholding my dignity by scrapping them.”

“But you are bullying them like this.”

“Then are they also bullying people when they mock the general public, remember don’t be holy mothers, we are not good people, good people can’t be Dragon Shield.”

Ye Xing said and left, Du Jiuniang sneered, “What kind of people are they, all they have inside their heads all day is benevolence and morality, just the words of those two dead girls just now, if it were me, cutting off their tongues would be light.”

Qiao Baihe also sighed and said, “The master did the right thing, just now made him unhappy, I even wanted to take a shot, otherwise the two of them would have been dead.”

Zhu Xiaohong came to Lin Wei and said, “You haven’t seen through some things, what is Ye Xing’s status, not just anyone can insult him, can you just go and spit at the richest man in the country?”

Lin Wei’s eyes were red with anger and she stayed at the end of the line before following.

Du Jiuniang said disgruntledly at Ye Xing, “I don’t even know what she’s doing here, this kind of person against a devil like Mo Qianyun is a blanket gift.”

“Her morals are different from ours, can’t ask her to become like us, anyway, don’t let her get involved in more things in the future.”

After Ye Xing finished speaking, the group returned to the hotel to go, but early the next morning, the invitation from the Xuanwu House came again.

When Ye Xing saw the Burning Lamp monk, he was really a bit surprised, this was not a monk at all, it was a completely childish old deity.

The Burning Lamp was certainly not a real monk, but merely had some connection with the Buddhist sect.

When Ye Xing saw him, he smiled as he took his seat, “It is an honour for my junior to have taken the time to see me, old senior.”

“Chief Ye is indeed a young hero, but isn’t this a bit inappropriate to lecture someone in the name of the Xuanwu House?” Burning Lamp’s face turned gloomy.


Chapter 478

Ye Xing frowned and said, “Weren’t those two yesterday Mo Qian Yun’s people? Did you check them out clearly?”

“Of course I checked them out clearly, one of them is also my disciple’s own sister, if it hadn’t found me here, I wouldn’t have known that they were originally jailed by Chief Ye’s scourge.” Burning Lamp roared in anger.

Ye Xing sighed and then said, “If it is really a misunderstanding, then I have to say sorry.”

“Chief Ye, let’s not speak in the dark, you are clearly retaliating, so why pretend to be innocent?” Burning Lamp laughed coldly.

Ye Xing smiled, “That’s right, those two bay girls did offend me, and the Xuanwu House is the local law enforcement agency, let you sort it out, they’ll just be taught a lesson.”

“You’re playing a trick on us Xuanwu House.”

“Elder, think about this: if I were to take action instead, would those two bay girls have any chance of surviving?”

Burning Lamp roared, “This is not the place for you to kill indiscriminately.”

“That’s not necessarily true, that devil Mo Qian Yun has killed thousands of people, and I haven’t seen you guys get nervous.”

“Hmph, how did Hua Junsheng find such a fellow like you.”

“Elder Hua is quite discerning, if it wasn’t for me, the Dragon Shield would have been eaten to the ground.”

Burning Lantern’s ugly face instantly changed to one of joy as he laughed, “That’s right, Chief Ye is indeed different from the norm and has impressed me, the misunderstanding from before, let bygones be bygones, next I would like to ask Dragon Shield to help us settle this devil Mo Qian Yun.”

“Old senior, that’s wrong, Mo Qian Yun killed so many people in Taoyuan City and had to perform some horrible blood sacrifice, this is a big matter concerning the Xuanwu Mansion, we wouldn’t dare to take it all on, at most we can be considered a counsellor and help you guys out.”

The light was embarra*sed by these words and wanted to be angry, but he really had no way to kill Ye Xing and the others, after all, the tombkeeper Jiang Qin had fallen into the hands of the other side, and no one would believe it if the other side did not have some real skills.

Why can Burning Lantern live to this age, caution is the key.

“Yes, the Xuanwu House is the key, you dragon shields are here to help, this matter is done, we will definitely thank you heavily.”

“Thank you is not necessary, teaching two spiteful girls, they all made the old seniors angry, how dare they ask for something.” Ye Xing squeezed again.

Burning Lamp felt that he shouldn’t have called the other party to knock today, he didn’t make it once, instead he let the other party squeeze all over him.

What followed was that Burning Lamp called for Lin Boyang and directly began to analyse where Mo Qian Yun was hiding.

Peachtree City is so big that no one could find a place to hide, and the sky-eye system here is not as developed and advanced as in China, so finding someone is really like finding a needle in a haystack.

“We’ve already laid clues in all the major bars and nightclubs, but unfortunately none of them have a clue.” Lin Boyang frowned.

“Rubbish, rice bucket, can’t even handle this little thing.” Burning Lamp huffed and vented.

Ye Xing laughed, “The direction should be on those people from the Heavenly Queen Sect, not staring at some nightclub bar.”

Lin Boyang said, “All the men have been arranged and each one is being closely watched, once Mo Qian Yun makes contact with them, we will definitely know the first time.”

“Then wait for your good news.” After Ye Xing finished speaking, he took Qiao Baihe with him and left.

Burning Lamp was so angry that he shattered the valuable purple sand pot on the table, Lin Boyang looked down and asked, “Father, do you want me to deploy my men right away?”

“No need, this kid is emboldened and not many people are coming, once the Xuanwu House makes a move, the other party will easily flee and will only be anxious by then.” Burning Lamp shook his head.

“D*mn them for making father so angry.” Lin Bo Yang roared.

Burning Lamp got up and left, returning to his room at the back to go, and just as he entered the room he heard a woman’s giggle.

Burning Lamp came inside, a peachy red robed tent, a beautiful pink woman with stockings and white legs, tempting.

“Darling, bullying my sister the thug, have you cleaned up yet or not?” A dainty female disciple stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Burning Lantern’s waist and pouted.

A woman next to her smiled, it was one of the people in the restaurant from before, she was wearing lace at the moment, her clothes were thin and transparent, and she had a lot of style.

Burning Lamp looked at her and smiled, “Offend my baby, I won’t let him go, but now is not the time.”

The two women immediately got upset and Burning Lamp laughed, “I’ve informed a few jewellery shops, you’ll go and pick something out later to take the edge off.”

“That’s more like it, I’ve had my eye on a pink diamond before, I’ll make a ring out of it.”

“Sister, then I’ll pick out a bracelet, and I want a sports car.”

“Sister, you are so greedy, but I want the sports car too.”

Burning Lamp didn’t care that much, it was just spending money, to him money was just a number, not much use, and these two women were in fact both Spiritual Rooters, being with them for a long time, they could both suck up a lot of benefits themselves.

Ye Xing left Xuanwu House and Qiao Baihe went with him to take a taxi, only for the taxi to drive faster and faster towards a remote place.

Ye Xing noticed that something was wrong and went behind him to choke the taxi driver, who quickly dodged and even pulled out a gun.

Unfortunately, Qiao Lily was on the side and grabbed the other party’s gun, and instantly a wave of cold ice sharply froze both the other party’s hand and gun.

“That hurts.” The driver let out a woman’s delicate voice.

Ye Xing lifted his duck-tongue cap to reveal a head of long red hair, the fragrance filled the whole taxi, the other party was indeed a beautiful young girl.

Ye Xing told her to brake the car and forced her to ask by the neck, “Say, who told you to come?”

“Take it easy my friend, Lotus is merely acting on my orders, there is no malice.”

A man’s voice suddenly came from inside the car.

Ye Xing looked at it and sneered, “If you don’t come out, I will have to destroy the flower with hot hands.”

“The car will drive to the destination, please don’t hurt Lotus first, she is just a rider.”

Ye Xing said, “Let her drive first.”

Knowing that the young girl was not much of a threat, Qiao Baihe melted the ice directly, and the other party’s hands were snow-white and frightening, moving around for a while before returning to normal.

Fortunately, it did not take long, otherwise this hand could already be ruined.

The young girl drove with a huff, holding back the pain without saying a word, and when she reached a warehouse, the young girl pulled up to a huge iron door and pressed the horn.

The iron door opened and the car drove in quite well. Ye Xing looked around and there were a dozen people inside the warehouse, both young and old.

Ye Xing got out of the car and scanned everyone, each one was actually an ancient martial artist, with high bulging temples, but not powerful.

The young girl got out of the car and walked over to a woman who looked at her hand, heartbroken, and hurried to treat her.

An old man with grey hair came out from the other side, and looking at Ye Xing he clasped his fist and said, “This time it happened suddenly, so you two are frightened.”

“What are you guys doing? Do you know that with that situation just now, this girl would probably give her life to us.” Ye Xing pointed at the young girl and said.

The group of people really rose up in fear, and the grey-haired old man said helplessly, “We are being chased by the Xuanwu House, and we can only use this method to meet the two of you, this risk must be taken.”