Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 475-476

Chapter 475

Mo Qianyun’s claws ruthlessly dug into Fatty Xu’s scalp, blood seeping out, causing Fatty Xu to tremble in pain and scream in agony, but unfortunately he could not break free, the other party’s hand was like a machine, firmly fixing group his body, unable to resist at all.

“What the hell are these metal covers?”

“This is a relic protection device, because all the relics here are worth a lot of money, a few years ago there was a supervisory theft phenomenon, recently introduced foreign advanced protection device to put on, I really do not know how to open, you let me go.”

Mo Qianyun was furious, her fingers were getting tighter and tighter, and with a poof, Fatty Xu’s big head was crushed like a watermelon, the white blossoms scattered on the ground along with the blood and flesh, like the flesh of a mashed watermelon.

Mo Qian Yun let out a roar and in the end had to remove the metal protectors one by one, but it also set off the alarm system and soon the doors were shut.

She started searching frantically regardless, the video from inside the treasury had gone viral and the local police started to gather men to kill them, a large number of them came outside the treasury, each one armed with a weapon aimed at them.

After much effort, Mo Qian Yun finally found what she was looking for, an ancient scripture with a yellowed outside cover and inlaid with precious stones.

When she saw it, she reached for it, but unfortunately, she screamed as soon as she touched it, as the gems had a restraining effect on her.

Mo Qianyun found a red cloth and wrapped it around the ancient scripture, then swallowed it with one big gulp.

This scene dumbfounded everyone inside the monitor, was this a human or a ghost?

When the door to the treasure trove opened, Mo Qian Yun dashed out and a gunshot rang out outside, but silence soon returned.

The police force outside was dumbfounded when they arrived at the scene. The team of more than 20 people were all killed on the spot, without a single survivor.

From the surveillance, Mo Qianyun was like a bird of prey, slaughtering everything in her path, and the bullets had no effect on her at all.

After killing people, the demon entered the underground waterways of the Palace of Cultural Heritage and fled.

Mo Qianyun was wanted the next day and what happened at the Heritage Palace was hyped up on the internet.

Ye Xing saw the news and also got the surveillance, and after watching it, he was surprised, “What is this, Mo Qian Yun is taking such a big risk to rob it.”

“The Longevity Scripture is the greatest treasure of the Buddhist sect, it was lost within China back then, it actually appeared in the Great Bay Island, Mo Qian Yun took this scripture because she wanted to shed her demon birth for herself and become a generation of demon kings.”

Zhu Xiaohong frowned as she explained.

Ye Xing asked after hearing this, “Grandma, she is so powerful, once she becomes a demon king, won’t she be even more terrifying?”

“Of course it’s terrifying, an immortal body, when the time comes, magic weapons won’t even be able to kill her, unless it’s a heavenly spiritual treasure.”

Ye Xing considered for a moment, his own divine Heavenly Dao method was an effective means of restraining all evil spirits, and wondered if it could cause harm to Mo Qian Yun.

While the four of them were discussing, suddenly there was a knock on the door of the room, and a familiar voice came from outside the house, “Open the door, it’s us.”

Ye Xing was dumbfounded as Du Jiuniang opened the door and saw Lin Wei, Luo Xiaoyun and a group of people from Dragon Shield.

“What brings you all here?” Ye Xing asked with a smile.

Lin Wei entered the room and said, “Mo Qian Yun made such a big mess that it has shaken the bigwigs of the Great Bay Islands, Lin Boyang checked into the Dragon Shield coming in and killing a group of gangsters, and dealing directly with Bei Ye.”

“Who’s Lin Boyang?”

“A big man in the ancient martial arts world on the Great Bay Island, he’s not that scary, but his dad is one of the Four Great Masters, the Burning Monk.”

“A monk having a son?”

“There’s more than one, this Burning Lamp monk, nicknamed the Lawless King, is a seed of flirtation and has offspring everywhere.”

“What does Kitano say?”

“Of course Beiye doesn’t give him face, but the Burning Lamp Monk is recently in the Great Bay Island, the military spirit is meaning for us not to clash too much with each other and try to solve the trouble Mo Qian Yun as soon as possible.”

Ye Xing smiled, “To put it bluntly, he just wants us to help solve Mo Qian Yun, but he has to be polite.”

Suddenly, footsteps came from outside the house and Lin Wei frowned, “It must be Lin Boyang’s men.”

Ye Xing walked out and a group of people in Great Bay Island military uniforms were indeed coming from the corridor.

One of them, a big brother of one meter nine, with his eyes looking at the sky, glanced at Ye Xing and said indifferently, “The Xuanwu House has invited you all.”

Only when Ye Xing got on the car did he realise that this Xuanwu Mansion was actually an authority on the Great Bay Island, in charge of the military, and of course had the qualification to mobilise all the police forces.

The Xuanwu Mansion was built in a grand manner, with four imposing stone lions at the entrance and countless uniformed soldiers guarding it.

Ye Xing and Lin Wei entered the Xuanwu Mansion and took a tour bus all the way around the garden pond.

The interior of the place was built exactly like the palace architecture of the ancient times, and there was also a lot of golden silk nanmu furniture.

The whole Xuanwu House had a strong ethnic character. Ye Xing and Lin Wei were taken to the council chamber and soon met Lin Boyang.

He was expected to be a tall and imposing high-ranking official, but turned out to be a short, unattractive man with a five-short body, a fat head and a smiling, harmless face.

If Ye Xing hadn’t seen that this guy was an ancient martial arts master in strength, he would have thought that the other party was the Pan of this local skit.

Lin Boyang greeted the two men and seated them, then began to sip tea.

Both sides did not move, but eventually this Lin Boyang laughed and said, “When the Dragon Shield comes to do something, more or less, you have to inform them, smuggling them in and killing a few gangsters, that’s a bit offensive, isn’t it?”

“It is indeed a bit offensive, but to be able to solve your problems, this is what we should do.” Ye Xing smiled.

Lin Boyang’s face was gloomy as he said, “Killing people, you still have a point?”

“I’ve said it all, help you solve your problems, those B*****ds deserve to die, if we inform you, you’ll have to waste food if you capture and lock them up, we’ll kill them for you, you’ll save time on one hand, and save food on the other, two birds with one stone.”

Lin Boyang’s face was horribly gloomy, Lin Wei was already worried that the other party would go berserk.

As a result, with a poof, Lin Boyang actually laughed out loud, “A hero is indeed a young man, you are the head of the Dragon Shield at a young age, and you were able to take out Jiang Qin and the Immortal Sect, you really have some skills, but I have to advise you, this is the Great Bay Island, not your Dragon Shield’s territory.”

“Of course it is here, and it will be in the future.”

Lin Boyang was once again full of anger, Lin Wei frowned as she saw that a fight was about to break out, “Actually, the military spirit told us to try to cooperate with you guys and settle Mo Qian Yun’s troubles as soon as possible, she is a big devil who kills without blinking, once she goes crazy, I am afraid that she will make many parts of the Great Bay Island suffer.”

Lin Bo Yang frowned, considered for a moment and smiled, “That’s right, we have a common enemy, it’s better to cooperate because it’s the right thing to do.”

The atmosphere then eased, Lin Boyang took Ye Xing and Lin Wei to the command room, inside there was a lot of pursuit of Mo Qian Yun, the whole Taoyuan City had been surrounded, any exit, there were heavy guards, no sign of Mo Qian Yun yet.

Ye Xing shook his head: “It’s useless for you to block like this, Mo Qian Yun’s ability, it’s easy to leave Taoyuan City.”


Chapter 476

“She’s killed so many police officers, why doesn’t she hurry up and leave Taoyuan City?” Lin Boyang muttered with a frown.

Ye Xing sneered, “You’re afraid you don’t know enough about Mo Qian Yun, she’s a demon cultivator, killing is a common occurrence for her, the scriptures she snatched this time might have other uses.”

“It’s true that we don’t know enough, but as long as she still dares to hide within Taoyuan City, we won’t let her leave easily.”

Ye Xing didn’t say anything, and just continued to listen to Lin Boyang blabber on.

In the following days, there was news of Mo Qian Yun almost every day, at one moment a mysterious gathering somewhere killed and injured dozens of people, at another moment someone committed suicide saying that he was going to dedicate his life to the Heavenly Queen Sect, in short, the whole Taoyuan City was on edge, people were dying everywhere, there were horrible casualties everywhere.

It’s true that Mo Qian Yun didn’t leave. Somewhere in the underground bar in Taoyuan City, at 3am, the revelry continued and suddenly a woman was hanging above the dance floor, covered in rags, and the people below perked up.

When someone below took out a lance and stabbed the woman alive directly, blood flowing down like a spring, the people on the dance floor were terrified and fled one by one through the door, but unfortunately they didn’t get away at all and all died within the bar.

Mo Qian Yun walked out in a blood-coloured robe with beads of blood still on her face, she stuck out her tongue and licked it, then opened the pa*sageway below the stage.

Inside the pa*sage, humanoid monsters crawled out, all with long arms and legs and no faces.

When they saw the warm bodies, they pounced on them and began to gorge themselves on them.

They love hot human blood and brains, and the more they eat, the stronger they become.

Mo Qianyun was not happy with these demon slaves, but she had no choice but to chant a spell inside her mouth and the whole bar was wrapped in a mysterious and terrifying aura.

The next day the bar was opened and the bloody and murderous sight caused those who rushed in to vomit and run out, photos were soon circulated wildly on the internet and for a while countless people were scared, the whole Taoyuan City was blinded by a layer of horrific rumours.

Ye Xing took a look at such a big scene again, and was afraid that Mo Qian Yun had created another large batch of demon slaves.

Zhu Xiaohong nodded and said, “She has to grasp to shed her demon birth, so naturally she has to build a blood sacrifice grand ceremony, these demon slaves must be there, she can’t finish it alone.”

“Which scripture is the Blood Ritual Grand Ceremony for?”

“It should be, I didn’t even know before, but based on all Mo Qian Yun’s actions, she should be using the Blood Sacrifice Grand Ceremony to devour the Everlasting Scripture and thus shed her demon birth.”

“That must be stopped, no one can even do anything to her now, if she really waits for her to shed her demon fetus and become a Foundation Establishment stage demon king, then how much longer will it take?”

“I’m afraid you alone can’t stop it.”

“Isn’t Monk Burning Lantern of the Four Great Patriarchs on the Great Bay Island? Drag him along.”

Ye Xing said he would do it and called Lin Wei to set off to find Lin Boyang.

Lin Boyang was anxious, the Xuanwu Mansion had become the target of all the people’s anger, and many people had recently thrown rotten eggs at the place, venting about the authorities’ incompetence and their inability to catch the culprits behind the crime.

When Ye Xing and the two arrived, Lin Boyang thought he would be able to provide any clues, but when he heard that he had to alert his old father, Lin Boyang shook his head and said, “My father is already old, you are not doing him a disservice by asking him to take action?”

“Lord Lin, your father is one of the Four Great Masters, he is not an ordinary person, who are you fooling when you say he is old?”

“What do you know? My father is even older than Hua Junsheng, he’s almost a hundred years old, you’re asking an old man to accompany you to deal with Mo Qianyun, aren’t you afraid that something will happen to his old man?”

“That’s fine, you can see for yourself, anyway, if you continue to make trouble, who will suffer and who will know.”

Ye Xing said and called on Lin Wei to leave.

Lin Boyang huffed and puffed, and then returned to the backyard.

Somewhere in the backyard by the pond, a bald old man with an immortal style was playing the zither.

Lin Boyang did not even dare to breathe, facing this father, he was still looking up at a big mountain.

“Tell me, what’s the trouble again?” Monk Burning Lamp asked.

Lin Boyang took a few steps closer and replied, “Father, this demoness has killed hundreds of people again, and a bar has been slaughtered by her.”

“It looks like she is trying to tame the demon slaves, more and more people will die in the future.” Monk Burning Lantern sighed.

Lin Boyang had a hard time saying anything, and Monk Burning Lantern laughed, “Did the Dragon Shield people come and want me to take action?”

“That’s what they meant, but they’ve already been sent away by me.”

“The people were sent away, but the matter is not yet resolved, that kid is not yet a tenth-ranked sect master, he was able to deal with Jiang Qin before by relying on the power of the Immortal Sect, but when he came to us, he could not afford to bring so many people, so naturally he is not strong enough.”

Lin Boyang frowned, “Father means that you have to step in to help?”

“We must step in, or else all our foundations will be shaken by that female devil.” Monk Burning Lamp got up to leave after he finished speaking.

Lin Boyang did not dare to ask more questions, his father’s majesty made him feel like accompanying the king as a tiger.

Monk Burning Lantern entered a room and opened the secret room, then walked down the stone staircase.

At the bottom of the chamber was an iron cage with four men beside it.

The men were all dressed as monks and after seeing Burning Lamp, they bowed their heads in greeting.

The Burning Lamp monk nodded down and one of the monks pressed the mechanism, only to see the floor in front of him split open and an iron cage rose up. Within the iron cage, a faceless man was imprisoned, with long arms and legs and a terrifyingly horrible appearance.

“How was the test?” Burning Lamp asked after looking at the faceless man.

One of the slightly fat monks turned his head and returned, “In reply to Master, the test has been pa*sed, and these monsters do have a mysterious substance in their bodies that can improve the human body and prolong life.”

Monk Burning Lamp suddenly became excited, but after a moment’s consideration he worried, “What about the side effects?”

“The side effect is that there is a great demand for blood, and over time, I’m afraid it will become horribly molded.”

“Is there a solution to this?”

“It’s already on the human experiment, but if we can catch the mother, maybe the research can be sped up.”

Monk Burning Lantern considered and said, “The mother is still in the city, join hands with Dragon Shield, maybe we can have a chance of success, besides even if it doesn’t work, we can still borrow the hand of the female devil and solve the power of Dragon Shield.”

“Master, I heard that Dragon Shield is a force cultivated by the Chinese Army Spirit, if we really eradicate him, maybe we can take back the power.” The clear-eyed monk said excitedly.

Kindle grinned, “That’s right, I’ve been hiding on this Sh*tty island for twenty years, and it’s about time I went to settle the score with the Chinese Army Soul.”

Not long after Ye Xing went back, he received a call from Lin Boyang, the Burning Lamp monk was willing to fight, but only if he could first find out the exact whereabouts of the female devil, meaning that he wanted Ye Xing and the others to do it first, and he would then come to support.

“The old thing doesn’t have good intentions.” Ye Xing laughed.