Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 473-474

Chapter 473

There was a muffled sound of flesh and skin, and the hand holding the gun was pierced by a flying knife, dripping blood and stabbing the palm of the hand.

The others were stunned at the sight. Suddenly, there were two more puffs, and the other two gangsters who were just about to pull out their guns had their heads pierced by flying knives and died on the spot.

Ye Xing took a glance and said, “Handle it cleanly, don’t make a big deal out of it.”

Qiao Baihe nodded down and took care of the remaining people, throwing them into the fishing boat and burning them in a fire.

Ye Xing had no half-hearted mercy in dealing with such people, especially when they also specifically targeted the women of China, that alone was abominable and killable.

The group went to the pier and took the ferry out of the area and onto the island of Big Bay.

The Big Bay Island was really big, with a population of 30 million people, and it was divided into several cities.

Ye Xing and the others were not confused when they arrived here, and according to the clues from Dragon Shield’s investigation, it was easy to line up some places where something had happened.

The places where the recent tragedies had occurred were mainly concentrated within Taoyuan City.

Peach Source City was the most economically concentrated place in the entire Great Bay Island, and it took Ye Xing and the others three hours to arrive inside Peach Source City after paying for a bus ride.

Don’t look at it as the number one city in the Great Bay Island, but in reality it was just like a small second-tier city in China, with backward infrastructure, old equipment, many public facilities were still decades old, and the government didn’t use to replace them with high technology.

Many public facilities are still decades old, and the government has not replaced them with high technology. The fast payments that can be found everywhere in China are not available here, but there is a trend among the people here that is very different from China.

That is very posh and gold worshipping, even some beautiful women dressed almost like nightclubs, and also waving around, seeing people dressed very poorly, they will also directly ridicule, all kinds of dirt bag country bumpkin said quite powerful.

Ye Xing and the others were naturally also mocked, after all, people didn’t care about this and dressed in an unpretentious manner, making many young people within Taoyuan City scoff at them.

Ye Xing and the others found a hotel to stay in, and then started to make arrangements for work.

Zhu Xiaohong finished reading the information and said, “Mo Qianyun won’t be slow to find Spiritual Rooters, she will definitely set up some evil group to take care of the blood sacrifice at once.”

Ye Xing and the others finished their analysis and started searching the many superstitious groups in Taoyuan City.

The people of this place were particularly superstitious, and the local officials had actually organised worship in order to seek rain, which showed how narrow-minded their eyes were.

Neither Du Jiuniang nor Qiao Baihe was cut out to look up information, and it fell to Zhu Xiaohong to do so.

She is a very quick learner, and with a laptop that she can manipulate with great skill, and with her ideas in mind, she quickly identifies the most suspicious superstitious society, the “Heavenly Queen Cult”.

This group has been in existence for hundreds of years, but it has been silent before, and most of its followers are mainly rural mothers. However, in recent months, it has suddenly obtained a large amount of funds, and not only surrounded the city from the countryside, but also rented many large conference centres and venues in Taoyuan City to do publicity.

At present this Heavenly Queen Cult has thousands of members developing within Taoyuan City alone, most of whom are young and have good family conditions.

Ye Xing asked Dragon Shield’s technicians to hack into the other party’s system and get the members’ information.

In the evening, the good news came that they had gotten some of the information.

Ye Xing called Zhu Xiaohong and went out to rent a car. When he arrived at the car rental agency, the boss immediately scoffed when he heard the accent, “Are you mainlanders crazy, why would we rent a car to you if you are not local?”

“Boss, opening the door is business, there is money to be made, can’t we?” Ye Xing laughed.

A young man next to him choked out, “I know you mainlanders are rich, so it’s great to be rich? We are not willing to rent to you, get out of here right now.”

Zhu Xiaohong frowned as she listened, Ye Xing laughed and didn’t say anything, called on her and left.

As Zhu Xiaohong wondered, Ye Xing was already leading her around to the back door.

There was a huge car park at the back door, and many of the cars from these car rental companies were placed inside.

The car park was monitored and had anti-theft devices, so it was no problem at all to put the cars there.

But these things could not be difficult for Ye Xing, the surveillance was broken and the anti-theft device was cut off, then he drove out a BMW X7 in a dignified manner, took Zhu Xiaohong with him and went back to the hotel.

Zhu Xiaohong frowned and said, “I thought you were going to scrap that father and son from the car rental agency just now.”

“They are just looking down on us, it’s not enough to scrap them, just steal a car from them and give them a few days of heartache.” Ye Xing smiled and then drove to pick up Du Jiuniang and Qiao Baihe.

The four of them got the information and went to the entrance of a kindergarten first, squatting until the kindergarten was closed and countless teachers walked out from inside.

Soon a slightly chubby girl with gla*ses fell into their line of sight, and after confirming that this was the person, Ye Xing drove up to follow.

When they arrived at the remote location, Qiao Baihe got out of the car and dragged the person to the car, knocking her unconscious.

Du Jiuniang took out an instrument and tested it, and it was indeed a person with spiritual roots.

“Let’s put the person down.” Ye Xing said and drove off to a stadium within Taoyuan City.

This stadium was previously rented to the education centre, which had been vacant over the years as business was not good, until recently when it was taken over by the Heavenly Queen Sect.

The Heavenly Queen Cult uses these as a dojo and organises daily for the congregation to learn some of the canons and teachings of the Heavenly Queen Cult.

Because it suited the young people, the Heavenly Queen Sect had become the talk of the town recently, with many young people running to join, all saying that they could relax here.

The four of them lurked inside the stadium, put on masks and hats, and got overalls from the workroom, and after putting them on, they were able to navigate the huge stadium almost unimpeded.

The four turned on their communicators and began to split up to find the whereabouts of the demon cultivator, finally discovering that something was not right in the stadium’s basement.

Ye Xing and the others approached the basement and found that it was indeed odd.

Moreover, the basement was not frequented by any of the congregants, it was mechanically locked tightly everywhere, and without a key or a code, it was impossible to open these big, thick iron doors.

Ye Xing contacted the Dragon Shield side and quickly used technology to hack into this combination lock.

The combination lock was quickly cracked, and after the doors opened, a long, dark pa*sage appeared.

Once the door was opened, a light came on in the pa*sage, and a wave of oppression and eeriness pa*sed through ahead.

Ye Xing told Du Jiuniang and Zhu Xiaohong to wait outside while he took Qiao Baihe inside with him.

After walking through the pa*sage and turning the corner a huge room appeared.

Inside the room was a frigid atmosphere with white mist rising from the ground, while overhead there was actually a huge cocoon hanging.

These cocoons all had life features within them, and Ye Xing instantly guessed the Faceless Man.

“It’s good to find this lair, get some petrol and burn all these B*****ds to death.” Ye Xing laughed coldly.


Chapter 474

Qiao Baihe frowned, “If there is a fire down here, won’t so many people up there be in danger too?”

“Don’t worry about it, I’m not that mean, this kind of place usually has a fire alarm, as long as this place is blocked, the faceless people can’t get out, everyone outside can escape to a safe place.” Ye Xing smiled and twisted his head to go.

He said he would do it, but it was a bit of a problem to get enough gasoline, so he thought about it and decided to go to a nearby gas station.

Ye Xing drove off, and this time Du Niu volunteered to go along.

When they were in the car, the b*tch complained about it, but Ye Xing couldn’t do anything about it and promised to have a good get-together this evening.

When the gasping stopped, a big fat old man with a big belly touched the beautiful woman beside him and then walked out of the room with a smile on his face.

On the sofa outside the room, a gorgeous woman had a cigarette in her mouth and crossed her legs.

This beauty was so beautiful that there was a sense of beauty that made one want to ravish her and vent.

Although evil thoughts bubbled up inside the big fat old man, he didn’t dare to let loose on his face at all and shouted with a smile, “Instructor Mo has waited for a long time.”

“I didn’t expect President Xu to be old and strong.” The gorgeous woman laughed up.

The big fat man was gasping for breath as he sat down, with a female a*sistant constantly waiting beside him; this man was in a high and powerful position within this Taoyuan City, often appearing on television, but no one knew that he was a moralistic hypocrite.

Inside the room, the young girl who had been tortured enough came out dressed, her face still hurt, her eyes already red and swollen from crying, but she did not dare to resist, she had to bear everything because she was a follower of the Heavenly Queen’s Church, her whole being had been dedicated to it, and even if she went to her death, she had to say yes.

The beautiful woman on the sofa smiled, “Go down and rest well.”

The young girl nodded down and left obediently, the big fat man licked his lips and smiled badly, “Sect Master Mo, next time I want such a tender girl, you have to arrange it for me oh.”

“Don’t worry Chairman Xu, you get something every time you come, but I want something, I don’t know when it will be convenient for Chairman Xu.” Mo Qian Yun smiled.

Fatty Xu frowned in difficulty, “Instructor Mo, I still have to think about this matter, the relics in this palace are guarded by a group of old guys, it’s really hard to lend them out, not to mention the things you want that are not trivial, if I mess up my position, I will have to lose it.”

“President Xu, have you forgotten what I said? As long as this thing is gotten out, the position of the Vice Patriarch of the Heavenly Queen Sect is yours, from now on so many serving you, and countless wealth, it’s even more painful than you being the president of this relic, and it’s not easy to be found fault with, why not?”

“That being said, I can only try my best, and I will definitely help Sect Master Mo get that scripture out.” After Fatty Xu finished speaking and his clothes were put on, he left the office with a smile.

Mo Qian Yun smiled coldly and suddenly stuck out his tongue in a long, jarring voice: “When the “Longevity Scripture” is in my hands, I will kill you, you fat pig.”

At a petrol station near the gymnasium, the petrol truck was just about to turn into the station when it was suddenly stopped sharply by a car that came out of the way.

The driver immediately started cursing, Ye Xing jumped in and knocked the driver unconscious with a punch, then drove the tanker away quickly.

The scene happened so quickly that no one noticed it.

When the tanker arrived at the gymnasium, Ye Xing pulled out the plastic pipe from the tanker and shoved it into the ventilation hole.

The pipe was drilled into the basement and Qiao Baihe and Zhu Xiaohong had already gotten a fire hose and put it down after connecting the two ends and wrapping it with tape.

Ye Xing went down to the basement and pulled the canister into the place where the faceless man was staying.

Du Jiuniang received the message, opened the valve and petrol started to pour in frantically.

Ye Xing took the fire hose and aimed it at the huge cocoon above him and kept spraying, then put the pipe down and left.

The group came outside, Du Jiuniang closed the valve and Ye Xing picked up a fire axe from the side and ruthlessly smashed it towards a metal pipe inside the basement.

The fire axe was so powerful that it hit the metal pipe so hard that sparks instantly emerged.

The sparks ignited the petrol on the floor and immediately afterwards the whole basement was wrapped in flames.

By the time the faceless man inside the cocoon hanging above him realised that something was wrong, he was already surrounded by a sea of fire.

Mo Qianyun in the office let out a roar with a grim expression and then quickly darted towards the basement.

The fire alarm went off and everyone frantically ran outside, turning the whole gym into chaos.

There was a loud bang and the entire basement exploded, and by the time Mo Qian Yun ran to it, the huge blast of air pushed her out several metres.

But the man still stood terrifyingly still, even as some debris flew towards her, all of which was fended off with a single grasp by a large hand.

Mo Qian Yun let out a heart-rending scream as she looked at the blazing fire rising from the basement.

On the other hand, Ye Xing and the others drove away with a smile on their faces.

Mo Qian Yun was so angry that she killed several people on the way to the office and the fire came, but without her most loyal group of henchmen, the faceless ones, it was a great weakening for her.

The four of them, Ye Xing, ran off to open a hotel nearby and were all happy when they checked in.

Although Mo Qian Yun was a big boss, the enemy was bright and I was dark, so they played guerrilla warfare with each other to see how good she could be.

A big explosion at the gymnasium contracted by the Heavenly Queen Church made the local news, while the followers of the Heavenly Queen Church did not waver and moved to other places to continue opening their dojo to preach.

Mo Qianyun had spent so long and painstakingly mastering the entire Tin Hau Church, she could not let her heart’s blood go to waste.

That night, Fatty Xu was kidnapped, and when he woke up, he was in the hall of the Heritage Palace.

The hall was dark at night and Fatty Xu was scared silly, when suddenly Mo Qian Yun walked out and looked at him with a smile, “Chairman Xu, I can’t wait any longer, I want you to take out the scriptures today.”

“Godfather Mo, aren’t you trying to get me killed? Without the consent of the ten representatives of the Heritage Bureau, I would be breaking the law if I brought the scriptures to you privately.”

“Since you are unwilling to do so, then I will have to use the simplest method.”

Mo Qian Yun suddenly approached over, her mouth split open, a scarlet tongue stretched out and strangled Fatty Xu directly around his neck.

The big fat pig struggled for a moment and was terrified, then obediently was held hostage to open the secret vault of the Heritage Palace.

The secret vault is full of rare treasures, and to open it requires a meeting to resolve, or an order from the Generalissimo, anyone else opening it privately is a violation of the law.

Mo Qian Yun lost all the faceless people and knew that a force was targeting her, so she could not stay any longer and had to hurry to get the scriptures.

“Open it!” Mo Qian Yun threatened.

Fatty Xu was forced into a corner, Mo Qian Yun was not a human at all, but a monster, he was not afraid of people, but he was afraid of monsters.

After the pupils and fingerprints, plus the pa*sword, three kinds of encryption, were unlocked one by one, the secret vault door clicked open.

Mo Qianyun was excited badly, but came inside dumbfounded, every treasure was protected by a metal cover, and it was extremely difficult to open.