Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 471-472

Chapter 471

At this moment, the air was frozen quiet, because everyone’s information was there, including how many children they had behind their backs, how many wives they had, and so on.

Deer Yiming was stunned, he had thought that no one would know about his family, but he didn’t expect that it would still be dug up, and dug up clearly.

As Ye Xing clapped his hands, the screen dimmed down and Ye Xing looked around at everyone then smiled, “Now everyone can continue to talk, right?”

With a killer, naturally the next thing would be logical, after all, for these ancient martial artists, threats were the most useful thing.

Master Wudao presided over the meeting, and together they worked out an agreement on the rules.

Of course they naturally had to fight over each other for their own interests, and the meeting, which was originally thought to be completed in a few hours, went on arguing until the next day at high noon before ten rules and agreements were listed.

Ye Xing took a look at it and then accepted the instrument.

Master Wudao smiled and said, “What Master Ye has done is of immense merit, from now on there will certainly be many less disputes in the ancient martial arts world of China.”

“Master is right, cultivate well and enjoy the current material life with nothing to do, there is no need to fight and kill.” Ye Xing smiled.

With things done, Ye Xing also asked the major ancient martial sects to send five people a year to the Earth Palace as guards, responsible for disciplining those ancient martial cultivators who had made mistakes.

I thought that everyone would refuse, but I didn’t expect that this time they would respond positively instead.

It turned out that these guys all had their own plans, in case someone from their own clan made a mistake and was locked up in the underground palace, they would have their own people to deal with.

With everything settled, Ye Xing hurriedly went to find Jiang Qin.

The old man was already half dead, he had been injured by his opponent’s magic weapon in the previous battle with the Free Fairy, and had been secretly recuperating from his injuries, but Ye Xing’s persecution had made him break out of the gate early, and instead of healing, his injuries had worsened.

Ye Xing looked at Jiang Qin, who was bound by chains, smiled and asked, “Is there a copy of the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram on Fairy Free, did it fall into your hands?”

Jiang Qin bowed his head, like a dying lion, occasionally shaking his head, all revealing the kingly dominance of yesteryear.

Unfortunately, Ye Xing was a person who had been reborn countless times, not to mention any patriarchal big brother, even the presence of a god in person could not scare him.

A reborn person, who had also been reborn countless times, what else was there to be afraid of?

“Don’t pretend to be dead, you are being asked.”

Ye Xing walked towards the machine next to him and suddenly pressed the switch.

A zipping sound rang out, and Jiang Qin on the chain began to tremble madly and twitch all over, and thanks to his strong body, otherwise he would have been electrocuted to death.

“You’ve killed me, killed me!”

Jiang Qin let out the roar of a wounded beast.

Ye Xing drank: “It’s easy to kill you, but is it that easy to solve all the bad things you’ve done?”

“You are similar to me, both have blood on your hands, don’t lecture me with your fake benevolence, the weak are strong, the king is just the defeated.”

“Since you know you’ve lost, don’t struggle, hand over the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram to me first.”

“You want it, I will not give it to you, I will make it hard for you, haha ……”

Ye Xing laughed coldly, “If you want to make me suffer, I’m afraid you don’t know my tactics, little master.”

Taking out his mobile phone, Ye Xing tapped on the screen, and soon a shot appeared in the screen, which was a group of young boys and girls.

Ye Xing amplified the sound, and hearing the voices of these young boys and girls, Jiang Qin really started to change his expression violently, and his whole body trembled.

“Nowadays there is a technology called DNA, just take your DNA and test it, then once you compare it with the rest of the Jiang family, you will be able to find out your real flesh and blood, don’t force me to drive me to extinction.”

Jiang Qin was trembling and finally compromised, he was not afraid of death, but he was afraid of extinction.

In fact, Ye Xing would not really drive him to extinction, but at this moment Jiang Qin would not believe that he was a kind person.

The map of the Heavenly Calamity was soon found, and the old man had hidden it in some kid’s clothes.

Ye Xing got the diagram and used the Qiankun Mirror to look at it. It was really real, and a line of writing appeared, saying that another Daoist spell was “Divine Heavenly Thunder Law”.

Ye Xing saw that it was not one of the five elemental spells, so he wondered if it was good to practise.

He had already practiced the Pure Yang Dao Technique before, and when he practiced this Divine Heavenly Lightning Technique, it complemented each other perfectly and he quickly got started.

“Attract heavenly thunder, destroy evil spirits, Dao talisman out, level the mines ……”

Ye Xing was overjoyed after reading it, he did not expect that this Divine Heavenly Lightning Method actually had extremely strong restraint for evil spirits.

The devil cultivators are evil spirits, I wonder if this divine Heavenly Lightning Method can really restrain them.

After three days, he went to see Zhu Xiaohong, because there were some things in cultivation that he did not know as much as Zhu Xiaohong did, so he had to ask for advice.

Zhu Xiaohong frowned: “You came to my room in the middle of the night to ask me this?”

“What else do you think I’m doing sneaking around to find you? I can’t have any intentions towards you, right?”

“I’m a girl, so it makes sense that you’d want something from me, right?”

“You really want me to think about you?”

“That’s what I’m saying, lest you make it sound like you’re not a bit charming.”

“Enough of that stuff, grab me and tell me what this Divine Heavenly Thunder spell is all about?”

“It’s a Daoist spell, and I’ve never practiced it, so I’m not sure.”

“You’re at least the head teacher of the Immortal Sect, you don’t know this?”

“The Immortal Sect is based on the five elements, the Daoists are based on thunder magic, the Buddhists are based on wishful thinking, you have to ask me to name the differences between the Daoist spells, where am I going to find out?”

Ye Xing frowned, he thought that this Immortal Sect’s master knew everything, after all, the difference is like a mountain.

Ye Xing left the room and stayed until dawn, then went out to search for something on the incense street in the city of Guangnan Province.

This Divine Sky Lightning Technique was a bit like a Taoist priest drawing charms, not only did it require matching charms paper, it was also extremely tedious, but in order to deal with demonic cultivators, Ye Xing had to practise it.

He searched for the kind of talisman paper that possessed an extremely strong fragrance of incense and fire according to the description in the Divine Sky Dao.

The Incense Street was an old street, with shops on both sides selling things such as candles and incense paper, as well as a number of exquisite child boys and girls, and even household appliances were all available.

Ye Xing found several years’ worth of talisman papers in the shrines of several old shops, so it was not a wasted trip.

Of course, the price paid was not small either, almost a hundred yuan for a single piece of paper, which made the bosses smile.

When the paper arrived, the edges were all curled up and old, and some were even more or less greasy.

But it was this aged talisman paper that was most effective.

The next thing you need to do is to get black dog blood, vermilion sand, wolf-hair pens and other things, and return immediately after collecting everything.

The bedroom was quiet, Ye Xing ran his Yuan Power, squeezed the wolf-hair brush and started to draw the paper, but unfortunately, he could not finish it in one breath.

Ye Xing stayed up all night without succeeding in any of them, but instead, he used up all the Yuan Power in his body.

The next day was too much for him, so Ye Xing rested until midnight, got up and started drawing again.


Chapter 472

It is said that gambling and drugs are addictive, but Ye Xing is also addicted to drawing charms, and he simply has to fight for his breath.

Du Jiuniang suddenly came to his house at night and frowned when she knocked on the door: “What’s that strange smell?”

“What are you doing here? I’m on business.”

“I’m not here on business, am I?” Du Jiuniang had to go inside the house.

Ye Xing had no choice but to let her in.

Seeing the mess in the room, Du Jiuniang frowned and laughed: “Do you still want to be a Taoist priest? You’re addicted to drawing charms all the time.”

“I’m practising, when I’ve finished, you’ll know how powerful I am.”

“No need to wait for you to practice, I want to know how powerful you are now.” Du Jiuniang reached over.

Ye Xing hastily dodged it and said righteously with a frown, “No, I’ve reached a critical point now, in case I break my power, I won’t know how long it will take me to frown again.”

“Humph, I see you are not practicing, you are practicing me.”

“Isn’t it good to practise you? The more you hold it in, the more powerful you become, and maybe you’ll surprise me then.”

“I’m not a kingpin, do I need to hold back so much? You don’t need me, there are plenty of men out there who need me.”

Ye Xing laughed, “That’s a bit crazy, go back and hold it in, when I finish my divine Kung Fu, you’ll be miserable.”

Du Jiuniang was angry and laughed, and when she walked out of the room, she turned around and said, “When you have achieved your divine power, let’s see how I will deal with you.”

“I promise to kill you without leaving you behind.”

Ye Xing closed the door behind him and hastily patted his chest, fortunately he had held back, or else he would really have lost all his work.

Grasping and continuing to draw the talisman, finally there was a little bit of a glimpse, Ye Xing finished drawing the pattern on the talisman paper in one breath and almost didn’t jump up with joy.

Ye Xing grabbed the talisman paper and poured in his Yuan Power.

As soon as the energy entered the paper, the paper was hot.

Ye Xing put the paper down and continued to draw a few more, then took it out to a deserted park and tried it out.

When the talisman paper was thrown out in front of him, it actually burst into flames in mid-air, and when it landed, there was a click and a two-meter high lightning bolt flashed by, which was really scary.

Ye Xing was so excited, according to the instructions of the Divine Sky Lightning Method, once this lightning became effective, it would naturally have the effect of killing evil spirits.

Ye Xing finished throwing several Daoist talismans in one breath, and the gra*s in front of him was split into a big scorched black crater, which didn’t look too powerful.

However, it is important to know that the effect of the Divine Heavenly Thunder Technique on evil spirits is multiplied by several times, and if a demon cultivator is encountered, I am afraid that this one lightning bolt can kill the demon cultivator to the spot.

Ye Xing had already mastered the first level of the Divine Heavenly Lightning Technique, which was also the simplest “Divine Talisman to induce lightning”.

This lightning method had a total of five levels, and the last one, the Heavenly Calamity Ten Thousand Lightning Formation, was truly terrifying and could be called the coming of doom.

Of course, the most powerful move, no one in this world would be able to succeed, because the cultivation level is not up to it, you want to perform that move is not enough Yuan Power.

Ye Xing smilingly turned his head to leave, but ended up being stared at by a grandfather wearing a red armband as soon as he turned around.

“Young man, it’s not New Year’s Day, what are you setting off firecrackers for?” The grandfather was humorous as soon as he opened his mouth.

Ye Xing laughed awkwardly and said, “Grandpa, sorry, I admit my punishment.”

“Do you want to get a ticket for you?”

“No need.”

“No, just two hundred, I’ll help you fill up that hole later.”

“Okay, I’ll trouble you, sir.”

Ye Xing quickly swiped his phone and left.

The grandfather happily walked to the location of the big pit and looked at it muttering, “How did you get this?”

Ye Xing returned to the Dragon Shield and immediately proposed to set off for the big bay island across the river.

“Mo Qian Yun can’t be easy to deal with, and besides the Big Bay Island isn’t that easy to get past.”

“It’s not like I said to go over there openly, find a fishing boat and we’ll go over quietly at night.”

Everyone was dumbfounded, Lin Wei frowned and advised, “I have to inform my superiors about this.”

“Don’t tell them, it’s not easy for them to know, we’ll just go there without all the identification, it won’t affect the big picture.”

Lin Wei nodded her head, this was indeed a solution.

But there couldn’t be too many people going, after all, too many people were conspicuous.

Du Jiuniang got up and said excitedly, “I have to go along, not many people here can be as strong as me in battle, right?”

Luo Xiaoyun was also excited, Ye Xing gestured for her to sit down, then said, “Just the two sisters, plus Zhu Xiaohong, the four of us will go, there are not many people and it will be easy to do things.”

Luo Xiaoyun did not feel good after hearing this, but Ye Xing had already decided, so no one could change it.

Luo Xiaoyun went after Ye Xing, who told her to stay well at home, in case Murong Xue came home.

Luo Xiaoyun could not find a reason to retort, so she had no choice but to stay behind.

In the evening, Ye Xing and the others set off, directly contacting the smugglers and changing fishing boats from the sea to the Great Bay Island.

After dawn, the fishing boat arrived near a certain island in the Great Bay Island.

Ye Xing noticed that something was wrong and went straight out from under the deck, only to be chided by a black-faced uncle: “Mainland boy, who told you to come out?”

“Isn’t this all the way to the place? Came out for a breath of fresh air.” Ye Xing smiled.

The black-faced uncle roared, “Get down and stay there, or else I will make you swim back later.”

Ye Xing was not happy with the scolding, but still got back into the cabin, only to soon hear this black-faced uncle cursing in a low voice.

Ye Xing pricked up his ears and heard this guy jumping onto the shore and communicating with someone in the local language, as if saying something about looking at people and goods?

While Ye Xing was wondering, the black-faced uncle was already chatting with someone on his side.

Within a few minutes, the deck was opened and Ye Xing and the others were called ashore.

This time, the black-faced uncle brought along two young men with bad faces and hostile auras, in addition to three other bandit-like jianghu people.

These people didn’t even pay any attention to Ye Xing, instead they pointed at Du Jiuniang and the three of them, using the local language, gibbering and speaking in a spiteful and arrogant manner.

Ye Xing heard a little something, it turned out that this boatman was not only dealing in human snakes, but also f*cking human trafficking.

Whenever they saw a girl of good looks, they dared to sell her to the local gangs.

These gangs take people there and naturally, they squeeze everything as if they were slaves, not local people anyway, so they get them killed and throw them into the sea.

Ye Xing laughed, the black-faced uncle was talking to someone, when he saw him laughing, he pointed at him and cursed, “Mainland boy, you son of a b*tch, what are you laughing at?”

“I’m laughing at your family’s death, your son’s lack of eyesight, and your evil deeds.

The black-faced uncle was instantly furious and shouted at the two young men around him to take action.

Unfortunately, if the three of them pounced on him, it would be a pure waste of time, and Ye Xing kicked them all to the ground one by one.

Because he knew what these people were for, Ye Xing didn’t show any mercy. With one kick, the black-faced uncle vomited blood from the top and Sh*t blood from the bottom, his life was considered ruined.

The gangsters on the other side were not happy, the leader took out a gun and pointed it at Ye Xing and cursed, “F*ck you.”