Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 469-470

Chapter 469

Ye Xing left the hotel and turned around to go to the filming location of the drama where Luo Jin was.

Although this guy had been kicked, he was not really in any serious trouble, and his injury papers had all been issued by his connections.

Of course, as a popular star, Luo Jin didn’t even have to do anything, he just showed his face in some scenes and hired a body double for all the other action scenes.

Luo Jin was treated like a king on the set, the director had to ask him if he was comfortable, and the actresses and supporting actresses were all over him, all sorts of flattering.

The entertainment industry is a small society where connections are very important. In addition, the domestic economy has developed over the years and the spending power of fans is getting stronger and stronger, which naturally gives stars a higher and higher status, after all, no one will have a problem with money.

The benefits of hugging the thighs of a popular celebrity can be terrifying and huge.

Luo Jin rested enough and started to ride on a motorbike, wearing sungla*ses and a prop gun, and the villains in front of him were ruthlessly run over by him.

Several of the actors were injured by this, but the effect was really realistic and good.

Luo Jin smiled and said to the director, “Why don’t I pull the female lead and glide through mid-air later?”

“The action is dashing and it’s handsome and beautiful, it’s perfectly fine, but I’ll have to use a crane for you for safety.”

“Fine, as long as it’s a good shot.”

Soon the crane pulled Luo Jin up high into the air, he tried it out fine, not realising that suddenly the steel cable snapped and Luo Jin fell hard from the height, luckily there was a safety mat underneath so he didn’t fall too badly.

“D*mn it, which one of you is responsible for safety? I’ll fire whoever is in charge of this immediately.” Luo Jin cursed arrogantly, and the female lead was thankful that she didn’t go up there just now, and then ran to Luo Jin’s side to shush him.

Ye Xing smiled and walked out, “Big star, come with me.”

“Why are you here?” Luo Jin was taken aback.

Ye Xing smiled and approached over, grabbing Luo Jin as if he was carrying a chicken, the guy tried to resist, and after a beating, he was honest.

The director was terrified and immediately called for the security guards, but several Dragon Shield teams leapt out from the side, all with weapons and equipment, scaring the security guards back.

Ye Xing took Luo Jin back to Xiliang City, then announced the bad things he had done and told the local law enforcement authorities to follow the rules.

Luo Jin’s network of contacts began to move, and when they learnt that it was the Dragon Shield chief they had messed with, each one was like a frosted aubergine.

When Luo Jin met his lawyer at the detention centre, the other party had a gloomy look on his face, put down his purse and said, “Young Luo, the master asked me to give you a message, reform well here and you’ll be out in two years at most.”

“I’m a big star, I still have a movie to shoot, why should I stay for two years? Let my dad get me out.”

“Young Luo, you can’t get out, besides it’s best to confess all your crimes, what the master means is that you reform properly and they will find ways to make you feel better in jail, if you don’t listen, then you will be left to fend for yourself.”

The lawyer finished and looked at Luo Jin, who’s whole body went limp, as if he had a nightmare.

Inside the hospital, as soon as Cheng Yulin woke up, she saw Su Xiaoqiao, grabbed her hand and cried in aggravation.

“Yu Lin, it’s alright, the one who bullied you, Luo Jin, has already been arrested, and Li Guopeng who beat you up will not escape justice either.” Su Xiaoqiao hugged her best friend and comforted her.

Cheng Yulin nodded her head as she cried, but in her heart she knew that the person who should be most grateful was Ye Xing.

Ye Xing returned to the ancient city, after settling Cheng Yulin’s matter, he still had to focus all his attention on Jiang’s family.

After waiting for many days, the whereabouts of Jiang’s family finally appeared. They were four young men, who could not hold their breath inside the tomb and had to go out to get some air.

Dragon Shield’s men had been using various means to track them down. The four were all very young, and after having enough fun around the ancient city and buying a lot of things, they took a taxi to return after dark.

According to the trajectory of the car, the technicians probably deduced that the other party should be near the Yuanhao ruins.

The area around Yuanhao’s ruins was desert, and no one could be seen for hundreds of miles. Because there was not much to see, fewer and fewer tourists went there over the years, and only some donkeys who were particularly interested in the history of ancient minorities would travel long distances to visit.

Ye Xing and the others surrounded the site the next day and used all kinds of unmanned equipment to investigate. It took an hour to find a large number of people gathered hundreds of metres below a certain site, and when they went down to look for them using thermal imaging technology, they found a large number of Jiang’s disciples.

After setting everything up, Ye Xing began to besiege the Jiang family disciples.

Whether the Demon Subduing Sword Formation would work or not, it was necessary to test the water with Jiang Qin.

Ye Xing launched the order and the Dragon Shield began to move, the combat squads set off one by one, with various unmanned equipment and fire control to begin the attack.

Various gases were released towards the ancient tomb, instantly turning the entire underground cemetery into a smoke-filled place, the Jiang family disciples could not resist and quickly fled from the tomb.

The younger ones ran out, the older ones had to be managed, after all, the Jiang family are all one family, their bloodlines are connected, it is impossible to just say give up.

As the combat squad began to capture, an old man from the Jiang family came out of his cage like a fierce tiger and quickly darted towards the combat squad to attack.

The man was so powerful that he threw darts and chains that the combat team couldn’t fight back.

Fire control on one side began to target the attack and the old man was soon on the ground screaming with both legs broken.

The scene was getting bloodier and bloodier as there was no way the Jiang family would surrender and submit, apart from a group of young boys and girls who were shivering in fear, the others fought back to the death and for a while the two sides were inseparable.

Ye Xing looked at Du Jiuniang and the girls and said, “Go on, reduce the casualties.”

The Du Jiuniang sisters quickly joined the battle, one was an expert of the Flying Daggers Sect and the other was a fairy of the Immortal Sect, joining the fight and soon the situation began to tilt towards the Dragon Shield side.

More and more people from Jiang’s family were captured, fighting to the death to resist that kind of thing, and Ye Xing was also killing people, at this time, he would not be a woman to reason with you.

Finally Jiang Qin came out of the gate, a long black hair, stout and tall, this guy had scars on his face, obviously injured by the Free Fairy with a magic weapon.

Jiang Qin was truly worthy of being one of the four great masters, his aura was terrifying, and as soon as he flew out of the ancient tomb, he immediately tore apart several Dragon Shield combatants.

This guy enjoyed the rain of blood and revealed a glimpse of ferocity.

Ye Xing looked at him and bellowed, “He is the one who killed Fairy Free, all the fairies of the Immortal Sect take revenge for your sect master.”

Jiang Qin froze, then smiled fiercely, “And the fairy sect’s demon girls, I will kill as many as come.”

Soon a group of fairies flew out, each wearing long white dresses and wielding sharp swords, beauty and killing intent blended into one.

“Subdue the demons, the Way of the Immortals, the unity of sword intent, the Brahma exterminates the Shura, today we gather the hands of all the fairies to seek justice for Fairy Free, I hope you will all work together, put aside your prejudices and slaughter the murderer!”


Chapter 470

Ye Xing roared up, his voice high and shocking.

All the fairies were instantly enraged, and each one of them wanted to fight with Jiang Qin to the death.

Zhu Xiaohong was being watched by Luo Xiaoyun all the time and did not dare to make a rash move. At this moment, after hearing Ye Xing’s roar, she really felt that this person was terrifying and actually knew how to inspire people in front of the battlefield, and the Immortal Sect disciples would definitely fight to the death in order to avenge her.

“Jiang Qin ah Jiang Qin, why didn’t you and I kill this kid first in the first place? Now instead, we let him take all the advantages and become the big winner in the end!”

Zhu Xiaohong finished lamenting in her heart, but soon these resentments vanished into thin air, after all, she was not exactly the soul of the Fairy of Prosperity at this time, there was still the good natured naivety of the peasant girl that Zhu Xiaohong was.

Once the sword formation was out, Jiang Qin’s original arrogance was instantly extinguished.

Qiao Baihe also joined in, followed by Ye Xing. With the two of them joining in, Jiang Qin’s previous fierce might was completely gone, and he was beaten back by this sword formation.

Ye Xing sneered, “Old man Jiang, don’t blame me for not giving you a way out, at least you are one of the Four Great Patriarchs, it’s a bit of a pity to kill you, stay and serve the Dragon Shield, not only will you live, your Jiang family will no longer be held responsible.”

“Haha, a yellow mouth, how dare you lecture me, what are you, you are just a hitman thrown out by Hua Junsheng, when the wind and waves calm down, that despicable person Hua Junsheng will naturally unload the grinding and kill the donkey, so that you will not end well.”

“Is it useful to sow dissension?”

“Wanting me, Jiang Qin, to submit to you, you are dreaming in vain.”

Ye Xing was so angry that he ran his Yuan Power into a frenzy and with the a*sistance of the sword formation, Jiang Qin didn’t stand a chance at all, and eventually the old man fell to the ground with serious injuries.

Qiao Baihe came close and pierced half of his body with an ice lance.

Ye Xing yanked Jiang Qin’s head and shouted at the surroundings, “Jiang’s disciples surrender immediately, or I will cut Jiang Qin’s head off.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the defiant Jiang Clan disciples let out a sigh of relief, and eventually all of them bounded away.

Imprisoning these ancient martial artists was a very difficult thing to do, Ye Xing asked Lin Wei to ask Bei Ye for instructions.

If they were not properly disciplined, they would definitely remain unruly and unruly.

In the end, Beinuo threw the problem to Ye Xing, and once Ye Xing saw this, he did not hesitate to set up a dungeon in the nearby ancient tomb, specially responsible for imprisoning wrongdoing ancient martial artists.

Of course, if the killings were too heavy, there was no need to imprison them, they would just be killed to pay for their lives.

Ye Xing also informed the Hidden Sect and the Hong Sect, the Buddhist Sect and other ancient martial arts clans that they would all convene a meeting to discuss the establishment of an orderly ancient martial world rule.

When all the major ancient martial arts clans in China received the news, they were in the category of people who were not governed by the world, and if this rule was established, it would be like putting a curse on everyone’s head.

Naturally no one wanted it, but not everyone was against it, and the Buddhists were in favour of it.

Inside the caves of Kunlun Mountain, although the Hidden Sect had entered the world in a big way, the two supreme elders and the core members, such as the Sect Leader, were still practising in seclusion in the mountain.

Lu Yiming frowned and said, “This Ye Xing really knows how to make trouble, if he makes things like this, from now on we will no longer have freedom in the Ancient Martial World.”

“Sect Leader, let’s not go and see what he can do.” Qiu Qianren drank unhappily.

Lu Yiming shook his head, “No, this time Ye Xing has even destroyed Jiang’s family and collected a large number of immortal children from the Immortal Sect, his current strength is no longer a time when we can negotiate with him.”

Qiu Qianren was furious and wanted to take revenge, but unfortunately Ye Xing’s strength was really unfathomable, and now there was no telling how far he had grown.

Lu Yiming informed the two supreme elders and then led his men down the mountain, those who thought like him were also the Hong Clan and other sects.

Everyone gathered in Guangnan provincial city, Ye Xing sent people from Dragon Shield to receive them, taking good care of them, but not having to give too much face, and whoever wanted to deliberately stir up trouble and provoke fire would be ungracious.

Inside the VIP building, Ye Xing had invited the heads of the major ancient martial arts sects to come over for a gathering.

No one opened their mouths, and it was the Buddhist sect representative, Master Wudao, who finally spoke up.

“Everyone already knows that Jiang Qin, one of the Four Great Patriarchs, was arrested by Dragon Shield, Jiang Qin, as a tomb keeper, has committed numerous crimes and can be said to be a jiang yang thief, what awaits him is severe punishment, but this incident also brings out some phenomena in our ancient martial arts world, that is, as ancient martial arts practitioners, with strength that is difficult for ordinary people to surpa*s, do we get to act as we please and do whatever we want?”

Everyone was silent, as all had their own interests at stake, and being tied down was no joke.

“Everyone can express their own opinions and we can discuss them together.” Master Wudao spoke for half a day, but no one said anything, obviously all disagreed with this matter of setting up rules.

Ye Xing put down his cup of tea, he had expected such a situation.

Most of the ancient martial practitioners were deviant, no one obeyed anyone, they usually cultivated in the mountains, and when they came down from the mountains, they naturally did whatever they wanted, no one would care about the rules of the world, they were like a group of wild children, no one could discipline them, and no one could hurt them.

Before there was no Dragon Shield, the ancient martial world could transcend the world and not accept all rules, but not anymore, at least Ye Xing could not allow this situation to arise.

If there continued to be no rules, there would be no use for everyone to work together. Once any crisis occurred in China, the ancient martial arts community would naturally have to protect themselves one by one, and if they wanted them to contribute to China, I’m afraid it was really a dream.

This is one of the reasons why Ye Xing had to come up with the rules.

Of course having rules would give ancient martial arts practitioners something to fear and not wanting people’s lives indiscriminately was also a big purpose.

“Everyone is not talking, then I will say a word, the rules are definitely established, and it is also necessary for all the sect heads to determine this matter, after going back to restrain the people within their respective sects, not to violate the rules, or else the Dragon Shield is not vegetarian, really go up to the sects to arrest people, you all also have no shame ah.”

Lu Yiming sneered, “Chief Ye, aren’t you being too hasty about this? If you suddenly come up with such a rule, the disciples won’t be able to comply with it, and if there is friction, the good situation before will be ruined.”

“I am telling you guys about this, not asking for your consent, there is an essential difference.”

Ye Xing smiled and swept his eyes at everyone present.

Deer Yiming was furious, so were the people of the Hong Clan, and the other smaller clans were similar, as Ye Xing waved his hand, countless information information appeared on the huge screen opposite, all about the major clans, with details of each and every one of them.