Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 461-462

Chapter 461

Qiao Lily got up and asked, “Master, didn’t you say that Mo Qian Yun is very powerful and we can’t even deal with it?”

“Can’t deal with it, but we can think of a way while observing, ah, not only are we removing harm for the people, we are also making a profit, this deal can be done.” Ye Xing happily took the Qiankun Mirror and started to enlighten it.

It was not until late at night that Ye Xing discovered a little bit of insight, this Qiankun Mirror could punch in Yuan Power and instantly made the eight trigrams pattern behind it seem like small Yin and Yang fish rotating.

After the eight trigrams began to rotate, a faint light was suddenly projected from the mirror surface.

Ye Xing reached out to test it and found that the spiritual light was not very useful. After thinking about it, he took out the parchment-like heavenly tribulation diagram.

When this heavenly tribulation diagram was illuminated by the spiritual light, it immediately revealed something different, with many Daoist techniques recorded inside.

Ye Xing was overjoyed, because before the Heavenly Tribulation diagram was full of some evil and petty techniques, which were not very useful to him, but now with the Daoist orthodox spells, this was different.

Ye Xing originally thought that the technique was broken, after all, the Heavenly Calamity Diagram was divided into several pieces, but after checking it, he found that the technique was complete and was called “Pure Yang Dao Technique”.

This technique was mainly for inner cultivation, giving one the pure Yang Qi of the Daoist family, and was a necessary technique for practising the next set of pure Yang sword techniques of the Lingnan Daoist family.

After reading it, Ye Xing tried to practise it, but he turned out to be really gifted, and he had practised this Pure Yang Daoist Technique in one night. Although it was less than a great fire, but after practising it for a few days, it must have been perfect.

Ye Xing possessed the internal energy of Tidal Wave Power, and knew that if he had internal energy alone, but no gong method to drive it, his power would be much different.

Ye Xing slightly drove the pure Yang Yuan Power in his body, and it was really much stronger than the original Yuan Power. Moreover, the Taoist gong methods have always belonged to the bright and upright, haozheng qi set, carrying all kinds of intimidation, making people a bit scared and intimidated to deal with it.

Knock, knock!

There was a knock on the door, Ye Xing got up and went to open it, Qiao Lily saw him and said, “Someone from the Iga Ryu came to say that another corpse was found, let’s go over and have a look.”

Ye Xing smiled, taking money from people and doing away with their problems.

The group followed Iga-ryu straight to one of the commercial buildings in Dongdu.

Dongdu was the largest city in the entire East Island, with a population of over ten million, and every inch of land was gold, and these commercial buildings were not only designed to be narrow, but also particularly crowded.

Ye Xing walked into one of the houses, a young woman was lying on the floor, her head was cracked open, her body was drained of blood, and her heart was also open at the location.

Ye Xing walked out after watching and the young man in gla*ses from the Iga Ryu immediately nodded to him.

You have to admire these East Islanders, as long as you are better than him, he immediately treats you like an ancestor and even hates to give you a ride as a horse.

If people are so respectful and submissive, what else can you say no to.

Ye Xing shook his head and said, “Another demon cultivator did it, the time of death must have been three days ago.”

The man with gla*ses immediately took note and then launched an investigation, and Ye Xing came downstairs and waited for a while.

The people from Dragon Shield could have joined the investigation directly, and this would still be collecting all kinds of evidence.

Suddenly, a man in black walked past in front of him, and Ye Xing noticed that something was wrong with this guy, a layer of blood was draped around his body.

Ye Xing thought he was mistaken, but after a closer look, he was indeed covered in blood.

The man in black turned his head and left without staying too long.

Ye Xing was uneasy and asked the man in gla*ses to send someone to follow, not to alert the snake.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

But the man in black was so tightly wrapped up that he could still see a kind of blood energy, which was not right.

When Ye Xing thought about it, he could only think of the Pure Yang Daoist technique he had just practiced.

At the end of the night, the surveillance people brought back useful information, the man in black who was following him was an otaku called Takeda Dasha, a standard otaku who had always been poor and had previously been evicted by his landlord, but recently seemed to have made a fortune, spending a lot of money and buying many collector’s edition hand-me-downs and manga, in addition his girlfriend had been missing for half a month and his parents had reported him for investigation, but nothing had been found out to be related to him yet.

After hearing this, Ye Xing called up the members of the Dragon Shield and set off for the otaku’s house.

The Iga Ryu men broke into the house and then retreated to the door in a disciplined manner.

The house was quite spacious, but a bit messy and there were actually human dolls.

Ye Xing smiled and came next to the man in black, Takeda Dasha.

This guy was really covered in blood energy, especially on his head, which was incredibly thick.

Takeda was not afraid and kept his head down without speaking, the man in gla*ses next to him kept intimidating him, but all were indifferent.

Halfway through the interrogation, the otaku was even given a lecture by the Iga-ryu, but was not afraid at all.

Suddenly, Takeda Dasha yelled out and didn’t know what to say.

Ye Xing stared at the man with gla*ses, who looked down and said back, “He said you guys couldn’t find her, like he said his girlfriend.”

Ye Xing thought for a moment then said, “His girlfriend should be eaten by him.”

The moment this was said, the Dragon Shield members present were disgusted, Du Jiuniang couldn’t stand it and turned her head to leave the room, Luo Xiaoyun was almost the same.

Only Zhu Xiaohong’s face remained unchanged, as if she wasn’t very scared.

The man with the gla*ses was scared half to death and yanked Takeda up in anger.

Eventually Takeda Daxia admitted to eating his girlfriend, Ye Xing found something wrong on his chest, lifted his clothes and took a look.

Only to see a ma*s of black hair on his chest, very long and thick, and also emitting a foul odour.

Zhu Xiaohong recognized it and said with a nod, “He should have been planted with demon blood, so he has become vicious, after a year and a half, he will turn into a monster like the Faceless Man.”

Ye Xing grabbed the black hair with his hand, and the painful Takeda Dasha kept struggling as the others held him down for dear life so that the boy could not fold.

Ye Xing told the man with gla*ses to start interrogating, and to pluck the hair if he didn’t say anything, to see if the boy was afraid.

The moment he was planted with demon blood, you could chop him up into several pieces and he wouldn’t be afraid, but when the demon blood was involved, the whole person couldn’t stand it.

Takeda Dasha hadn’t completely lost his mind yet, so he naturally remembered who had planted the demon blood on him.

It turned out that this guy was also a spiritual rooter who tried to commit suicide because he had eaten his girlfriend.

The East Islanders are particularly fond of going to deep mountains to hang themselves, and a specific sacred mountain, the ski resort of Fuji.

Takeda Dasha went to the mountain to hang himself, and not only did he not die, but he was knocked unconscious and woke up to see an old man who told him to cooperate in going back to the eastern capital to find someone like him.

Since then, Takeda Dasha has become an agent of the demon cultivators.


Chapter 462

This guy spat out a lot of cases, which made the Iga-ryu people happy as all of them could correspond with those dead people before.

But how to catch the demon cultivator behind it, that made Ye Xing hurt his head.

When he met Mo Qian Yun, it would be impossible to beat anyone.

Zhu Xiaohong shook her head, “It can’t be Mo Qianyun, her methods shouldn’t be so troublesome, she must be engaging in ma*s human sacrifice, killing them one by one in such a sneaky manner, just feeding those faceless people under her wouldn’t be enough.”

Ye Xing thought about it and was right, with Mo Qian Yun’s strength, who could stop her?

“If it’s not her, maybe it’s another demon cultivator, that would be good.”

Ye Xing was thinking about the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram, in case this devil cultivator who was scourging the Eastern Island also had the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram on her, then he would make a lot of money.

The Heavenly Tribulation Diagram obtained by the Free Fairy before had fallen into the hands of the Jiang family, there were only two copies of the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram left in circulation, let’s see if there was still a chance to get hold of it.

Ye Xing and the others quickly set up and had Wu Tian Daxia send a signal to the demon cultivators, followed by a watchful waiting.

The next night, movement did come, an old car drove up inside the garage, an old man wearing a hat and a walking stick wandered into the lift, then quickly went upstairs to the target’s home.

The old man took off his disguise and leapt into the target’s house like a dark shadow.

After entering the house, the black shadow froze as he saw Ye Xing.

Ye Xing smiled, “You have searched so hard, should I do it myself, or should you tie your hands?”

Finding Ye Xing a little scary, the black shadow turned his head and ran away, only to have an ice lance pierce half of his body just outside.

Qiao Lily, who was staying outside in the corridor, smiled and approached over as Ye Xing walked out of the house and sneered, “Asking for it.”

The dark figure was yanked up, bare, with no visible male or female features, eyes and mouth and ears sunken in, it looked truly terrifying.

This kind was different again than the faceless man, which was obviously quite advanced than the faceless kind of monster.

After Zhu Xiaohong entered the room, Ye Xing asked such a question.

“Those under Mo Qian Yun are called devil slaves, this kind is the real devil cultivator.” Zhu Xiaohong said.

Ye Xing looked at the devil cultivator and smiled coldly, “Hand over the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram and I can let you die a painful death.”

The devil cultivator kept struggling, unwilling to give in, and Ye Xing suddenly felt that he could use this fellow to test the pure Yang Yuan Power he had just cultivated.

A faint white light emerged from Ye Xing’s palm, and the demon cultivator suddenly struggled, very scared.

Ye Xing pressed his palm against the demon cultivator’s blood-coloured skin, as if a red-hot iron had been burned on it, and the demon cultivator’s body twitched and the pain was unbearable.

In the end, the demon cultivator honestly handed over the heavenly tribulation diagram, and Ye Xing thought there was none, but it turned out to be a real surprise.

The devil cultivator was dying, and Ye Xing asked after him, “Do you know Mo Qian Yun?”

The devil cultivator nodded down, and Ye Xing sneered, “Where is she?”

The devil cultivator did not dare not say anything, after all, the Yuan Qi on Ye Xing’s body was completely innately suppressing to them.

“She has gone to another island to perform a ma*s sacrifice!”

Ye Xing frowned, another island, could it be where the opposite side of China was?

Ye Xing slapped the demon cultivator to death, and then asked the Iga Ryu’s people to come and collect the murderer’s body.

The matter was settled, and Ye Xing did not stay, taking everyone from the Dragon Shield with him to go back to the Chinese country.

Mo Qian Yun had gone to the other side, which was a bit difficult to do, but once he heard about the 10,000 people sacrifice, if he really let her do it, not only would the living souls be ruined, but most crucially, the strength of this demon would be difficult to stop anymore.

“Once Mo Qian Yun succeeds in building her foundation, she will become a demon king-like existence, when that time comes, no ordinary magic weapon will be able to hurt her, and in our realm, no one is her match.”

“Is foundation building really that powerful?”

“Only when an immortal cultivator reaches Foundation Establishment is he considered to be truly in touch with the Immortal Dao, refining magic weapons and making spiritual pills are the most common means of Foundation Establishment cultivators.”

“If you want to stop it, you have to be able to stop it.”

“The Immortal Sect has a set of Demon Subduing Sword Formation, if you let the Immortal Sect disciples practice it, it might have an unexpected effect.”

“Told you so, start practicing it right away.”

As soon as Ye Xing heard that there was still such a bottom card, he did not hesitate at all, instead, he made Zhu Xiaohong froze, she had thought that Ye Xing would be worried that the Immortal Sect would turn against him and would not let the Immortal Sect disciples practice this sword formation, but she did not expect the other party to agree quite quickly.

“Why do I want his life?” Zhu Xiaohong muttered, not noticing in the slightest that it was the other half of his own Immortal of Prosperity that was at work.

Ye Xing asked Qiao Baihe to talk to the Immortal Sect disciples, those who did not want to continue to be locked up, and those who did could be released early later.

The disciples of the Immortal Sect were all lonely and naturally reluctant, but Zhu Xiaohong had a way to make them submit, and that was to write another decree from the Sect Master.

The disciples of the Immortal Sect began to be willing when the decree of the Sect Master was issued.

Zhu Xiaohong gave the sword formation to Qiao Baihe, who in turn taught it to the fairies.

Ye Xing went to the training ground a few days later to see the results, and was really quite amazed, as they all flew to the sky and transported to the ground, and were as if they were fairies from the nine heavens descending to the earth.

Of course, this flying and disappearing is a bit exaggerated, but the mutual use of force to lend strength to each other enables the fairies to continuously fly out quickly to stab and kill, and there are all sorts of sword moves in the sky and underground in a big net.

It seems that this sword formation is really a bit powerful, and the key is the five elemental attributes added to it.

The talents that these fairies comprehended were all in the five elements, such as Qiao Baihe and the others’ ice spells, some fire spells, and some wood spells. With the five elements spells added, a normally ordinary spell with the sword formation formed unexpected and powerful killing moves.

The group of immortals of the Immortal Sect were all immortal cultivators, and were most adept at using swords, working together in a flowing manner, with extraordinary power.

Ye Xing took a look at it and saw that it was really powerful, but if he wanted to use it against Mo Qian Yun, I was afraid that it would not be powerful enough.

Ye Xing found Zhu Xiaohong and planned to use this sword formation to settle an enemy first.

“Against Jiang Qin? Can you find where he is hiding?”

“Don’t worry, that old thing is definitely still within the Kingdom of China, but I want to know if the sword formation can destroy him.”

Zhu Xiaohong said, “He went out of his way to cast the Blood Explosion secret technique in order to kill me before, he should still be healed at this point, the sword formation can hold him back, and if you strike again, you should be very sure to kill him.”

“Don’t give me that it’s very certain, I want to be sure that I can kill him.”

“No problem at all.”

Ye Xing smiled and left, Zhu Xiaohong wondered why he would believe his words so much. Should I take this opportunity to destroy him as well?

Zhu Xiaohong’s mind was just moving at this end when he suddenly shook his head quickly, completely emptying such thoughts.

At the border of Xiliang, the desert and the Gobi are in a vast expanse, and there are countless self-driving tours through them.

There were six people in the car, all of whom were donkeys travelling in a group.

Three of them, black-faced men, were trying to impress one of the beautiful women.

The beautiful woman had seductive eyes and white skin, and although she was older, she was still radiant.