Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 459-460

Chapter 459

The technicians started analysing the data and hacking into the East Island’s surveillance system.

The surveillance system is not very well guarded, so it was quite easy to hack into it.

After repeatedly checking the surveillance information of the victims’ locations, and then constantly comparing faces, they finally found a few guys who were acting strangely.

Near each of the victims’ homes, someone had come to step in.

These people looked quite normal and were holding various surreptitious filming devices.

Ye Xing and the others analysed that demonic cultivators only preyed on people with spiritual roots, and nine out of ten of these victims were those with spiritual roots, but catching a few demonic cultivators didn’t help, Mo Qian Yun was not strong enough to deal with them.

Ye Xing called Zhu Xiaohong out and asked her about the way to deal with Mo Qianyun.

“Mo Qian Yun is close to succeeding in building her foundation, if you want to deal with her, unless you can have magic weapons.” Zhu Xiaohong frowned.

Ye Xing smiled bitterly, “Where is your previous magic weapon, the Kun Wu Sword?”

“It has been destroyed by Jiang Qin, at that time it was by relying on the Kun Wu Sword that I was able to possess Zhu Xiaohong, but I didn’t hurt her, it was Jiang’s people who did it to her.”

Ye Xing scolded, “Jiang Qin, as a Four Great Patriarch, has gone against the grain, he should really be cleaned up.”

“Why didn’t you say that when you provoked him to fight with me and eventually gained:” Zhu Xiaohong laughed coldly.

Ye Xing said helplessly, “I can’t afford to mess with either of you, just like Mo Qianyun is now, what else can I do but let you guys dogfight? What else can I do but let you guys dogfight each other?

Zhu Xiaohong rolled her eyes, it was fine for her to say that she was now the Free Fairy, it was also fine for her to say that she was Zhu Xiaohong, anyway the two souls fused together and became a whole new existence.

“There is no other magic weapon within the Immortal Gate?” Ye Xing asked curiously.

“There are many magic weapons, but most of them are useless, and a broken magic weapon is not as useful as a watermelon knife.”

“Mo Qian Yun can’t deal with it, and this demonic cultivator tracking isn’t too valuable.”

“East Island is not China, if you can arrange a lot of arms, you can still fight with her, but without a lot of firepower to help, finding trouble with her is like seeking death.”

After Ye Xing finished chatting, he told the technicians to stop checking, let’s all pack up and go back home.

This side had just packed up when suddenly there were light footsteps from outside, and not just one or two.

Ye Xing frowned, opened the door and walked out, sure enough, there was movement from downstairs.

Ye Xing quickly approached the staircase and saw five young men being cautious and alert.

“Hello?” Ye Xing greeted with a smile.

The five young men and women’s expressions changed drastically at once, and one of them, a man wearing gla*ses, came out and bowed, “Guests from China, we mean no harm!”

The group of East Islanders’ mouths looked like they had half an apple stuffed inside, spitting out blurred words, but speaking the Chinese language.

“What do you want by being sneaky?”

“We are from the Iga Ryu and want to have a talk with you all.”

Ye Xing frowned, “We’re just tourists, there’s nothing to talk about, if we don’t leave I’ll call the police.”

Calling the police was a globally used threatening word, and the other party was indeed a little afraid and finally left the corridor.

Ye Xing returned to the room and said something about the Iga Ryu, the technician reminded that this Iga Ryu seemed to be the largest ancient martial arts clan in the East Island and that the hidden arts of earlier years were pa*sed down from the Iga Ryu.

Ye Xing shook his head down and led the men out of the hotel, and we all returned to China together.

As a result, just as they walked out of the hotel, a group of people came down from a black Toyota outside the door, one wearing a loose kimono and old, and after they got down, they bowed to Ye Xing and the others.

Ye Xing once again saw the man with gla*ses from before.

This guy nodded his head and said half the time that it was this Iga Ryu’s boss who intended to talk to himself about the recent murders in the country.

Ye Xing smiled and told the others to go back to the hotel room first, while he and a few old men from the Iga Ryu came to the hotel cafe.

The current boss of the Iga Ryu was called the 19th generation, his name was Tento Ken, an old man, not very strong, at least Ye Xing saw his internal energy, he should be considered a master at best, not likely to be close to the master’s fire in his lifetime.

The other two middle-aged men he brought with him were slightly more powerful, both of them had already entered the realm of First Grade Patriarch.

Looking at the strength of these three people, it could be seen that this Iga Ryu was completely out of cla*s, not to mention comparing with the Hidden Sect and Hong Sect in the ancient martial arts world of China, even those small second or third-rate sects could wipe them all out.

The three of the Iga Ryu could not see Ye Xing’s strength, their expressions did not change, but their hearts were full of arrogance.

“Your Excellency is the Dragon Shield Chief, coming to the East Island, I wonder what is the reason for this?” Ken Tendo opened his mouth in the standard Chinese language.

Ye Xing smiled, “Nothing much, here for a tour, a friend of mine is filming a movie on your side, I came to accompany her for a stroll.”

“Your Excellency is also in the intelligence business, you shouldn’t underestimate our East Island intelligence team so much, right?” Ken Tendo smiled up.

Ye Xing nodded and said, “I really came to accompany my friend to shoot a movie, but I happened to come across a murder case that happened in your country, so I took a few more looks, after all, it is very similar to what happened in our country of China, with brutal methods and sucking human blood and brain flowers.”

Ken Tendo narrowed his eyes, the situation in the East Island was very different from that in China, the recent murders had shaken the whole country, the key thing was that the murderer could not be caught yet, not only the police department was under a lot of pressure, even the Iga-ryu of the Protectorate was being lectured by the higher-ups.

“We are all in the same boat, I hope your country will not hide information, these murderers may still be roaming from your country to our East Island.”

Ye Xing slammed the table and roared, “Do you have any proof? We can control where the murderer wants to go to commit his crimes? Don’t ever talk to me with this attitude that you can’t get things done yourself and then blame it on others.”

The three Tento Ken narrowed their eyes and grimaced, then the old man laughed out loud, “Your Excellency, don’t be angry, we don’t mean to blame you, but this murderer is from a mysterious background, I hope your Excellency can help and cooperate with our Iga Ryu to bring him down.”

Ye Xing was full of cold smiles, “With this level of strength, you dare to go after the murderer, you can book your grave in advance.”

Ken Tendo’s face turned blue with anger, “Why do you have to humiliate us like that? We have come to ask for your help, and we hope to make a good relationship.”

“Cut the crap, we’re here for a tour, we’ll go back if we don’t have anything to do.” Ye Xing got up and left, leaving a group of people from the Iga Ryu staring wide-eyed.

“D*mned Chinese, they don’t even know they are on the land of the East Island until they are given some colour.”

A middle-aged man next to Ken Tendo leapt up and quickly lunged directly behind Ye Xing.

“Dogs, still trying to sneak up on Laozi.”

Ye Xing didn’t even turn his head back, and quickly kicked out.

The opponent blocked it with both hands, and the majestic force shook him back. Ye Xing was not going to stop yet, as his tidal wave energy bulged up and he punched out fiercely.

It was as if the man had been hit by a container truck, flying backwards for more than ten metres and falling onto a chair and rolling a few times.


Chapter 460

To Ye Xing, this strength of a First Grade Grandmaster was simply not enough, a grandfather could bully his grandson as much as he wanted.

Tendou Ken was dumbfounded, Miyazaki Da Hao was a Grandmaster, but he was knocked out by his opponent with one punch?

Ye Xing still wanted to go over and make a move, but Tendou Ken hurriedly got up to discourage him, “Please bear with me, Miyazaki was a bit impulsive just now, I am willing to give you compensation.”

As soon as the words were finished, the old man even bowed up.

Ye Xing coldly snorted, “Forget it this time, next time, I promise I won’t let him have the chance to stand up again.”

As Ken Tendo watched Ye Xing leave, he hurriedly ran over to stop him, bowing his head and begging, “If your Excellency can help Iga-ryu catch that murderer, Iga-ryu is willing to pay any price.”

“Is a price worth a human life? That murderer can’t even afford to mess with me, you third-rate ancient martial arts clans going up there is almost the same as sending them to their deaths.”

“So powerful, and please Your Excellency must help, although we don’t know what the murderer’s purpose is, but once he is allowed to continue killing like this, there is a threat to the country of China as well.”

This was true, but Mo Qian Yun was too powerful, an immortal cultivator who was about to build the foundation, Ye Xing was not yet a ninth-grade clan master, and if he met her, he would almost belong to give in vain.

But this old man was so sincere in his words, should we knock him for a sum?

Ye Xing thought about not being able to confront Mo Qian Yun head on, but there was nothing to prevent him from knocking this Iga Ryu, who made this East Island and China have some poor relations?

Ye Xing didn’t leave, the old man was so happy that he changed the place, after all, the cafe in this hotel was too plain to entertain people.

Ye Xing followed Ken Tendou to Iga-ryu’s venue and it was a real eye-opener.

Iga-ryu’s venue is located in the richest part of the nightlife in the eastern capital, and it is also called a street of singing and dancing performances.

Next to this street is the touristy Ginkai Street, which attracts many tourists with its wide range of luxury goods.

The street is full of local residents who come here to relax and enjoy themselves, and there are many izakaya (pubs) and dance venues on the street.

The street is full of izakayas and various cabaret venues. The facades are not big, but when you walk in, there is something else.

Ye Xing was still a bit uncomfortable when he arrived here. Two beautiful women came to take him to change his clothes, and after changing into a loose robe, he went straight to a hot spring pool to soak in the bath.

The two beauties also wanted to get into the water to serve him, but Ye Xing refused, after all, it was easier to be too corrupt and indulgent in someone else’s place, so it was better to be careful.

After the bath, Ye Xing went to the drinking house arranged by Ken Tendou, where there were beautiful women dancing and playing music, which was simply too corrupt.

After Ye Xing enjoyed this rare relaxation, it didn’t matter what Ken Tendou talked about.

After resting enough, the old man finally pulled out his cards and asked someone to bring in a few wooden boxes, and when he opened them, goodness gracious, they were all national treasures.

Each national treasure was worth over a hundred million dollars, and it was a sight to behold.

“Your Excellency, if you are willing to help, you can pick as many as you like.” Ken Tendo smiled and was extremely generous.

Ye Xing sneered, “Money is good, but I have enough to eat and drink, so I don’t need to bother you.”

Ken Tendou froze, over a hundred million dollars worth could not even move the other party’s heart, it seemed that this money was not everything.

He waved his hand and his men carried the boxes away, followed by two more large wooden boxes being brought in.

“Your Excellency, take another look at this batch of items, all of which have been pa*sed down to us in the Iga Ryu for centuries, and there are many collections in them, all of which are rare from around the globe.” Ken Tendo threw out the temptation again.

Ye Xing looked inside the box, boxes of neatly packed medicinal herbs, hundreds of years of ginseng, ganoderma lucidum and so on, in addition to many other valuable medicinal herbs, all over a hundred years old, as well as all kinds of broken magic weapons, some from China and some local to this East Island, there were actually crosses and antique grade sharp swords.

These swords should have been used by the foreign devils, and looking at the carvings on them, they are also several hundred years old.

It’s a pity, except for this medicinal material which has value, those broken magic weapons are just treated as antiques.

Ye Xing was not interested in looking at them, while Tendo Jian was in a hurry, he could not see any of them.

He finally gritted his teeth and had someone take out a small wooden box.

Ye Xing smiled, did the old man have any more cards?

Once the box was opened, it was actually a bronze mirror, and Ye Xing became curious.

Ken Tendo introduced, “This is a Taoist from China who came to the East Island to preach, he was very close to my father, before he died, he pa*sed this on to my father, all these years he has been carefully collecting it, it is intact.”

“Just such a somewhat old ancient mirror, no different from those antiques, right?” Ye Xing sneered.

It was also true that Ken Tendou had not found out what was different about this ancient mirror, but before his father died, he had specifically instructed that this mirror was a treasure of the Lingnan Daoist family and must be kept well.

“This is a treasure of the Lingnan Taoist family, Your Excellency can take a good look at it.” Ken Tendo could only say casually.

Ye Xing became interested and grabbed the bronze mirror and looked at it; on the back was a Daoist eight trigrams pattern with a line of small indented characters.

Ye Xing was almost certain that this was the legendary Lingnan Daoist treasure, the Qiankun Mirror. This mirror was the thing to check the location of the second ancient formation in the Heavenly Calamity Map, and he did not expect to have an unexpected pleasure.

Ye Xing did not move, smiled and then said, “Although it is an object of the Lingnan Daoist family, to be honest it is just an ordinary bronze mirror, as a souvenir it can be, there is nothing special about it.”

The other party did not see the antique money, and now this bronze mirror did not look good either.

“How about this, we’ll help you investigate the murderer and charge you for some of the labour, the antiques and most of these mirrors are from China, so we can return them to their rightful owners, right?”

Ken Tento almost spat out his blood and was furious, cursing this guy for being so cruel as to ask for everything.

But who was going to investigate the murderer if he didn’t agree?

There were many other schools outside the Iga Ryu that were waiting to replace it, and Ken couldn’t allow that to happen.

“Fine, it’s all yours, but make sure you find the murderer.” Ken Tendou agreed through clenched teeth and pain.

Ye Xing was overjoyed, not only had he earned a Qiankun Mirror, but he had also fished out a large batch of antiques, this time he could raise his eyebrows.

He was so happy that he had to stay overnight, but Ye Xing thought better of it, as these East Island chicks were like little demons.

When he returned to the hotel, Du Jiuniang came up to him and sniffed and cursed, “Good, you really went to drink flower wine.”

“What are you talking about? Men go to talk among themselves.”

“You smell like a woman, do you think I’m stupid?”

“If you don’t believe me, I’ve gained a lot this time, not only did I get the Qiankun Mirror, but I also made a large amount of antique national treasures.”

“The other party is so stupid?”

“It’s not that he’s stupid, it’s that he doesn’t have any tricks to deal with demonic cultivators.”