Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 457-458

Chapter 457

The two sides went head to head, and Li Lu’s manager Zhang Hao jumped out and sneered, “Director Huang, although you are the chairman of the organising committee, we at Xuan Shi Entertainment will not agree to this if you want to pull a shady stunt with one hand.”

“I didn’t do anything shady, on the contrary, you guys are the ones who did it, each one of you is conspiring with those judges of the organising committee because of your connections, and actually drove other actresses away, you are so openly damaging people, how can I not care?” Huang Dazhong roared righteously, in fact, he was also deliberately speaking to Ye Xing.

Zhang looked at Su Xiaoqiao and Cheng Yulin, and then sized up Ye Xing next to them, and found that although this young man had clear eyebrows, he was too young and dressed in ordinary clothes, so he should just be a follower.

“Huang Dazhong, these two are your little wives, right? How dare you help them get to the top like that, are they able to give you a son?” Zhang Hao scoffed up.

Huang Dazhong shuddered in anger and roared, “You’re talking nonsense and spouting blood.”

“Who doesn’t know that you’re an old pervert who has wreaked havoc on many of your subordinates, and this actress from Netflix must have served you comfortably for you to defend her so much, right?” Zhang Hao squeezed up unscrupulously.

The company’s roots are deep and well established, and its capital is strong, and its big stars are nationally known. Although Huang Dazhong is a director of Tianhai City, he is not really regarded by the other party, and at most he has a little power over the festival.

Suddenly, Ye Xing walked out, reached out and hit him, slapping Zhang Hao in the mouth and bleeding from the corner.

The scene was so quick that no one saw it coming, and the two male a*sistants beside Zhang Hao immediately stepped in front of her.

Zhang Hao covered her mouth and cursed angrily, “How dare you hit me, scrap him for me.”

The two a*sistants were both clerical, but at this point, they went out of their way to get together for the sake of performance, and naturally, they ended up being kicked by Ye Xing one by one, and tucked on the ground unable to get up at all.

When Huang Dazhong saw that the verbal argument had turned into a full-scale martial art, he immediately came to Ye Xing and said, “Mr. Ye, calm down, this group of people is not worth your fight.”

Zhang Hao shouted angrily, “Huang Dazhong, I will sue you, wait for me.”

Li Lu a*sisted Zhang Hao and then sneered, “Sister Hao, don’t worry, I will call Brother Qi right away, these people actually dare to beat you, I will make them eat their words.”

“Yes, call young Qi, he is a member of the Qi family within Tianhai City, call more bodyguards, these people are dogs and will bite.” Zhang Hao scolded up angrily.

Huang Dazhong’s face also trembled at the sound of Shao Qi, but looking back at Ye Xing, he weighed in his heart, this was obviously still the master in front of him who was more bullish.

“You have the ability to wait for me.” Zhang Hao pointed at Ye Xing.

Ye Xing nodded down: “I’ll give you wait, I’ll eat as much as you come today, or else you really think you can be lawless.”

Ye Xing sat down while Su Xiao Qiao wanted to put things to rest, but Ye Xing was reluctant, and so was Cheng Yulin.

“Xiao Qiao, what are you afraid of? Ye Xing is so capable, Li Lu and these people have bullied you not once or twice, today is the right day to clean them up.”

“Yu Lin, I just want to act, I don’t want to cause trouble for Ye Xing.”

“You’re with him, he should take care of you, I envy you.”

“Envious of me? Then he’ll give it to you.” Su Xiaoqiao laughed and joked.

The two girlfriends were in a frenzy, but Li Lu across the room was half-exasperated.

Ten minutes later, a group of men in black rushed in from outside, all of them were tall and sturdy men.

These men were also armed with sticks and chains, and when they entered the venue, the security guards did not dare to come up and check.

“Who dares to hit my Qi Sicong’s woman, tired of living?” A young man, wearing a designer brand and stepping on shiny leather shoes, rushed to the scene and was arrogant.

Ye Xing sneered, “I didn’t expect that this young man still had heavy tastes and actually liked this old ripe b*tch with a blossoming body.”

The people around laughed, Zhang Hao the agent all blushed, Li Lu hugged Qi Sicong’s arm and pouted, “Honey, I didn’t get hit, that ba sta rd hit good sister.”

“So arrogant even after hitting someone, take him down for me.” Qi Sicong pointed at Ye Xing and roared.

The bodyguards swarmed up, only to have the electric lights overhead suddenly go black, and the surroundings instantly went pitch black, followed by a popping sound, as if a firecracker was being set off.

By the time the electric lights were switched on a minute later, a group of people had fallen to the ground, all of them were the bodyguards brought by Qi Sicong.

“Aiya, what’s wrong with these people, have they been struck by evil?” Ye Xing shouted up in mock surprise.

The people around didn’t know what was going on either, although they heard the sounds of fighting, the power outage was very brief, a group of people fell down so quickly, it could only be a ghost sighting or an evil spell.

Everyone got scared and looked around suspiciously.

Qi Sicong was furious and immediately took out his mobile phone to dial out, “Second Uncle, I’m being bullied, hurry up and come over.”

Ye Xing frowned, actually calling someone again, it was endless.

Ye Xing took out his mobile phone and sent a text message, there was no point in continuing to play, this evil young man should also be punished in a small way.

Soon a security guard came running outside and yelled fearfully at Huang Dazhong, “President Huang, there are a lot of people coming outside, more than two hundred, they are going to rush in.”

“Qi Sicong, don’t be so lawless, this is the president of the festival, haven’t you ever thought of breaking the law by calling people to cause trouble?”

“I’m going to kill this kid, and I’m going to beat you up too, break your arms and legs, and arrest your wife and kids, and if you f*cking call the police, I’ll kill your whole family. Qi Sicong laughed triumphantly.

Ye Xing frowned and asked, “Speaking so fluently, it looks like you haven’t done this kind of thing too often.”

“Gra*s, who is old me Qi Sicong? You go to Tianhai and ask around, people who offend me are either crippled by cars or their homes are on fire, whoever I want to clean up is just a matter of words, with money and power, who f*cking dares to sue me?” Qi Sicong said his glorious past with an arrogant face.

Ye Xing nodded his head, this time he had caught an evil dragon, and was considered to have removed the evil for the people of Tianhai City.

More than two hundred people rushed inside, the security guards could not stop them at all, but as a result, they did not expect the sound of sirens suddenly sounded around them.

The bearded man in the lead was wearing a designer suit, but he had the feeling of a monkey.

“It’s okay, everyone inside the bureau knows me, one word and we’ll be done.” The bearded man walked smugly towards the other party.

As a result, the closer he got, the more his face changed, because he didn’t know any of these armed men with loaded guns.

“No good, they’re not the neighborhood police, but the special warfare team!” The bearded man was shocked and was just about to turn his head and run, when suddenly two Special Warfare members stepped forward and held him down with one hand.


Chapter 458

The other two hundred or so people fell in line immediately afterwards, and they were as good as dirt in front of the heavily armed team members.

The festival was not affected too much as the men were quickly taken away.

Qi Sicong waited for half a day, but did not see anyone come in, a little annoyed, suddenly, a group of loaded special operations team members rushed in, directly surrounded Qi Sicong and others with guns.

One of the leading captains came in front of Ye Xing, saluted and roared, “Tianhai City Special Combat Team No. 2, meet Chief Ye!”

Ye Xing nodded and then looked at Qi Sicong and sneered, “Everyone present heard what you said just now and will investigate it properly. If it is found out that you did it, I’m afraid you’ll regret being so arrogant.”

“I’m still afraid of you? Can I be scared by calling a few men with guns?” Qi Sicong sneered, “My family has plenty of money, I’ll hire dozens of lawyers to play with you slowly.”

The men from the special operations team didn’t say anything, and pinned Qi Sicong to the ground and handcuffed him, while Li Lu screamed and shouted about human rights.

Zhang Hao remained unconvinced and called his boss to get him to take this out properly.

When he heard about this, he immediately helped his relatives but not his friends, and mobilised his connections everywhere to give Ye Xing and the others a severe beating.

Wang Jun had just finished looking for connections, and within ten minutes, the connections from various roads immediately called, saying that they couldn’t afford to mess with them and advised Wang Jun not to mess with them.

“Sh*t, it’s just a bunch of guys with guns, isn’t it? They still want to take over the sky?” Wang Jun was so angry that he called his men and went to the headquarters of the special operations team.

When he arrived at the headquarters, Wang Jun was very arrogant, after all, he had a very sensitive identity, and there was really not much that the special forces could do to him.

Soon Wang Jun met up with Zhang Hao Li Lu and the others, and also ran into Ye Xing and the three others.

Wang Jun sneered up, “The people let you hold guns to protect us, not to bully the common people.”

“Whether we are bullying the people or not, someone will naturally investigate clearly, besides these two guys from your company, bullying newcomers everywhere and making all kinds of lousy tricks, you as the boss don’t care about it?”

“You’re nothing, you’re not qualified to talk to me.” Wang Jun had a disdainful face.

Ye Xing nodded his head: “I am not qualified, but the authorities will be qualified to talk to you later.”

“Scaring me, huh? Do you think that I, Wang Jun, can make the company listed, are playing around with you? Bully my people, you f*cking wait for me, if I don’t fix you in Tianhai, I’ll take your surname.”

“Take my surname, you really don’t have the qualifications, a guy who has done all the bad things, what awaits you is decades of prison life.”

“This will blow, what is my identity, go and investigate properly.”

Suddenly, a group of people in uniform, both men and women, came outside the house, each of them with a solemn expression, completely different from the people in the special combat team.

This group of people came in front of Wang Jun and after identifying themselves, they directly began to tell him to go and cooperate with the investigation.

“Are you guys not mistaken? What’s my status, are you guys qualified to tell me to undergo an investigation?”

“Wang Jun, don’t be so shameless, your bad deeds have been exposed on the internet, not only did your Xuan Shi Entertainment steal taxes and evade taxes, you also forced the company’s artists to go to escorts, in addition a large amount of criminal evidence was found in your office and home, there are hundreds of gigabytes of videos of secretly filming female artists alone, your crime is extremely evil, wait for the severe punishment of the law!”

Wang Jun was dumbfounded after hearing this and shouted, “I was wrongly accused, you have made a mistake.”

Wang Jun and the others were all taken away, including Li Lu Zhang Hao and the others all bowed their heads, in fact they were both victims and participants in the subsequent series of criminal activities, but if this time the incident was exposed, I am afraid that they would never be able to raise their heads as human beings in this lifetime.

Ye Xing smiled, he had only casually asked Dragon Shield to look into Xuan Shi Entertainment and found out so many problems.

For one thing, there were many victims, some people posted online, others wrote proofs, Xuan Shi Entertainment relied on various means to make these victims unable to sue, but Dragon Shield was different, the technicians hacked into Wang Jun’s computer and immediately found a lot of video evidence.

This time Wang Jun was afraid that he would have to be shot, because the crime was too big and too bad.

Early the next morning, the major news in Tianhai broke the news of Xuan Shi Entertainment’s evil deeds, and Wang Jun and the others became the target of a universal crusade.

Su Xiaoqiao was not happy when she saw the news and then saw the Queen of Film trophy next to her.

When Ye Xing saw her sulking, he said, “It’s all over now, so don’t hold on to it.

“But I really feel sorry for you for asking you to come with me to receive the award and for all the trouble you’ve caused.”

“Silly girl, you’re being bullied and I can still sit back and do nothing, right?”

“Then can you accompany me on a trip to the East Island?”

“To shoot a movie abroad?”

“Yeah, it’s only for about a week, and if I finish it, that drama will be finished.”

“A week is fine, but you’re not allowed to get mad anymore.”

“You’re so nice to me.”

That night, Ye Xing and Su Xiao Qiao flew straight to the East Island, the crew had long since pa*sed by, the male lead’s scene had almost been shot, all that was left were some scenes of the female lead.

Early the next morning, Su Xiao Qiao, who had finished her make-up, left from the hotel.

Ye Xing also came to stroll around the streets outside the hotel. The people of East Island are very concerned about environmental hygiene, the roads are spotless, and most of the streets here are narrow, the houses look clean and tidy, and although quite a few similar Chinese characters appear, they are actually a bit different.

Ye Xing wandered around and by and large came to the East Island to visit just to get a fresh look and not much else was unique.

Ye Xing walked past a street where a murder had taken place and was surrounded by the police.

Ye Xing walked by and was suddenly surprised by the corpse on the ground.

The corpse’s blood was dried up and its heavenly head had been lifted, which made it look particularly vicious, but such a special technique was unique to demon cultivators.

Ye Xing remembered the group of devil cultivators on the Immortal Gate island, Mo Qian Yun had left with the faceless man in a boat, no one knew where to go, and the other side of the sea was obviously the East Island.

“Could Mo be coming here?” Ye Xing hurriedly returned to the hotel and asked the Dragon Shield technicians to check the recent murder cases on the East Island.

Sure enough, this was a great check, in the recent month, there were dozens of these cases of draining human blood accumulated all over the East Island.

Although the police had found many clues, they were unable to catch anyone.

There is also a lot of surveillance on the East Island, but it’s hard to do when the other party comes and goes without a trace.

Moreover, with the increase in the number of cases of human blood consumption and skull splitting, people everywhere are on edge.

Ye Xing did not want Su Xiaoqiao to get involved in this matter, and after accompanying her for three days, he found an excuse to leave.

After Ye Xing left, he immediately called the Dragon Shield staff to come and brought a large amount of equipment, but of course weapons were not to be brought into the East Island, the controls here were also very strong.