Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 455-456

Chapter 455

Ye Xing managed to get rid of Du Jiuniang’s pestering and called up Qiao Baihe, putting her in charge of managing those disciples of the Immortal Sect.

“You were at least a senior sister under Shangguan Lan’s disciple before, it’s just right for you to manage them.”

Qiao Baihe frowned and said, “Master, I am a traitor to the Immortal Sect, they have deep hostility towards me.”

“Hostility is the best thing to defuse, they are not bitter cultivators, there are so many enemies out there, they should know how to choose, of course you have to use some brains, a big stick and a honey date, you can definitely subdue all these fairies.”

Qiao Baihe nodded helplessly and then went down to think of a way to solve this matter.

As soon as Du Jiuniang heard about this, she smiled and said, “It’s still not easy to do, is it? They are all prisoners of the Dragon Shield, kill one to make an example of them, and if anyone disobeys, catch them out as a typical example, and see if they still dare to be arrogant.”

“Sis, what the master means, it seems he doesn’t intend to take their lives.”

“There are so many beautiful women, the devil would not want to get rid of them all, I think he is just planning to keep them for himself.”

“Sister, don’t make the master sound so bad, he’s been drained by you, how can he have the energy to find someone else?”

“A cultivator’s physique is different from normal people, and that guy has so many women around him, who the hell knows how many he finds in a day.”

Qiao Baihe blushed, every time she talked to her sister about Ye Xing, she had to drive, but not to mention, it was quite funny.

When he couldn’t find Murong Xue and Shangguan Lan, Ye Xing was a bit confused.

When he opened his phone, there was actually a message from Su Xiaoqiao, saying that she had been shortlisted as a candidate for the Queen of Film at the Tianhai Film Festival and had a good chance of being elected, hoping that Ye Xing would go over and witness this moment with her.

Ye Xing agreed, and then left for Tianhai after giving an explanation.

Outside was a wall of security guards to prevent crazy fans from causing trouble, and many police cars were standing by.

As soon as it was dark, various celebrities got down from their luxury cars, competing with each other in waves of beauty.

The male celebrities were handsome, while the female celebrities were dressed to the nines, seeking only to leave the most beautiful moments behind.

Su Xiaoqiao and her best friend Cheng Yulin appeared arm in arm, they were relatively conservative and kept greeting reporters and fans.

Suddenly, a male fan jumped over the railing and tried to hug Su Xiaoqiao, but Cheng Yulin reacted instinctively and started to take advantage of her.

Fortunately, Su Xiao Qiao was strong enough to subdue the fan.

The storm was a false alarm, and although Cheng Yulin did not suffer any loss, she always felt disgusted, after all, the male fan’s behaviour and foul language just now was very uncomfortable.

The two of them quickly went inside the holding centre and Cheng Yulin broke down and cried.

Su Xiaoqiao comforted, “Yu Lin it’s all my fault.”

“Xiao Qiao, I’m just afraid that I won’t even be able to get you the award.” Cheng Yulin had a hard time.

Suddenly, a group of people walked next to her, a crew, led by a poshly dressed man with a long-haired bearded man on his arm.

This buxom beauty was Li Lu, another strong contender for this festival’s Queen of Film.

Li Lu also takes the innocent route, and although she is petite, her figure is not bad. She is often innocent in theatre, but out of character in theatre, and has gained a large number of male fans.

This time she brought her crew to give herself a boost, just to take the Queen of Film title away from Su Xiaoqiao.

“Do you see, the conference hasn’t even presented the award yet, and there are already people here talking about it, don’t you know how much weight you have?” Li Lu laughed at a member of the cast and crew.

Of course, the crew all supported her, and the producer, Good Sister, held up her gla*ses and sneered, “Lulu, don’t compare yourself with those net stars, it’s not much of an achievement if you win, after all, anyone can be a net star, but you still need to come from a professional cla*s to act.”

The long-haired bearded male director also nodded: “Good sister is right, I have also booked Lulu’s next drama, after all, she comes from a scientific cla*s, her temperament and image are good, there are some net celebrities who don’t know how to mix into our circle, it’s easy to get into trouble.”

“Yes, there are a lot of messy things in the netizen circle, and I heard that they even put a price tag on how much a night costs, isn’t this just a bunch of wild chickens entering our entertainment circle?” Good Sister burst out laughing after she finished.

Cheng Yulin couldn’t bear to hear this, so she stood up and yelled, “What are you talking about? Net stars are the same as stars from the academy, there are those who are shiny on the surface but nasty behind the scenes, don’t exalt yourself and belittle others.”

Good sister, as an old man in the film and television industry, has all the connections, so if the other party doesn’t talk back and suffer a little, it’s fine, but if she really dares to talk back, then she’s messing with the mother tiger.

“Little prodigal hoof, what are you, how dare you talk to me like this, which company are you from, believe it or not I will block you?”

“Zhang Hao, you are just lucky, you don’t really have any strength, if you want to ban me, please feel free to do so, but also remember to respect people.” Cheng Yulin retaliated unwillingly.

Li Lu sneered up, “Sister Good, she and Su Xiao Qiao are good friends, they are all in the same gang, call the competition organising committee, let them come and see, the ugly faces of these two net stars.”

Zhang Hao laughed coldly at this, and then immediately mobilised her connections to call and make a big deal out of it.

The organising committee of the festival soon came, and Li Lu and Zhang Hao and the others bit the bullet, saying that Su Xiaoqiao and Cheng Yulin had insulted them and that the police had to be called.

The organising committee was in a difficult position because of the large number of people and their various connections.

The organising committee had to ask Su Xiaoqiao and Cheng Yulin to leave for the sake of the overall situation.

After all, for these judges, there must not be too much trouble.

Li Lu and Zhang Hao laughed coldly, while Su Xiao Qiao was so aggrieved to be kicked out like this, it was a disgrace to her family.

They both left the venue in tears and hugged and cried as they reached the road outside the exit.

“I thought that by acting well, everyone would change their mind about me being from a netizen, I was wrong.”

“Xiao Qiao, don’t cry, these people have connections and contacts, they deliberately let you out, you act well in the future, try to go to a bigger film festival to get a queen, I don’t believe they can cover the sky with one hand.”

“What are the two beauties crying about?”

Suddenly, a laughing voice came.

When Su Xiaoqiao looked up and saw Ye Xing, she excitedly jumped into his arms, venting her countless grievances on this man.

Ye Xing patted her back and laughed: “You were bullied? Tell me, I’ll go and ruin them.”

“No, it’s just a little conflict, I don’t really care about this film festival’s film queen.” Su Xiaoqiao wiped her tears, not wanting Ye Xing to go and make a bigger deal out of this.

Cheng Yulin, on the other hand, didn’t think about it so much and opened her mouth, “Xiao Qiao was going to win the posthumous award, but it’s all Li Lu’s fault that the organising committee kicked us out.”

“Bullying my woman, let me take it out for you.” Ye Xing roared.


Chapter 456

Although Su Xiao Qiao was moved, she was afraid that Ye Xing would make a big deal out of it. Although Ye Xing had taught that director and actor a lesson last time, it had caused Su Xiao Qiao a lot of repercussions, and many people said that she was adopted by a rich man, with money and power in the background.

Su Xiaoqiao likes acting and just wants to be a qualified actress, as for how much money she earns and how much fame she makes, she doesn’t care.

Not to be disturbed, not to be talked about, she just wants to shoot her drama in a low profile and produce a satisfactory work, that’s all.

“Forget it, it’s not really a big deal, the Tianhai Film Festival is not even one of the top three film festivals in China, it doesn’t matter if you can’t be elected Queen of the Film, let’s find somewhere to go and have fun.”

Cheng Yulin hurriedly said, “Xiao Qiao, although the Tianhai Film Festival is not big, it is the threshold to be selected for the overseas East Island International Film Festival, how can you just give it up?”

“Just make good work, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get recognition.”

“No, your acting skills can, if you can win the Queen of Film, you can take more films in the future, this is the threshold for future development, you must go for it.”

Ye Xing smiled, “Xiao Qiao, are you worried that I’ll make a big deal out of it and get you pointed at again?”

“I just want to shoot, I don’t care about any other false fame.”

“You don’t care, I do, these days if you don’t fight for it, you’ll be stepped on, don’t think I’m being too realistic and paranoid, that’s the way the world is, just because you don’t cause trouble doesn’t mean no one will find you, once you find you in trouble and you don’t say anything, there will be a next time, backing down will only fuel the other person’s arrogance.”

“Yes, if Li Lu and the girls can give you a hard time like this, there will be another time. The film and television industry is big but small. Cheng Yulin advised.

Su Xiaoqiao frowned and didn’t know how to solve the problem, Ye Xing had already tugged her hand and went back inside the festival’s hosting venue.

Entering the host venue, the stage had already started to present the awards, and underneath the stage were countless fans.

Ye Xing and the three of them were quickly stopped by the security guards. A woman from the organising committee approached over and after recognising Su Xiao Qiao, the woman was apologetic but also firm.

“Miss Su, if you are coming back to watch the ceremony, you are more than welcome to do so, but the organising committee has decided to disqualify you from participating in the Queen of Film Awards.” The woman had a businesslike face.

Ye Xing laughed coldly, “Being asked for some connections, your organising committee has removed a Queen of Film candidate, I really don’t know if you are a big shop bullying your customers or you can really dominate everything.”

“This gentleman, if you are a friend of Miss Su, please understand, this time the Tianhai Film Festival was held in a hurry and many things were not decided, we are indeed sorry for withdrawing Miss Su’s qualification, next we will communicate with the agent behind Miss Su and try to compensate.”

“If you want to compensate, remove the other person who struck Xiao Qiao as well, you can’t bully the weaker party just because the other party is connected hard enough and big enough.” Ye Xing roared up.

The woman drank in discontent, “The organising committee is the one who can retain all power, you are not qualified to interfere.”

“The shop is bullying the customers? You run the festival, so you can do whatever you want to bully people, right?”

“We’re not doing that. We’re asking for Miss So’s understanding.”

“By understanding, you mean that you let one person be bullied and another be satisfied?”

“This gentleman, I can only ask you to leave.” The woman was unwilling to talk more and turned her head to call security.

Ye Xing didn’t do anything either, and directly took out his mobile phone to call Lin Wei, asking to speak to the ruling person in Tianhai.

“You’re looking for the City Lord of Tianhai City?”

“That’s right, I’ll find whoever speaks.”

“What do you want?”

“I’m your leader, so if I tell you to do it, do it.”

Lin Wei disgruntledly did as she was told, and soon Ye Xing was on the phone with the other party.

The women were dumbfounded, was this kid mentally ill? He actually said he wanted to talk to the ruling bigwig of Tianhai City, wasn’t this bullSh*t?

“Miss Su, is this friend of yours a bit mentally ill? I advise you to leave quickly, lest you embarra*s yourselves later.” The woman laughed coldly as she held her bladder.

Cheng Yulin laughed coldly, “Dog’s eyes look down on people.”

The woman growled in displeasure, “Who are you calling out?”

“Whoever answers, I will scold?” Cheng Yulin was defiant.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the organising committee in the first row below the stage suddenly received a phone call, and on hearing that the other party was the city’s big man in charge of culture, he got up in fear and immediately walked away to a secluded place.

“Minister Lin, I don’t know about this, it must be someone else’s doing, I’ll go and investigate it strictly right away, I’ll make sure to put an end to this trend.”

“I don’t care what you use, make sure there is a fair treatment, also that chief Ye should be right outside, entertain him well, he is the boss of the special department, understand the seriousness.”

The president hung up his mobile phone, scared half to death, he was a big brother of some cultural department in Tianhai, this time the purpose of holding the Tianhai Film Festival was to add a certain cultural and entertainment atmosphere to Tianhai, but as a result, he didn’t expect to offend the big brother.

The woman had already told the security guards to kick them out, and Ye Xing waited slowly, unmoved, when suddenly the president of the organising committee came outside, swept a glance and asked, “I wonder which one is Chief Ye?”

Ye Xing walked over and sneered, “There is no chief here, just the family of an actor who wants to be treated fairly.”

President Huang was a person of the essence, he could tell at a glance that Ye Xing was the chief and immediately bowed his head and apologised, “Chief Ye, I’m really sorry, our organising committee’s mistake has caused your friend to suffer so much, we apologise and review.”

“Alright, my friend was invited here by you guys, and you ended up kicking her out because of some people who took shortcuts, watch out for yourself.”

President Huang’s face turned blue with fear and he looked at the woman and yelled, “Miss Xu, what the hell is going on here, the people that the organising committee originally invited, why were they suddenly kicked out?”

As soon as the woman saw that President Huang was furious and that the other party was some kind of chief, she instantly felt bad and frowned and spilled the beans.

“Nonsense, what right do they have to let you do this, you are the organizer of the Tianhai Film Festival, and to kick out invited people just to get on good terms with the other side, are you ashamed of your position?” President Huang roared, “Miss Xu, go and inform a few others that you don’t have to attend the festival, as for the other party being disqualified, we don’t welcome such actresses who use their background and power to persecute others at the Tianhai Film Festival.”

Miss Xu was scared half to death, but did not dare to say anything and walked towards the inside in tears, and soon several people in the first row stood up.

When Li Lu learned that she had been disqualified from the selection, she immediately ran over here and threw a fit.

“Huang Dazhong, who gave you the power to keep me out? Do you know who my godfather is?”

“I don’t care who your godfather is, using your background to get the organising committee to expel your opponent, this kind of behaviour is disgraceful, you’re disqualified, please leave the Tianhai Film Festival!”