Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 453-454

Chapter 453

Ye Xing went to find Zhu Xiaohong, who shook her head and then said, “There are formations left behind within the Jedi centuries ago, and if you don’t get the pa*sword to enter down there, not only will it be dangerous, but you won’t be able to find the entrance, and those who enter the Jedi, if they can’t open the entrance and exit of the formations, they will be the same, and will only be trapped in the Jedi forever or something.”

“You, as the sect master, should know how the spell formation is opened, right?”

“Of course I know, but I’m all out of strength now, so I can’t open the spell formation at all.”

“Just use the same trick as before.”


“You’ve used it before, are you still shy?”

“I borrowed your Yuan Power to perform the Seven Star Technique last time to stay alive, and the method of borrowing Qi is dangerous, I don’t want to die.”

Ye Xing shook his head down and said, “What you mean is, if you don’t regain your strength, there’s no way to open the door of the Jedi.”

“You are so concerned about the Jedi that you want to catch Shangguan Lan?”

“My daughter-in-law has gone missing and I haven’t been able to find her, so I’m afraid she’s been taken away by Shangguan Lan, so capturing Shangguan Lan will give me peace of mind.”

“Murong Xue is missing, it definitely has nothing to do with Shangguan Lan, not only is she a dual system talent, but she has also turned on the Shang Cang divine idea, her future is unlimited and above me, her strange disappearance might have something to do with the Shang Cang divine idea.”

“What is it?”

“The Divine Numinous of the Heavens, it’s the powerful divine numinous that the great powers of the previous realm keep dropping into our realm, only those with unusually strong divine numinous can sense it.”

“My spiritual power is also good, can’t I sense it too?”

“Spiritual power is not the same as divine thoughts, you have to have cultivated it specifically or be exceptionally gifted to do so.”

“There should be a spell to cultivate divine thoughts among the Immortal Sect, right? Teach me quickly.”

“It seems that you are my master, right?”

“I am Zhu Xiaohong’s master, and you are not Zhu Xiaohong, you are now the Free Fairy.”

Ye Xing forced and enticed Zhu Xiaohong to finally speak.

A divine thought cultivation technique called “Star Evocation Technique” arrived, and Ye Xing could not wait to start cultivating it.

His spiritual power was already particularly powerful, and he could control a dagger to take the head of an enemy from hundreds of metres away.

With the augmentation of this divine thought cultivation technique, it was even more like a tiger adding wings.

Unfortunately, as soon as he started practising, he was dumbfounded, because he actually started by looking at a picture.

The picture was not difficult, it was everywhere, it was a picture of the Goddess of Mercy.

According to Zhu Xiaohong, viewing was one of the introductions to divine thought, and once one succeeded in viewing, one’s spiritual power could be refined and thus turn into divine thought.

After Ye Xing had stared at it for a few hours, his eyes were so tired that he finally could not continue practising.

It was true that there were specialties in the art, no one could be good at everything. Although he was gifted in cultivation, he had absolutely no talent to speak of in this discipline of divine thought.

There was no way to get started, which meant that he could not cultivate the Star Evocation Technique.

Ye Xing could only go and soften the blow, and let Zhu Xiaohong borrow Qi to open the Jedi’s spell formation.

Zhu Xiaohong was actually worried about the Immortal Sect disciples, after all, they all had feelings, she had the memories emotions and part of the personality of the Free Fairy, and then fused some of Zhu Xiaohong’s own kindness cowardice and affection and so on to form a whole new personality.

“It’s fine if I go, but you can’t tell anyone about this.” Zhu Xiaohong said shyly.

Ye Xing nodded and then said, “Don’t worry, I will definitely not spread the news about you taking advantage of me.”

“After opening the spell formation, with your skills, Shangguan Lan and the girls are no threat to you, you have to promise not to kill any of them.”

“Yes, I can, I will defend myself and definitely not take the initiative, but they all have to return to Dragon Shield with me.”

“No, you have already captured quite a few disciples of the Immortal Sect, these people will stay in the Jedi to cultivate, I promise you not to open the second spell, isn’t that enough?”

“You won’t open it, but Mo Qian Yun has to open it, that demon seems to want to suck the Yuan Qi from the spell formation.”

“It’s not that easy for her to suck it, the Yuan Qi within the spell formation has to be opened with the Four Spirit Stones, I’m afraid she won’t be able to do it without a few decades to find them.”

“What four spirit stones?”

“The Vermilion Bird Stone, the Green Dragon Stone, the White Tiger Stone and the Xuan Wu Stone, these four divine stones haven’t appeared for hundreds of years.”

“Let’s go to the Jedi first and see what happens, I’m worried about my wife right now.”

After Ye Xing finished speaking, he took Zhu Xiaohong alone that night and set off for the Jedi.

When Du Jiuniang and Qiao Lily returned and heard Zhang Yue’er say this, the two immediately muttered.

“This B*****d Ye Xing wouldn’t have slept with all his own apprentices, would he?”

“Sister, the master hasn’t gone that far, has he?”

“That kid is an old pervert, you stay away from him, he’s been trying to touch you for more than a day or two.”

“Haha, sis, I’m his servant, I have to do whatever he wants me to do, but the master doesn’t seem to be as nasty as you say.”

“Sister, you are too silly and sweet, all these years in the mountains have really spoiled your brain, this man will save what he is sure of and enjoy it slowly, this is called serving what is in the bowl and watching what is in the pot, you are so obedient, he is sure of you, so naturally he will save you to enjoy slowly.”

“Sister, I’m not going to talk to you about this, the master took Zhu Xiaohong out, this Zhu Xiaohong comes from a mysterious source, and every time I see her, I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere, do you think it’s evil?”

“It looks like this little girl is indeed odd, wait to get to the bottom of it later, if she really becomes Ye Xing’s woman, I must press her, I can’t let that little fox milk people dry for me.”

“Sister, you are too able to talk nonsense too.”

The Jedi Abyss was situated in the border area of Caiyun Province.

It was a high altitude area, and the locals had all gone out to work, causing the place to be deserted, with lush vegetation and wild animals within the large mountains.

Ye Xing came over by helicopter and landed on the edge of the abyss, looking at the immense and incomparable pit in the ground, all of them had a marvel at nature’s miraculous work.

Ye Xing asked, “I don’t believe that Shangguan Lan and the others jumped down.”

“Of course you can’t jump down, see those vines below the earth pit, immortal cultivators can grab the vines and descend with the help of special spells.”

Zhu Xiaohong pointed to those spider web-like vines inside the ground pit and said.

Ye Xing nodded down and said, “Come on, let’s go down first.”

Zhu Xiaohong blushed slightly, but eventually moved closer and Ye Xing wrapped one arm around her waist, then jumped towards the bottom of the pit.

Quickly landing, he grabbed the vine with his other hand, followed by lifting his internal energy.

At once, the tidal force began to run wild, and Ye Xing’s strength took a lot of weight off him and Zhu Xiaohong.

The vines kept falling, one leading the other, and Zhu Xiaohong saw a raised stone platform below and yelled, “That’s it.”

He dropped Zhu Xiaohong and looked up to the sky to see that he was already at least a hundred metres from the mouth of the pit.

At such a high distance, it was really difficult for ordinary people to come down.

Moreover, there were still layers of thick fog below the stone platform, and it was still too deep to see the bottom.


Chapter 454

Zhu Xiaohong approached him and didn’t hesitate too much, Ye Xing raised his Yuan Power, she came up and the two of them fit tightly together.

Feeling the majestic Yuan Power, Zhu Xiaohong’s hands began to gesture wildly, driving the spell formation mantra.

A red light shot down from her hands and landed in the mist below. Soon a rumbling sound came, only to see the rock wall in front of her cracking open an opening, followed by a stone pillar sticking out from the opposite side.

Zhu Xiaohong pushed Ye Xing away, and wiped her mouth in the process.

Ye Xing snickered, “Don’t worry, I don’t have bad breath.”

Zhu Xiaohong blushed, and Ye Xing twisted his head to look at the stone pillar and the cracked opening and asked, “Is that the entrance to the Jedi?”

“It’s not an entrance, it’s just an opening in the spell formation, I ran the mouth trick just now and couldn’t open the spell formation completely, I could only open an opening to enter.”

Ye Xing nodded down, then as soon as he wrapped his arm around Zhu Xiaohong, he quickly jumped over towards the stone pillar.

Landing on the stone pillar, Ye Xing quickly drilled inside the opening.

At once, the interior was a stone house, cut very roughly, but one could tell that it had existed for countless years.

Zhu Xiaohong tried to remember, and then led Ye Xing towards the inside.

The two went no further than a short distance before they were blocked, and Zhu Xiaohong went to open the mechanism before the rock wall cracked open.

The subsequent proceeding was similar, with organs having to be opened every now and then, and fortunately Zhu Xiaohong remembered them all.

Finally we came inside a huge cave, which was covered with layers of pale blue, silk-like air and mist above, with hot springs, hot air below, and all sorts of exotic flowers and plants growing inside the cracks in the rocks.

This place was really nice, it was completely an underground secret realm.

Ye Xing looked around and found dozens of white-clothed fairies sitting on the ground, and there was actually no Shangguan Lan among them.

Ye Xing thought Shangguan Lan had gone elsewhere, when Zhu Xiaohong shook her head and said, “Impossible, Shangguan Lan can’t open other organs, she could only stay in this hot spring place.”

“What about the person?”

“I don’t know, just ask those disciples.”

“If I walk out now, they will have to fight with me, although I am not afraid of beating them, but if I really get someone killed, you don’t want to see it, right?”

Zhu Xiaohong hesitated for a moment, then said, “I can give you a blood book, with this blood book, they will naturally believe your words.”

“A blood book?”

As Ye Xing wondered, Zhu Xiaohong had already withdrawn a piece of clothing, bit through her finger and quickly wrote.

What she wrote was not words, but some special symbols, and after about a dozen of them, Zhu Xiaohong finally stopped.

Ye Xing fed her a small amount of Peiyuan Dan and told her to meditate to recover, then walked towards the cave ahead.

The sound of footsteps woke up the group of fairies who were meditating, and one by one, they got up and turned their heads, and upon discovering that it was Ye Xing, they drew their weapons in defence.

There were still more than fifty people within the Jedi. These Immortal Sect disciples were all hiding everywhere like dogs in distress, and had managed to return to the Immortal Sect’s Jedi, but they were unable to get out after entering, and had long been a bit desperate.

Ye Xing glanced around, he had to say that the fairies of the Immortal Sect were really beautiful, each one of them was wearing long skirts, but they couldn’t hide their figures, they all had long legs and small waists, their faces were also different, there were no ugly ones anyway.

“Where is Shangguan Lan?”

An older one among the fairies stepped out and drank, “Today we fairy disciples fight to the death.”

“If you want to die, why do you have to hide within this Jedi land?”

The older immortal frowned, not expecting Ye Xing to even know about the Jedi.

“Alright, I won’t talk nonsense to you guys, your sect master told me to come.” Ye Xing pulled out the blood book and threw it straight over.

The older fairy grabbed the blood letter and opened it, her face changed greatly.

There were many rules within the Immortal Sect, and the Sect Master had the habit of writing decrees in addition to ordering things in person.

The orders of the Immortal Sect were written with special symbols that outsiders could not understand, and even a fairy who had just entered the Sect could not understand the subtleties.

The older fairy was surprised after reading it, “That’s right, it is indeed the blood writing of the sect master.”

Ye Xing said, “Since it is correct, then it proves my identity, I have no hostility towards you, I am only looking for Shangguan Lan and Murong Xue.”

The elder fairy said with a face full of entanglement, “Elder Shangguan is not in the Jedi, as for Murong Xue, she was taken away long ago, why have you come to us to ask for someone?”

Ye Xing wondered, Shangguan Lan was not there? Murong Xue wasn’t there either?

“Then how did you open the Jedi?”

“Elder Shangguan brought us in and she left, saying that she was going to look for other disciples.”

Ye Xing frowned after hearing this, Zhu Xiaohong also came out from the back, her face was pale and she coughed a few times before saying, “Shangguan Lan is not here and these disciples are not dangerous to you, so don’t hurt them.”

Ye Xing nodded down and drank, “Will you all stay here, or will you follow me out?”

Once these words were said, the fairies talked, it was true that they could stay in the Jedi to cultivate, but it would be difficult to leave this place.

Why this place was called the Jedi, it actually meant that there was no return, only the Sect Master could open the Jedi’s way of life, including Shangguan Lan could only open the door and enter, it would not be easy to get out again.

The fairies were torn, and Ye Xing laughed, “Staying here for the rest of your lives, are you willing to do the same?”

The older fairy and the others made their decision and spoke up and asked, “I wonder how you will take us out?”

“Don’t worry, there is a way to do just that, but after you go out, you will still have to face the hara*sment of the devil cultivators, and nowadays, without the Free Fairy to back you up, you fairies of the Immortal Sect become the prey of the devil cultivators.”

The fairies got scared, but in the end no one was willing to stay in the Jedi for the rest of their lives.

Zhu Xiaohong was a little disappointed, she thought that all the disciples of the sect wanted to pursue the path of longevity and were willing to cultivate behind closed doors, but it turned out that all of them were greedy for the red dust.

Ye Xing smiled, then a group of people followed him back the way they came and left.

It was easy to get down, but difficult to get up. Fortunately, there were which vines, each one was a cultivator, and climbing the abyss of more than a hundred meters with the help of vines was not a big problem.

Ye Xing carried Zhu Xiaohong out and put her directly on the ground.

Zhu Xiaohong knew it was useless to reveal her identity, these disciples would not believe her at all, and it was also asking for trouble, after all, Mo Qianyun and Jiang’s family knew she was still alive and would definitely want to deal with her first, it was better to save her life first.

Ye Xing called for Dragon Shield’s helicopter to take all these people back.

Guangnan provincial city, Dragon Shield stronghold.

As soon as Ye Xing returned, Luo Xiaoyun was the first one to ask about it.

Ye Xing shook his head and told her that there was no sign of Murong Xue, even Shangguan Lan was not found.

Luo Xiaoyun was a little disappointed, but as a result, Du Jiuniang came again and called Ye Xing out just with a bitter face.

“Taking a little girl out for fun, are you?”

“That’s my disciple.”

“You can’t pretend in front of me, the way that girl looks at you is not right, do you dare swear you didn’t touch her?”

“I don’t swear, I say I didn’t, believe me or not.”