Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 451-452

Chapter 451

At that moment, the whirlpool also stopped, and Zhu Xiaohong’s eyes closed, and the whole person pa*sed out.

Ye Xing caught his breath and wrapped his arm around her and continued swimming ahead.

There were many speedboats and cruise ships nearby, after all, Yalong City is a tourist area and there are many people who go out to sea.

Ye Xing hurriedly waved and shouted, and a speedboat came to the rescue.

The two of them got on the speedboat, and only then did they breathe a sigh of relief.

Returning to the Yalong City beach, Ye Xing saw that Zhu Xiaohong was still unconscious and had to take her to a hotel to recover.

Zhu Xiaohong was overly deflated and her body was weak enough, so Ye Xing could only give her treatment, of course without a ma*sage.

When Zhu Xiaohong woke up and saw herself lying on the bed with Ye Xing sitting next to her, she instantly turned red with shyness.

“I’m like this, and you’re still bullying me.”

Ye Xing said glumly, “I am saving your life, you are all weak like this, if I don’t help you input Yuan Power, you will have to die.”

“I would rather die than let you touch me.”

“You say that as if I have done something to you, before in the sea, it was you who took the initiative to kiss me, I haven’t even settled the score with you.”

Zhu Xiaohong’s face was gloomy and she was too excited to say anything.

Ye Xing growled, “By the way, you are not Zhu Xiaohong, you are the Fairy of Prosperity.”

Zhu Xiaohong sneered, “I am Zhu Xiaohong, not some loose fairy.”

“Still pretending? Take you back to the Dragon Shield and lock you up for life, see if you still tell the truth.”

Zhu Xiaohong trembled in fear, according to reason she could not be afraid, after all she had been cultivating for so many years, she had long since managed to put life and death at risk, but for some reason, a hint of fear, even worry, suddenly appeared in her own emotions.

This might be a stray thought brought on by this body!

Ye Xing saw that she did not say anything, and directly took the person back to Guangnan Province city, while having the people from Dragon Shield closely monitor that island.

The vicinity of the island had been quietly deserted, and recently it had been secretly rumoured in Yalong City that there were suspicious people on the island, and no tourists or guides, or even boatmen were allowed to go near the past.

The island is isolated and Mo Qian Yun is unmoved, she is in seclusion in her chamber, the island is of no use to her, she has achieved her goal anyway, as soon as it is done she will leave here and go back to the mainland to do whatever she wants.

A few days later, during the night, a fishing boat approached the island and then left quickly, disappearing into the sea.

And that fishing boat was investigated and belonged to someone who had stolen it.

With the clues gone, Dragon Shield could be said to be running rampant within China, but when it went to the outer sea, all technical means could not be exercised freely.

Ye Xing suspected that this fishing boat had pulled Mo Qian Yun and her faceless people to the outer sea, and was afraid that they would soon return to the mainland again.

The fierceness of the faceless people and Mo Qianyun became Dragon Shield’s number one enemy.

Ye Xing has told Dragon Shield to keep an eye on this trail with all its might, and in addition any horrific cases that occur everywhere that are related to demonic cultivators must be strictly investigated.

The development of Dragon Shield nowadays can be described as a thousand leaps and bounds, the combat squads alone have expanded to six, with each combat squad numbering sixty-six.

Of course this number is a figure of luck, in addition to technical squads, logistical equipment, local coordination and so on.

Ye Xing was authorised by Bei Ye and could be said to have great power, but of course his power was not great to say the least, only the power to investigate ancient martial artists and immortal cultivators, and demonic cultivators.

It was not his turn to take care of other local matters.

Thinking of Zhu Xiaohong, Ye Xing called Zhang Yue’er and asked her how she had gone to ask.

“Master, at first Little Sister didn’t say anything, but I guess she was locked up badly, and she was in a bad mood for the next few days and kept throwing tantrums.” Zhang Yue’er frowned then said, “But not much was said to me, and she offered to see you.”

“It’s alright, keep her up for a few more days, I’ll see how long she can stay up.” Ye Xing smiled.

Three days later, Zhu Xiaohong, who had offered to see Ye Xing four times but had been rejected, finally saw the light.

She didn’t know why, but she had actually started to be greedy for life and death, and she had even prepared several sets of lines in order to meet with Ye Xing.

Ye Xing entered the room and smiled coldly, “Easy Fairy, are you still used to living in this cell of mine? If you’re not used to it, I can switch you to a women’s prison, anyway, with all those crimes you’ve committed, it’s more than enough to lock you up for the rest of your life, and you can still live out your old age in a women’s prison.”

Zhu Xiaohong’s face turned pale and her prepared lines were instantly useless, fear, disappointment and shock filled her body, at this point she didn’t even know what she was doing.

“No good, it’s the instinctive emotions of this body that are starting to haunt me.”

Zhu Xiaohong murmured up in her heart, her whole body looked very painful, and then rolled around on the bed holding her head.

Ye Xing looked dumbfounded, what was going on? He didn’t come in here to recite a tight-rope incantation, so why are you holding your head in pain?

“Don’t pretend.” Ye Xing walked over and touched it, but Zhu Xiaohong already had a splitting headache.

When Ye Xing saw that she wasn’t faking, he hurriedly tested her condition and found that her head was rolling as if it had been burned by fire.

Ye Xing picked up Zhu Xiaohong and went to the bathroom, rinsing her head directly with cold water, and then used Yuan Power to help calm her down.

As Zhu Xiaohong fell asleep, Ye Xing listened to the sound of her snoring, put the person on the bed, asked Zhang Yue’er to go inside and change her clothes, then left.

In the evening, Zhang Yue’er hurriedly found Ye Xing and said anxiously, “Master, Little Sister seems to be out of sorts.”

Ye Xing hurried to the room, where Zhu Xiaohong was sitting on the bed, hugging her legs and crying like a little child.

Ye Xing let Zhang Yue’er out, then closed the door behind her and sneered, “Free and Easy Fairy, you’re teasing me with this one moment?”

“You are bad, don’t bully me.”

Zhu Xiaohong looked up and saw Ye Xing, fearfully retreating towards the back of the bed, like a scared kitten.

Impatient, Ye Xing went over and dragged the person out, and Zhu Xiaohong burst into tears, tears flowing continuously.

As soon as Ye Xing saw how much he was pretending, he really saw a ghost.

The result of some questioning, Ye Xing himself is baffled, this one moment free fairy, one moment Zhu Xiaohong, is this a F**king split personality?

Ye Xing patiently examined and inquired, and soon found that this Easy Fairy and Zhu Xiaohong belonged to overlap.

Although the main body was still the Easy Fairy, Zhu Xiaohong’s personality and emotions had completely merged with her, turning into a completely new personality.

It was so complicated that Ye Xing could only go and consult a psychology expert.

Once the expert arrived and examined her for a few hours, she came out and told Ye Xing that this was a psychosis in which two personalities had merged.

Ye Xing knew of course that it wasn’t psychosis, but the personality fusion was a sure thing.

“Does this have any effect?”

“Not much impact, I’m just afraid that it will be serious and cause the patient to go crazy, it has to be treated properly.”

“No need for treatment, you go and talk half the time, is this person good or bad now?”

“It’s certain that she’s a good person, timid and fearful, and cowardly, except that she seems to know a lot, talking about some kind of cultivation, some kind of immortal gate, I don’t understand it at all, I think there’s also delusions of grandeur.”


Chapter 452

“Thank you, expert, your old man should go back first, I will handle the next matter myself.”

Ye Xing let the expert leave and entered the room himself once again.

“Should I call you Zhu Xiaohong, or should I call you the Fairy of Prosperity?”

Zhu Xiaohong, who was sitting on the bed, smiled helplessly and bitterly, “I am both Zhu Xiaohong and Easy.”

“Dual personality fusion, you’re not lying to me, are you?” Ye Xing looked up carefully.

“In my case, do I still need to lie to you?” Zhu Xiaohong opened her mouth and said with difficulty, “I want to see my mother and meet my family.”

Ye Xing sat down and said, “I’m afraid that if your situation is not clarified, you will have to go to the female prison to see your family.”

As soon as those words came out, Zhu Xiaohong’s entire body trembled, which was instinctive, as if an ordinary person encountered a poisonous snake, a tiger, or the normal reaction of knowing he was going to jail.

Existences of the level of the Free Fairy, on the contrary, would not have any reaction, because to them, having cultivated for so many years, what else could they not see?

After Ye Xing determined the idea he felt that since Prosperous Fairy had become like this, she was no longer the hard-hearted Immortal Sect Master from before, instead he could make good use of it to do something.

“Are you afraid?”

Zhu Xiaohong cried and nodded, “I’m scared, can you help me?”

“I can help you, who made you my disciple? The other one inside your body is called the Free Fairy, the head of the Immortal Sect, and a bad woman with a heart of stone who only thinks about engaging in aura recovery.”

“There’s no need to talk about her like that, is there?”

“It looks like you guys are fusing just fine, and talking about you makes you feel bad.”

“I don’t want to go to jail, I want to see my family, what will it take for you to let me go?”

“You can’t leave, you’ll have to be in Dragon Shield from now on, as for those things in the Immortal Sect, don’t blame yourself, one Mo Qian Yun has already killed all your Immortal Sect disciples, when you go back, you can only collect the corpses.”

Zhu Xiaohong rose up with difficulty, “Thousands of years of the Immortal Sect’s foundation has been ruined like this, I am ashamed of all my seniors!”

“That’s where you’re wrong, the Immortal Sect is inherited by people, although the Immortal Sect was destroyed, there are still roots, as long as you develop slowly at a later stage, the Immortal Sect will still be there, only you want to open the four ancient formations and let the aura recover, I can’t promise you that.”

“Aura recovery is the general trend, we must hurry to improve our strength, or else we will get strong people from other realms to kill us, all the living beings in the whole realm will have to become slaves of other realms, you want to see the living beings in chaos, right?”

“Don’t scare me? This story you’re making up is too outrageous.”

“Once the power of the realm is broken, people from the higher realms will be able to come to our world. I’m afraid that a single finger of others can kill us.”

“Not if the aura is revived, you just don’t brainwash me.”

“Forget it, I can’t tell you clearly, what will it take for you to let me go?”

“Tell me everything you know, especially about what happened after your big battle with Jiang Qin, and also that Mo Qian Yun and the demon cultivator, how exactly are you going to find them?”

Zhu Xiaohong gave Ye Xing a look, but in the end, she didn’t shut up and stop talking.

Ye Xing stayed for two hours before leaving, as he went out, Zhu Xiaohong got up and asked, “I’ve told you everything you need to know, when are you going to let me out?”

“Don’t get excited yet, when things are clear, you will naturally be let out, your identity is different now, you are neither the Lord of the Immortal Sect nor quite a peasant chick, you borrowed someone else’s body and also fused their memories and emotional personality, just shape your brand new personality first.”

Ye Xing left the room, although he knew quite a lot of things, he was clueless to say the least.

Still, he quickly set up to get all those remaining disciples of the Immortal Sect first.

Dragon Shield immediately went to the other two hidden locations of the Immortal Sect, and indeed found that there were traces of Immortal Sect disciples.

These two locations were very different from the overseas islands and were in the middle of a large mountain somewhere in the country.

Ye Xing began to set up the capture. Although the Immortal Sect disciples all knew spells and it was difficult for the Dragon Shield combatants to deal with them, they were after all human and had times when they went out, so it was still easy to capture them secretly and clean them up one by one with modern equipment.

As long as they did not encounter a powerful Immortal Sect Elder like Shangguan Lan, the other disciples still had a chance to take them down.

The Dragon Shield combat squad began to plan in detail, scouting out the terrain and the battle plan before moving quickly.

On the same day, all ten Immortal Sect disciples in one stronghold were captured.

As soon as Ye Xing heard the news, he was filled with great joy, these people were captured, not only to protect them, but also to weaken the influence of the Immortal Sect.

Unfortunately, none of them knew the whereabouts of Shangguan Lan, and the one leading the group was a beautiful woman called Bai Ru-shan.

When Ye Xing saw her, she smiled and said, “Elder Bai, I’ve seen you inside the dungeon before, Shangguan Lan doesn’t know where she is?”

“I won’t say anything, just kill me.” Bai Ruxiang stiffly craned his neck.

“Elder Bai take it easy, you are so pretty and a fairy of the Immortal Sect, what a pity to kill you?”

Bai Ruxiang growled fearfully, “Don’t waste your time, I’m not afraid of you dealing with me.”

“Elder Bai, if you ask for trouble, I won’t be merciful oh.”

Bai Rushang did not say a word, and as soon as Ye Xing nodded, someone soon brought the instruments and directly tortured her.

Bai Rushang didn’t last for a while before she said, after all, although she was an elder of the Immortal Sect, she was in ascetic training all day long and couldn’t stand up to these modern interrogation equipment.

According to Bai Rushang, the three of their elders scattered things and Shangguan Lan took the most disciples, a good half dozen.

The other elders, Bai Rushang and the other elder, Leng Qingyan, took a dozen each and scattered them everywhere to escape Mo Qianyun’s pursuit.

Ye Xing had people settle these Immortal Sect women down properly, holding them separately and wearing electric vests, so that once they tried to escape, they would be asking for trouble.

Late at night, Zhu Xiaohong frowned and analyzed, “Shangguan Lan should have gone to the Jedi, it is another hidden place of our Immortal Sect, once you enter the Jedi, if you don’t break the formation, I am afraid it will be difficult to come out.”

“There’s such a weird place?”

“If you don’t believe me, I can tell you the location, you go and find out.” Zhu Xiaohong said in a deep voice.

Ye Xing asked for the address, and then sent a Dragon Shield member to check it out.

That place was definitely in the Caiyun area, surrounded by mountains, gullies and because it was a karst landscape, there were caves and cliffs everywhere.

The drones searched everywhere and found the location of the Jedi, but unfortunately, when they went down to explore, there was not a single clue except for a huge abyssal hole in the ground.

The drone entered the abyss for hundreds of metres and was actually blocked from signalling, so it was impossible to continue.

Dragon Shield’s scouting team spent three days there, but found nothing. There was no place to go down, as if the abyss was bottomless.