Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 449-450

Chapter 449

Ye Xing punished her with a month’s confinement, effective immediately.

Zhu Xiaohong stayed in the confined room and was unable to get in or out.

If it was before, she could easily leave the room, but now she can’t do it at all, and she can’t even break open the iron door.

In the evening, Zhang Yue’er came to see her, bringing with her a lot of goodies.

Zhu Xiaohong saw Zhang Yue’er being so kind to herself and constantly comforting herself, and felt guilty, after all, she had killed Zhang Yue’er before, such a simple little girl, and had done nothing wrong, but she wanted her life instead, I really don’t know what she thought at that time, fortunately she didn’t make a big mistake.

“Xiaohong, in fact, Master is quite concerned about you, he asked me to bring you these things, saying that you are injured by poisoning, it is not easy to recover without eating.” Zhang Yue’er said.

When Zhu Xiaohong thought of Ye Xing, her expression instantly changed drastically, inwardly she hated to strangle that B*****d.

“Senior sister, when will you let me out, you won’t really have to lock me up for a month, will you?” Zhu Xiaohong asked fearfully.

Zhang Yue’er laughed, “A month definitely won’t, but ten or so days will have to be locked up.”

“No, ten days or so is too long.” Zhu Xiaohong had things on her mind and had to deal with them personally right away, or else thousands of years of hard work would have to be ruined.

Only then did she realise that although Shangguan Lan was a desperate officer, she was really stupid in terms of planning and planning, and had actually presumed to go to Mo Qianyun to lead the Immortal Sect to recover its spiritual energy.

If Mo Qianyun was really capable of doing that, why would she have imprisoned her back then?

“The Immortal Sect’s top priority is to cultivate their bodies and nourish themselves, and all disciples should close down and cultivate, slowly looking for a way out.”

Zhu Xiaohong was helpless after saying that, after all, she could not get out herself.

Ye Xing returned to the villa, Luo Xiaoyun was already asleep on the living room sofa, when she heard the movement, the first thing she did was to get up and found that it was Ye Xing, her face was full of disappointment.

“You go back, I’ll wait for my wife at home.” Ye Xing was actually looking at Luo Xiaoyun’s low spirits and told her to go back and get some rest.

“No, Xue’er was lost in my hands, I must wait for her to return.”

“You say that as if my wife is a dog.”

“You are not allowed to insult Cher.”

“Okay, I’m going upstairs to rest, do you want to join me?”

“Go to hell, Cher must have left home knowing you’re a B*****d who doesn’t do good things.”

“Maybe she knew her bestie was hooking up with her husband and got P*ssed off and ran away from home?”


Ye Xing smiled and went upstairs to meditate.

Although it was hard in his heart, he still had to live his life, and Ye Xing continued to cultivate Tidal Wave Power.

Currently, Tidal Wave Power had come to the second layer, and the internal energy that he could exert could reach as much as ten heavies, and if he broke through to the third layer, I was afraid that it would be doubled.

With a twenty-fold power of internal energy, even an eighth-grade sect master would have to drink it.

Ye Xing had to strengthen his cultivation, now not only was the Immortal Sect undecided, but there was also a demon cultivator who seemed to be more powerful than the Free Fairy, if he didn’t strengthen himself, I was afraid that in the future he would really become a dish and fall into the hands of others, then there would be no way to survive.

After three days in the villa, news suddenly came that Zhu Xiaohong had health problems and was sent to the hospital.

At least it was his own disciple, so Ye Xing left the villa to visit the hospital.

As a result, when he arrived at the hospital bed, the person was gone and Zhang Yue’er had a self-conscious look on her face.

“What’s going on?” Ye Xing asked when he looked at her.

“Master, I just went to buy fruit for Xiao Hong, who knew that as soon as I came back, the person was gone.” Zhang Yue’er cried with difficulty and said, “Could Xiaohong have been taken away by the bad guys?”

“It’s alright, I’ll have someone check.” Ye Xing called back to Dragon Shield.

The technical staff quickly found Zhu Xiaohong’s location, the person was at the airport.

Ye Xing was a bit puzzled, and kept thinking back to this mysterious Zhu Xiaohong along the way, a rural chick who not only did odd things, but was also a ghost.

It is reasonable to say that she is eighteen years old, has never lived in a big city, it is difficult to take a car, why would she be so skilled, one moment to take the high speed train to Qinling, and the next to the airport?

Ye Xing became increasingly suspicious and hurried to the airport, where he soon found her in the waiting room.

Previously, in order to prevent the mysterious disappearance of his men, Dragon Shield had installed a subcutaneous location system on each of them.

Ye Xing looked at the anxious Zhu Xiaohong, who was actually sitting on a chair with her eyes closed, completely unlike an eighteen-year-old.

Ye Xing started to look up the information and found that Zhu Xiaohong came from Five Finger Mountain.

He wondered if there was something to do with Five Finger Mountain?

The Immortal Fairy of Prosperity and Jiang’s family had a big battle at Five Finger Mountain, then both sides disappeared, the Immortal Sect had not even found the whereabouts of the Immortal Fairy of Prosperity, and suddenly a mysterious Zhu Xiaohong appeared, could it be that they had some connection?

Ye Xing had seen the Fairy of Easy, so he naturally thought that Zhu Xiaohong could not be the Fairy of Easy, after all, a person’s face can be disguised, but there is no way the body can be exactly the same.

The radio started to notify the ticket check, Ye Xing hesitated for half a day, but still let Zhu Xiaohong leave.

He wanted to see whether this little girl was a human or a ghost, and how much she was hiding.

Ye Xing got the flight information and immediately went to Yalong City.

Yalong City was the hottest tourist destination in the country, hot all year round, with the mainland at its back, at the very tip of the island.

It would take Ye Xing more than three hours to fly there by helicopter, but fortunately there was a chip to track him, plus a little delay in leaving the airport, enough for him to follow Zhu Xiaohong within Yalong City.

Three hours later, on a beach in Yalong, Zhu Xiaohong was negotiating a price for a speedboat, and the owner of the speedboat, seeing that she was young and pretty, naturally agreed.

Not long after the speedboat set off, Ye Xing’s speedboat followed the other side.

He soon found that the speedboat had left the offshore waters and was heading more and more towards the open sea.

Ye Xing took a look with his binoculars and saw that Zhu Xiaohong was the only one left on the speedboat, the boss was nowhere to be found.

Ye Xing followed from afar and found that Zhu Xiaohong was actually targeting an isolated island.

It was said to be an isolated island, but it was actually quite large, only that it was far away from the mainland, and the island was no longer inhabited, and now it had become a landing place to go out to sea.

The suspicion in Ye Xing’s heart was getting heavier and heavier, this chick was definitely not Zhu Xiaohong.

A rural girl who had just dropped out of high school, how could she know so many things.

But to say that someone was counterfeiting, it didn’t look like that either. After all, Ye Xing could have touched many parts of Zhu Xiaohong’s body, and they were definitely the features of a young girl.

When Ye Xing was puzzled, Zhu Xiaohong’s speedboat was already on the isolated island.

Ye Xing brought the speedboat closer and found that there was a young man lying inside the speedboat, the owner of the speedboat.

He was not dead, but he had fainted.

Ye Xing got off the boat and followed Zhu Xiaohong for half an hour to a dense jungle.

When Zhu Xiaohong suddenly lost her whereabouts, Ye Xing went after her and found a secret pa*sage in the gra*s.

She entered the secret pa*sage and gingerly approached the front.

Zhu Xiaohong had difficulty walking in the secret pa*sage, after all, her body was too weak nowadays, and she couldn’t bear it after half an hour of non-stop hoofing, panting heavily.


Chapter 450

Ye Xing quickly chased her to her location and did not approach for fear of alerting the snake.

Zhu Xiaohong finally arrived at the place where she was going and opened the moss-covered mechanism, the stone door opened and she entered the door with difficulty.

Ye Xing came there and also went in, and instantly found that inside the stone door was a room made of blocks of rock.

Following the room towards the inside was an ancient canal.

The tunnel was all made of rocks, smooth but very rough and simple. For a secret pa*sage to exist for so many years, it was evident that it was built by the ancients.

Ye Xing continued to follow Zhu Xiaohong, this girl was very familiar with this place, and soon came to a room with a skylight, she opened a camphor wood box, took out clothes from inside and started to change.

Ye Xing took a glance at it and did not dare to look at it.

But when Zhu Xiaohong finished dressing up, she found that the clothes she was wearing and the way she was dressed were not any different from the Easy Fairy.

Ye Xing already suspected that this chick was the Easy Fairy, but why was her body all different?

Although he didn’t know what was going on, Ye Xing felt that it was time to make a move.

Zhu Xiaohong was satisfied after dressing up and even took out a small wooden box from inside the camphor wood box, opened it and swallowed a pill.

She closed her eyes and began to run her body’s Yuan Power, but unfortunately, wow, she spat out a mouthful of blood straight away.

Zhu Xiaohong almost sat limply on the wooden bed, she couldn’t believe it and muttered open-mouthed, “This body is too weak, actually it can’t even digest a Punch Cloud Pill.”

Ye Xing didn’t get excited after looking at it, Zhu Xiaohong still had the medicinal power of the Peiyuan Dan in her body, so if she went to take another pill at this time, the medicinal power would clash with each other and something would definitely happen.

This girl is afraid that she is also anxious, forcing herself to improve their strength, but unfortunately things are not what they want, this is good, again suffer internal injuries, see what else she can play.

There was movement outside the house, a rustling of strange sounds.

Ye Xing also smelled a smell of blood and instantly thought if it was a demonic cultivator.

Sure enough a faceless man was walking with his back hunched over and his hands on the ground at all times, the whole thing turning into a humanoid monster with limbs on the ground.

These faceless people have well-developed eyesight and hearing, and immediately came to check out the situation in this room.

Ye Xing hid and closed his breath, the Faceless Men did not notice him and quickly burrowed into the house.

The faceless man stuck out its thin, blood-red tongue with a greedy face.

These monsters cared extremely much about immortal cultivators who possessed Yuan Power, and absorbing the blood and marrow of a cultivator was extremely beneficial to their cultivation advancement.

At this moment, although Zhu Xiaohong did not have much Yuan Power, she was also someone with spiritual roots, and in the eyes of the faceless man, this was the perfect food.

Zhu Xiaohong was stunned, her indiscriminate use of medicine had caused her to suffer internal injuries and she was unable to move at all, the most crucial thing was why a demonic cultivator monster like the Faceless Man had appeared within the Immortal Sect’s island cave.

“Mo Qian Yun, you actually bloodied the Immortal Sect, in my lifetime, I will definitely bruise you to death.” Zhu Xiaohong let out a spiteful curse, her eyes flowing with blood tears.

This scene startled the faceless man, and then the naked eye could see Zhu Xiaohong’s full black hair turning a faint red.

The white head overnight had only been seen in legends, but this instant blood hair was indeed seen with my own eyes.

Ye Xing was all stunned, it was really the Fairy of Prosperity, this resentment was really scary enough, but it seemed like she was in for a ride now.

The Faceless Man pounced over, grabbed Zhu Xiaohong’s shoulders with both hands, his mouth split wide open, revealing a mouth full of sharp teeth, about to bite her throat through.

Suddenly, the Faceless Man’s head was cut off by a sharp blade, and Zhu Xiaohong pushed the headless corpse away as soon as she looked up and saw Ye Xing.

Ye Xing retrieved his dagger and looked at her and smiled coldly, “Come with me or die here.”

“I would rather die here than go with you.” Zhu Xiaohong said viciously.

“Please don’t kill us, we are willing to be slaves and maidservants to you!”

“Old ancestor spare our lives, we are willing to become devil cultivators, we are willing to submit to you.”

“Haha, it’s too late, what use do I have for you wastes? I might as well feed you to those minions of mine, when they are strong, no one in this world can stop me, all the Yuan Qi within the four ancient formations will allow me to break through my cultivation and ascend to the immortal path!”

A sardonic laughing voice came from outside the room, followed by the cries of misery stopping as those begging Immortal Sect disciples died tragically.

Zhu Xiaohong was dripping blood with hatred, but unfortunately she no longer had the strength to run out.

Ye Xing dragged her up and ran out of the room, facing an existence of the level of the long-haired woman, he was not sure that he could survive either.

Ye Xing carried Zhu Xiaohong and fled through the secret pa*sage, but unfortunately, the roar of the faceless man was already heard behind him.

By the time Ye Xing ran out of the secret pa*sage and ran from the deserted mountain to the edge of the beach, the speedboat was actually gone.

At that moment, a long, strange whistling sound came from behind him, only to see the long-haired woman chasing out with a group of Faceless Men.

“So there are still fish in the net, unfortunately there is no way up here, no way down, be good and become food.”

The long-haired woman, Mo Qian Yun, pointed her big hand and the faceless people frantically flew out, like a darting hunting dog, to tear Ye Xing and Zhu Xiaohong into pieces.

Ye Xing hugged Zhu Xiaohong and jumped into the seawater, swimming quickly towards the front.

A strange thing happened, those faceless people jumped into the water and actually returned to the shore with difficulty.

Their bodies were corroded by the seawater and they were all screaming in pain.

Ye Xing was happy when he saw it, so these guys were afraid of seawater.

Mo Qian Yun coldly shouted, “You think you can run away?”

This terrifying woman flew out and actually stepped on the water, rushing towards Ye Xing.

Ye Xing was desperate and threw out her flying dagger, Mo Qian Yun turned around to dodge the flying dagger.

“Is that all you’ve got?” With a big wave of Mo Qian Yun’s hand, the flying dagger was frozen and soon turned into a big ice block that fell into the water.

Immediately afterwards, Mo Qian Yun waved her hand towards the sea, and instantly the seawater turned into a whirlpool, rolling Ye Xing and Zhu Xiaohong out of their sense of direction.

“She is practicing the Phaseless Demon Technique, we have to break her evil technique.”

“How can I break it?” Ye Xing had no choice but to hug Zhu Xiaohong and stay close to her, so the two of them were almost talking close to each other’s ears.

“Use the Seven Star Technique!”

“I don’t know how!”

“The secret art of the Immortal Sect, of course you don’t know it, I want you to excuse your Qi to me.”

“How can I borrow it?”

“Don’t say anything, just bring up your Yuan Power.”

Ye Xing hurriedly ran the Yuan Power in his body, but as a result, Zhu Xiaohong actually came up with a mouthful, and the two of them came together mouth to mouth this time.

Zhu Xiaohong was blushing, and Ye Xing felt that the woman’s mouth actually seemed to have a suction force, sucking his own Yuan Power.

Zhu Xiaohong’s hands kept gesturing behind Ye Xing, faster and faster, and tears of blood were flowing from inside her eyes.

Suddenly, with a poof sound, seven balls of light shot out and killed towards Mo Qian Yun.

Mo Qianyun was extremely afraid of these seven balls of light and quickly dodged away, dodging and dodging on the surface of the sea, but eventually she was still hit by one of the balls of light.

Her whole body hurriedly returned to the shore, never daring to go down into the water again.