Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 447-448

Chapter 447

After the four of them landed, instantly the Yin Qi became heavier.

Ye Xing frowned and asked, “What’s the situation inside the valley?”

Lin Wei replied, “We have just circled around, the valley is shrouded in white mist, it is difficult to see the exact situation clearly, but according to our instrument analysis, the temperature and environment inside the valley is a bit different from the outside.”

“Let’s go in and take a look, people from the Immortal Sect have gathered here, there might be some kind of conspiracy.”

With a wave of Ye Xing’s hand, everyone headed inside the valley.

Zhu Xiaohong kept her head down and did not say a word, staying next to Zhang Yue’er.

As the group entered the deepest part of the valley, their vision suddenly opened up.

There was a small stream below, while the banks were lined with flowers and greenery, but at the end of the stream was a huge cave, with countless vines dropping down from above it, forming a green curtain.

Ye Xing let the drone go in first to check the situation. Inside the cave, the lights were bright at this time, and with the countless light cast down from the cave roof, the whole cave was not gloomy.

But over the cave’s rock walls on both sides, there were actually countless cell-like existences.

Each cell was a dozen metres above the ground, and the outside was blocked off with iron.

Inside the largest cell, there was no blockade, but a clattering sound came from inside.

Shangguan Lan and the others were standing below, they had all been waiting for a long time, but the Supreme Ancestor still did not come out.

Finally the clattering sounded and a woman with long, stooped hair came out of the cell.

She was dressed in long grey linen clothes, her hair fell to her waist and her hands and feet were bound with thick iron chains.

Coming outside into the open space, she tilted her head and smiled fiercely, “I didn’t expect you guys to remember me, did that B*tch Prosperity ask you to come and kill me?”

Shangguan Lan stepped out and drank, “Elder Tai Shang, the Sect Master has fallen, we are here to welcome you back to the Immortal Sect and preside over the big picture!”

The long-haired woman froze, then burst out laughing, “That B*tch Prosperous is finally dead, I predicted that she would be doomed, I never thought it would come true in less than five years, hahaha, good death.”

The others in the Immortal Sect were extremely uncomfortable, because in their hearts, Immortal Ziyou was like a goddess, and no one wanted to have her abused.

Shangguan Lan advised, “Old Ancestor, come back to the Immortal Sect with us, so many disciples are waiting for you to lead the revival of the Immortal Sect.”

“Prosperity’s plan, is it to open the ancient formation and bring back the aura?” The long-haired woman laughed coldly.

“That’s right, when the ancient formation is opened and the aura revives, the Immortal Sect will definitely benefit and become the number one power of the human race by then.” Shangguan Lan excitedly and incomparably stated the grand wish.

The long-haired woman sneered, “With the revival of spiritual energy, not only will the Immortal Sect benefit, but other cultivators will also have to benefit, and the effect will be slow, then even if the spiritual energy revives to the ancient times, we will still have to keep cultivating hard to make progress, it is not as fast as practicing the forbidden method.”

“Forbidden method?” Shangguan Lan froze.

The long-haired woman dragged the chain a few steps and said proudly, “Back then, I studied the spells handed down by the Immortal Sect, and two of the forbidden arts were extremely powerful, but also dangerous, I spent my life studying and finally perfected these two forbidden arts. You all want to raise your cultivation level quickly, don’t you? If you cultivate this forbidden method, you will be able to raise a realm in three years at most.”

“What? That fast?” Shangguan Lan was astonished.

The two beautiful women next to her frowned, they both knew exactly what the old ancestor was talking about, these things had actually been mentioned to them by the Free and Easy Fairy, practising the forbidden technique was tantamount to exterminating humanity, from now on becoming devils who would do anything just for the sake of cultivation, no different from those devilish cultivators.

“Elder Shangguan, this matter cannot be done, the sect master has mentioned that although the forbidden arts are extremely fast in cultivation progress, they have the disadvantage of confusing the mind, and once you make a mistake, you will definitely suffer from it and also kill the innocent by any means.” A beautiful woman said as soon as she stepped out.

Another nodded in agreement, “We’d better leave quickly, since the Supreme Elder isn’t interested in taking over the Immortal Sect, it’s better to continue to abide by the sect master’s wishes.”

“Haha, what do you two juniors know, my forbidden art has been perfected, there would be no possibility of it affecting my mind, otherwise why else would I be fine?” The long-haired woman laughed in triumph.

Shangguan Lan was also at a loss for words when suddenly, there was a commotion from outside, only to see a group of oddly shaped faceless people appear.

They were thin and small, and their bodies seemed to be covered in a layer of dark red skin, with only their eyes, mouths and noses showing.

They all looked terrifying, as if they were from hell.

As soon as the Faceless Men arrived, they instantly surrounded the dozens of people from the Immortal Sect.

There were hundreds of Immortal Sect disciples, but in order to divert attention, Shangguan Lan divided his troops into several directions, so that only their group could enter Hollow Mountain.

“Haha, since they are all here, don’t even think about leaving, these are my minions, they have long been eager to feed on the blood of the fairy.” The long-haired woman suddenly lifted her long hair, revealing a face just like the Faceless Man’s.

“Not good, they’re all demon cultivators!” The beautiful woman shouted and drew her sharp sword straight away.

The other disciples of the Immortal Sect were not willing to be outdone and drew their weapons. Shangguan Lan was stunned to see this scene, he had expected to come to seek rescue, but he had actually been ambushed.

The devil cultivators and the Tai Shang Ancestor were in cahoots, and it looked like this Tai Shang Ancestor was really evil beyond compare.

“Kill them out.” Shangguan Lan roared.

The fairies quickly moved towards the faceless people, but unfortunately, these faceless people were extremely fast, and when a sword was stabbed, they actually did not know the pain, and no blood came out even when the sword was stuck into their bodies, as if they were all rubber people.

“Don’t let one go, suck the blood and marrow of these fairies properly, so that all of your Phaseless Demon Technique can break through quickly, hahaha ……”

The long-haired woman raised her hands high, and all of a sudden a stream of blue qi mist emerged from the ground around her.

These blue gas mist looks beautiful, but contains toxicity, that even the fairy of the Immortal Sect inhaled a mouthful, also hurried dizziness, hallucinations in front of the eyes.

The faceless man, on the other hand, was not affected at all and quickly lunged forward.

The two sides went back and forth, killing each other, but unfortunately, although there were only a dozen of the Faceless Men, they just couldn’t get killed.

Ye Xing was also delighted to see the images coming back from the drone, the Immortal Sect and the Demon Cultivator were dog-eat-dog, wasn’t this the best ending?

“Should we do it?” Qiao Baihe asked.

Ye Xing shook his head and smiled, “Wait until they have a good fight for a while, seal off the vicinity and set up firepower at all the exits.”

Lin Wei ordered down and the technicians began to inform the other squads to surround them.

A helicopter appeared in the sky with a large number of armed men and began to blockade the vicinity. As Dragon Shield made more and more contributions, Kitano’s side also gave a lot of support, and the previous first squad not only expanded, but also developed into a third squad, each squad member was a king among soldiers with amazing combat power.


Chapter 448

Just as this side was being set up, Zhu Xiaohong suddenly disappeared.

Zhang Yue’er was the first to notice and turned her head to run and said, “Master, junior sister is missing.”

Ye Xing asked everyone to look to see if they had been discovered by the other side and had started to enter the encirclement.

But there was no whereabouts at all, Ye Xing frowned and said, “Let’s split up and go look for them, remember not to alert the snake, if you find an accident, evacuate immediately.”

The others nodded, and Ye Xing walked alone towards the valley below.

The valley was filled with fog, and apart from the small stream which was clearly visible, the visibility was basically less than three metres.

Ye Xing did not dare to shout either, and could only advance cautiously towards the inside.

When he finally arrived near the cave, he did not dare to rush in, and climbed up the side slope to the top of the cave to have a look before saying anything.

As a result, after walking a little way up the mountain above the cave, he suddenly heard a faint gasp.

Ye Xing hurriedly followed the sound and found Zhu Xiaohong on the ground, with a black python wrapped around her neck.

Her face was blue and her hands were choking the python by its neck.

One person and one snake were constantly battling to see who would conquer the other first.

But judging from the size and strength of the python, it was definitely the last to win.

When Ye Xing arrived, Zhu Xiaohong was all but breathing.

He hurriedly pierced the python’s head through, and then let go of its body.

Zhu Xiaohong had already turned purple and was having difficulty breathing. Ye Xing hurriedly gave her a full body ma*sage to revitalise the blood.

Zhu Xiaohong finally woke up, but her face was still purple.

Ye Xing felt that something was wrong, and on closer inspection, there were still tooth marks on her thighs.

This kind of python is usually non-poisonous, so why would it make Zhu Xiaohong look like she had been poisoned?

Ye Xing looked around, and only then did he find that there was actually a colourful poisonous snake on the big tree next to him.

When the snake found that Ye Xing was looking at it, it slithered away smartly.

When Ye Xing saw that it was snake poison, he immediately tore Zhu Xiaohong’s trousers and put his mouth to the already blackened wound and sucked it up.

After finally washing the snake poison away, Ye Xing fed Zhu Xiaohong another quarter of Peiyuan Dan.

The medicinal power of the Peiyuan Dan spread out, and together with the Yuan Power in Zhu Xiaohong’s body, the remaining poison in her body was quickly dispelled.

Zhu Xiaohong’s face rolled and her body continued to sweat as the residual poison was expelled with the sweat.

However, she soon lost her spiritual wisdom and actually hugged Ye Xing and kissed him madly.

Ye Xing was dumbfounded, this snake poison still had this effect, it was too terrible.

Ye Xing managed to break free, but he also made a mess of himself, so he picked up Zhu Xiaohong and went down.

When he came to the edge of the stream, Ye Xing shoved the person into the cold stream water to calm down.

The cold water wrapped around Zhu Xiaohong’s whole body, and she finally regained her wisdom, and her whole body quickly cooled down.

Zhu Xiaohong came to her senses, looked at Ye Xing, then looked at herself, let out a scream of ah ground, and then the whole person slapped out in anger.

Ye Xing blocked it with one hand and explained with a frown, “I was also helping you with the poison, who knew that the snake poison you had was so evil that it had actually made you confused.”

When Zhu Xiaohong thought back, it was really like that, the whole person was ashamed and angry, the most crucial thing was that her clothes were not in order and her body was seen naked by the other party, it really ruined so many years of Taoism.

Ye Xing walked up to the shore and looked around, there was nothing suitable clothes, so he could only build a fire for her to dry her clothes first.

Zhu Xiaohong was shy and had no other choice. After all, the clothes she was wearing were thin, and after the stream water had wet them, they were so close to her body that it was impossible to keep them from being seen.

One by one, the clothes were thrown ashore from the river, and Ye Xing slowly roasted them over the fire.

Twenty minutes later, it was also almost roasted, and Zhu Xiaohong didn’t even dare to look at Ye Xing in her crumpled clothes.

“Come on, let’s go back and see what’s happening inside the cave?” Ye Xing said and left, but Zhu Xiaohong didn’t move a muscle.

Only then did she remember why she had run out alone, just to go into the cave to stop it, but it turned out that so much time had pa*sed that I was afraid it was all too late.

Zhu Xiaohong had a hard time and looked at Ye Xing with mixed emotions. She hated to kill the other party, but she didn’t have the ability to do so, but the blood feud was all because of him, and this debt had nothing to do with him.

When Ye Xing saw that Zhu Xiaohong was not moving, he thought that she had not yet recovered and her body was not convenient for walking, so he approached her, picked her up and ran away.

“You put me down.”

“Alright, stay honestly, remember that you only entered the Dragon Shield, I won’t blame you this time, but there is a next time, see how I will clean you up.”

Zhu Xiaohong’s face was red and she was as helpless as a helpless little girl in Ye Xing’s arms.

Only when he arrived at the lurking place did Ye Xing put the people down and went over close enough to ask, then he learned that the people from the Immortal Sect had still broken out, but at the cost of four people.

And those four fairies had by now been dragged into the dungeon by those faceless people, their lives and deaths unknown.

“No good, that woman has broken the chains.”

Everyone looked over, and within the surveillance screen, the long-haired faceless woman had broken the chains, and the whole person walked out of the dungeon where she had been imprisoned for years with great triumph.

She let out a fierce laugh from the sky, and then led the faceless man to leave quickly from within a tunnel.

Ye Xing and the others quickly entered the cave and took a lot of time to get to that one dungeon location.

Finally four corpses were found, looking extremely miserable.

Firstly, their entire bodies had been drained of blood, then their chests had been cut open and many of their internal organs were missing, and their heads had been smashed and their brains had been removed.

Such a miserable state was simply vomit-inducing to watch.

Ye Xing still had to gather clues and all of them launched an investigation to turn this dungeon upside down.

There were so many skeletons buried here, and so much information left behind, that it was almost certain that this was the dungeon where the Immortal Sect kept its prisoners.

And this faceless woman was an Elder of the Immortal Sect, but because of her practice of forbidden arts, the Free Fairy had imprisoned her.

Not knowing the situation, the others of the Immortal Sect ran to the dungeon to look for her, but ended up getting four killed instead. With the Yuan Qi of these fairies adding to her, this evil eunuch broke free of the chains to escape.

Ye Xing looked at the iron chain and became interested, actually able to trap an immortal sect expert, this chain might be some kind of magic weapon.

The iron chain was taken away, the valuable things and the corpse were taken away, and Ye Xing and the others left the empty mountain.

And although Shangguan Lan and the others broke out, they were always under the surveillance of the drones.

Ye Xing suddenly wanted to kill them all in one go, after all, it was a once and for all thing.

But after taking stock of the strength of both sides, it seemed like he really wasn’t sure he could eat the other side all together.

If this remaining group of fairies set fire on themselves alone, it would be dangerous!

“Forget it, don’t alarm them.”

Ye Xing and the others returned to Guangnan Province City, and the first thing they did when they arrived at the stronghold was to start settling scores after the fall.

Zhu Xiaohong had already violated the rules by acting without permission, even if she possessed a spiritual root, she still had to be punished.