Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 445-446

Chapter 445

Ye Xing was still worried about Murong Xue’s whereabouts, but was called to the Dragon Shield a few days later because of a recent bloodbath that had rocked the city.

The murder of a teenage girl with a knife.

The most crucial aspect of this case is whether it was self-defence or not. At the moment there is only a bit of CCTV footage from the corridor and nothing is known about what was found in the private room.

The friends of the deceased are also adamant that it was the teenage girl who committed the murder with a knife.

But the case soon took a sharp turn for the worse when new evidence emerged that one of the deceased’s friends had posted a friend who said it was the deceased who had molested the teenage girl that had led to the killing.

Eventually the police took the man back to investigate, which led to the truth being revealed.

A murder case that rocked the city had nothing to do with Dragon Shield, but it was not expected that the young girl was actually someone with spiritual roots.

Recently, Dragon Shield has been stepping up its efforts to recruit people with spiritual roots, so the young girl naturally came to their attention.

The tester they bought from abroad and took to the test was simply frightening, a double talent.

Snow white and shiny, like daylight.

Blood red like dates, thick and dense.

Ye Xing was amazed after reading the report, it was actually the same as Murong Xue, this young girl was a dual system gifted spirit rooter.

Ice and fire, these were both extremely powerful means of combat ah.

“Take it down, it must be taken down.”

Ye Xing personally led his men to the hotel, and when he found the young girl, both sides froze when he opened the door.

The young girl froze and looked very scared, like a wounded deer that trembled at the sight of a stranger.

Ye Xing was scared because of the beauty of the young girl, who could be said to have charmed the crowd without applying any powder.

She had a melon face, a cherry mouth, a complexion like gelatin, without a single flaw, and a pair of big watery eyes that simply seduced the soul, making it impossible for people to look at her.

“This is a charming little demon!”

Ye Xing hurriedly shook his head down, then laughed, “You’re Zhu Xiaohong, right?”

The young girl nodded her head down and said fearfully, “I don’t know you guys, don’t come and disturb me.”

“Don’t worry, we are not bad people, and if we can get the address where you live, we must all be people who have connections with the police.”

Ye Xing said and entered towards the house, not caring if the person wanted to or not.

The young girl backed away in fear, Ye Xing smiled: “We have checked your information, you came to the provincial city to work as a waiter, but you have been infected with a lawsuit for killing someone in self-defense, the lawsuit has currently found you not guilty, but the financial compensation is also a large sum of money, have you thought of what to do?”

“I don’t have any money, I’m afraid my family will worry.” The young girl suddenly cried with difficulty.

Ye Xing advised, “Don’t be anxious, I’m here to solve your problem, look at this, how about this, you come with me, join our department, all your compensation problems, our department will help you solve them, plus a formal job.”

“I don’t even know who you are, I don’t want to go.”

“Little girl, I look like a decent person at first glance.”

“A decent person can’t tell.”

“I know you have worries in your heart because of what happened before, but don’t worry, I’m really a decent person, the compensation is just a hundred thousand or so, there is no way you can afford it, come with me, join our department, you can also get a job that many people want.”

Ye Xing persuaded for half a day, the young girl was finally willing.

He took a sip of water and left the hotel with the men and headed back to the Dragon Shield stronghold.

Since he had taken Zhang Yue’er in before, it was just right for the two of them to be paired up.

But this Zhu Xiaohong was obviously a bit resistant, and Zhang Yue’er patiently took her through the situation of the Dragon Shield.

In the afternoon, Ye Xing remembered Zhu Xiaohong, went to her and took out a Peiyuan Pill.

When Zhang Yue’er saw the Peiyuan Dan, she was envious because she could feel the Yuan Power in her body when she took this pill. Nowadays, although her Yuan Power was thin, she had already discovered her ability to be different from ordinary people, and if she continued to take this pill, she was afraid that she would progress even faster.

Ye Xing smiled and took out another one and threw it to Zhang Yue’er, admonishing, “Divide it into several portions to take, the medicine is very powerful, if you take one bite, be careful of exploding your body.”

“Thank you, Master.” Zhang Yue’er was full of smiles.

Zhu Xiaohong looked at the Peiyuan Dan, confused, and Ye Xing told her to cut it into several pieces to take a bite.

As a result, without expecting it, Zhu Xiaohong gave a bite and stuffed it inside her mouth.

“It’s finished.”

Ye Xing hurriedly called her into the room and Zhu Xiaohong got shy, but her face was flushed and soon her forehead was sweating.

“I’ll teach you a set of gong techniques and you can practise them yourself.”

“I’m so uncomfortable.”

Ye Xing was dumbfounded, the medicine was kicking in so quickly that teaching her to practice was out of the question.

“I’m sorry.”

Ye Xing finished and put Zhu Xiaohong on the bed, then lifted her blouse.

Zhu Xiaohong’s entire body was dumbfounded, but could only endure it as Ye Xing touched her stomach with both hands, and then ran his Yuan Power to guide her body to quickly digest the medicinal power of the Peiyuan Dan.

If the digestion was not done in time, the medicinal power would be too fierce and all her internal organs would have to be washed away for her, which was to explode her body.

Ye Xing found that Zhu Xiaohong’s body was really powerful, absorbing the medicinal power especially fast, this might be a gift.

After an hour, Ye Xing had also had enough of rubbing and got up and got out of bed.

Zhu Xiaohong’s face was hot, she had been touched by a man like this in her life, it was strange that she could not be shy.

“You should be fine, take a rest and go out again later.”

Ye Xing said and left the room, Zhu Xiaohong sat on the bed and clenched her fists, she hated to kill the other party, but unfortunately it was useless at all, she had the heart but not the strength.

When Ye Xing came outside the room, Zhang Yue’er asked, “Master, is she alright?”

“Yes, go and take care of her later, from now on you are master and sister, you have to take care of each other.”

Ye Xing explained and left.

Murong Xue still did not have any news, which made Ye Xing extremely frustrated, and even doubted if she had left on purpose.

After all, Murong Xue’s temperament had changed greatly after her cultivation, so it was hard to say that she had any thoughts of her own.

Luo Xiaoyun’s eyes were darkened, and when Ye Xing saw this, he told her to go back and rest.

“I’m not tired, I’m sure I can find where Xue’er went.”

Luo Xiaoyun stubbornly looked at the surveillance, still trying to trace a little trace.

Ye Xing impatiently dragged her out of her seat, then went out to the car and headed for the villa.

“What are you doing? I’m fine, just get some sleep.”

“What have you become, you stink all over, haven’t bathed for a few days?”

Luo Xiaoyun blushed, “Why do you care about that? You should find out where Xue’er is, I’m afraid something has happened to her.”

“Nine times out of ten she left on her own, otherwise there wouldn’t be any clues at all, it’s true that I have so many enemies, but not many dare to mess with her, the Jiang family was fighting with the Free Fairy at the time, Shangguan Lan didn’t find her either, as for the other clans in the ancient martial world, they were all cleaned up by me, who would dare to mess with her?”

“You suspect that she left on her own?”

“That’s right, her personality has changed drastically since she came back, I suspect that she must have left on her own and will appear on her own when she has to.”

“You’re angry?”

“I’m not angry that my wife ran off on her own, am I happy?”

“Cher likes you, she wouldn’t betray you.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t feel like I’m being cuckolded.”

“That’s a bit of a spiteful attitude you have.”


Chapter 446

Overseas island, in the Immortal Sect cave.

Shangguan Lan had a furious face. He had gone to the Five Finger Mountain and although he found traces left by the Sect Master, he just couldn’t find anyone, and the most crucial thing was that the Life Lamp left by the Sect Master had actually gone out.

The lamp is a candle flame left behind by every member of the Immortal Sect, once it is extinguished, it means death.

Shangguan Lan thought about it and finally clapped his hands, “Go to the Empty Mountain and invite out the Supreme Ancestor.”

The two middle-aged beautiful women standing on either side immediately frowned.

“Elder Shangguan, the sect master has ordered that it is absolutely impossible to go to the Empty Mountain and disturb the Supreme Ancestor.” One beautiful woman had a slightly chubby body, but was circumspect in appearance, with a snow-white complexion, and looked gentle and atmospheric.

Shangguan Lan’s brow was heavy with hostility as she sneered, “Elder Bai, the sect master’s life-light has gone out, so if we don’t invite the Supreme Ancestor, will we pick a new sect master among us to take over?”

“Although the sect master’s life-light has gone out, neither the corpse nor the Kun Wu sword has appeared, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that he has fallen.” Another beautiful woman also said.

Shangguan Lan continued to sneer, “You guys don’t try to press me, I’m not interested in the position of Sect Master because I know very well that I don’t have the strength to complete the great plan of aura recovery, but Elder Tai Shang is strong enough to take the position of Sect Master, both in terms of seniority and strength.”

“But ……” The beautiful woman still wanted to say something.

Shangguan Lan sternly shouted, “You two don’t have to say anything, this time the Sect Master can die at Jiang Qin’s hands, so can we, so can the rest of the Immortal Sect, if we don’t bring in the Great Supreme Ancestor to sit in the town, not to mention the Aura recovery, even our Immortal Sect will be in danger of being destroyed, are you two really willing to see the Immortal Sect destroyed?”

These words were too heavy, and although the two beautiful women were full of tangled faces, they were ultimately unable to refute them.

The group set off for Hollow Mountain, which was the Immortal Sect’s holy place and where the prisoners of past generations were held.

The Immortal Sect’s trip still attracted the attention of the Dragon Shield, which after all was now placing drones everywhere to constantly monitor the movements of the Immortal Sect and the Jiang family.

This time the Immortal Sect was almost out in force, so it would be strange if the Dragon Shield did not find out.

But they soon lost track of everyone, and it looked like the Immortal Sect was deliberately hiding.

But with the nest out, the direction is almost clear, it just takes time to find the exact location.

Also this was one before and one after, so maybe by the time Dragon Shield found out where the other side had gone, the Immortal Sect would have long since left.

Three days later, after analysing a place based on the data, Ye Xing went to the Dragon Shield stronghold to start a discussion.

This time, he called both Zhang Yue’er and Zhu Xiaohong, so that the two of them could feel the atmosphere of the Dragon Shield.

What he didn’t expect was Zhu Xiaohong’s face changing drastically, saying that she was very uncomfortable.

Ye Xing asked Zhang Yue’er to accompany her down to rest, after the discussion meeting, as the master naturally had to go to check the situation.

When he came to Zhu Xiaohong’s house, the person was sitting by the bed and fuming.

“Aunt came?”

Zhu Xiaohong blushed and shook her head down.

Ye Xing approached over, and without any nonsense, grabbed her wrist and looked at her pulse, and found that there was no problem with her good health ah.

“Is it because of the murder before that you are not in good spirits?”

“I have nightmares at night, so I’m just not feeling too well.”

“It’s like that the first time you killed someone, but you have to open your heart, the person you killed was a bad person, you belonged to self-defence, don’t have a psychological burden, I’ll ask Zhang Yue’er to accompany you at night.”

“Master, no need to go to that trouble, I’m just homesick and want to make a trip back.”

“You should also go home to see your parents, I’ll arrange for someone to send you there.”

“Master, I can do it by myself, don’t worry about it.”

Ye Xing nodded his head down, then left the house.

Zhu Xiaohong’s face was gloomy, then she packed her luggage and left, only for Zhang Yue’er to follow her not long after she walked out.

Zhang Yue’er was planning to carry some things to Zhu Xiaohong, the senior sister’s home, but ended up following Zhu Xiaohong to the high speed train station and found that she wasn’t even going in the direction of Wuzhishan.

“What is this Xiaohong doing if she’s not going home?” Zhang Yue’er wondered up, but curiosity kept her following.

Zhu Xiaohong was desperate and if she didn’t stop it, it was bound to send the Immortal Sect into chaos; the matter was too significant for her to risk.

The mountainous region where the Empty Mountain is located is also known by the name of Qinling.

It is a region that spans the north and south of China, with great differences in climate between the two sides, and the mountains stretch for thousands of miles, all reaching hundreds of miles in width.

There are countless mountains within the Qinling Mountains, each with a fancy name and many ancient legends.

This Empty Mountain is situated near an una*suming valley within the mountain range.

It is off the beaten track all year round, with only nearby medicine farmers entering the area.

Zhu Xiaohong was after all an ordinary person, and although she possessed a little Yuan Power, it could not be of much use.

When she reached the foot of the Qinling Mountains, her whole body felt dizzy beyond belief, and her seemingly good body was a bit overwhelmed after half an hour of mountain walking.

But this was still a full two days’ hike away from the Hollow Mountains, and entering like this, I feared there was really no going back.

Suddenly, there were gasps of air coming from all around. Zhu Xiaohong looked around warily and soon she spotted where the gasps were coming from and immediately went after them.

Upon seeing Zhang Yue’er, Zhu Xiaohong was stunned, “How come it’s you?”

“Senior sister, what are you doing here in the mountains instead of going home? I was afraid something would happen to you, I chased you for half a day and shouted for half a day, but you didn’t answer.”

Zhang Yue’er had been initiated earlier and had more Yuan Power in her body, which allowed her to adapt to the long trek.

Zhu Xiaohong’s face changed, then she began to make up a story, and when she learned that Zhang Yue’er had come after her alone, a murderous aura suddenly appeared in her eyes.

“Sister, you can sit down for a while, I’ll go and fetch some water.”

Zhu Xiaohong twisted her head when she finished speaking and took a look at the ground, finding the stone and then quietly grabbing it in her hand.

Zhang Yue’er sat on the stone next to her to catch her breath, completely unaware that Zhu Xiaohong had approached behind her with the intention of making a move.

Zhu Xiaohong raised the stone and was about to drop it when suddenly a shout came from afar: “Zhu Xiaohong, Zhang Yue’er!”

Zhu Xiaohong heard that it was Ye Xing’s voice and hurriedly dropped the stone in fear.

Ye Xing was indeed quick to spot this side, and led the men directly after him.


Zhang Yue’er shouted with a smile on her face.

Ye Xing drank with a grim face, “Who told you to come here?”

“Master, I wanted to come to see if I could help, after all, I am familiar with the Great Mountain.”

Zhu Xiaohong frowned and made up an excuse.

Naturally, Ye Xing wouldn’t believe it, but this Zhu Xiaohong had a clean background, so it didn’t seem like there should be a problem.

“You two have this down for you first.”

Ye Xing asked the technicians behind him when he finished.

The Immortal Sect had already been traced within the Qinling Mountains, and the valley they were currently in, was the Hollow Mountain.

Zhu Xiaohong was inwardly anxious, but it seemed to have become a foregone conclusion and there was no way to change it.

Ye Xing led the men towards the mountain, and Zhu Xiaohong and Zhang Yue’er went along with him.

When they arrived outside the valley, they found a thick fog inside, which looked very strange.

But soon, the sound of a rumbling helicopter came from the sky, only to see several beautiful women in field combat uniforms descending from the sky.

Those who came were none other than Qiao Lily, Du Jiuniang, Lin Wei and Luo Xiaoyun.

Dragon Shield was currently the main combatant, or this group of ladies, making Ye Xing sigh a little bit of yin and yang.