Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 443-444

Chapter 443

Ye Xing also agreed casually, anyway, whether the verbal promise counts or not depends on whether he has integrity.

But if he didn’t say yes at this point, I’m afraid he would have to find something for himself if old man Ma turned his back on him.

Ye Xing understood very well not to make enemies everywhere, and there was no need to be so stubborn about things that could often be settled with a single word.

Ma Han Yang frowned and asked, “You kid didn’t lie to me, did you?”

“Old man, I promise you don’t believe me, I don’t promise you, you have to be angry too, what do you want me to do?”

Ye Xing frowned and cried out.

Ma Han Yang considered for a moment and said, “Fine, count me in, when will you propose marriage to our Ma family?”

“I’ll have to ask your granddaughter about that, after all, she’s not that old, what if she wants to play around for a few more years?”

“She’s eighteen, she should get married too.”

“Grandpa, I don’t want to get married.” Ma Lingling said in a blushing voice.

“I can’t let you fool around with this, go back and count the days properly for you, and wait for him to come to the door to propose marriage.” Ma Han Yang said, called on Ma Ling Ling and left.

As soon as Ye Xing saw that he had solved the matter perfectly, he was still resourceful.

But when he came to Lin Wei and the others, he was counted badly.

“I can’t help it, I’m too good, this old man saw me and wanted me to be his son-in-law.”

“Cut it out, maybe you’ve wrecked someone’s little girl and they have no choice but to let you marry her.” Lin Wei squeezed.

Ye Xing laughed in a low voice, “Then I also wrecked you before, why didn’t you let me marry you?”

“Don’t mention that, it makes me sick to mention it.”

“Disgusting? Could it be that I look at you and you have one? Do you like spicy or sour, they say sour children are hot, why don’t we go and find out.”

“You’re at least a chief, don’t talk nonsense all day long.”

“You made fun of me first, I said a few words about you and you can’t stand it?”

“Hmph, you’re no good anyway.”

“It’s not polite to talk like that, just the way that little girl looks, I wouldn’t even marry her if I married you.”

Lin Wei blushed slightly and left with a stomp of her foot, because if the argument continued, I was afraid that in a moment, Ye Xing would even think of what to call the child.

Ye Xing took the dragon shield and set up under the Five Finger Mountain, they say that the mantis catches the cicada and the yellow bird is behind it, although they can’t do either side, but they also want to see if they can pick up equipment or something.

The Five Finger Mountain scenic area was almost deserted late at night. The cold wind howled at night and both Jiang’s family and the Free Fairy seemed to have disappeared.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Ye Xing did not dare to make a rash move because he did not see that old thing Jiang Qin, in case he made a move to lure him out, he would have to fight a Ninth Grade Zong Master head on, which was extremely unpleasant.

Although Ye Xing was currently a Seventh Grade Patriarch, he could barely resist for a minute when he fought with a Ninth Grade.

Dragon Shield also began to withdraw, although they did not know what the outcome would be, but in the end, they were letting both sides dogfight.

Ye Xing returned to Guangnan Provincial City and went back to the villa at the first opportunity, only to find that something was wrong when he reached the front yard.

He hurried into the house to check, only to find that on the first floor, a group of women in white drew their long swords when they saw him.

“People from the Immortal Sect!”

Ye Xing’s heart went cold when a laugh came out, followed by the sight of Shangguan Lan walking out of the bedroom.

Shangguan Lan had bright eyes and white teeth, long boots, tight trousers, short-sleeved shirt with flower petals shaped on her chest, she was a showgirl just by looking at her clothes.

“Where’s my wife?”

Ye Xing looked at Shangguan Lan, that was seeing an enemy.

“I want to ask you too, hand over Murong Xue.”

Shangguan Lan waved her hand, and the other fairies surrounded them.

Ye Xing was relieved to hear this, since Murong Xue was not caught by Shangguan Lan, then at least she should be safe.

“With just this number of people you plan to fight me, you are afraid you are dreaming.”

Ye Xing drove his Yuan Power and intended to clean up Shangguan Lan.

Shangguan Lan sneered and clapped his hands, and soon Luo Xiaoyun was brought out.

Ye Xing really wanted to curse his mother, it was this girl who was causing trouble again.

“If you do it, I’ll kill her.”

Ye Xing gloomily drank, “Don’t try to threaten me, I’m a person who doesn’t eat this.”

“Then let’s waste her first.” Shangguan Lan greeted his disciple and was about to do it.

Ye Xing hurriedly shouted, “I don’t know if you have gotten the news about the Prosperous Fairy being besieged by the Jiang family.”

Shangguan Lan frowned and smiled coldly, “The Sect Master has the Kun Wu Sword, the Jiang family’s people going to besiege her would be looking for death.”

“People have been ambushed in advance, even if the Kun Wu Sword in the hands of the Free Fairy is powerful, it is still difficult to defeat four hands with two fists, you don’t really think that with a mouthful of magic weapon, you can do whatever you want, do you?”

Shangguan Lan was indeed a little moved, “You lied to me?”

“What’s the point of me lying to you? I’ve seen the Kun Wu Sword, it’s really powerful, but Jiang Qin is a Ninth Grade Patriarch, one of the Four Great Patriarchs of China, he laid a trap, the Free Fairy will be seriously injured even if she doesn’t die, you let go, I’ll tell you the location, maybe you can pick up the body if you go.”

Shangguan Lan was full of hesitation, thinking about it, with Ye Xing’s affection for Murong Xue, it was impossible to hand over Murong Xue, he could only retreat to the second best.

“Okay, I’ll let them go, you tell me the location.”

Ye Xing did not say a word and Shangguan Lan waved his hand before the Immortal Sect’s people released Luo Xiaoyun.

Luo Xiaoyun came to Ye Xing’s side with an apologetic face, Ye Xing sneered, “Five Finger Mountain, grab the corpses, if you go late, they might all be eaten up by the beasts.”

Shangguan Lan was indignant and turned his head and led the other disciples to jump down from the first floor window and leave quickly.

Luo Xiaoyun said embarra*sedly, “It’s all my fault, or else you could have caught them.”

“Blame it on my bad luck, I wanted to teach Shangguan Lan a lesson, who knew you would fall into her hands again, by the way, where is my wife?”

Luo Xiaoyun muttered, “Xue’er suddenly said she had to go out yesterday, I asked her and she wouldn’t say where she was going, she just asked me to stay at home to let you know.”

“What’s all this secrecy?”

“I really didn’t lie to you.”

Ye Xing sighed, ever since Murong Xue started cultivating, the whole person had become secretive and did not tell him even if she had something on her mind.

Although he could still feel Murong Xue’s love for him, it was as if there was a layer of gla*s between the two, and he could not still open his heart the same as before.

“It’s all because of that demon woman Shangguan Lan, sooner or later she falls into my hands, see if I don’t torture you to death with the 18 kinds of torture.”

After venting, Ye Xing called Luo Xiaoyun and went to the Dragon Shield stronghold.

A video soon appeared, and it was indeed Murong Xue leaving the villa alone.

She didn’t drive, but took a taxi at the door, the car quickly entered the city, and then she disappeared.

This is a deliberate attempt to avoid the Eye of Heaven!

Ye Xing was a bit hard to bear, his wife was deliberately avoiding the Heaven’s Eye, so maybe she really had something to hide from him.

Ye Xing finished his investigation and sat on a chair, suddenly Luo Xiaoyun brought a cup of clear tea and apologized, “I’m sorry, yesterday was all because of me.”

“I don’t blame you, don’t take it towards yourself, I just feel stranger and stranger to Xue’er.”

Luo Xiaoyun looked uncomfortable, thought about it and said, “By the way, before Xue’er left, she seemed to have recited a poem.”

“What poem?”

“The sky is pale, the wild is vast, the wind blows the gra*s and the cows and sheep are seen, I can’t remember the back.”


Chapter 444

Ye Xing hurriedly searched, and then summoned the technical staff of Dragon Shield to analyse it.

They were all great gods, and their analysis was simply head-on, and in the end they actually identified a few suspected locations near the provincial capital.

The first was the Ethnic Style Village, a heavily built tourist village outside the provincial capital, and there was also a high mountain gra*sland next to the village, which best matched the sight of cattle and sheep grazing.

The second is the Tibetan Land Hotel, also outside the provincial capital, all built with houses made of cow and sheep fur, very characteristic of the gra*sland.

The third is the Qinglong Lake, where there are not only cattle and sheep pastures, but also specialties.

Ye Xing didn’t care, he went to find them one by one, and when Luo Xiaoyun had to go, he took her with him.

After a day or so of searching for the three locations, nothing was found.

Ye Xing also gave up, it was better to go home and keep watch, maybe his wife had gone out to play enough and went home again.

Inside the villa, Ye Xing looked at Luo Xiaoyun and smiled: “My wife is lost, you are more upset than me.”

“That’s my bestie, I can’t be upset, right?”

“Yes, your bestie is lost, my wife is lost, why don’t we both make up for it?”

“Go to hell, nonsense.”

Ye Xing suddenly frowned as he noticed a powerful aura coming from around the villa.

Maybe it was his wife who had returned.

Ye Xing hurriedly ran out, but instead of seeing Murong Xue, he found an old man appearing outside the villa.

The old man was wearing a hat and hunched over, and was dumbfounded to see him.

But the old man dropped a box, turned his head and ran.

Ye Xing hurriedly chased after him, and the old man turned his head and shouted, “Don’t chase me, I’ve changed my ways and will never practice evil from now on, just spare my life.”

Ye Xing still held the old man down, at first glance his face was full of hideousness, his head was bare, it looked as if a ball of flesh had eyes and a mouth growing on it.

“Demon cultivator?”

Ye Xing shot to his feet.

The old man said with a sobbing face, “I’m not a demon cultivator, I’ve only cultivated the evil arts on the Heavenly Tribulation Chart to become this ghostly appearance, I don’t even have many years left to live, you guys just let me take good care of my family.”

“Hmph, you are quite good at making up nonsense all day long, there are no good people in demon cultivation.”

Ye Xing sneered and wanted to strike.

The old man cried and begged, “If I were a bad person, I wouldn’t have taken the initiative to hand over the Heavenly Tribulation Map.”

Ye Xing grabbed the man and dragged him back to the villa, and there was indeed a box on the ground at the entrance of the villa.

Ye Xing opened it and saw that the fishy smell inside the box was very strong, a piece of fur was rolled up, and when he lifted it, he found that inside was indeed a map of the Heavenly Tribulation written in small letters in ancient seal script.

Ye Xing could not read those words either, so he put away the heavenly tribulation diagram and asked, “Who instructed you to come?”

“No one else, I received this Heavenly Tribulation Diagram from someone else a year ago, thinking that the things on it could prolong my life, so I started to learn to practice it, but I never thought that the more I practiced, the more evil it became, and I turned into this ghostly appearance.”

The old man cried out in distress.

“Who are you fooling? You can receive such a valuable thing from someone else?”

Luo Xiaoyun immediately took out a suspicious look.

The old man frowned and explained, “I really bought it from the auction, I still have the photos from that time.”

The old man took out his mobile phone, and Luo Xiaoyun immediately asked him to open it and log in, and after some searching, the photo from a year ago indeed had the old man’s spirited appearance, and it was this wooden box that he was holding in his hand.

Ye Xing thought about it, could it be that the demon cultivator had really hung up and was picked up by someone who picked up this skin and sold it as an antique?

Ye Xing, of course, would not feel at ease and called the technical staff of Dragon Shield to ask them to check the situation of an auction in the provincial city a year ago.

There was indeed this box at this auction, and it was marked at the time as one rosewood box from over a hundred years ago, containing a fox skin, which was very collectible.

But no information was revealed about the auctioneer.

Ye Xing was all happy to hear that such an important thing actually appeared at the auction, it looked like the demon cultivator who owned it was hanging.

Anyway, no matter what, the stuff was real and the old man was real.

“In the past year or so, you have been cultivating according to what is written on it, it looks like you also belong to those with spiritual roots, but how did you know about my place?”

“To be honest, that nephew of mine is from your Dragon Shield, he has been advising me not to cultivate and give up this thing, I never dared to decide.”

“Holy Sh*t, a mole.”

“It has nothing to do with him, he just wants to help me, and this address of your house was only known to him yesterday.”

Ye Xing glanced at Luo Xiaoyun, who immediately went inside and made a phone call, asking the Dragon Shield side to look into the problem immediately.

Soon the mole among the technicians was found out, and Ye Xing released the person after investigation, after all, it didn’t cause any harm, but it was impossible for that person to enter the Dragon Shield again.

Ye Xing left Lin Wei to deal with the old man, whether to catch or kill him, or keep him under surveillance, just let her worry about it anyway.

Looking at the Heavenly Calamity diagram, Ye Xing said happily, “With this, the second spell will never be found by the Immortal Sect, of course it’s best if the Free Fairy hangs up, then no one will think about the aura recovery.”

“Xue’er doesn’t have a clue yet.” Luo Xiaoyun reminded.

Ye Xing got depressed, “You can’t make it easy for me, can you? My wife is lost and I’m having a hard time with it.”

Murong Xue still had no clue, but on the other side, near the Five Finger Mountain, Shangguan Lan chased her to the bottom of the Daoist temple mountain and found that there were indeed signs of a fight, plus the damage caused by the Kun Wu sword was too vivid to be concealed.

She sent people everywhere to search for the whereabouts of the Free Fairy, but unfortunately found nothing.

Ye Xing got the news and wondered if Jiang Qin had really slaughtered the Free Fairy.

But many people from Jiang’s family were also missing, which was a problem.

In a small farmhouse under the Five Finger Mountain, many people are preoccupied because a few days ago, the family’s children went into the mountain and had an accident.

When he returned home he had been asleep, but without any external injuries, the family made the decision to have to go to the hospital, only to have the car found and the child woke up again.

“Mum, I’m fine.”

Inside the bedroom, the long-haired girl sitting on the bed in her pyjamas smiled and moved her arms and legs a little.

The older woman cried and nodded, then told her to get some rest, that she must have met something unclean when she went into the mountains and that was why she had committed the crime.

When all her relatives had left, the young girl wore an expression full of anger.

She was only eighteen years old, but her expression was as if she was bitter and angry. In the end she didn’t have any strength and had to lie in bed to recover properly.

A few days later, the young girl was finally able to move and said goodbye to her family and went out to work.

Her first stop was the provincial capital of Guangnan, and as she walked around the city with her suitcase, she was a bit overwhelmed.

But in the end she found a place to settle first and took up residence in a hotel as a waitress.

Although the Dragon Shield increased its search, all the Jiang family members seemed to have disappeared, and even Shangguan Lan and other members of the Immortal Sect who had entered the Five Finger Mountain had lost their whereabouts.