Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 441-442

Chapter 441

The Free Fairy crouched down and searched up, quickly identifying a skin.

“The Heavenly Tribulation Chart!”

Ye Xing’s heart thudded when he saw it.

The Fairy of Prosperity’s expression suddenly sneered, “Your Excellency has been looking at it for so long, you should have come out too, right?”

Ye Xing was dumbfounded, he had been too careless, what kind of person is the Free and Easy Fairy, how could she not notice if he was peeking at such a close distance?

He was just about to turn his head and run away, when suddenly there was a strange coldness around him, only to see a layer of white frost on the ground, and when he reached out and touched it, it actually all broke apart.

At the same time, the Free Fairy had already arrived in front of him and laughed coldly, “So it’s you, this abominable fellow, who stole my disciple and caused me to make a big fool of myself at the Snow Mountain Ancient Formation, today I want you dead.”

Ye Xing instantly calmed down, facing this kind of big brother, it was useless to just be afraid, one had to be calm enough, the more calm one was, the more one could find a ray of life.

“Fairy this is not right, Murong Xue is my wife, Shangguan Lan took her by force and brought her to the Immortal Sect for cultivation, this is an act of woe to the Immortal Sect!”

Immortal Freeze’s eyes narrowed, “Murong Xue has good talent and is Shangguan Lan’s own daughter, bringing her to the Immortal Sect for training is a move to strengthen my Immortal Sect, what’s so bad about it?”

“Fairy, you and I are both immortal cultivators, we should know that immortal cultivation is about clearing your mind and desires, especially the fairy in the Immortal Sect, why are they all as beautiful as flowers and have an extraordinary temperament, isn’t that all because they have cut off their children’s love? This Shangguan Lan brought her own daughter to the Immortal Sect, this already belongs to the love between mother and daughter, in addition Murong Xue is married to me, is my wife, and is extremely affectionate with me, she has me as her husband, what else would she have in mind to cultivate, the end result is to make the other immortals of the Immortal Sect move their mortal hearts, only aspiring to the affairs of men and women, who would still go to cultivate hard?”

Ye Xing was full of sincere nonsense, anyway, it was just a bet on the mouth, success or failure is another story.

The Fairy of the Free and Easy laughed coldly, “You may talk a lot, but you can’t fool me, Shangguan Lan has been in the Immortal Sect for so many years, with merit and service, you want to sow discord, you’ve made a mistake.”

Ye Xing froze, then roared, “Shangguan Lan has said that Murong Xue’s is a dual system talent, second only to you, and can take his place in the future and become the head of the Immortal Sect.”

“Seek death!”

The Free Fairy lunged towards Ye Xing with a murderous aura, and Ye Xing hurriedly drove the Hardening Technique.

The other party’s brows furrowed, “A gold spell? It’s a pity that this spell of yours is actually defensive in nature, if it was a gold attack spell, it would really be indestructible.”

The Free Fairy threw out two ice ropes, Ye Xing quickly resisted, but was entangled by this extremely flexible ice rope of the opponent.

From this ice spell alone, one could tell that the Free and Easy Fairy was far more powerful than Qiao Baihe.

Qiao Baihe’s ice spells were just ice spears, ice thorns and blizzards, which were powerful but extremely rigid and inflexible, and could not be manipulated like a human hand like the Free and Easy Fairy, and were as strong as the real thing.

As Ye Xing was wrapped up in a deadlock, Immortal Freeze controlled the flying sword and stabbed at him.

With a stabbing sound, the golden air shield was pierced through, and Ye Xing’s blood churned in his belly.

The spell was broken and his body was uncomfortable!

Ye Xing lost his Yuan Power support and thought he was going to be killed by Immortal Free Spirit’s sword, but the other party withdrew his magic weapon and sneered, “It is really too cheap to kill you now, take me to Murong Xue first, and then take you back to the Immortal Sect for disposal.”

Ye Xing laughed bitterly, this was the difference in strength, although he had cultivated both immortal and martial arts, he was still unbearable in front of Fairy Prosperity.

Luckily, some nonsense just now made the other party not immediately move to kill, let’s take one step at a time.

“You are now damaged in Yuan Power, if you forcefully escape, you are bound to have all your tendons and veins broken, besides you won’t be able to slip away in my hands.”

The Free Fairy sneered proudly.

Ye Xing laughed bitterly, “Don’t worry Fairy, I definitely won’t run away, you are so pretty, I’m still full of eye candy to be able to follow you around.”

Immortal Freeze instantly turned gloomy, as soon as she choked Ye Xing, she coldly shouted, “If you dare to speak out of turn again, I will cut off your tongue first.”

Ye Xing was uncomfortably strangled, but fortunately, the Free and Easy Fairy quickly let go.

Ye Xing dared not speak nonsense again, after all, it was not necessary to gamble with his life.

The Fairy of Prosperity called on him and left the place, getting into the other’s car.

“You drive and take me to Murong Xue.”

The Free Fairy grunted up coldly.

Ye Xing frowned, his wife had barely made it home, if this was snatched back again by the Immortal Sect, wouldn’t this be a wasted effort?

“Xue’er was sent out of the country by me, I had to buy a ticket to do so.”

Ye Xing babbled a sentence.

The Free Fairy suddenly threw out a handful of ice spikes, stabbing the back of Ye Xing’s head in excruciating pain.

“You didn’t lie to me?”

“Fairy, how dare I lie to you, the Immortal Sect and Jiang Family are both after me, so for Xue’er’s safety, I sent her out of the country.”

Fairy Prosperity increased her force and Ye Xing felt like the back of his head was about to be pierced with ice spikes, but he had to hold back or he would be finished.

The ice spikes were incomparably cold and sticking into the flesh not only prevented blood from flowing out, but also had a numbing effect.

However, the pain of the skin and flesh tearing could not be alleviated, and the Free Fairy hesitated for a moment before finally withdrawing her spell.

Ye Xing instantly seemed to have his three souls and seven spirits taken away, and his entire body leaned back in the chair and gasped for air.

“Call her immediately, I want to make sure she is abroad, if you dare to lie to me, I will cut your hands and feet off, anyway, all you need to do to find someone is to leave your head and mouth.”

As soon as Ye Xing heard that his heart was cold, he took out his mobile phone and dialed out, “No one answered, by the way, she said that she was practicing some kind of gong method that was very special, she couldn’t let anyone disturb her, and she had to stay away from me, and said she couldn’t share a room with me, what kind of gong method is it? What kind of gongfu is that? It doesn’t even allow two people to share a room.”

Immortal Prosperity instantly blushed and rolled, but she quickly suppressed the thought and shouted coldly, “Is the Immortal Sect gong method something you can ask about? Drive to the highway station.”

Ye Xing breathed a sigh of relief and drove to kill to the provincial high speed railway station, and when he arrived at the place, his mobile phone rang.

“It’s my friend calling, if I don’t answer it, Dragon Shield will know about this.”

“You think I would care about any Dragon Shield, it’s ridiculous.”

“What if it’s a lead from Jiang’s family? That old B*****d Jiang Qin must be hiding, do you want to settle the score with him?”

“Your Dragon Shield can find old Jiang Qin?”

“Although they disappeared, there are many people in Jiang’s family, if we catch the younger ones, we can find out the older ones.”

“Good then, let your Dragon Shield give clues, I want to exterminate the Jiang family myself.”

Ye Xing picked up the phone, Zhao Qiangwei was calling, asking where he had run off to.

“I’m fine, be a good boy and go home, you don’t need to worry about anything else.”

“You’re really fine?”

“If you say it’s fine, it’s fine.”

Ye Xing hung up the phone and called Lin Wei again, asking about Jiang Qin.

Lin Wei said that she was already checking, but there was no definite news at the moment.

After hearing this, the Free Fairy was instantly furious and wanted to teach Ye Xing a lesson.

Ye Xing was really scared, the ice spikes just now stabbed the back of his head, that was unbearable.

“I know the whereabouts of a demon cultivator, should I take you there?”


Chapter 442

“Demon cultivator, where?”

“Inside a Taoist temple in Lingnan.”

The Free Fairy considered for a moment and said, “If you dare to lie to me, I will make your life worse than death.”

Ye Xing hurriedly said that he did not dare, and then the two of them entered the high-speed railway station and bought tickets to set off for the Taoist temple.

On the other hand, inside Dragon Shield’s stronghold in Guangnan Province, Lin Wei said to all the team members after hearing the conversation, “The chief has been held hostage by the Lord of the Immortal Gate, we have to find a way to get him out.”

The group began to deliberate and then came up with various ways.

Ye Xing also knew that Lin Wei must have already started monitoring the phone, nowadays, as long as the phone was left on, it completely turned into a monitor.

Of course to make the phone become a monitor, one had to break through layers of barriers, at least not for ordinary people to do.

Ye Xing should be clear about whatever Ye Xing said and did nowadays, but the Free Fairy was a BUG, no one was her opponent, and I’m afraid that even if Hua Junsheng made a move, he wouldn’t be able to beat her Kun Wu sword.

“What to do.”

Ye Xing was anxious in his heart, but he could only take one step at a time.

Early the next morning, Ye Xing had arrived outside the Five Finger Mountain scenic spot.

The Free Fairy narrowed her eyes and asked, “Are you sure that the demon cultivator is hiding in the Taoist temple?”

“This is a tip-off received by our Dragon Shield, this Lingnan Daoist Family has a copy of the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram, those devil cultivators gave it to the robbers, and in addition they also bloodied the Daoist Temple, there is a high possibility that this devil cultivator is hiding inside the Daoist Temple.”

“You also know about the Heavenly Tribulation Map?”

“It’s an object of the Lingnan Daoist Clan, there are many evil arts recorded in it, the demonic cultivators grabbed it and practiced the evil arts on it, but in fact there is another Daoist temple of the Lingnan Daoist Clan, which is inside the Heavenly Tribulation Map.”

“You know quite a lot, I am hunting down the demon cultivator to find that one dao field to open the second ancient formation, you stopped us from opening the first one before, this second one I am afraid you are already in trouble yourself.”

“The immortal’s methods are heavenly, where would I dare to mantle my arms.”

“That’s good to know, go into the mountain.”

Fairy Free was instantly in a good mood, and the two of them quickly entered the mountain.

Ye Xing kept leading the detour until a toll text message came from his phone.

He took one look at the text message and understood that it was ready, although he didn’t know what kind of tricks Lin Wei and the girls were up to, but he had to gamble on it.

Ye Xing took the Free Fairy to the foot of the mountain, looking up at the cave halfway up the mountain, the Free Fairy sneered, “Where is the demon cultivator hiding in the mountain wall cave?”

“This should be the right place, before the Daoist master here had to go down the mountain every now and then, but recently he has not gone out for a long time, and there are many people who come here and disappear, which makes us suspect this place.”

“Let’s go and have a look then, if it’s a demonic cultivator, kill it and be done with it.”

The two men headed towards the cave in the middle of the mountain wall, one after the other.

Suddenly, the mountain wall exploded with a bang.

Ye Xing was frightened enough to jump down and dodge, the Easy Fairy was miserable, the explosion happened right above her side and the whole shockwave wrapped her whole body.

After she landed, not only was she covered in blood, she also had scorched hair and was in a terrible state of disarray.

Ye Xing quickly saw the Dragon Shield members around her and immediately smiled.

The Fairy of Prosperity got up and swallowed a pill, followed by driving the magic weapon Kun Wu Sword.

The Dragon Shield members around them hid as the Kun Wu Sword flew and stabbed out, actually not knowing whose trouble they were looking for.

The Free Fairy turned her head to look at Ye Xing, her face full of anger, and drove the Kun Wu Sword towards him to kill him.

The flying sword was extremely fast, but as a result, she did not expect the surrounding fire to blast towards her.

The Free Fairy was forced to retrieve her Kunwu Sword, directly deflecting the fire rushing towards her from all around.

Ye Xing hurriedly ran to Lin Wei’s side and saw quite a few familiar faces, Ma Han Yang was actually there.

He smiled cheerfully and said, “Chief Ye, this is a big move on your part, actually taking action against the leader of the Immortal Sect, I’m giving up my life this time.”

“Old man, think of something, although the sneak attack was successful, the magic weapon in the hands of the Free Fairy is really terrifying, if she gets ruthless in a moment, we won’t be able to withstand it here.”

“Don’t worry, she’s in big trouble.”

As Ye Xing wondered, a rough laugh rang out from all around, “Demoness of the Immortal Sect, I heard that you are looking for me everywhere, there is no end to it, you really want to fight me, Jiang Qin, to the end, right?”

Ye Xing was happy to hear this, it was good that they had gathered all these enemies together, today it looked like they would have to fight to the death.

Jiang Qin arrived with a large number of his disciples and once he took a look at the situation, it was clear that he was being taken advantage of.

But it didn’t matter to him, the Free Fairy was clearly a greater threat to him than Ye Xing.

“Why don’t the scum of the Dragon Shield get lost, do you still want to join this demon girl and fight with our Jiang family to the end?”

Jiang Qin roared in anger and gave in.

Ye Xing signaled everyone to withdraw, and the Free Fairy exploded with anger, her eyes filled with resentment as she looked at Ye Xing, her heart itching with hatred.

Ye Xing and the others hurriedly withdrew, and the people of Jiang’s family began to take turns to attack the Free and Easy Fairy, for them, they had been hiding in the east before, and today was the best opportunity.

Although magic weapons and spells were the biggest killers of the Prosperous Fairy, she was more or less posthumously wounded at this point by the blast, so it was worth it to take her down, no matter how much it cost.

At the back of Five Finger Mountain, Ye Xing asked in wonder, “Who informed Jiang Qin?”

Lin Wei pointed to Ma Han Yang, and the old man laughed, “Granddaughter-in-law, you don’t need to thank me, being a grandfather won’t see death without help.”

“Senior, what are you shouting at me for, is there a misunderstanding?”

“No misunderstanding, I know all about you and my Ling Ling, it is an honour for our Ma family to have such a granddaughter-in-law like you.”

“Grandpa, when did I ever say I would marry him?”

“Silly girl, if you don’t marry him, won’t you be at a disadvantage?”

At these words, the surrounding Dragon Shield members all burst out laughing.

Lin Wei huffed and read in a low voice, “Beast!”

Ye Xing was speechless, since when did Laozi become a beast again?

He hurriedly walked over to explain, only to have this strange old man, Ma Han Yang, drink discontentedly, “Chief Ye, although your Dragon Shield is very powerful, but our Exorcist Ma family is not a vegetarian, my granddaughter is also innocent, if you want to wipe your mouth and leave, see it’s not that easy.”

“Old man, I haven’t even touched her, you’re mistaken.”

“Haven’t touched her? Do you think the old man is stupid? I won’t say any more, but today you have to say yes or no.”

“Old man, I haven’t done it, what do I have to promise?”

“Fine, you wait and see.”

Ma Han Yang huffed and dragged Ma Ling Ling away.

Ye Xing was dumbfounded, what was this all about?

Lin Wei came closer and whispered, “You’ve offended the Exorcist Ma family, why don’t you go and persuade them?”

Ye Xing hesitated for a moment, still not wanting to make an enemy, he hurriedly chased after him.

Ma Han Yang sneered, “Why are you still here?”

“Old man, take it easy, I’ll go and explain to you clearly some other day.”

“Explain bullSh*t, you marry or not, just one word.”

“I’ll marry!”

Ma Lingling was dumbfounded after hearing this, and then her face turned red.