Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 439-440

Chapter 439

Although he did not know what kind of pill it was, he could tell from the aroma and the herbs that it was definitely not poison.

As the pill went down, the first thing Ye Xing felt was a majestic medicinal power dispersing in his body.

He quickly ran his body’s Yuan Power, and sure enough, as the Yuan Power dissipated, the medicinal power quickly dispersed in all the limbs and bones.

However, there was still a part of it that had not been digested, which was even more ma*sive than the medicinal power of the Mixed Yuan Dan, but the two seemed to be very different.

The energy contained in the Mixed Yuan Pill was extremely powerful, and it was difficult for ordinary cultivators to take it and dissolve it.

For example, Ma Lingling, previously, Ye Xing had given her half of a Hybrid Pill to swallow in order to save her.

But even with half a pill, this girl could not dissolve it on her own and had to rely on Ye Xing’s help.

And although this magical elixir could not match the Hybrid Pill in terms of energy, the medicinal power went straight to all parts of the body, constantly rushing into various bottlenecks in the body.

It was even better like a pill for breaking through cultivation.

Thinking of this, Ye Xing hurriedly ran his internal energy to try it out.

As a matter of fact, once the internal energy was moved, this medicinal power became even more ferocious. At this moment, Ye Xing was a Sixth Grade Patriarch.

But fusing this medicinal power, there were instant signs of a breakthrough.

“No matter, take a gamble.”

Ye Xing took the remaining three and swallowed another one to try.

Soon the raging medicinal power filled his whole body, and he kept using his internal energy to travel all over his body, and finally all the bottlenecks in his body were conquered by this medicinal power.

As the night pa*sed, Ye Xing consumed all four pills and also finally achieved the effect, breaking through to the seventh grade of Zong Shi with one stroke of his internal energy.

His face was full of great joy, and when he opened his eyes he was suddenly startled because there was a person standing in front of him, holding a thick phone book in his hand.

“What are you doing?”

“I can’t believe you brought me here to get a room, I’ll kil l you bas tard.” Ma Lingling raised the phone book and was about to smash it.

Ye Xing grabbed her hands and yelled, “What’s crazy, I brought you to the hotel yesterday in order to save you, besides I was cultivating all night, how could I have time to touch your rubbish?”

Although Ma Lingling was full of anger, when she thought about it carefully, it seemed that the other party had indeed not touched herself.

“Hmph, I’ll settle the score with you later.” Ma Lingling huffed and turned her head and left.

Ye Xing didn’t bother to care about her, this girl was as mad as hell.

Leaving the hotel, Ye Xing returned home to the villa hall, where Luo Xiaoyun was accompanying Murong Xue to make dessert.

As soon as Ye Xing arrived, Luo Xiaoyun was a little embarra*sed and awkward.

Murong Xue smiled and then advised, “He doesn’t eat people, why are you afraid of him?”

“Xue’er, it’s my fault for acting privately, I really know it’s wrong.” Luo Xiaoyun rose up in guilt.

Murong Xue sang a double act with her and deliberately laughed, “Ye Xing has a big belly, he won’t bother with you.”

Ye Xing laughed at this, “Wife, you are deliberately playing me?”

“People are saying nice things about you, how can it be a deliberate play on you? Xiao Yun is working very hard, as you can see, not letting her continue to participate in the action is going to hit her self-confidence.” Murong Xue opened her mouth to persuade up.

Ye Xing said helplessly, “Give her another chance, if she commits a mistake again in the future, it’s useless for anyone to beg for mercy.”

“I promise I won’t make a mistake again.” Luo Xiaoyun said excitedly.

The dessert was nothing tasty, and Ye Xing told Murong Xue to go upstairs, causing her to blush.

Upstairs, Murong Xue said shyly, “Calling me upstairs in front of Xiaoyun, if you don’t know, you’ll think I’m going to do something.”

“We’re two people, it’s normal to do something.”

“Didn’t I tell you that I practice a special gongfu method and can’t do that kind of thing?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t give you a hard time, I only asked you to come upstairs to know how your cultivation is going?”

“The progress is okay, it’s just that the spiritual energy is thin, even though it’s a few days when I’m in seclusion, the speed is not as fast as on the mountain.”

Ye Xing smiled, followed by pulling out three mixed element pills.

“Wife, get high, the progress is definitely fast.”

“Shangguan Lan has said that although taking pills can speed up cultivation, there are endless after-effects.”

“Don’t worry, there are no after-effects, my mixed element pills are not ordinary rubbish pills, they are almost 100% pure medicinal power, anyone who takes them will be fine.”

“Then I’ll try it.”

Murong Xue picked one up and was just about to stuff it into her mouth.

Ye Xing covered her red lips and laughed: “One is too much, you won’t be able to eat it, half a pill.”

Murong Xue smiled shyly, then her shellfish teeth opened lightly, biting down half of the pill and swallowing it down her throat.

The medicinal power quickly reacted and Murong Xue ran the Jade Maiden Heart Sutra and began to cultivate.

Ye Xing quietly left the room and went downstairs to stare at Luo Xiaoyun with a gloomy face.

Luo Xiaoyun was a little overwhelmed, her heart thumping.

“Do you really know it’s wrong?”

“I know, Xue’er has scolded me.”

“In order to make you less reckless in the future, I’m going to add some punishment to you.”

“What punishment?”

“Once you make a mistake, I’ll spank you once, or give you a kiss.”


“Forget it if you don’t agree.”

“You’re subtle ……”

“Don’t say it so hard, I’m clearly molesting you.”

“I’ll go and tell Cher that you bullied me and she’s after you.”

“Go ahead, my wife already suspects I’m up to something with you anyway.”

“What? Why would Cher think that?”

“Because she always thinks you’re plotting against me.”

Luo Xiaoyun’s face turned red with anger and Ye Xing laughed cheerfully, he didn’t really intend to bully her anyway, he was just fooling around.

In the evening, Ye Xing received a phone call and left the villa in a hurry.

This girl, Zhao Qiangwei, was a real pain in the a*s. When Ye Xing drove over, she was arrogantly teaching some chicks at the bar.

Ye Xing thought he had a fight with someone and was about to scold them when Zhao Qiangwei pointed at a group of chicks and smiled, “Master, see if there is one you like, take it away if there is one.”

Ye Xing froze for a moment and asked, “You’re not having a fight with someone?”

“What kind of fight, this bar is all owned by me, these chicks are all the ones I got to support the venue.”

Zhao Qiangwei smiled with a smug face.

Ye Xing skimmed his lips and asked, “Then you called to say you had something to do?”

“Yeah, there were some people who came to this bar of mine yesterday, and they looked godly, so they should be related to the demon cultivator you mentioned.”

Zhao Qiangwei muttered in a small voice.

Ye Xing looked around and Zhao Qiangwei laughed, “They came and went yesterday, I sent someone to keep an eye on them, at the Four Seasons Hotel.”

“Go over and take a look right away.”

Ye Xing called on Zhao Qiangwei and set off, along the way, the technicians on the Dragon Shield side also started to investigate.

The residence information plus sending out drones soon investigated the group of people at the hotel.

“Chief, there is no need to go over there, that group of people are pill sellers, they went to the bar yesterday and actually tried to sell pills.”

A technician said, “We have already forwarded this to the local anti-drug brigade, and one of them has been confirmed over there as one of the pill sellers they have been eyeing for a long time.”

Ye Xing listened and hung up the phone, stopped the car and looked at the pa*senger side of Zhao Qiangwei and smiled, “Big Sister, there is no need to go, that group of people at the Four Seasons Hotel is not a magic cultivator at all, it is just a group of drug dealers.”

“Ah? Master, have you investigated clearly, it looks like they are the kind of people you are talking about.”

“It’s all been verified, it’s just a group of medicine sellers, you deserve commendation for that kind of spirit, but don’t be suspicious in the future, if they really are demonic cultivators, I’m afraid your people will die if they dare to go and keep an eye on them.”


Chapter 440

“Then you’ll teach me to cultivate?” Zhao Qiangwei suddenly took a hold of Ye Xing’s arm.

Ye Xing was all freaked out, the big sister of the jianghu suddenly took your arm, there was really no way to adapt.

“Next if I don’t agree, are you going to spill the beans?”

Ye Xing laughed up.

“That’s not certain, anyway, I’ll pester you and pester you to death.” Zhao Qiangwei held onto Ye Xing’s arm and wouldn’t let go.

Ye Xing nodded in agreement, but at this age, I am afraid there is really no chance to practice kung fu again, so I can only let her try.

The two of them went to Zhao Qiangwei’s residence, and although they expected something unexpected to happen, it did happen.

There are countless small, detached villas in a resort in Guangnan Province.

All were built in a uniform manner, with small two-storey buildings, swimming pools in front and behind, and tropical trees planted all around, giving the impression of going to a tourist resort.

Recently, the city of Guangnan Province was not very hot, but there were many people who loved swimming, and this kind of resort was almost always prepared for some rich and powerful successful people who did not want to be exposed, and was also called the Lovers’ Village.

When Ye Xing arrived, he taught Zhao Qiangwei to practise, but unfortunately, not only did she not have the talent to cultivate immortality, she had nothing even to cultivate internal energy.

“How’s that? I have a good talent, right? Ever since I was little I’ve been dancing with swords and spears, my father said I should be able to practice martial arts.”

Ye Xing frowned after hearing this and smiled awkwardly, “It’s not bad, you should have no problem dealing with ordinary people, but if you want to enter the Dragon Shield, you can only do one thing.”

“What for?”


“F*ck you, I’m not that bad, am I? How about we try?”

“You may know a bit of kung fu, but the opponents Dragon Shield faces are much more powerful than you, and it probably wouldn’t take a single ancient martial artist three seconds to kill you.”

Zhao Qiangwei was really shocked after hearing this, within her world view, fighting and chopping people up were common, but to take someone’s life at the first strike was too scary.

“Do you think I’d be scared?”

“You’re not afraid, but people can die.”

“Then you’ll be my master, you’ll have to teach me something.”

“Your body has long been characterised, there is no hope of cultivating immortality, and you have to build a good foundation from a young age to cultivate internal energy, so at most I will help you improve it, and the effect will depend on how hard you work later.”

“Fine, improvement is fine, I have to try anyway.”

Ye Xing found that Zhao Qiangwei had a tough strength, and this strength would really help a lot when used to cultivate internal energy.

Moreover, as a woman, it was not that she could not have the means to deal with ancient martial artists, and the most suitable means was the means of the Flying Daggers Sect.

Ye Xing called Zhao Qiangwei and drove out, from night to dawn, to a medicinal herb trading market outside the provincial capital.

From a distance, he could smell a medicinal fragrance, Ye Xing came here belongs to the early morning, many medicinal farmers in the vicinity were bringing their home sun-dried medicinal herbs to sell.

Ye Xing did not need to refine pills, it was a soup specifically for Zhao Qiangwei to improve her health, so a large quantity was required.

It took an hour for Ye Xing to order all the herbs and pay more for the other party to send them to the resort in Guangnan Province, and then he dragged Zhao Qiangwei back.

When he returned to the resort, the herbs also arrived, and Ye Xing immediately kept on boiling the soup.

When he said he was boiling the soup, he was actually using an incomparably huge iron pot to boil the medicine.

In ancient times, this kind of medicine soup cost a lot of money to make, and there was a saying at the time that rich martial arts were poor.

Ye Xing got the soup ready by 12 noon, and then bought a large wooden bucket and poured it in.

Looking at the steaming soup, Ye Xing hurried into the house and called Zhao Qiangwei out.

Unfortunately, this girl had not slept last night and was exhausted when she returned early in the morning.

Seeing that she was unwilling to wake up, Ye Xing picked her up and walked out of the room, shoving her directly into the vat.

“Ah, it’s hot, you want to burn me to death?”

Zhao Qiangwei shouted in pain and hurriedly jumped out of the barrel.

Ye Xing looked at her as if she was a chicken in soup and said with a smile, “This medicinal soup needs to be hot in order to enter your body quickly through your pores, if you are too hot, then forget it.”

Zhao Qiangwei looked at the situation in the courtyard, Ye Xing had spent so much effort in making the soup for her, it would be too hurtful if she was insensitive.

Zhao Qiangwei stripped down to her intimate clothing and then got into the large wooden barrel.

The temperature was high, but not so high as to cause her to blister, but her skin was definitely red.

Zhao Qiangwei kept enduring it and eventually actually fell asleep sitting in the barrel.

Ye Xing kept adding boiling hot medicinal soup to her barrel and finally soaked her for two hours before carrying her out.

Zhao Qiangwei had already pa*sed out from dehydration, so Ye Xing woke her up, then gave her food to add moisture and continued to soak at night.

Finally, after two days, Zhao Qiangwei’s improvement was obvious and Ye Xing was relieved.

Zhao Qiangwei sat by the pool and looked at Ye Xing and smiled, “Not going back for so long, aren’t you afraid your wife will look for you?”

“She’s been cultivating lately, she doesn’t have the time to take care of me.”

“Alone, why don’t you make a date with your sister?”

“You’re my disciple, no teasing the master.”

“Wouldn’t this apprentice and master be more exciting?”

“Exciting is exciting, but a bit too much.”

“Cut, I think you are too much, you don’t know how to say something nice to coax me.”

“Most big sisters need to be coaxed, it would be a laughing stock if word got out.”

The two of them were chatting lively when suddenly the sound of sirens came from outside, followed by someone crying.

Zhao Qiangwei ran out to watch the fun and came back laughing, “A big fat man immediately winded up, really a peony dying in bed as a ghost.”

“Did someone really die in bed?”

“If you don’t believe me, go and take a look.”

Zhao Qiangwei dragged Ye Xing out of the villa and went outside to the main road, where an ambulance was rescuing a middle-aged fat man, but the man was already white and not moving, so the rescue was hopeless.

Ye Xing suddenly saw that the woman crying next to the ambulance was not right, the smell of blood was heavy and also the demonic aura was amazing.

Ye Xing did not want to find more trouble, but suddenly a car drove up in the distance and came down with a woman wearing a black trench coat.

This woman was not only tall, but also extremely elegant, with her hair tied in a ponytail and a melon face that was white and beautiful, making it hard to forget at a glance.

But her pair of crystal-like eyes seemed like she had seen them somewhere before.

When Ye Xing was puzzled, the ponytailed woman was already quickly rushing towards the crying woman.

The woman turned her head and ran, with the ponytailed woman chasing after her.

“Easy Fairy!”

Ye Xing’s heart thudded, remembering what the ponytailed woman was really about.

The two chased after each other into the house and a fierce fight soon broke out, with people nearby rushing in after them to see what was going on.

Ye Xing heard the commotion and quickly ran towards the other end of the resort as well.

Sure enough the two darted at first, but in no time at all they were part of a leap across the ground.

The ponytailed woman Easy Fairy flew about ten metres in one step, which was exaggeratedly excessive.

And the weeping woman was also powerful, her body twisted and contorted like a cheetah.

But when the fairy threw out her flying sword, the weeping woman was completely helpless and fell to the ground dying from the flying sword several times.

The Immortal of Ease approached her opponent indifferently and spoke coldly, bellowing, “Sucking the essence of the living, you deserve to die if you meet me.”

The woman on the ground still tried to struggle, but unfortunately, she was pierced through the throat by the sword of Immortal Free and died a horrible death.