Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 437-438

Chapter 437

Ye Xing opened his eyes and bristled, “Miss, you can’t see that I’m helping you heal your wounds?”

“Healing? How did you put your hand?”

Ma Lingling roared up with a blush.

Ye Xing looked down and immediately hurriedly withdrew his hand, “Sorry, I was helping you dissolve the medicinal power in your body just now, so I was a bit bold.”

“Is this boldness on your part? You’re being a rogue, you ba sta rd, I’m going to get you killed.”

Ma Lingling said and pounced on Ye Xing.

Ye Xing was mounted by her and hurriedly explained, “I really dissolved the power of the medicine for you, or else you would have been dead.”

“Don’t lie to me, you have been harbouring ill intentions towards me from the very beginning, do you think I don’t know that?”

“Miss, you’re not as self-absorbed as you are, although you’re a bit cute looking, that scrubby body really doesn’t interest me.”

“Go to hell.”

As the two tangled and fought, a Daoist nun came down from the Daoist temple above, the same waxen face who had talked to Ye Xing earlier.

“He did take a little offense to save you.” The Daoist nun said as she looked at Ma Lingling.

Ma Lingling glanced at the Daoist nun, half-heartedly and unconvincingly got up.

Ye Xing laughed as soon as he stood up, “Daoist Master, it’s good that you’re serving as a witness for me, otherwise I would have been in trouble.”

“She is at least a yellow girl, you can’t touch someone’s body indiscriminately even if you heal them, you have to be responsible for this.” The Taoist nun drank with a stern face.

Ye Xing was dumbfounded and blurted out, “If I touched her, do I have to marry her, marry a scrub and go back to washing clothes?”

“Go to hell, who wants to marry you?” Ma Lingling blushed and spat.

Ye Xing patted his chest and laughed: “It’s better if you don’t want to, or else you’ll have to starve your child later.”

The Daoist nun and Ma Lingling both froze, but soon they both reacted, then one blushed gloomily and the other stormed out.

Ye Xing ran over happily and the Daoist nun got upset.

“Come on, at least I saved you, don’t go too far.”

With Ye Xing’s angry roar, Ma Lingling only subsided.

This girl beamed her mouth in anger and looked at the Daoist nun then clasped her fist and said, “Daoist Master Jing’an, it was my grandfather who told him to come and talk to your Lingnan Daoist family about the matter of the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram.”

“The Heavenly Tribulation Diagram?” The Daoist nun’s face changed greatly, and she quickly called for Ye Xing and Ma Lingling to go up inside the Daoist temple.

This Daoist temple was built within a cave halfway up the mountain, which could be said to be very dangerous, but it was also to avoid being disturbed by other people.

True Daoists are all ascetics and are not happy to interact with worldly people.

The cave is a large area, and a fragrant scent is so refreshing that one can smell it.

The fragrance must have been made from some kind of medicinal herbs, which is why it has this effect.

The floor inside the cave was paved with stone tiles, clean and tidy, and there were large round cloth cushions for easy seating.

Daoist Aunt Jing’an greeted Ye Xing and sat down, then she said, “Everyone else in the Daoist Temple has gone out to search for the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram, and I am currently the only one left to stay at the Daoist Temple, so it is not convenient to mention much about the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram.”

“Daoist Master, why did you call us up if you didn’t say anything?” Ye Xing asked in wonder.

Daoist Nun Jing’an hesitated for a moment and took out a yellowish oil paper from the long case behind her and asked, “I see that you have dabbled in all the healing pills, I want you to see if this ancient recipe can be used?”

Ye Xing frowned and took the oil paper and looked at it. Inside the recipe were a detailed list of seven kinds of herbs, with their respective portions recorded.

Ye Xing found that a few of them were spiritual herbs, which were very difficult to find, and if they were paired together, I was afraid that the medicinal power would be a bit shocking.

“This is an ancient formula of the Daoist family?”

“That’s right, it’s something that my master has collected for many years, her old man also followed the recipe to refine it, but unfortunately it didn’t work once.”

“Although the recipe states the amount of herbs, refining the medicine is very testing in terms of technique and fire, without mastering one of them, it is impossible to succeed.”

“Do you have a way to make this medicine?”

“I can try, but the herbs will take some time to collect.”

“Herbs, I have them here.”

Ye Xing smiled, half the time he was begging himself to refine the medicine.

“Daoist Master, these herbs are not easy to get, in case I refine them for you, you won’t be so angry that you want to kill me, right?”

Daoist Nun Jing’an really had a tangled expression, and Ma Lingling next to her laughed coldly as she held her bladder, “Wouldn’t it be cheaper to get you killed? You should be split into five horses.”

“You little girl, not too old but snake hearted, talk to your grandfather some day, find an in-law to marry you off and let the wicked mother-in-law take care of you.”

“Go to hell, my grandfather cares for me, he knows you bully me and will definitely want you dead.”

“Your grandfather should be able to tell that I have a strong taste and am not interested in rubbish like you.”

“I’ll fight with you.”

Immediately, Daoist Nun Jing’an stopped, “Stop it, it’s disrespectful to the Three Purities to make a racket in the Taoist temple.”

Ma Lingling hesitated for a moment, but put up with the anger.

“No matter, if we really fail, it will be the fate of our Daoist temple.” Daoist Aunt Jing’an finally made her decision.

Ye Xing followed her to the stone room next to her, which was indeed opened up to a large size and was extremely ventilated, with fresh and cool air.

Daoist Aunt Jing’an took out a camphor wood box and when she opened it, there was indeed a strain of herbs lying inside.

Ma Lingling was interested in seeing them. After all, she was a cultivator and knew that many spiritual medicines were difficult to find, and nowadays, spiritual energy was scarce, so to increase the vitality of the body, swallowing pills was the quickest way.

Unfortunately, spirit pills were hard to find, and it was also difficult to predict the effect after swallowing them.

Ye Xing, who was high on pills to increase his cultivation, was an anomaly in the eyes of many people.

Another reason was that although spirit pills were terrifyingly powerful, they also contained residual poison, and if one swallowed too much of them, they could easily accumulate into a disaster and eventually die a violent death.

Ye Xing did not have these worries, so he naturally became an anomaly.

“It’s really all good stuff.”

“The things are all there, how to refine it is all up to you, once it is done, the elixir can be shared with you.” Daoist Nun Jing An said with an expressionless face.

Ye Xing smiled and nodded his head, then started weighing and selecting.

After the pre-processing, he found the pill refining furnace inside the stone room and quickly threw it down in portions according to the recipe.

But in order to test the efficacy of the medicine, Ye Xing first got some of the same to try it out.

Black smoke soon emerged and the entire herbs turned into a cloud of charred black medicinal slag within the furnace.

Ma Lingling, who had been staring at it, laughed out loud: “Are you making medicine or burning charcoal? Don’t brag about that if you don’t have the skills, poor Daoist’s is a spiritual medicine now.”

Daoist Nun Jing’an, who was listening outside, was also in turmoil and quickly recited the Daoist Sutra to calm down.

Ye Xing didn’t bother to pay attention to Ma Lingling, took out the charred black dregs of the medicine and put them into a bowl, then started to taste them a little.

When Ma Lingling saw this, she asked, “It’s all burnt black, aren’t you afraid of getting poisoned after eating it?”

“I’m tasting the medicinal properties, I don’t even know what exact dan recipe this is, how can I know the medicinal properties without trying it first?”

After Ye Xing tasted it once, there was a partial change to the portion of the herbs, and then he began to actually refine the medicine.

When a strong fragrance of medicine pa*sed out, Daoist Nun Jing An opened her eyes and her whole body became excited.

Ye Xing waited until the medicinal juice had burned dry and solidified, and quickly rolled it into pills, refining a total of four.


Chapter 438

The four pills emitted a rich medicinal fragrance that was so refreshing to smell.

Although Ye Xing did not know what kind of elixir this was, looking at the medicinal effects it should be very powerful.

At this moment, the Daoist nun Jing An came in outside the house, full of smiles.

Ye Xing was just about to hand over the pills when the other party suddenly shot out and snatched the large bowl containing the pills.

“Haha, I didn’t expect that this Jade Clear Pill could really be refined, this time I won’t worry about breaking through.”

Ye Xing narrowed his eyes, the other party’s complacency and forgetfulness revealed that he was not a Taoist nun at all, but a man.

Ma Lingling next to him was also an expert in disguise, but could not see at all that this Daoist nun was actually pretending to be a man.

“Daoist Master, what do you mean by that?”

Ye Xing questioned up.

Daoist Nun Jing An laughed coldly, “No more pretending, showdown with you, this Daoist temple has long been killed clean by me, you two little guys are sending yourselves to the door to find trouble.”

“Demon cultivator?”

Ye Xing was stunned in his heart.

“My name is Dream Demon, remember my name.”

Daoist Nun Jing An smiled as countless pink smoke was spat out from inside her mouth.

This guy was like a smoke evacuation machine, the smoke inside his mouth grew thicker and thicker, and instantly the entire stone room was enveloped in pink smoke.


Ma Lingling next to him suddenly let out a miserable cry.

Ye Xing was just about to touch over when a leather whip suddenly rolled towards his feet.

This leather whip was like a snake’s tail, strangling tighter and tighter. Ye Xing quickly drove his hardening technique, which made the leather whip unable to helpless him.

“Evil, you actually have such a strong defence!”

Ye Xing sneered, “More than defense, I will kill you in a moment.”

Ye Xing ran the Tidal Wave Power and pushed his palms forward, at once the internal power brought up a gale, directly blowing all the pink smoke inside the house towards the outside.

A large part of the stone house was revealed, and Ye Xing could already see Ma Lingling being stepped on by the Daoist nun, her life or death unknown.

He quickly pounced over and this Daoist nun sneered, “How dare you fight me physically, you immortal cultivator are looking for death.”

Unfortunately, when Ye Xing came in front of her, the Daoist nun knew that something was wrong, and the Tidal Wave Palm struck with tenfold power, knocking the Daoist nun back.

“Impossible, you are an immortal cultivator, why do you still have such powerful internal energy?”

The Daoist nun asked as the corners of her mouth bled and her hands trembled.

Ye Xing laughed coldly, “Who is grandpa to tell you, now go to hell.”

The Daoist nun turned her head and ran, after all, once in close quarters, the advantages of ancient martial artists came to the fore, a sixth-grade clan master like Ye Xing was no joke when he got close.

The demon cultivator had just run to the door when Ye Xing had already caught up with her and struck her in the back with a palm, the whole person flew out and fell from halfway down the mountain to the bottom of the mountain, only breathing out, not breathing in.

Ye Xing jumped down and quickly examined her, her tailbone was broken by the other party, and her internal organs were badly injured, at this point this demon cultivator’s life might only have a few hours left.

Ye Xing held her down and questioned, “Say, what exactly is the secret of the Heavenly Tribulation Chart? Why does the Immortal Sect want to rob it?”

“Haha, I’m almost dead, you think I’ll tell you?” The Daoist nun laughed coldly with a trembling voice.

Ye Xing laughed after thinking about it, “That Free Fairy of the Immortal Sect has recently been looking for the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram, one of your Demon Cultivators has been destroyed by her, and the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram in her hand has also been robbed, and I also have a problem with the Immortal Sect, the enemy of an enemy is a friend, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to talk about it, anyway, the good days of your Demon Cultivators are at an end.”

The Daoist nun on the ground suddenly laughed coldly, “Fine, I’ll tell you, the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram is a Daoist miracle book, there are many evil and poisonous spells recorded in it, although they are all minor spells, they are of great help to us demon cultivators, and the complete Heavenly Tribulation Diagram also records the location of an ancient Daoist formation, the Immortal Sect is not interested in those spells in the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram, what they are looking for is just that one ancient Daoist formation.”

“You devil cultivators have already grabbed it, you should know the location of that ancient formation, right?”

“It’s useless, with the Heavenly Tribulation Map, you also have to have the Qiankun Mirror to find the exact location, and the Qiankun Mirror is also the key to enter the Daoist Ancient Formation.”

When Ye Xing heard that there was still the Qiankun Mirror, it looked like finding it first would be like pinching the handle.

The Daoist nun on the ground spat out blood, and eventually did not make it through.

Ye Xing searched her body and didn’t find the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram, but found many small trinkets.

What with the cow horns, turtle shells, copper coins and medicine bottles.

Ye Xing put them all away and then entered the Daoist temple, by now Ma Lingling was red-faced and burning.

Ye Xing slapped the person awake, Ma Lingling looked at him and actually shook her head in discomfort, “I am so uncomfortable, my body is burning, save me quickly.”

“Cut, you were scolded for saving you before, I don’t want to find trouble again.”

“You’re not a man for not saving me when you see death.”

“OK, you asked me to save you, you should be poisoned in this case, tell me about the situation.”

“It’s hot and uncomfortable all over, and I want something in particular ……”

Ma Lingling was embarra*sed to say it herself.

Ye Xing laughed: “Just like what was filmed inside the TV series, you are poisoned with charm, if you don’t find a man, I am afraid you will have to die.”

“Go, how can there be such poison in this world?”

“How come there isn’t? What is your situation now, don’t you know yourself?”

Ma Lingling looked at Ye Xing, suddenly she felt that the other party was not annoying and wanted to be with him so much that she couldn’t help but move closer and put her arms around him.

“See, don’t you dare to say you’re not poisoned like that.”

“Then help me, I can’t stand it.”

“Can’t help, I said I wasn’t interested in rubbing it in.”

“I don’t care.”

Ma Lingling anxiously took matters into her own hands.

Ye Xing had also had enough, if he continued to play, he would have to enter the scale of being harmonized, as soon as he pushed Ma Lingling away, he then took out several medicine bottles, smelled them one by one, determined that one of them was the antidote, and poured it directly into his opponent’s mouth.

After Ma Lingling ate the pills, her whole body jerked over and then started vomiting.

After she finished vomiting, the rolling heat that could be counted all over her body slowly began to disappear, and her previous state of confusion and ecstasy also disappeared.

But she looked at Ye Xing and roared with resentment in her eyes, “B*****d, you didn’t give me the antidote earlier when you had it, taking advantage of me.”

“Sh*t, I’ve already said that I’m not interested in rubbers.”

After Ye Xing finished speaking, he turned his head and walked out of the Taoist temple.

Ma Lingling chased after him for a while, weak and collapsed on the ground at once.

Ye Xing twisted his head over and asked, “Don’t play dead.”

“I don’t want you to care.” Ma Lingling cried stubbornly.

Ye Xing was dumbfounded and could only pick her up. This girl actually did not have any bad intentions, but she had been brutal and capricious since childhood and did not know how to respect people.

He carried Ma Lingling down the mountain, the other party actually fell asleep, Ye Xing took a taxi to the high-speed railway station.

This trip did not get too many valuable things, but the general situation of the four pills and the heavenly robbery map was understood.

Ye Xing returned to Guangnan provincial city and went to the hotel first to drop Ma Lingling off.

The girl didn’t say a word, turned her head over and went to sleep.

Ye Xing looked at the four pills and was dumbfounded, but eventually he could not resist and swallowed one in one bite.