Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 435-436

Chapter 435

Ye Xing smiled and approached over as Luo Xiaoyun flipped up and attacked the head with another nimble kick.

Unfortunately, the hardening technique had already made Ye Xing’s defence incredibly strong, and the opponent’s kick was useless at all, instead, he was punched in the stomach by Ye Xing, and the whole person fell to the ground screaming in pain.

Ye Xing moved closer and held the other party down, then rubbed it on his cheek, quickly rubbing off a layer of skin to reveal a tender face.

“So it’s a little beauty, no wonder her figure is not as good as Luo Xiaoyun’s.”

The girl on the ground, her mouth bleeding at the corners, snarled, “You ba sta rd, kil l me if you can.”

“What a pity to kil l you, huh? Not bad looking, since your clothes are off, then be honest and obedient.”

Ye Xing smiled badly and put the person on the floor on the bed.

The girl was really frightened, although she was not afraid of death, she was afraid of being insulted and was just about to bite her tongue.

Ye Xing sneered, “If you bite your tongue off, you won’t be able to die, instead you will become mute, besides I am right next to you, do you think you can kill yourself?”

“Come on, I’m not afraid of you.”

The girl actually closed her eyes as if she was dying.

Ye Xing touched her cheek and laughed: “Not too old, not too short tempered, disguised as Luo Xiaoyun to tempt me, were you taught such tactics?”

“What’s it to do with you, cut the crap and come on.”

The girl growled up with a stiff mouth.

Ye Xing reached out and touched her hand, she trembled, although she regarded death as death, she was still trembling with fear at this moment.

“Who told you to come and kill me? If you answer honestly, I can consider sparing you.”

The girl shook her head and laughed coldly, “You’re delusional if you want to capture my family.”

“Family? You are demonic cultivators, specialising in bad deeds, you are not too old to be brainwashed.”

“What devil cultivator, your whole family is a devil cultivator, we are the titular exorcism horse family.”

The girl blew her own name, suddenly feeling careless.

When Ye Xing heard about the Exorcism Horse Family, it didn’t seem to have much to do with demonic cultivation, right?

“Little girl, just don’t hide it, it won’t be good if there is a misunderstanding on this matter.”

Ye Xing advised in a serious tone.

The girl was unmoved, so Ye Xing could only explain at great length.

After listening, the girl asked, “You didn’t lie to me?”

“You are like this now, do I still need to lie to you? What can’t I do to you if I want to?”

The girl’s cheeks reddened and after a moment’s consideration she said, “My name is Ma Lingling, Bai Laosan was captured by you, my grandfather asked me to come out to inquire about the news, I see that you are the head, even if I capture you back first.”

Ye Xing frowned and asked, “Your grandfather is Bai Lao San’s boss, right?”

Ma Lingling nodded down, Ye Xing saw that there was really a misunderstanding, immediately gave her healing, and then told her to call Master Ma to contact him.

Both sides communicated on the phone, and Ye Xing also showed various proofs, so Master Ma believed in his identity.

Early the next morning, Elder Ma brought his people over and as soon as the two sides met.

Ma Han Yang cupped his fist and said, “Chief Ye, I’m really sorry, I didn’t know you were Dragon Shield and thought you were from the Demon Cultivators, that’s why there was so much misunderstanding.”

“We were also at fault, we thought that you appeared at the pig farm and were a companion of the Demon Cultivators, but we didn’t expect it to be the Exorcist Horse Family.”

“The words Exorcism Horse Family cannot afford to be used, we are just an ordinary family, it is really because these demonic cultivators are too brutal that we wanted to take a hand in exterminating them.”

“The old man is right, since we are all working for the peace of the world, why not cooperate?”

“Chief Ye has said so, naturally we will obey.”

Ye Xing smiled and invited Ma Han Yang into the hotel teahouse to sit down and talk slowly.

Ma Lingling had been defeated by Ye Xing, and at this moment, her resentment had not subsided, so she was not willing to follow him in.

In the elegant room of the teahouse, Ye Xing did not talk nonsense and opened the door to ask many things.

“The Heavenly Tribulation Diagram?”

“That’s right, the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram originally belonged to the Lingnan Daoist family, but more than a year ago, the Daoist temple that housed the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram was bloodily sacked by the devil cultivators, and the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram was also snatched away, the devil cultivators have recently increased their hunting of immortal cultivators, as well as looking for ordinary people with spiritual roots, all for the purpose of cultivating the magic weapon on the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram, once the magic weapon is refined, when the strength surges, it won’t be so easy to be killed.”

Ma Han Yang said up with worry.

Ye Xing frowned after hearing this, “That demon cultivator from the pig farm was killed and the people from the Immortal Sect took a skin, was it the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram?”

“I got the information that the demonic cultivators who attacked the Daoist temple were quite a few in number, the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram was cut up and kept by them, the demonic cultivator from the pig farm was called Blood Demon, he should only have a quarter of the Heavenly Tribulation Diagram in his hand.”

“Is this Heavenly Tribulation Map the thing to find the Second Ancient Formation?”

“That I have never heard of, but this object has always been owned by the Lingnan Daoist Family, why not ask someone from the Daoist Family, perhaps we will know the truth.”

“Elder Ma, I don’t know any of the people from this Lingnan Daoist family, why don’t you help introduce them, so that there won’t be any misunderstanding.”

“This… It’s also good, lest there be a misunderstanding and delay the big event.”

Ma Han Yang eventually agreed to do so.

Ye Xing had gained a lot from this trip, at least he had figured out a lot of things, and news had also come from Lin Wei’s side that Jiang Qin’s family had disappeared recently, as if they had really hidden away.

Ye Xing smiled coldly, Jiang Qin had sought trouble with the Immortal Sect before, this Free Fairy was holding the Kun Wu Sword in her hand, it would be strange that she would not seek revenge on him, it was better to wait for them to dog eat dog first, he himself grabbed the whereabouts of the second ancient formation.

Ye Xing did not expect that Ma Han Yang would ask his granddaughter Ma Ling Ling to accompany him to find the Lingnan Daoist.

Ye Xing frowned as Ma Half Yang laughed, “Don’t worry, this girl Ling Ling is very capable and is familiar with the people of the Lingnan Daoist family, take you to find out the situation, the people of the Daoist family should give face.”

“Old master, I had a bit of a conflict with your granddaughter earlier and injured her, I’m afraid she’s angry with me.”

“Injured her?” Ma Han Yang immediately frowned, displeased.

Ye Xing saw that it was going to be over and immediately said, “Don’t worry, I have a healing holy medicine here that can also help her break through her cultivation, consider it as my atonement.”

“What kind of medicine?” Ma Han Yang obviously did not believe it.

Ye Xing had no choice but to take out the Peiyuan Dan, Ma Han Yang was also a cultivator, as soon as he smelled this medicinal fragrance, he immediately knew it was something good, and his previous unpleasantness vanished into thin air.

“With this, Ling Ling should be able to increase her cultivation by quite a bit, thanks to Chief Ye for your generosity.”

“It’s alright, as it should be.”

Ye Xing smiled awkwardly and then went to apologise personally.

Ma Lingling had already changed into a casual outfit and looked no different from a girl next door.

Her skin was very white, and her melon face with short hair dyed light red, the whole person was especially kawaii, a bit Japanese manga style.

Ye Xing looked at her without saying anything, Ma Lingling had already yelled in discontent, “What are you looking at, gouge your eyes out.”

“I’ve seen it all before, there’s really nothing to see.”


Chapter 436

Ma Lingling blushed and made a move to strike, but fortunately Ma Hangyang came out so she didn’t seek revenge on Ye Xing.

Ma Han Yang came out and smiled, “Ling Ling, take Chief Ye on a proper errand, remember not to play the childish temper.”

“Grandpa, I don’t want to go with him.” Ma Lingling C*cked her tongue in displeasure.

Ma Han Yang loved this granddaughter the most, for her cultivation, the Ma family didn’t know how many good things had been spent, now that the Pei Yuan Dan in Ye Xing’s hand was so powerful, he had to get it for his granddaughter.

“Must go, listen well.” Ma Half Yang finished looking at Ye Xing and walked to the road to take the car.

Ye Xing understood the old man’s meaning, others were money in place, he had to get the medicine in place.

Although Ma Lingling was not happy, her grandfather’s words could not be disobeyed.

“Take the high speed train or the plane?”

“Take whatever you like.”

“I like you to be the ox and carry me on your back.”

“Good idea.”

Ye Xing happily walked towards Ma Lingling, full of bad smiles and smugness.

Ma Lingling was terrified and took a few steps backwards before saying, “Don’t you touch me.”

“Didn’t you ask me to carry you there? That’s the kind of request I’ve never heard a few times in my life.”

“F*ck off, rascal, how old are you and you’re still taking advantage of me, I’m not even an adult yet.”

“Cut, although you’re a bit out of shape, you’re at least eighteen or nineteen, right? Still pretending to be young, huh?”

“As long as this girl is not married, she is a youthful girl, there is no topic of conversation with a greasy uncle like you.”

Ye Xing laughed and then went into the hotel to give some explanation.

Ma Lingling forbade the others to follow, and Du Jiuniang growled unhappily, “This little girl is quite dragging, why don’t we just take her down and see if she takes us there.”

Ma Lingling sneered, “Auntie, are you trying to scare me? Although our Ma family is not a family of any kind, we are not vegetarians either.”

“Little girl, you’re not even hairy, but you still have a tough mouth.”

Du Jiuniang scolded.

Ma Lingling glanced at Du Jiuniang and smiled, “Auntie, menopause, right? Take more pills so that you don’t sag too much and your mouth tastes bad.”

Du Jiuniang hated being called old, especially in front of Ye Xing, so she was angry and wanted to make a move.

Ye Xing stopped her and advised, “She’s a little girl, why are you fighting with her, I’ll go this time, go early and return early, you all go back to the provincial city.”

“Humph, count her lucky, otherwise I would have to slash her little face.”

Du Jiuniang turned her head in anger and left, even throwing a flying knife at Ma Lingling.

Ma Lingling didn’t even dodge as the flying knife landed on the door of the room next to her and trembled.

Du Jiuniang was at least persuaded to leave, and the others returned to the city of Guangnan Province.

Ye Xing glanced at Ma Lingling, this little pepper was really powerful.

“Let’s go.”

Ye Xing took Ma Lingling and went to the high speed railway station.

There were many Daoist Taoist temples in the vicinity of Lingnan, and it was only half an hour’s journey past the high-speed railway station to one of them called Five Finger Mountain.

This is a scenic area where people come and go. The two left the high-speed railway station and took a taxi to this place.

Taoism is prevalent in this area, and there are eight Taoist temples on this one Five Finger Mountain.

There are many famous ones, many gloriously built ones, and Taoist priests who teach people to practise martial arts to strengthen their lives, and foreign disciples too.

But the one Ma Lingling was going to was the Bitter Moon Nunnery behind the mountain.

The Taoist temple was in a state of disrepair, built halfway up the mountain, and it was extremely scary to go up there, and it was completely inside a cave, not only was there not many people there, it was also damp and dark.

When Ye Xing saw that the way up was actually a log rooted into the rock wall, he frowned and asked, “How often does this have to be changed?”

“If an ordinary person steps on it, the wood won’t hold up, but if you have kung fu, there’s no problem.”

When Ma Lingling finished speaking, she jumped onto a log, dragonfly-like, extremely light, then she quickly jumped towards the top, like a little fox jumping happily in the forest.

Ye Xing lifted his breath, lowered his weight, and then quickly went up, but unfortunately, something happened, he stepped on a log and almost fell off.

When Ma Lingling from above saw this, she let out a roar of laughter, “Big dumb pig, if you can’t get up there, just be a good boy and wait below.”

“Don’t worry, this little thing won’t be hard for your dad.”

“Go to hell, take advantage of me.”

“Wait for me to go up, daddy will beat your a*s.”

Ye Xing happily jumped towards the top.

Although it seemed difficult, Ye Xing’s strength was there, and he soon went up to the platform halfway up the mountain.

Ma Lingling looked at him in exasperation, obviously a little angry at Ye Xing’s words just now.

“Good girl, daddy is coming up oh.”

“If my grandfather hadn’t explained, I wouldn’t have bothered to bring you here.”

After Ma Lingling scolded this, her face suddenly changed drastically and one hand covered her stomach with a painful expression.

Ye Xing said, “Don’t play dead.”

Ma Lingling’s whole body began to tremble, and Ye Xing saw that it didn’t look like he was pretending anymore, so he ended up going up and wrapping his arms around the person and checking.

Who knew that suddenly a scolding voice came from the cave behind him, “How dare you do something untoward here?”

Ye Xing turned his head and saw a waxen-faced Daoist nun come out in anger.

“Daoist Master, she seems to be sick.”

As soon as the waxen face heard this, he looked down at Ma Lingling and said with a frown, “So it’s the little girl from the Ma family, what’s wrong with her?”

“Taoist Master, do you have someone who knows how to heal?”

The waxen face shook his head and said, “We have to go down the mountain to cure her, so you should take her away.”

“Daoist Master, she is so sick, it will be too late to go down the mountain, do you have a room in this precious place, I can treat her.”

Ye Xing asked once he looked inside the cave.

“We are a monastic place here, not a hospital, you go to the foot of the mountain, there are open spaces everywhere, treat as you please.” The waxen face said unkindly.

Ye Xing had no choice but to carry Ma Lingling and jumped down from halfway down the mountain.

This made the waxy face look dumbfounded, and when he saw Ye Xing fall down, he was actually unharmed and was instantly shocked.

Ye Xing put Ma Lingling on the gra*s, the area was really off the beaten track, so he could treat her any way he wanted.

Lifting her clothes, Ye Xing took a closer look and saw that there were still bruises on her stomach, and when he examined her ribs, they were actually showing signs of being broken.

“This girl is really tough, she was hurt like this, she didn’t even tell her grandfather, she even accompanied me on such a long journey, luckily she met me, otherwise she would have been sent to the hospital, I’m afraid she would have lost her life.”

Ye Xing reached out and started to restore Ma Lingling’s ribs, relying on the powerful input of Yuan Power, the injury recovered extremely quickly.

Immediately afterwards, Ye Xing cleared her body of blood, and this little girl opened her mouth and spat out a lot.

Then it was time to feed her the Peiyuan Dan, and as a result, half a pill went down, Ma Lingling’s body was hot and she even opened her eyes and shouted, “It’s so hot.”

“I gave you the Peiyuan Dan, so you should hurry up and digest it.”

Ye Xing explained that Ma Lingling had no strength to digest this Peiyuan Dan.

Ye Xing saw that if this went on like this, something would have to happen, so he could only help her to dissolve the power of this medicine.

After a full hour or so, Ma Lingling not only dissolved the medicinal power of the Peiyuan Dan, her own cultivation level increased a lot, and she also recovered completely.

“Ah, what are you doing!”