Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 433-434

Chapter 433

“The Immortal Sect’s goal is to recover the aura, the first ancient formation has been opened, they have to find the second one immediately, although the Immortal Sect has the magic weapon, Jiang Qin is no ordinary person, both sides will have to circle for quite a while, you have to seize this gap to do something.”

“Do something? Get married and have a child, then go far away overseas?”

Hua Junsheng was stunned by Ye Xing’s words, “What are you talking about? During the gap, you have to go and find the whereabouts of the second ancient formation, ah, as long as you catch this thing, not only can you ruin the Immortal Sect’s plan, you can also protect your safety, do I need to teach you that?”

Ye Xing laughed after hearing this, “Still you are old and wise.”

“That’s not a good word.”

“Old and cunning.”

“That’s not as good as the word just now.”

“Old fox.”

Hua Jun Soul was cursing and walking away because he had never seen a guy like Ye Xing.

Ye Xing hurriedly turned his head to analyze the video, the skin on the demon cultivator was in all probability something related to the second ancient formation.

In that case, catching the other devil cultivator and finding out where this thing came from, that was the direction to take next.

Ye Xing twisted his head and went to the technical team of Dragon Shield to give an account and continued to keep an eye on the line of demon cultivators.

These guys couldn’t catch immortal cultivators, but would look for people with spiritual roots, it was like catching a rat, as long as they threw out the bait, the rat would take the bait.

The technical team began to analyse a large number of recent cases and really found several cases of broken bodies that had occurred in Guangnan Province over the past year or so.

In order to cover up the crime, the devil cultivators would usually destroy the bodies.

The technical team went to the victims’ families one by one to test their spiritual roots, and with the tester, this step could be done by anyone.

It was soon discovered that there were really two family members who possessed very little reaction.

But both of them were old, and it was obvious that taking them into the Dragon Shield as potential stocks would not work.

Ye Xing on this end took the time to check out the newest member of the Dragon Shield, Zhang Yue’er, who had previously been captured by a demonic cultivator and taken to a pig farm, almost giving her a scourge.

The little girl had only just graduated from university and was currently interning at a company in Zhuhe, but she ended up being targeted by a demonic cultivator.

According to Zhang Yue’er’s words, the demonic cultivator did not get her killed and kept giving her all kinds of herbs to eat, and apart from the harsh environment and the fact that the demonic cultivator looked terrifying, she did not suffer too much.

Ye Xing asked Zhang Yue’er to describe the herbs she ate, and soon found out that they were tonic pills that worked to give cultivators a boost of Yuan Qi in their bodies.

“It looks like they are really raising you like a pig, raising you to be killed when you grow up.”

Zhang Yue’er was embarra*sed by Ye Xing’s words.

“By the way, how did you figure out to join Dragon Shield?”

Zhang Yue’er smiled and then said, “Actually, it wasn’t that I figured it out, I just thought there was such an opportunity, so I wanted to give it a try.”

“But Dragon Shield is life threatening, aren’t girls afraid?”

“Didn’t you say I could cultivate? If I learn the skills, I won’t be afraid.”

Zhang Yue’er said with her mouth C*cked in cheer.

Ye Xing nodded down, “It’s good if you’re not afraid, it looks like our Dragon Shield has to take you in.”

Zhang Yue’er’s spirit root had already been tested, it was pale yellow, the thicker the colour, naturally the higher the talent, but spirit roots were extremely rare, with such a potential stock, it was also worth cultivating.

Ye Xing did not have any earth spells, nor did Qiao Baihe or Murong Xue.

When Ye Xing thought about it, he could only let Zhang Yue’er start doing the most basic cultivation first, and when the Yuan Power in her body was strong enough, he would naturally get her suitable earth-based spells.

Ye Xing taught Zhang Yue’er the techniques for cultivating Yuan Power and gave her a few pills to take.

With the pills, Zhang Yue’er was soon full of joy as she could already feel the presence of Yuan Power in her body.

Nowadays, many people love to watch foreign sci-fi blockbusters, and the image of super-powered people who fly into the sky and into the ground has penetrated the hearts of young people.

Little sisters like Zhang Yue’er, who still had nothing to do with role-playing and dressing up in Chinese costumes, could not be more receptive and soon cultivated hard, hoping that she could soon cultivate her skills and become a superhero that everyone envied.

Within a day, Ye Xing received good news. When the team members were checking the information, they suddenly found something unusual.

It was an image captured by a drone. On a road near the pig farm, a car stopped, followed by an old man walking towards the pig farm.

But after he arrived near the gra*s and noticed that there was already a large number of Dragon Shield members inside the pig farm, the old man turned his head and quickly returned to his car and left.

This was definitely not some old man taking a walk, firstly it was night time, secondly the old man got out of his car not for convenience and was clearly walking towards the pig farm, thirdly one, the old man stopped to take a few glances towards the pig farm before decisively leaving.

The pace of leaving was obviously much quicker, which makes one wonder.

“Check the car for someone, even if this old man is not a demonic cultivator, he has an indefinable relationship with one.”

After Ye Xing ordered, the Dragon Shield members quickly traced up.

Nowadays, the sky-eye system was everywhere, and Guangnan Province was an economically developed province, there were surveillance on all the highways and country roads.

Soon the route the car left was found, still within Zhuhe City, and the car had been parked near the Golden Bull Square in the city.

And the three people in the car entered the alleyway next to the square and walked inside the antique street.

Both the man and the car were found, and the investigation was immediately launched. Ye Xing led the men to set off, and anyway, Murong Xue at home was practicing the Jade Maiden Heart Sutra all day and night, so he did not need to accompany them.

It was still a configuration of one man and three women, and the rest of Dragon Shield went there first by helicopter.

By the time Ye Xing’s four arrived near the square, the Dragon Shield members had already started to keep a close watch on the antique shop and had also gathered information about the shop.

The shop was currently run by a family of five, all from the north, mainly dealing in antiques, and had been living in the local area for over ten years, peacefully, and had never had any disputes.

Ye Xing smiled up, “Doing antiques is either a pit or a scam, no disputes have occurred for over ten years, looks like this shop is capable of a lot.”

“Should we go straight to the door?”

“I’m afraid of spooking the snake, first keep watch for three days, if there’s still no movement then arrest the person.”

Ye Xing said and laid down to play with his phone.

Luo Xiaoyun was exasperated and thought about it and walked to the house next to him.

There were only three people left in the house, Ye Xing glanced at Du Jiuniang, and the other party really showed a face to go out for a walk.

“Let’s call Lily to join us.”

Ye Xing got up and smiled badly.

“You’re right, Lily stays here, you come out with me.”

Du Jiuniang tugged Ye Xing and went out, not giving him half a chance to get his hands on his sister.

Qiao Lily smiled, thinking that the two of them had gone out to fight again.

Luo Xiaoyun came to the next room, observed for half a day, finally couldn’t resist and set off alone, intending to go to that antique shop to have a look.

Ye Xing and Du Jiuniang finished their business and returned with food, only to not see Luo Xiaoyun and asked the others as if they were on the ground.

It turned out that no one knew, and when they called her mobile phone, it was actually switched off too.

“It’s impossible to disappear for no reason, when did she leave?”

A Dragon Shield member hurriedly said, “Could she have gone to one of the antique shops?”


Chapter 434

Everyone immediately checked the surveillance video repeatedly, and sure enough, a single woman had entered the antique shop more than two hours ago and never came out again.

Ye Xing’s eyes widened, “It’s strange if it’s not her.”

“You even recognised this?”

Everyone was amazed, as the woman who entered the shop was a far cry from Luo Xiaoyun.

“See this one before and one after, it looks exactly like Luo Xiaoyun.”

Ye Xing pointed at the woman in the surveillance screen and explained.

Du Jiuniang sneered, “You’re really observant, you know what kind of underwear people are wearing, right?”

“Cut, I’m known to be observant, you guys just don’t pay attention to your partners.”

Ye Xing said in a deadpan manner.

The others snickered, but things had been discovered, and they hadn’t shown up for over two hours, so in all likelihood something was wrong.

“Do something and grab someone!”

Ye Xing shouted, and the first squad of Dragon Shield immediately pounced towards the antique street from near the square, and soon rushed inside that shop.

After a search, apart from catching an old lady who was looking after the shop, no one else was seen, and Luo Xiaoyun was nowhere to be seen.

Luckily there was surveillance all around and a quick search up, but came up empty, no one had left the shop, but the person had disappeared, which could only mean there was a secret pa*sage.

“Search, even if you dig this thing up to the ground, you have to find the secret pa*sage.”

Ye Xing instructed the people from Dragon Shield to get to work, and in less than ten minutes, the secret pa*sage was found.

The secret pa*sage led to a nearby park, but by now the building was empty.

But thanks to all the surveillance nearby, and even more near the park, as Dragon Shield’s technicians kept using technology to analyse everyone coming in and out of the park, they soon found Luo Xiaoyun and an older woman with a waxy face.

Luo Xiaoyun had changed her clothes, but her appearance hadn’t changed much, and with face recognition, she was found in a flash.

But she looked numb, as if she was being led around by the older woman like a log.

The two had been traced from the bus to the underground and finally into a pa*senger centre in Zhuhe.

Ye Xing instructed everyone to swoop in and make the arrest, and by helicopter, the coach was soon locked down.

A delirious Luo Xiaoyun was found on the bus, but not the older woman.

The team questioned the driver and pa*sengers, which revealed that the older woman had gotten off halfway.

The trail broke down here, but luckily Luo Xiaoyun was recovered.

After Luo Xiaoyun was treated and regained consciousness, she covered her head and cried out in pain, “My head is about to explode, it hurts so much.”

Ye Xing moved closer and wrapped his hands around her head, quickly dissolving the cloud of Yuan Power inside.

The other party did not want Luo Xiaoyun’s life, to a large extent it was a warning.

Ye Xing didn’t care about that and continued his search the whole time, while the Dragon Shield technicians found another secret room inside the shop.

Inside were many things that had not been taken away, the most crucial being the discovery of a pair of cloth shoes that had only recently been replaced.

The cloth shoes were a*sayed and found to actually have lavender seeds.

This clue was used and Ye Xing led his men straight to the lavender plantation.

There were many flower plantations in Pearl River, and many lavender plantations, but this one was extremely rare, and there was only one plantation in Pearl River that had it.

The target was set and everyone swooped in, surrounding the plantation for interrogation when they arrived.

But Qiao Baihe and Du Jiuniang had been waiting for them for a long time, so they threw their flying knives at him and he fell to the ground.

The man was caught and interrogated, but nothing was said, but Du Jiuniang had a lot of tricks up her sleeve.

In the evening, the man confessed that he was the third member of the family in the shop and a small shareholder in the plantation.

Ye Xing personally went to the interrogation room and looked at the middle-aged man, who was not a demonic cultivator by any stretch of the imagination.

“All those things that demon cultivators do, every one of them is a bloodbath, you think you can get away with it?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t accuse me unjustly without evidence.”

Ye Xing smiled, “Looks like you haven’t suffered enough, let’s play with you again.”

The middle-aged man was instantly dumbfounded, scared at the thought of Du Jiuniang, that snake woman, and begged for mercy, “You use lynching, I can go and sue you.”

“Don’t you know what your status is? This is Dragon Shield, not a police station, if you don’t cooperate with our investigation, we are able to use all methods.”

Ye Xing finished his sneer and twisted his head, “Have someone serve you again.”

“I didn’t do anything, our family has nothing to do with demonic cultivation.” The middle-aged man could not stand the torture and cried out to explain.

Once Ye Xing saw that he had no backbone just right, he began to slowly set up the questioning, and soon he had touched up everything.

When he left the interrogation room, Luo Xiaoyun pounced on him and asked, “Did you ask him clearly?”

Ye Xing gave her a blank look and yelled, “Why are you still here, weren’t you told to go back and review?”

“I know I was wrong, and I want to make up for it now.” Luo Xiaoyun bowed her head.

Ye Xing sneered, “You want to just make up for your mistakes, huh? The operation was almost ruined because of you, always think you’re right, you think Dragon Shield is the department you stayed in before, you’re so capable that people can’t find you ah?”

“I really know I’m wrong and am willing to accept any punishment.”

“Alright, go back to your room right now.”

Ye Xing yelled up, Luo Xiaoyun instantly cried out in difficulty and then ran out.

Du Jiu Niang sneered, “It’s useless to be pretty, you have to have real skills, success is not enough.”

Luo Xiaoyun listened to it and felt even harder, Ye Xing gave a talk about the information he had felt, and the big guys analyzed that they should have no problem with the information.

This family was merely serving a person called Wu Lao, and although they worked for him, they didn’t know much, and were completely ready to be dropped.

Ye Xing considered, “Although this guy is useless, he still has a family, maybe the family knows more.”

“But he doesn’t know the whereabouts of the others either, how can we go about finding them?”

“I think it’s better to hurry up and investigate this Wu Lao is the right thing to do.”

Ye Xing nodded his head down and the group continued to start working.

When he returned to his room and Ye Xing was tired, he ended up having a knock on the door late at night, and he thought it was Du Jiuniang.

When he opened the door, he saw that it was actually Luo Xiaoyun who had red and swollen eyes.

“Why are you still here, didn’t I tell you to go back to Guangnan Provincial City?”

Ye Xing yelled up in dissatisfaction.

Luo Xiaoyun wiped her tears and cried, “I want to stay, I can help.”

“You can help?”

Ye Xing looked at Luo Xiaoyun for a moment and smiled wickedly, “Come inside and see what you can help.”

Luo Xiaoyun’s expression froze and she nodded her head before obediently entering the house.

Ye Xing sat her on the edge of the bed and smiled smugly, “What are you still doing? You came to see me in the middle of the night, isn’t it just that little thing?”

Luo Xiaoyun looked down at Ye Xing and actually started unbuttoning her hands.

Ye Xing took one look and laughed: “Although this disguise art of yours is a bit powerful, your body is not as good as Luo Xiaoyun’s.”

Luo Xiaoyun, who was sitting on the bed, suddenly raised her head and struck directly at Ye Xing with a palm.

Ye Xing was prepared for this and protected his body with his hardening technique, so when the other party’s punch came, it actually clicked and his hand bones were brittle and cracked, and the whole person grimaced in pain.