Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 431-432

Chapter 431

Since there was a breakthrough, it was possible to investigate regardless of the cost. Ye Xing and the technicians from Dragon Shield analysed it.

It is said that three stinkers are better than a wise man.

The technicians were all brainy, quick thinkers, and the best among ordinary people with strong analytical skills. After analysing them one by one, they finally found a breakthrough.

That is to investigate the family background of each corpse, counting children if they have children, spouses if they have spouses, in any case, each corpse’s upper and lower generations have to be investigated.

Nowadays, with the development of big data and all kinds of cloud computing, the general scope was circled out at once.

Among these people, the demon cultivators had to find ordinary people with spiritual roots, and while it was unknown what methods they used, the Dragon Shield technical team used their own.

It was soon possible to identify roughly ten ordinary people who were largely likely to be spirit root possessors.

Ye Xing ran to find Qiao Baihe, as he had seen Guo Dongmei possessing a gla*s ball for testing spiritual roots before, something called a spiritual root detector, I think.

Guo Dongmei said that this thing was developed by the Immortal Sect at a cost of several billion dollars, and the results were quite good.

Qiao Baihe frowned after hearing this, “Master, I don’t have a spirit root detector, that thing has always been kept at the Immortal Sect’s headquarters.”

“Can you get it from somewhere else?” Ye Xing asked.

After thinking about it, Qiao Lily said, “It seems like the Immortal Sect spent a lot of money on a custom-made one from a foreign research centre, so I guess if you have money, you can get one.”

Ye Xing asked Qiao Baihe to think hard about which one it was, and Qiao Baihe kept searching her memory and finally said, “It seems to be called something like Plum.”

“Plum? Plum?”

“Haha, you’re killing me with laughter.”

Suddenly, the mocking voice of Du Jiuniang came from outside the house.

Ye Xing looked at her then said in a deep voice, “Stop it, I’m on business.”

“What I said is also business, can a foreign technology company be called Plum Plum Blossom? They are obviously called Melo Research!”

Du Jiuniang looked at Ye Xing and laughed.

Qiao Baihe suddenly nodded, “Yes, it’s called Merlot Scientific Research.”

“You know it?”

Ye Xing looked at Du Jiuniang and became curious.

Du Jiuniang smiled, “Of course I know him, there is a big man from Merlot Scientific Research who came to China for a trip before and even pursued me, but unfortunately I am not interested in the foreign devil, I only want to date, I don’t want to be responsible, an old pervert.”

“Don’t pretend, have you been on a date with someone and feel bad about living?”

“Go to hell, you heartless little rascal.”

Qiao Baihe laughed happily as she listened, Ye Xing commanded with a big grin, “What are you laughing at, hurry up and contact this some Sh*tty research company, I want to buy their spirit root tester.”

“Don’t be so mean to my sister.”

“I don’t give a Sh*t, I haven’t even touched her so far, so be content.”

“Hmph, you still want all of us sisters to serve you, you wish!”

Ye Xing muttered, “You keep talking about it all day long, I think that’s what you think.”

Du Jiuniang was so angry that she wanted to go over and clean up Ye Xing, but Qiao Baihe dragged her to contact the people from Meluo’s scientific research.

That evening, she was able to get in touch with the other side, and it was the old pervert who was pursuing Du Jiuniang that did the trick.

After some small talk, Du Jiuniang’s ability to flirt with people was beyond words, and he made the old pervert happy and said he would go to the research centre immediately to ask about it.

The next day early in the morning, the old pervert called, and at first he was still trying to be secretive, but Du Jiuniang is a person who does not know what he wants to do.

The first time Ye Xing heard that 10 million US dollars was not too expensive, he immediately transferred the money and told the other party to hurry up with the delivery.

The result was that this crappy centre would not be able to deliver the goods until a month later, and counting the delivery time, it would not arrive in two months.

Ye Xing immediately began to curse, two months, the yellow flowers are cold.

Du Jiu Niang continued to be effective, the old pervert was convinced by her, she was able to ship the goods in one day, and it was also delivered to the territory of China by a person, and he could receive the goods in three days before and after.

And it was delivered personally by Old S*xy P. It was obvious that he was still very interested in Du Jiuniang, a charming and ripe Chinese beauty, and was eager to go on a date in person.

Three days later, the technicians from Dragon Shield had already sorted out all the information and the main thing now was to test the spiritual roots.

The old pervert Jock had also arrived in China. As soon as the old man stepped off the plane, Du Jiuniang saw him at the exit.

After exchanging pleasantries, the old pervert didn’t want to take out the spirit root tester yet, and indicated that he would go to a hotel and stay there.

Ye Xing and Qiao Baihe sat in the car and had a good time. The old man wanted to take advantage of Du Jiuniang, but I’m afraid he thought too much.

The two went into the hotel and opened a room not ten minutes later, Du Jiuniang came out of the hotel, sat in the car and laughed: “This old thing is really anxious, he wants to touch me when he enters the room, he will be honest after a lesson.”

“Where’s the stuff?”

Ye Xing spread his hand and Du Jiuniang took out a box without good grace.

The white box was almost the same as a mobile phone case, and after opening it, a small gla*s sphere in five layers appeared.

There was a recess on this gla*s sphere, which was much more convenient than the previous one.

This depression should be the place where the blood was placed. After Ye Xing looked at it, he hurriedly told Qiao Baihe to go to the Dragon Shield’s stronghold.

Inside the stronghold, the relatives of the ten corpses had already been invited, and the Spiritual Root Tester was delivered and the test began.

The result was that none of the ten had the slightest induction, and only one of them slightly made the tester emit a faint faint yellow colour.

“Luckily this thing is not a fake.”

Ye Xing asked the technician from Dragon Shield to take out the tester’s information.

It turned out that this tester also had a real sister who did not live in Guangnan provincial city, but within Zhuhe city.

“He had induction but wasn’t bothered by the demon cultivator, could he have gone to his sister?”

Ye Xing suddenly asked.

The others hurriedly asked the tester to speak to his sister, but it turned out that they had spoken only three days ago, and today they actually did not get in touch.

“Go to the Pearl River immediately, maybe the demon cultivator went there.”

Ye Xing took the people from Dragon Shield with him and hurriedly killed off to the Pearl River.

Two hours later, the car arrived at a certain neighborhood within the city of Zhuhe, and opened the security door of one of the commercial houses, the house was a bit messy, but no one was there, and there was no corpse.

“It must have been caught, transfer the surveillance immediately!”

Ye Xing asked Dragon Shield’s technical team to investigate, and soon found from within the surveillance that a suspicious-looking cleaner had left the district pushing a blue plastic bucket and never came back.

The Sky Eye system monitored the other party and soon discovered that the other party’s car had driven to a pig farm somewhere outside the city.

The general idea is that human nature, even a magical cultivator can hardly turn into a station to operate a sophisticated instrument.

Because he was not careful, so the demonic cultivator’s whereabouts this time were actually captured by the Sky Eye system in its entirety.

Ye Xing led people to visit and investigate near the pig farm and soon found a little trace.


Chapter 432

Usually the pig farm is frequented by people coming and going, after all, with so many livestock, trading is a big deal.

But for the last week, not only were the gates closed here, but trading had also stopped, and several out-of-town vehicles pulling pigs came over and were chased away by people inside the farm.

Suspicion was there, then there was a problem.

Ye Xing was almost certain that the demon cultivator was hiding inside this pig farm.

That night, the drones started to fly to probe inside the pig farm, but it turned out that although there were lights on in the house, they were so tightly covered that it was impossible to find out what was going on in the house.

Ye Xing began to set up his team to surround the place, so that the demon cultivator could not be allowed to escape again.

As a result, he was just about to break down the door and make his move when suddenly a figure flew in from afar.

It was really a ghostly figure flying on the ground, and was dressed in a white dress and wearing a veil.

Qiao Baihe was stunned when she saw it, and Ye Xing gestured not to speak.

The person in white flew into the pig farm and soon there was a fight inside, followed by spells, like someone setting off fireworks in the darkness of the night.

In less than a minute, the fighting stopped and Ye Xing and the others saw the man in white fly away and the whole pig farm became extremely quiet.

Ye Xing waited for a full ten minutes before he brought his men closer to the pig farm.

They saw that the ground was littered with mutilated corpses and blood was flowing, the demon cultivator had died horribly and had been cut into several pieces.

Qiao Baihe said, “It’s the Sect Master.”

“It must be her, dressed in such an immortal aura, it’s strange that she can’t be recognised.”

“She seems to be using a magic weapon flying sword!”

Ye Xing was stunned, then asked, “How many powerful magic weapons are there within the Immortal Sect?”

“The most famous one is the Kun Wu Sword, that is the sect master’s original magic weapon and something that has been pa*sed down from successive sect masters, back then it was a semi-immortal weapon!”

When Ye Xing heard that it was so powerful, it seemed like the demon cultivator was killed without any resistance at all, if this fell on himself, how many moves would he be able to resist?

Ye Xing used his spiritual power to manipulate the dagger against ancient martial artists, that was simply not too good.

And the same was true of magic weapons, which could be remotely controlled by the caster, and were so powerful that they could completely take the enemy’s head a thousand miles away.

Ye Xing even fantasised about the Free Fairy controlling the Kun Wu sword and chopping him into pieces, while his own little tricks were completely out of play.

“No, if we really meet, we’re dead.”

Ye Xing yelled up with a panicked expression.

Qiao Baihe frowned and then said, “The Kun Wu sword was damaged before and has never been taken out and used, it looks like it has recently been restored by the Sect Master, this time she took the Kun Wu sword to kill the demon cultivator, it’s really a bit surprising.”

“Maybe there’s something on this demon cultivator that she wants.”

Ye Xing asked the technicians from Dragon Shield to hurry up and pull up the surveillance.

Luckily, they had set up the drones before, complete with a full record of what had happened inside the pig farm.

In the picture, the Free Fairy was very comfortable with her hands, controlling the Kun Wu sword that was glowing red all over, directly forcing out the demon cultivator hiding underground.

When this demon cultivator saw the Kunwu sword, he turned his head to run away, but unfortunately he was pierced through the heart by the amazing speed of the Kunwu sword and was completely defenceless.

Afterwards, the Fairy of Ease rummaged around the demon cultivator’s body and got a lot of things, but she only wanted a black piece of something like fur.

The Free Fairy put away the fur and swung her sword to chop up the demon cultivator’s corpse along with the other items.

Ye Xing laughed bitterly after watching, “This is bad, Fairy Prosperity has become so powerful, anyone who meets her will die.”

“Immortal cultivators rely on spells and magic weapons, now that the Sect Master has two sharp weapons in her hands, I’m afraid that she will kill anyone who stops her.”

Qiao Baihe frowned and worried.

Ye Xing thought of someone after hearing this, the tomb keeper Jiang Qin, who had repeatedly found trouble with the Immortal Sect, and the Free Fairy hated him to the core, I’m afraid he would be the first person to be cleaned up.

“Although it’s best if this B*****d Jiang Qin is dead, but once he’s dead, I’m afraid that the Immortal Sect will have to find trouble with me, so powerful, it’s not something that can be dealt with by dealing with ancient martial sects.”

Ye Xing frowned sadly, next to him Du Jiuniang worried, “Why don’t we leave, away from the country of China, she may not be able to find you even if she wants to settle the score.”

“Her goal is to open the ancient formation and bring back the global spiritual energy, when that happens, it will be a disaster for the living, the whole world is in her hands, where can I hide?”

“Yeah, maybe that skin is a clue about the second ancient formation.”

Qiao Baihe suddenly mentioned.

Ye Xing nodded down and felt that it was in all probability related to the location of the second ancient formation.

The rest of the Dragon Shield had already searched around the pig farm and found the Spiritual Rooters who had been tortured badly by the demonic cultivators.

The little girl had been terrified, but fortunately there was no trauma, and after some rea*surance, the person had regained her senses and was crying all over the place.

It suddenly occurred to Ye Xing that she was a gifted person with spiritual roots, so it would be better to keep her for the devil cultivators to scourge, rather than take her into the Dragon Shield to serve.

Ye Xing told Lin Wei about this and asked her to take care of the matter.

The case was sort of solved, but the murderer had turned into several large pieces.

To no one’s surprise, a few dozen metres away in a gra*sy area, an old man squinted his eyes at the location of the pig farm, then turned his head away.

There was a car on the road behind him, and after the old man got into it, the car drove away quickly without stopping.

Ye Xing returned to the city of Guangnan Province, this trip out not only solved the case, but also knew the power of the Free Fairy, next he had to think of a way to deal with it, otherwise if he was really found by the Free Fairy, he would either die or be injured.

Ye Xing asked the technicians of Dragon Shield to keep an eye on Jiang Qin, but unfortunately, the patriarch had lost his whereabouts a few days ago.

The safest way for Ye Xing was to join hands with Jiang Qin to fight against the Fairy of Ease, but unfortunately the hatred between the two sides was so great that it was impossible to join forces.

Thinking about it, Ye Xing could only ask Beiye to go to Hua Junshen and give this a go.

At three in the morning, a tall man suddenly appeared on the straw hut outside the villa.

Ye Xing’s ears twitched as he got up and walked out. Hua Junsoul turned his head to look at him with a smile and praised him, “You’ve done a good job recently, not only have you made all the ancient martial sects curb their behaviour, but you’ve also thwarted the Jiang family, but unfortunately you said that the Immortal Sect has obtained the magic weapon, so I’m afraid it will be even harder to deal with in the future.”

“Military spirit, this matter must find a solution, otherwise if that chick is allowed to go on a killing spree, I’m afraid no one will be able to control it.”

“Immortal cultivators with magic weapons, there is no way for ancient martial artists to counteract them, and neither can I.”

Ye Xing’s heart was cold after hearing this, you are one of the four great masters, if you can’t do it, who can handle that chick?

“But you can!”

Ye Xing’s eyes widened, “Military Spirit, don’t tease me, with my strength, people can crush me without using magic weapons.”

“We all no longer have the potential to go further, while you are different, your cultivation has progressed terribly and you have dual cultivation in immortal and martial arts, to a large extent, you are the one who has the most hope of subduing the Free Fairy.”

“Although you compliment me comfortably, it doesn’t seem to be of any use.”