Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 43-44

Chapter 43

It was already nine o’clock in the evening when he returned home.

Ye Xing whistled and went upstairs, and with a glance, he saw Murong Xue sitting on the sofa, dazed.

In the past, whenever she came home, she almost always had her phone in hand, staring at the developments of her company’s artists, tonight was a bit abnormal.

“Honey, you’re a bit out of sorts!”

Ye Xing went up and touched her forehead, there was no fever!

“I haven’t eaten yet.” She said.

“No way, it’s already the time!”

Ye Xing walked towards the kitchen. In three or two clicks, he cooked a bowl of fragrant pork ribs and rice.

“You can’t earn enough money, your body is the capital of the revolution. Don’t think that because you are young you neglect it.”

Ye Xing put the rib noodles in front of her and smiled, “Eat!”

“Not hungry …… goo goo.”

Just after the words were said, her stomach growled.

Murong XueTeng was so ashamed that she was ashamed of herself and slapped him on the shoulder and said angrily, “It’s all your fault, you only cared about eating with other women. Leaving your own wife at home. You like Su Xiaoqiao so much, go marry her, we already have a divorce agreement anyway.”

Ye Xing understood that the reason why Murong Xue did not eat was because she was jealous.

The two already had a divorce agreement, and from a legal point of view, they were already divorced.

But Ye Xing had never mentioned divorcing her and then remarrying.

He was no longer the foolish Ye Xing of old, but a man full of charm, and as a woman, it would be false not to think about it more in her heart.

“I forgot if you didn’t say it.” Ye Xing tapped his head, “Let’s go tomorrow.”

“You don’t have to force it.”

“No reluctance, I’m serious.” Ye Xing gave her a look and laughed, “I’d better change my pretend target from now on, I won’t find Su Xiaoqiao to play with, you’re not happy every time I’m with her.”

Although he was delighted and happy with Su Xiaoqiao, he knew very well in his heart that Murong Xue was his real wife.

“Switch over, would you be happy if I was with a man outside?” Murong Xue snorted coldly.

“Let’s eat the noodles first. Let’s go do the formalities tomorrow.” Ye Xing pushed the noodles in front of her.

Only then did Murong Xue’s anger subside a little and she took the noodles and devoured them.

The next morning, the two of them drove straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

As there was a clause in the original agreement, the two had to get a divorce before the transfer contract could take effect.

There were not many people at the Civil Affairs Bureau today, so the two of them quickly completed the divorce procedures and got their divorce certificates.

“Honey, let’s go to that queue and get a divorce!” Ye Xing exclaimed.

Brush brush brush!

The whole crowd was looking at them.

Just divorced and immediately married again. This couple must be sick in the head!

“What are you looking at, we’ve never been divorced, can’t we try it?” Ye Xing exclaimed.

“Do you treat the Civil Affairs Bureau like a playground, get lost!” A staff member stood up and broke into a scolding.

Murong Xue was groundless and immediately pulled Ye Xing and fled.

“Honey, what are you afraid of, this is their job. It’s not like we broke the law.” Ye Xing said.

“If you don’t mind being ashamed, I still mind being ashamed!” Murong Xue’s face was still on fire.

Luckily she didn’t meet anyone she knew, otherwise she wouldn’t have the face to see anyone.

She really admired his thick skin, even the most shameless things were so justified when he said them.

“Let’s go back and come back in a couple of days.” Murong Xue said.

The two of them got into the car. Back to the office.

“Honey, turn right.”

“What for?”

“I’m going to buy a car.”

Ye Xing didn’t have a car, it really wasn’t very convenient, so it was good to buy one.

“What kind of car do you want, a Bentley, a Porsche, or what?” She asked.

“Just drop me off in front of that 4?shop.” Ye Xing instructed.

Murong Xue took a look and was instantly speechless, there was actually a BYD 4?shop shop there.

“You bought this car. Are you ashamed of yourself!” Murong Xue cried and laughed.

“You don’t get it, it’s a god of pretence!” Ye Xing grinned cheekily.

Driving a Bentley to pretend is not as cool as driving a BYD to pretend.

Driving a Bentley. Everyone knows you are rich and dare not look down on you.

Driving a BYD, some people look down on you. Then they suddenly find out that you are richer than the person driving the Bentley.

Which is the best way to pretend?

“Do you like pretending so much?” Murong Xue was speechless.

Where did this guy’s thinking come from, was it from Mars?

“If you can’t sleep with women, if you can’t even pretend to be a P***y, how can you live this life?”

Murong Xue thought he was suffocating so much that he was like this, and suddenly whispered, “Ye Xing, did that divine doctor say if it was possible to use other methods to release you?”

When she said this, her face instantly flushed to the base of her neck.

It was too embarra*sing for a woman to take the initiative to say this!

Looking at her extremely gorgeous appearance, Ye Xing almost couldn’t help but tell her that he could actually get close to women.

It was not that there was something wrong with his own body. Rather, he was cursed!

“The divine doctor said that it’s not okay to fix the original element.”

Throwing down these words, he got out of the car and bent over to leave.

“Welcome, sir, are you here to see the car?”

Just entering inside. A pretty lady selling cars greeted him and asked with a smile.

“I’ve come to eat.”

The little sister’s face, which was still smiling, instantly froze.

“Sir, this is a car dealership, not a restaurant.”

“Then you’re asking if you’re here to see a car, of course you’re here to see a car at a 4?shop.”

The little sister’s face instantly reddened and for a moment she didn’t know how to answer, standing awkwardly in place.

“I’m teasing you, smile for ten years less.” Ye Xing collected his serious face and smiled.

“Sir, you are really humorous.” The little sister sighed in relief, then asked again, “I wonder what model you need to see, sir?”

“I want the cheapest car you have here.”

“The cheapest pride car we have here is the ?3, priced from 45,000 to 70,000, please ……”

“I said, I want the most convenient model, but I want to get my license plate right away.”

“Sir, it’s peak time for licensing, it’s not that quick, it’ll take a day or two.”

“Get the license within an hour, I’ll add one million, within two hours, add half a million, before noon, add two hundred thousand.” Ye Xing said.

The little sister looked at him stupidly, dumbfounded!

This guy wouldn’t have come out of a mental hospital, would he?

Buying a fifty thousand dollar car and spending one million to get a license?

“Can you do it?” Ye Xing asked.

“Sir, you’re not kidding, right?” The little sister couldn’t believe it.

“I can sign a contract.” Ye Xing said.

“Wait a moment, I’ll go ask the manager.”

The little sister finished speaking and hurriedly ran in, almost falling down in her excitement.

A moment later, a thirty-something, obese looking man came out and walked towards Ye Xing with big steps.

“Hello sir, my surname is Zhu, I am the boss of this 4? shop, just now my salesman said ……”

“She’s right, I can swipe my card to transfer the money first.”

Ye Xing interrupted him to save him from wasting his time pretending with more nonsense.

Two years had flashed by, and besides, he didn’t know when the unexpected would come, so of course, he was enjoying himself to the fullest.

“Sir, how about transferring a hundred thousand dollars first?” Manager Zhu asked.


Chapter 44

The two men came to the finance department and transferred 100,000 first.

After the money was successfully transferred, Manager Zhu then realised that the guy in front of him was definitely not from the madhouse, but a low-profile tycoon.

“The time is now 9:15 and 23 seconds in the morning, the clock starts.”

As soon as the word start fell, Manager Zhu’s obese body instantly blew by like a gust of wind.

If he hadn’t seen it for himself, Ye Xing really wouldn’t believe that a fat person could be so fast.

“Xiao He, go and print the voluntary contract immediately, according to what that gentleman just said. Hurry.”

“Xiao Yu, go and ask Mr. Ye for his ID card and prepare the sales contract right away, quick.”

“Xiaomei. Call the DMV right away and tell them to give us a quasi-time.”

“Hurry up, all act, time is money.”

Manager Zhu clapped his hands together and all the sales staff around him who had been given the task ran.

A million dollars!

How long would it take for a small shop like theirs to make a million.

The customers around them who were looking at the cars all looked over in shock, thinking that something big had happened. They almost wanted to run away.

The whole sales hall was in a mess.

Ye Xing lay on the sofa, crossed his legs and watched them surround him, that feeling was really cool.

It was great to pretend for a while, but it was great to pretend all the time!

“Manager Zhu, I’m a bit thirsty, pour me a gla*s of water.” Ye Xing shouted.

“Lili, go and pour a gla*s of water for Mr. Ye.” General Manager Zhu ordered.

“Mr. Zhu, wait for two minutes.”

“Drop all your work and go now.” Manager Zhu yelled.

Lili had no choice but to put down the work in her hands and went to pour a gla*s of water.

Ye Xing collapsed on the sofa and waited quietly.

I don’t know how long it took, but Manager Zhu came running over.

“Got it done, so fast?” He asked

“No, this is the contract we agreed on for the bet, and as you know, there is no proof by word of mouth.” Mr Zhu laughed.

“One million for one hour, five hundred thousand for two hours, and two hundred thousand before twelve noon.”

Ye Xing looked at the betting contract and felt that there was no problem, so he signed his word on it.

After signing. Mr. Zhu looked at it and felt that there was no more problem, then he handed him a car key from his body.

“Mr. Ye, all the formalities are done, here are your keys.” Chief Zhu smiled and said.

Ye Xing looked at the time and was dumbfounded!

Forty minutes.

D*mn it, whoever said that the licensing couldn’t be done in one day, I promise not to kill him.

“Mr. Ye, let’s go see your car.” Mr Zhu said with a smile.

The two of them walked out of the hall and a car was already parked outside, Ye Xing took a look and was instantly happy.

He only saw that the license plate number ended in five eights.

“Mr. Ye. Although you gave us a million, this license plate isn’t cheap. We didn’t earn much from you either. Our small shop is based on a customer first attitude, and we would prefer to give Mr. Ye a friend.” Chief Zhu laughed.


Ye Xing couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

A $50,000 car with five 8’s on it, this was like a walking god of pretence!

“Mr. Zhu, you are really too generous!”

Ye Xing laughed loudly and suddenly grabbed the contract from Mr. Zhu’s hand and tore it cleanly.

General Manager Zhu’s face instantly changed, incomparably ugly.

“Mr. Ye, how can you do this.” He almost cried.

He had recruited his own pocket for this license plate, just hoping that the customer would be satisfied and be friends with him. It turned out that he had torn up the contract.

What if he backtracked and didn’t pay?

“Mr. Zhu, mobile phone collection.”

Ye Xing opened WeChat and tapped on payment.

He deliberately moved his phone a little forward to be able to let Mr. Zhu see the wallet numbers clearly.

Mr. Zhu took a glance at the wallet on his phone and was stunned.

One, two, three. Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten ……

Oh my God, was that a ten-digit number or an eleven-digit number?

“Mr. Zhu, what are you doing?” Ye Xing asked as he put his phone away.


Mr. Zhu hastily took out his phone and opened the collection.

Ye Xing scanned it, entered the amount and transferred the money.

Mr. Zhu took a look. He was so happy that his eyes almost miked up.

Two million, the transferred account was not a million, it was a full two million!

“Goodbye, Mr. Zhu.”

Ye Xing patted him on the shoulder. Only then did he walk to his newly bought fifty thousand dollar BYD car and set off in the middle of Mr. Zhu’s adoring gaze.

“The world of the rich, I’ve never understood it in my life.”

Looking at the back of the car. Mr. Zhu sighed tersely.

Pretending to be cool for a moment, pretending to be cool all the time.

Ye Xing was quite cool just now, but after he drove the car, he was immediately unhappy.

Nima, this Sh*tty car, even driving a moto car was faster than it.

When he increased the throttle, it was like the car would fall apart.

It was comfortable to play hard to get, but it was very uncomfortable to sit and drive.

No, I can’t compromise my comfort just to play hard to get.

More importantly, in case I need to race the car, even if I have the ability to go through the sky, there is no way to drive it like a plane!

Ye Xing made an immediate decision to modify the car.

He put a twelve-cylinder engine on this broken car, and when the time came, such a broken car would make a wild beast-like whistling sound on the road. It would be a walking pretentious weapon!

Modifying cars is illegal and few people dare to do it now.

Moreover, experts in car modification are rare, and some of them are so unseen that it is not easy to find them.

It’s just a pity that in this world, as long as it’s something that people can manage to do. There was almost nothing that Ye Xing could not do.

Otherwise, this more than a thousand rebirths for nothing.

Ye Xing boarded the plane? No. and talked to a person.


When he returned to the company, Ye Xing parked his car in the car park.

Before he got down from the car’s, a familiar voice came.

“Who owns this Sh*tty car, if you don’t have money, don’t buy it, it’s not good to take the bus to deliver?”

“I guess it’s the company’s security guard, besides the broken security guard, who would buy this kind of car, not too ashamed.”

A BMW 5-series happened to be parked next to it and walked down two women, one of whom was none other than Xia Hong.

Xia Hong was wearing gla*ses and her head was slightly held up in arrogance.

She was followed by a woman called Lin Jing, a small netizen with millions of fans.

The two women had just gone out for lunch and returned to see the car and couldn’t help but discuss it.

The car door pushed open and Ye Xing stepped down from inside.

Seeing him, the two women instantly turned slightly pale with fright, took big steps and walked towards the car park.

“Stand still.” Ye Xing bellowed.

Instead of standing, the two women ran faster and Xia Hong was not careful and her high heels turned a little.

She couldn’t care about the pain, took her shoes off and continued to run.

“Stop, if you go any further I’ll get angry.” Ye Xing yelled.

He didn’t say anything, but once he did the two women ran even faster.

Finally, the two women arrived next to the lift and pressed the lift, until the lift doors closed, they were relieved.

Suddenly, the originally closed lift door opened again and a shady smiling face grew bigger and bigger in the doorway.


The two women hugged up and screamed at the same time.

With that look, the uninformed would have thought they were in a horror movie!

“Come out.” Ye Xing ordered.

The two women held on for dear life, their feet almost going soft.

“If you don’t come out, get you killed.”

Helplessly, the two women had to obediently come out from inside.