Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 429-430

Chapter 429

The Jiang family disciples wearing black hoods lost their breath one after another and their bodies were pulled away, a scene that sent a chill through the hearts of all the disciples of the ancient martial arts world’s clans.

There was a time when ancient martial artists were an existence beyond ordinary people, doing things in a dashing and casual manner, and could ignore the laws of the earth, but the previous impunity had all pa*sed, and the next step was to become law-abiding.

Ye Xing looked around at all the ancient martial artists present and asked with a smile, “All of you are part of the ancient martial world, these people from Jiang’s family have killed people and sentenced them to death, do you think it is heavy or light?”

This was even more like a knock, the Hong Clan was the most outspoken, an elder in fancy clothes smiled and balked, “Chief Ye is right to punish, although they are ancient martial artists, but they can’t take human lives, killing people to pay for their lives, a rule that has been in place since ancient times, sentencing them to death deserves it.”

“Yes, the Hidden Sect also does things absolutely in accordance with the law, and definitely does not cause trouble to the Dragon Shield and the people.”

Lu Yiming gave a bitter smile and could only follow suit with a bashful remark.

Master Wudao, as a monk, was still unable to let go of the killing and shook his head gently, not saying that he was doing the right thing or the wrong thing, staying out of it anyway.

Ye Xing put his hands behind his back and drank: “After you all go back, control the disciples of the sect, do business and make money, what is wrong with enjoying this world of flowers, you have to seek your own death, that is to make an enemy of the entire Chinese people, today you have seen, hundreds of thousands of people together with ambition, is not a small group of Jiang family disciples can resist.”

Lu Yiming nodded his head, after all, the trial in the square earlier was too shocking.

Even Jiang Qin, one of the Four Great Patriarchs, had no effect at all amidst the shouts of hundreds of thousands of people.

No matter what Patriarch Immortal Sect you were, it was really unbearable in front of so many people.

“This kid Ye Xing is taking advantage of the great righteousness, really no one can do anything to him, this is perhaps justice in the world!”

Lu Yi Ming sighed in his heart.

Soon everyone withdrew, the ancient martial sects left in droves, one by one the first thing they did when they returned was naturally to set the rules, they could no longer let their disciples act recklessly, if they really caused a big mess, when the time came, Dragon Shield was not a vegetarian.

Although Ye Xing had laid out in advance and put Jiang Qin in his place, the other party was a sect master, so naturally he would not give up in peace.

Retaliation, backstabbing, should all be on the other side’s agenda of plans.

Before, Ye Xing was still a bit afraid when he was on his own, but now that he had set up Dragon Shield and had enough information, he naturally had a way to circumvent it.

Ye Xing told the technical staff of Dragon Shield to be on their toes and beware of Jiang’s people messing up.

As a result, unexpectedly, a Dragon Shield team member came to report that Guo Dongmei and Su Furong were missing.

Ye Xing considered for a moment and said, “No need to check, just go away, it’s useless to continue staying anyway.”

Guo Dongmei and Su Furong were dressed up as fashionable women, sitting in their car seats and looking around warily.

Su Furong said as soon as she sat down, “OK, no one is checking, it looks like that guy is desperate for us to leave.”

“Aren’t you a bit disappointed?”

Guo Dongmei joked and laughed.

Su Furong blushed and said, “I’m not disappointed at all, next time I meet him, I’ll have to kill him.”

“So much anger, can you spare it?”

“Don’t mention it, it makes me angry just thinking about it. I’m afraid I’ll have to be taught a lesson by Master when I get back.”

“I’m afraid I’ll have to be lectured by my master when I get back.” “I don’t care if I’m lectured, we almost died, what do we care about being punished?”

The two of them didn’t get too far in the car before they got off at another big city in Guangnan Province.

Pearl River is an economic development zone and one of the top three large cities in Guangnan Province.

The two got off the bus and went into the bathroom, quickly changing into their university student outfits and leaving the high speed train station.

Not long after they stepped out of the high-speed railway station, they received a message from the Immortal Gate and rushed to a certain old street in Zhuhe.

The two entered a Chinese medicine shop and soon met Shangguan Lan and a few other Immortal Sect disciples sitting inside.

“Greetings to Master!”

Although Guo Dongmei and Su Furong were surprised, they quickly knelt down on one knee.

Shangguan Lan’s expression was cold, and although she had an extremely beautiful face, it had a coldness that rejected people.

“You two have really died nine times, should I punish you, or should I reward you?”

Shangguan Lan laughed coldly.

Guo Dongmei bowed her head and admitted her mistake, “Master, the two of us are willing to accept the punishment.”

Shangguan Lan was tempted to do it, but with a hesitant sigh he said, “Get up, this time we have something very important to do, you two strive to redeem yourselves.”


Guo Dongmei sighed in relief and then stood up with Su Furong.

Shangguan Lan’s eyes were sharp as he questioned, “You both have injuries?”

Guo Dongmei nodded her head and then explained how she had been injured and the condition of her injuries.

Shangguan Lan frowned and drank, “Jiang Qin wants to go against our Immortal Sect, then let the Jiang family pay a heavy price.”

“Master, is there some kind of plan?”

“You don’t need to know, stay well and heal your wounds.”

Shangguan Lan finished speaking and took the other disciples, put on their masks and left in droves.

Guo Dongmei laughed when she looked at Su Furong the same: “Luckily you dodged it, if you were punishing the two of us, I’m afraid your injuries would be difficult to heal again.”

“Sister, Master has come down from the mountain, is there any plan to target Dragon Shield?”

“Still thinking about Ye Xing, don’t you hate him to death?”

“Who says I miss him, if there was a plan to deal with Dragon Shield, I’d be the first to want to go stab that B*****d to death.”

“Che, I don’t believe you’d give up, get well.”


Shangguan Lan left the pharmacy and led his disciples to an upscale flat within the Pearl River.

In a room inside the flat, countless white mist was dense on the floor and a stunningly beautiful woman was sitting in it.

Shangguan Lan did not dare to disturb her and waited for half an hour before the beautiful woman opened her eyes.

A pair of eyes were so dark and slender that one dared not look directly at them, for she was simply too beautiful.

The Free Fairy asked indifferently, “How is the investigation going?”

“The Blood Demon had appeared in the city of Guangnan Province before, but never showed up again due to an encounter with the Dragon Shield, and based on all the cases we have checked, it is almost certain that the Blood Demon is within Zhuhe City.”

Shangguan Lan replied affirmatively.

“The Blood Demon should have the Heavenly Calamity Diagram on him, this diagram is the most likely to find the location of the second ancient formation, so he must be taken down.”

“Sect Master, the Jiang family has been constantly provoking and injuring many of our disciples, shouldn’t we settle this?”

“You guys go find the diagram, I will personally take care of the Jiang family.”

Shangguan Lan asked with a big happy face, “Has the Sect Master already repaired the magic weapon?”

“It should be almost done, once the Kun Wu Sword is out, Jiang Qin, the Gravekeeper, will have to go and build himself a tomb.”

The Free Fairy laughed coldly.

Shangguan Lan clasped his fist and drank, “The Sect Master will surely win a great victory on this trip, and properly let the ancient martial artists know that the Immortal Sect is the rightful discipline of cultivation!”

“Pursuing the immortal path requires spiritual roots, how can those mortals know themselves, the four great masters are all stumbling blocks, as well as that Ye Xing, none of them can be spared, the Kun Wu Sword will require the lives of all of them to be sacrificed in blood this time!”


Chapter 430

A hot pot restaurant somewhere in the city of Guangnan Province, Ye Xing came here not to eat, but to solve the case.

The case was taken over by Luo Xiaoyun’s former leader, but there has been no way to solve it, and the victim’s family is somewhat powerful and has been going to the authorities to make trouble.

The victim’s family is a bit powerful and has been going to the authorities to make trouble. As Long Shield has been in the limelight in Guangnan Province recently, Luo Xiaoyun’s former leader approached her and pleaded for this troublesome case to be solved.

Ye Tian wasn’t interested in solving the case, he was an immortal-martial practitioner himself and not some detective managing criminal cases, if it wasn’t for Luo Xiaoyun pestering Murong Xue, this really wouldn’t be something he would have been asked to do.

“I can tell you, I’ll take a look at it at best, how to solve the case, you think about it yourself.”

Ye Xing explained as he walked to the freezer of the hot pot restaurant.

Luo Xiaoyun asked, “Let me solve it alone, I don’t know anything about those evil ways either.”

“If you don’t know, you dare to pick it up, even though it’s your ex-leader, but haven’t you already found someone else? You can’t have to say yes even if your ex-husband asks you to have a baby, right?”

Luo Xiaoyun blushed red and spat, “What are you talking about? How can this even be related to having a baby?”

“I’m just using an analogy.”

“Can’t you make a different analogy?”

Ye Xing went to the freezer door, where a uniformed duty officer was actually guarding it.

“Open it, what kind of fuss has he never seen before?”

As soon as the duty officer pulled open the door to the entrance of the freezer, Ye Xing saw the light and the cold fog, when the fog lifted, the miserable look inside still gave him a shock.

“Holy Sh*t, a corpse fair, huh?”

Luo Xiaoyun also shivered as he watched, although he had handled many cases, it was the first time he had experienced such a horrible frozen corpse scene.

The officers on duty didn’t dare to look and hid to the side shivering.

Ye Xing gathered his mood and walked in, it was bloody, the blood on the ground was frozen into a thick layer of ice, overhead was waxy yellow energy-saving lamps, the freezer in the major air vents constantly bubbling with cold air.

And on the tables and cabinets and walls, there were corpses hanging, dead in the most gruesome manner, and by a rough count, my goodness, at least a hundred of them.

“Such a big case and no clues after months of investigation?”

Ye Xing turned his head in disbelief.

Luo Xiaoyun growled in disbelief, “Most of the bodies here are missing from the hospital morgue, the ones who were really killed were the hot pot restaurant owner’s family of three.”

“Where are the bodies?”

Luo Xiaoyun pointed fearfully at a large blue vat in the corner against the wall.

Ye Xing moved closer over, the vat had no lid, and when he looked inside, holy Sh*t, three human faces staring at you with wide eyes and bleeding eyes, nose and mouth.

Ye Xing was all scared and took a step back, they say people are scared to death, it’s really no lie.

He looked at the bucket, because it was kept in the freezer for a long time, the blood inside had almost all frozen into ice, and the other limbs of the three bodies were inside the bucket.

But because no other clues had been found, neither the stolen bodies nor the vat had been touched here for fear of losing important clues.

Ye Xing turned his head and yelled, “Tell the men to carry the barrels out to thaw, I want to see the three mutilated corpses.”

“What? The taste is so heavy.”

“Big sister, you’re the one who took the case, don’t you want to solve it?”

Ye Xing walked to the door to have a cup of tea to pressurize his mind, Luo Xiaoyun was miserable, calling up the uniformed man on duty, the other party was too dead to go do this.

In the end, Luo Xiaoyun went to call the forensic pathologist, and a group of people spent more than an hour working on it, all of them threw up, before they emptied out the contents of a large bucket.

Ye Xing was shocked when he walked in, there were broken limbs on the ground and they were all frozen into a block of ice.

When Luo Xiaoyun finished throwing up, she said, “It’s not going to melt today, it’ll be almost ready after one night.”

Ye Xing picked up the ice bricks and although they were frozen into ice, he could still make out the frozen limbs inside.

Ye Xing looked at it for half a day and finally found a little something, a human skin.

“To be able to avoid so many surveillance, the murderer’s skill must be very good, it can be proved that at least an ancient martial artist, but an ancient martial artist to kill someone, no need to make so many names, especially to make such a neat human skin, only a demon cultivator can do it, the case can be closed, the demon cultivator did it, want to catch someone, unless the other party send it to the door.”

Ye Xing said throwing the ice cube and left.

Luo Xiaoyun and the others listened to the clouds, but after looking at the broken limbs all over the ground, one had to endure the nausea again and give it all a good deal tomorrow.

When Ye Xing returned to the villa, Luo Xiaoyun was busy until most of the night and ended up falling asleep on the sofa.

Ye Xing was just about to get up and go upstairs when Luo Xiaoyun was trembling with fear and talking in his sleep inside his mouth: “There is no blame, I will help you find the murderer, you don’t leave ah looking for me.”

Ye Xing heard actually talking in his sleep, this girl is scared to death, if the case can not be solved, I’m afraid a lifetime will have to have a shadow.

“Hey, who let me so unlucky?”

Ye Xing got depressed, asking Luo Xiaoyun to catch a devil cultivator, catching it for a hundred years was not even an option, he could only unleash the full power of the Dragon Shield.

Devil Cultivators were even harder to find their whereabouts than the Immortal Sect, these guys were like sewer rats, don’t expect to see any sign of them in broad daylight, you had to wander inside the sewers to get a bit of a clue.

The case was discovered in the city of Guangnan Province, and there had been previous attacks on Murong Xue by demonic cultivators.

Ye Xing hadn’t been looking for trouble with them, and this time it looked like there was no way to avoid it.

Ye Xing drove to Du Jiuniang and Qiao Baihe’s residence and gave a talk about it as soon as he entered the house.

Du Jiuniang drank with murderous fury, “These B*****ds killed our Flying Daggers Sect, there is no way I will let them go.”

“Bars are a favourite place for demon cultivators to stay, they also had to attack the fairies of the Immortal Sect, they have not appeared since they suffered a defeat at our place before, did they go to sneak in to attack the Immortal Sect?”

Ye Xing ventured a guess up.

Qiao Baihe shook her head and then said, “Impossible, the Immortal Sect has conducted several eradications for the Demon Cultivators, before I was still on the mountain, I heard Shangguan Lan mention that the a*sessment mission decades ago was completed by killing the Demon Cultivators, so the Demon Cultivators have an extremely strong hatred for the Immortal Sect, but definitely don’t have the guts to attack the Immortal Sect.”

“They don’t dare to attack the Immortal Sect, and they can’t do anything to us, so they attack ordinary people.”

“Not necessarily, you forgot that there were some people with immortal cultivation talent among the ordinary people?”

Qiao Baihe suddenly thought of a key.

Ye Xing smiled as soon as he tapped his head, “Right, spiritual roots!”

With one pa*s, Ye Xing quickly thought of why the devil cultivator would go and get hundreds of corpses, all these corpses were feared to be people with spiritual roots.

The devil cultivators tested them one by one and then looked for the family members of the spirit root possessors.

Ye Xing hurriedly returned to the hot pot restaurant and entered the freezer again to slowly check, finally he found that each corpse had been given a small hole in the sky.

This confirmed the evidence that the devil cultivators wanted to find the spirit root possessors!