Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 427-428

Chapter 427

Ye Xing’s teeth itched with hatred, and the group of Dragon Shield members next to him were also filled with righteous indignation, eager to clean up all these arrogant Jiang’s children.

Suddenly, there was a commotion from outside and Lin Wei hurriedly asked with her walkie-talkie.

“A few more people from the Jiang family are coming outside.”

Lin Wei looked at Ye Xing and said.

Ye Xing drank: “Tie them all up, handcuffs and shackles plus electric vests, anyone who dares to move, give me hard electricity.”

“You guys are F**king crazy, we are Jiang’s family, if you dare to deal with us like this, just wait and regret.”

Jiang Yong roared in discontent.

The Dragon Shield members swarmed up and directly put all kinds of handcuffs and shackles on the group of Jiang family disciples, especially the kind of electric vests, once they were put on, they were subjected to the high-voltage electric current stimulating the whole body, which could instantly torture the ancient martial artists to death and even electrocute them to fainting.

The physical quality of ancient martial artists was different from normal people, but they still could not withstand under the attack of high-voltage current.

Ye Xing walked out and at the entrance of the courtyard, the tall man was standing there with three people.

“Are you also from the Jiang family?”

Ye Xing inquired coldly.

The tall man sneered, “That’s right, quickly let Jiang Yong and the others go.”

“What a big mouth, they went over the fence to kill and set fire, committing a capital crime, and you say let them go?”

Ye Xing’s eyes were sharp and he confronted the other party.

The tall man sneered, “So what if they killed and set fire, they are from the Jiang family, even if they did something big, it’s not something you can control.”

“It’s sad that there are people like you in the ancient martial world.”

“What are you talking about? What are you that you dare to be so rude to me?”

The tall man’s eyes were wide and he wanted to kill Ye Xing.

Ye Xing walked over and sneered, “A bunch of beasts worse than dogs and pigs dare to send me to your door, so naturally I am not polite to you.”

“You seek death.”

The tall man couldn’t help himself and quickly struck out, slashing at Ye Xing’s head with his palm.

This guy’s palm was dark, and he had practiced palm techniques for a long time, and was already on the verge of breaking a hundred catties of stubborn stone with one palm.

To slash at a person’s head, this was a clear attempt to kill Ye Xing.

Unfortunately, when his palm came down, Ye Xing had already quickly dodged away.

The tall man froze and narrowed his eyes, “So you are also an ancient martial artist, no wonder you speak with such a big mouth.”

“Blatantly attacking me, you won’t be able to leave.”

Ye Xing struck out, his tidal wave fist rushing forward, simple and straightforward.

The tall man was just about to dodge when he found a huge pain in his abdomen, having been struck by his opponent’s punch, followed by his entire body flying up and falling heavily onto the concrete five or six metres away.

The tall man felt a huge pain in his abdomen and his internal organs seemed to be chewed up, trying to open his mouth to say something when his throat became sweet and he died a horrible death on the spot.

“Uncle Kun.”

The other three were dumbfounded and shouted out.

With a wave of Ye Xing’s hand, the Dragon Shield members swarmed up and directly took these three down as well.

Inside the courtyard late at night, the corpses of the Dragon Shield members were covered with white cloths, each of them was a man in his late twenties and early thirties, some were married and had children, some had just gotten engaged, others had parents and brothers although they did not have girlfriends, but at this moment none of them could wake up and be a good husband as a son and a father.

Ye Xing was sad, although it was said that the battlefield killed and the horses were wrapped in leather, but after all, each one was a living human being.

“This revenge must be avenged!”

“How to revenge?”

“Hold a trial a*sembly, I want these people to pay the price.”

“A trial a*sembly?”

Lin Wei was all dumbfounded, but soon Ye Xing kicked into action.

The matter of the trial a*sembly instantly spread throughout the ancient martial world, including the Hidden Sect, the Hong Sect, the Buddhist Sect and other great ancient martial sects all received the news.

As soon as they heard that they were going to judge the Jiang family, all the major sects thought that Ye Xing was crazy, this was a blatant provocation to Jiang Qin ah.

Inside a cave on the Kunlun Mountain, Deer Yiming, the head of the Hidden Sect, was preoccupied.

All the elders of the Hidden Sect around him, including a few highly respected supreme elders, were all pale with embarra*sment.

The two supreme elders had the formidable strength of an eighth-grade sect master, but compared to Jiang Qin, one of the four great sect masters, the difference was not a star and a half.

“This kid Ye Xing is crazy, he actually wants to judge those people from the Jiang family, isn’t this a clear attempt to go against Jiang Qin?”

“He’s just relying on the backing of the Chinese Army Spirit behind him, otherwise how would he dare to act so recklessly?”

“But he’s already sent a letter, are we going or not?”

“If we go, we’ll be backing him up and openly facing Jiang Qin, but if we don’t, we’ve only just entered the world and we’re making good progress on all fronts, so if we anger him, the boy will flip out at any time.”

“Flip-flop, just flip-flop, if we really offend Jiang Qin, we won’t have a good time either.”

The elders bickered and split into two factions.

Lu Yiming drank impatiently, “All right, you guys can’t get any results from arguing, for now, helping this kid is our only way out.”

“Patriarch, you have to think carefully, offending Jiang Qin is no joke?”

A slightly chubby elder in a linen tunic stepped out and drank.

Lu Yiming laughed, “Elder Qi, you were told to go down before, but you didn’t, you had to stay in Kunlun to cultivate, but all the disciples of our Hidden Sect, except for a few of you, including the two supreme elders, have already gone down into the world, it is impossible for everyone to return to the mountains to cultivate hard, the power held by Long Dun is just too great, if we don’t help Ye Xing, that kid will definitely drive us back to Kunlun, and then we Hidden Sect disciples won’t even need Jiang Qin to retaliate , they themselves will be scattered first.”

“What? I didn’t expect it to turn out this way.” Elder Qi’s heart ached.

“Alright, all of you go down the mountain, we can only help that kid tough it out this time.” Deer Yiming could only be helplessly ridiculous after thinking thoroughly.

At the same time, the headquarters of the Hong Clan overseas was the same, a large number of elders converged, including several of the supreme elders, but they also had to come, after all, Ye Xing’s methods, they had experienced, it was not impossible to really drive the Hong Clan away, without such a large chain of interests, the Hong Clan would no longer have the influence it had before.

Inside the Buddhist temple on Tianxing Mountain, Master Wudao really did not expect Ye Xing to dare to do this, provoking Jiang Qin, one of the Four Great Patriarchs, which was no joke.

In the city of Guangnan Province, the wind was rising, on the top floor of the Kai Yue Hotel, Ye Xing looked down on the countless buildings below, instantly inwardly enthused.

Dozens of people from the Dragon Shield stood behind him and all felt the domineering aura.

Dragon’s Shield, what is there to fear?

After a long silence, Ye Xing opened his mouth and bellowed, “Three days after the Judgement a*sembly, I will seal the city!”

Dozens of people did not look a bit different, Ye Xing’s Dragon Shield chief, every word was an order and they all had to obey, soon an order was issued and the Dragon Shield coordinated all the departments to make the decision to seal the city for the trial.

This was also the best way to give an account for those dead teammates of Dragon Shield!


Chapter 428

Three days later, the authorities of the provincial city of Guangnan announced a one-day closure of the city, all traffic was stopped, air, land and sea were banned from pa*sing through, countless teams maintained order in the streets, and everyone was allowed to stay at home or go to the Civic Square to watch a trial meeting.

The Civic Square was surrounded by crowds, hundreds of thousands of people gathered, and countless processions maintained order so that no accidents were allowed to occur.

The nearby buildings and parks were packed with people, hundreds of cameras were placed in the middle of the square, and everywhere nearby were huge display screens, constantly broadcasting in real time the trial a*sembly that was to take place.

Ye Xing did not mess around, giving the Jiang family their due according to the Chinese system.

Lawyers and the chief prosecutor, plus the famous judges of the provincial city of Guangnan.

The scene was solemn, but to Jiang Yong and the others, it was an insult. Every member of Jiang’s family had an angry expression on their faces, and some of them kept swearing, but they were all gagged.

If anyone acted too aggressively, the Dragon Shield team members wouldn’t mind giving them a high-voltage electric package.

The trial meeting began promptly at 10am, and as the chief prosecutor read out the charges, the people of the provincial capital realised what a big mistake this group of Jiang’s people had made, actually causing dozens of casualties in one night, which was simply an unforgivable crime.

A picture of the corpses was shown, and the people realised how vicious these people were.

At this point, hundreds of thousands of people were chanting for the murderers to pay for their lives. The huge wave of voices, the people’s anger, had made this group of Jiang’s people like rats in the street.

Each of them was a high and mighty ancient martial artist, a member of Jiang Qin’s family, with a distinguished status and huge backing, but under the roar of hundreds of thousands of people, they became trembling.

At the moment they were all afraid inside, the people would not be deterred by them, ancient martial artists who were beyond the ordinary.

Justice would come at last!

After more than an hour, the accusations about the group finally came to an end, so to speak, allowing everyone to see the faces of the Jiang family.

The chief prosecutor had a valid point to make, and many people’s blood boiled as he spoke.

At the same time, the people involved in the ancient martial arts community around the square were one by one infected, and they understood very well that they were afraid that they would have to fight directly with the Jiang family today.

The Dragon Shield members under Ye Xing kept staring at the crowd of onlookers, as there would definitely be people from the Jiang family among these people.

Sure enough, as the judge pronounced the verdict and dropped the hammer, the crowd cheered.

“Jiang Yong and the others have acted in a lawless manner and have killed so many people that there is no record of them.

After Jiang Yong and the others heard the sentence, they all instantly went limp, under the cheers of hundreds of thousands of people, they regretted all to no avail, the most crucial thing was that they were all as limp as mud.

“Haha ……”

Suddenly, a high laughter came, followed by only seeing a group of people coming out of the crowd, led by none other than Jiang Qin, the tomb guardian.

When Jiang’s family appeared, all the team members who went up to block them were knocked to the ground.

Fortunately, the Dragon Shield members had been prepared for this and the team with loaded guns swarmed around them, surrounding them all.

Jiang Qin swept up and sneered, “Does Dragon Shield want to add more lives to the list?”

Ye Xing led the way and the two sides faced each other head on, obviously Jiang Qin brought more pressure.

But Ye Xing had the support of so many people, and was not afraid of the other side’s provocation.

“Let the people go, and we will leave, and the matter will be settled!”

Jiang Qin gave Ye Xing a cold look and stated his conditions.

“I promise, and neither can the hundreds of thousands of people present!”

Ye Xing roared up in categorical fury.

Jiang Qin sneered, “I should have killed you when I was on the mountain.”

“You can kill whoever you want, but this is China, not a slaughterhouse where you can do whatever you want.”

“Is that so?” Jiang Qin said in a low voice, “Do you believe I can take your life right away?”

“Killing me is fine, but hundreds of thousands of people will not spare you.”

The reason why Ye Xing made such a big commotion was to make Jiang Qin a target, killing someone in front of so many people was an atrocity and would commit public anger.

Jiang Qin also understood this and whispered viciously, “Call out Hua Junsheng, you are not qualified to talk to me.”

“I am the Dragon Shield Chief, I am definitely qualified to talk to you.”

Ye Xing waved his hand and Lin Wei’s side immediately called for preparations, Jiang Yong and the others were put into black hoods and one by one they were secured to the execution chair.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Qin roared, “Don’t give shame, even if I let you off today, I won’t let you have a good time next.”

“Don’t scare me, I’m too timid to take it.”

Ye Xing bristled and laughed.

Jiang Qin was furious, and the Jiang family disciples poured up, numbering over a hundred, more than a hundred people.

“Don’t look at the number of you, one of these disciples of our Jiang Clan is worth a dozen of you.”

Jiang Qin smiled proudly.

Ye Xing swept a glance and then sneered, “Isn’t it just a group of Ancient Martial Disciples? It just so happens that I know all the major sects in the Ancient Martial World, so let’s call some friends to get to know you.”

Those in charge of the major sects around them saw that they couldn’t hide anymore, and each of them cursed in their hearts, but considering the seriousness of the matter, they still got up and stood out one by one.

“The Hidden Sect?”

“The Hong Clan?”

“And a bunch of monks!”

The disciples of the Jiang Clan all surveyed the major clans of the ancient martial world that had come around.

Master Wudao came to the front and smiled, “Patriarch Jiang, after parting a decade ago, you are still in your prime.”

Jiang Qin recognised Wudao at a glance and instantly curbed his contempt, “I didn’t expect the Buddhist Sect to get involved with the Dragon Shield as well.”

“Sovereign Jiang, it’s better to settle grievances than to make knots, it’s better not to continue with this matter.”

“If he lets people go, we will naturally write it off.”

“Let people go?” Ye Xing sneered, “The judge has just pronounced the sentence, all of them are dead, we can’t let one go.”

“How dare you!”

Jiang Qin was furious, and instantly an invisible air pressure swept around him.

Ye Xing ran the hardening technique before he could stabilise his body, the others around him could not stand up to it.

“Everyone give us a hand, it’s been very windy lately.”

Ye Xing said to help Master Wudao who was beside him, and in a moment the others followed suit, one by one, they all helped each other up, sort of blocking Jiang Qin’s killing aura.

Jiang Qin clenched his fist, very much wanting to make a move immediately, but if he really made a move in public, I’m afraid he didn’t know how many Jiang’s disciples would have to lose.

“Good, this feud is settled today, from now on, we will not stop until we die.”

Jiang Qin hesitated for a moment, led his men and turned his head to leave.

Ye Xing was relieved, and Master Wudao and the others knew that from now on Jiang Qin was afraid that he would be watching Ye Xing to death.

This kid’s good days were over!

Ye Xing turned back and shouted, “Execute!”

“Family Master, save us!”

“I don’t want to die, I was wrong, I’m willing to sit in jail for the rest of my life.”

“It’s all because Jiang Yong instructed us to do it, we don’t deserve to die!”

Inside the square, the guys from the Jiang family sentenced to death cried out in pain, but no one could save them, the venom was injected into their bodies and soon these guys got the punishment they deserved!