Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 425-426

Chapter 425

“No way, Furong couldn’t have done that.” Guo Dongmei looked unconvinced.

Ye Xing smiled then said, “Why is it impossible, a woman who is madly in love with a man, what is there that she cannot do, she has given herself to that man, let her die even.”

“You don’t want to deceive me.”

Guo Dongmei sat on the edge of the bed, not even bothering to listen.

“Then let’s make a bet, if she does follow me, will she let you say whatever you want?”

“Hmph, Furong is not as light as you think.”

“How about you just bet or not?”

“Fine, I trust her character, I’ll bet with you, after I lose, I can answer anything you ask, anyway, if Furong really follows you, everything can’t be hidden.”

“That’s what you said, listen up.”

Ye Xing smilingly walked to the opposite room.

Su Furong looked at him and asked, “Are you thinking of something bad again, don’t provoke the feelings between me and my sister, you can’t fool her, nor can you fool me.”

“That’s not always the case, sometimes what you hear with your own ears isn’t always true.”

Ye Xing laughed and suddenly struck out, strangling Su Furong as soon as he took out the anesthetic towel and then knocked her out.

Although immortal cultivators possessed extremely strong spells, they were no longer a match for ancient martial artists in close combat.

After Su Furong fainted, Ye Xing took out his mobile phone and directly turned up the volume, broadcasting an amorous conversation accompanied by the playful laughter of a man and a woman.

“Darling, I’ve told you everything, you mustn’t make things difficult for me and my senior sister in the future.”

“Don’t worry, you’re my baby, I’ll treat you well for the rest of your life.”


A series of love words were spoken, and Guo Dongmei, who had her ears pricked up and eavesdropping from across the room, was dumbfounded.

This was indeed Su Furong’s voice, she was too familiar with it to be fake, instantly her expression was surprised and her mouth opened wide, she didn’t expect that her fifth senior sister actually really betrayed the Immortal Sect and threw herself into Ye Xing’s arms.

If it was said that Ye Xing and Su Furong had just met, Guo Dongmei might have had a little doubt, but they had clearly met a long time ago, and Su Furong often talked about Ye Xing, and had even advised him not to go to his death on the snowy mountain before, all signs indicated that the two were really hooked up.

“I’m really stupid too, Furong’s face was full of joy when she talked about Ye Xing, I actually believed that she wouldn’t betray the Immortal Sect, it’s ridiculous.”

Ye Xing waited for a while and came to Guo Dongmei’s room and sneered, “Do you want me to call Furong to confront you?”

“Hmph, you call it.”

“She is thin-skinned and is afraid that you will be in a difficult situation left and right, in fact, she is also trying to take care of you, afraid that I will get angry and kill you.”

Ye Xing sat on the edge of the bed and spoke up.

He said, “Jiang Qin is looking for trouble with the Immortal Sect, does Shangguan Lan have any new countermeasures, don’t get me wrong, it’s best if she dies, I am worried that Furong will encounter other dangers after she goes back with you, after all, your Immortal Sect and Jiang Qin are in such a mess, and he is a Four Great Masters, it’s really quite dangerous to encounter.”

The seemingly caring words were in fact a trap at every turn, a rather deep trap.

Although Guo Dongmei had a good talent for immortal cultivation, she had not learned the dangers of the human heart, and was quickly taken in by Ye Xing’s design using conversation techniques.

“Of course I will take precautions, it’s not like the Immortal Sect is a soft persimmon that can be taken by Jiang Qin.”

“That’s not right, earlier within the Ancient Formation Cave, Jiang Qin had made your Immortal Sect’s Pig Easy Fairy suffer a big loss and even drove her away, your Immortal Sect’s boss couldn’t even beat the other side, what else could he do?”

Guo Dongmei rolled her eyes, such insulting words like the Immortal Sect’s Pig could be uttered, if the people of the Immortal Sect really heard it, they would have to cut off the speaker’s tongue.

“Don’t worry, the Sect Master was careless and gullible before, after invoking the magic weapon, whatever Tomb Guardian Jiang Qin is, he is beyond a blow.”

“A magic weapon?”

Ye Xing smiled, “Is there really such a magical thing?”

“Of course there are, there are not only magic weapons within the Immortal Sect, there are all immortal weapons, forget it, you don’t know even if I tell you.”

Ye Xing continued to set up the conversation, and after a full hour, what should be asked was almost done.

At that moment, suddenly Su Furong across the room pushed open the door, rubbed her head, pointed at Ye Xing and yelled: “You B*****d, you actually dazed me.”

Guo Dongmei got up and asked, “Furong, didn’t you go with him?”

“What with him, you were cheated by this B*****d.”

Ye Xing smiled, “That’s right, I did it, drugged and stunned, and you became mine, although I’m a bit despicable, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get you.”

“B*****d, I’ll fight with you.”

Su Furong cried out in anger and shot out her hand to deal with Ye Xing.

Guo Dongmei held her down and advised, “Furong, don’t get excited, you haven’t recovered from your injuries, if you get angry now, it will only aggravate your injuries.”

“Sister, this rascal has ruined me, I don’t want to live anymore.”

Guo Dongmei looked at Ye Xing and saw him smiling, instantly relieved, “Don’t worry, he didn’t touch you.”

“Senior sister, he’s got me dazed, who knows if he’s bullied me?”

“Senior sister, don’t worry about it, I was listening outside just now, he couldn’t have bullied you that quickly.”

“Are you sure?”

Guo Dongmei moved to Su Furong’s ear and muttered a few words in a whisper, both of them blushed.

Ye Xing got the news, called up the two and went out.

When they arrived downstairs, a fat man saw Su Furong and Guo Dongmei and was instantly amazed. He came closer to look at them and smiled: “Brother, you are great, you actually found two such beautiful girls at once.

Ye Xing’s eyes widened after hearing this, “Fat brother, I’m afraid you’ll have to gain a few pounds in a while.”

“What do you mean?” Fatty was stunned.

Su Furong had been knocked unconscious by Ye Xing, and then she had been cheated, so she had a lot of anger in her stomach.

Ye Xing took the two men with him and ran away, or else the other side would have called the police and it would have been a big shame.

When they returned to the Dragon Shield stronghold in Guangnan Province, Ye Xing looked at the two women and smiled, “I’ll let you stay for a few more days.”

“You’ve asked everything you need to ask, why don’t you let us go?”

“If we let you go now, you will die the quickest. Do you know that Jiang Qin has already brought people to Guangnan Provincial City and is planning to find trouble with Dragon Shield.”

“If we go quietly, no one will find out.”

“If they find out, you will all be dead, this is all willing to bet, I am afraid that you really don’t have a life to go back to the Overseas Immortal Island.”

Su Furong was shocked and turned her head to look at Guo Dongmei and yelled, “Sister, did you even tell him about this?”

Guo Dongmei looked embarra*sed, “He’s a monkey spirit, I have to be wary of talking to him.”

“Didn’t Master say so? A man’s mouth, a deceitful ghost, you’re just too stupid.”

“Speaking as if you’re quite smart, you don’t even know if you’ve been bullied, I doubt if you’re a woman or not.”


Chapter 426

“D*mn it, it’s not you, the rascal who cheats.”

Ye Xing laughed happily after hearing this, Guo Dongmei knew that fighting, Su Furong was no match for Ye Xing, and advised her to stop arguing, then the two of them went to the room inside the stronghold to recuperate from their injuries and rest.

Lin Wei approached Ye Xing and said with dissatisfaction, “Everyone is busy guarding against the Jiang Family and the Immortal Sect’s retaliation, and you still have the leisure to go out to pick up girls.”

“You’re not right, I used my own flesh to seduce before I got these two Immortal Sect little beauties to spill some things, I made a big sacrifice.”

“Yes, you should be given a martyr’s commendation.”

“Holy Sh*t, your whole family are martyrs.”

Lin Wei rolled her eyes, then said, “The Jiang family is pouring out this time, and the Immortal Sect is also stupid, how exactly do we deal with this, do we let the military spirits sort it out?”

“If we were to send out military spirits for this matter, there would be no need for Dragon Shield to exist.”

Ye Xing said in one word.

Lin Wei frowned, “But if the Military Soul doesn’t make a move, we won’t be able to get a head start on either side, Jiang Qin is a ninth-ranked sect master, and the Immortal Sect’s Free Fairy is also skilled in magic, without someone who can suppress them, I’m afraid the city of Guangnan Province would have to be razed to the ground.”

“Don’t worry, they dare to mess around, we are not vegetarians either.”


The Lingnan Hall in Guangnan Provincial City, which is a gathering place for people from Lingnan, usually deals with business gatherings, friends’ banquets, and the presence of gourmets.

But today, a private room here was turned into a secret meeting.

Jiang Qin sat in his chair, with all those around him standing, none of them daring to speak up.

There were quite a few Jiang family members who had come to the city of Guangnan Province, but the Dragon Shield had laid all kinds of surveillance and had also mastered the Skynet system, so it was difficult for the Jiang family members to gather, and in the end, only these fifty or so people participated in the gathering.

Jiang Qin drank in dissatisfaction, “All of them are trash, the Yin Dragon’s inner elixir was not obtained for me, but actually the other party even ended up in one pot, what a disgrace to our Jiang family.”

“Family head, this time the third master was captured, we still have to hurry up and get the people out first, I heard that it seems that they will be given a sentence.”

There stood a tall man with a thick black beard, looking in his early forties, his face red and glowing, looking as if he was drunk.

“Sixth Uncle, the Third Master was captured by Dragon Shield, since we have scouted out the other party’s location, why don’t we just move in tonight, kill and rescue the Third Master, and casually teach Dragon Shield a little lesson.”

A young man, with a grim face and an inch of hair, roared up in murderous rage.

Everyone else agreed with this, after all, the Jiang family was not to be offended, and anyone who did was looking for death.

Jiang Qin sneered as he sipped his tea, “If you are so powerful, then go and try, remember, if you really disgrace yourselves, you will have to be punished by the family law then.”

“Family master don’t worry, we are sure that the third master will be rescued.”

The young man said with a confident fist.

Soon the house was clean and the tall man frowned and advised, “House Master, if we let Jiang Yong go haphazardly like this, we might get caught in a trap.”

“In front of absolute strength, all calculations are futile, how much strength the Dragon Shield has must be found out, it is good for this point of people to go and take a look, but you take a few people to meet them on the side, remember to let the people of the Dragon Shield know that offending our Jiang family, even the face of the Chinese Army Soul will not be given.”

Jiang Qin issued a cold to the bone order.

The tall man nodded down and led the others to leave as well.

At three in the morning, near the Dragon Shield stronghold in Guangnan Province, several black suv’s drove up to the roadside parking space.

The doors pulled open and a group of Jiang Family’s ancient martial disciples got out of the cars, each of them with weapons in their hands.

However, they were all mainly cold weapons, and there were no guns or other murderous weapons.

With any kind of weapon, it all depends on who is using it. If a child uses a cannon, the weapon is powerful, and it is useless if the person cannot.

But if it was a butcher using a big knife, it would be impossible for a dozen people to stop it.

Jiang Yong led the way with a cigarette in his mouth and a fierce, bandit look on his face as he proudly bellowed, “Block the front and back doors, don’t let a single person escape.”

“Brother Yong, the other side has guns and a lot of heavy weapons.”

A disciple next to him frowned and worried.

Jiang Yong cursed, “D*mn, you have such little guts? We are from the Jiang family, the family head is one of the four great masters, who dares to really touch us, that is looking for death, later on all of you get me towards death, these rubbish, what bullSh*t dragon shield, F**k one of them.”

The other Jiang family disciples were all infected and each one showed a fierce expression.

Soon all of them pounced over the fence into the compound, and all of a sudden the blinding lights lit up around them.

It was as if these dozens of people were surrounded, and they were all covered by the blinding lights.

“Staying awake in the middle of the night and going over the wall into the compound with a murder weapon, what do you want?”

Suddenly, an angry roar came out.

Jiang Yong cursed angrily, “F**k your whole family.”

As soon as the words were finished, the axe in Jiang Yong’s hand was already thrown out.

The person who shouted was a member of the Dragon Shield First Squad, and originally wanted to subdue the other party, but unfortunately he did not expect Jiang Yong to be so fierce at all.

With the full force of the blow, the axe shot out and struck the squad member in the chest.

The shouting man fell to the ground, dead and lifeless.

The others were dumbfounded at the sight and raised their guns to aim, but Jiang Yong had already gone mad with killing and, sensing that his opponent was unable to deal a single blow, roared, “Kill all these Dragon Shield scum for me.”

The Jiang family men flew out and the first squad quickly pulled the trigger, but unfortunately the group were the best of Jiang’s disciples, each one a master of ancient martial arts, quickly dodging the bullet attacks and then approaching the Dragon Shield squad and starting to fight in close combat.

The Dragon Shield members fell to the ground one after another, hardly leaving a single survivor.

This scene was transmitted into the video and directly made Ye Xing vomit blood in anger, the lives of a dozen Dragon Shield squad members were lost like this, these Jiang Family’s ancient martial artists were really bloodthirsty enough.

“Counterattack, give me all your strength to counterattack.”

Ye Xing roared up at Lin Wei.

Lin Wei’s eyes were also red with anger and she immediately commanded all the men to counter-attack, and in a moment, within the compound, gunshots rang out continuously, accompanied by the sound of explosions.

In the end, Dragon Shield relied on a tight set-up to subdue Jiang Yong and the others in one fell swoop.

Ye Xing looked at the twenty or so dead members of the team and felt unbearable pain in his heart.

These were all fresh lives, but paid the price of their lives for the safety and security of China.

Three of Jiang’s family died and a dozen were seriously injured, led by Jiang Yong and five others who were only lightly injured.

After they were surrounded by the Dragon Shield weapons, they knew that they could not escape and simply surrendered their weapons.

Ye Xing swept a glance at Jiang Yong and the others and roared, “Kneel down all of you, kneel down to my dead team members.”

Jiang Yong smiled, “You’re not mistaken, are you? These dead dogs can still make us kneel down, our surname is Jiang!”

“I don’t care what your surname is, kill to pay for your life!”

“Hey, what a big mouth, you try to touch me? Just you rubbish, you have to kowtow and admit your mistakes when you see our family head, the family of the Four Great Grandmasters Jiang Qin, is it something you can just offend?”