Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 423-424

Chapter 423

The more Jiang Ci fought, the more frightened he became. When Ye Xing saw that it was about time, he quickly pounced on him, with a golden qi shield covering his body, while his body was also running the second layer of Tidal Wave Power.


When Jiang Ci saw him coming, his fists were filled with hatred, but unfortunately, as soon as he exchanged blows with Ye Xing, it was as if he was hitting a speeding train.


His opponent’s immense power sent him flying and he fell heavily onto the muddy ground a few metres away.


Jiang Ci tried to get up, but a wave of blood rolled through his body and he finally spat out a mouthful of blood.


As Jiang Ci lost his strength, Ye Xing and Qiao Baihe joined the fight, and soon the dozen or so Jiang’s children had no choice but to be captured.


After the exchange of blows on this side, the Yin Dragon Snake on the other side also finally died completely.


Ye Xing moved closer and found that a large white mist had appeared inside the Yin Dragon.


Ye Xing grabbed the chain on the ground and smashed it towards the corpse of the Yin Dragon, and soon a white mist emerged and swept around the corpse.


Only when the white mist dispersed did Ye Xing walk over to the dragon and control his flying knife, cut open the dragon’s stomach and found the inner elixir, which was still glowing white.


The inner pellet was the size of an adult’s fist, warm to the touch and still glowing with white light, extremely mysterious.


Ye Xing asked someone to bring the box and put the inner elixir inside, and then asked the Dragon Shield men to escort all the Jiang family members away.


Du Jiuniang panted and came to Ye Xing’s side and asked, “Most of the places where this Yin Dragon is located have spirit medicine appearing, but there doesn’t seem to be any medicinal herbs near this water pool.”


Qiao Baihe frowned and answered, “Could it be below the water pool?”


Ye Xing laughed, “We’ll find out if we go down and take a look.”


The three of them changed into their diving suits and put on their diving devices, then jumped into the bottom of the water pool and searched.


There were hardly any big fish within the water pool, this Yin dragon had a huge appetite, and all the beasts in this area nearby had been eaten up by it.


Fortunately, this beast has the habit of hibernating, and once autumn sets in, it will sink to the bottom of the water and never surface again.


The water was deep and wide underneath. Ye Xing turned on the diving light above his head and soon the situation below the water pool came into view.


The three of them continued to sink under the water, but because of the previous underwater explosion, there were rocks towering everywhere below.


The three of them went around and around for 20 minutes but found nothing. Just as they were about to surface and leave, suddenly Qiao Lily pointed to the bottom of a pile of rocks.


Ye Xing swam over and quickly pushed away the hundred pounds of rocks, and soon found a skeleton underneath.


The clothes on the surface of the skeleton were torn and tattered, and it had been soaking in the water for so long that it had turned the same colour as the silt at the bottom.


Ye Xing put the skeleton into a bag and took it out of the lake, then the three of them swam to the shore.


The bag was opened and the skeleton appeared in the sky, but unexpectedly the skeleton quickly blackened and then spontaneously combusted.


This change stunned everyone, and Ye Xing hurried to put out the fire, but unfortunately, even if he covered it with mud, the skeleton still burned extremely fast, and eventually turned into white ash, which disappeared when the breeze blew.


Ye Xing was depressed, he had sunk into the puddle for half a day, but he had done it for nothing.


Du Jiuniang found something in the ashes and reached over to look for it, eventually taking out a crystal the size of a yellow bean.


“Is this some kind of gemstone?”


Du Jiuniang asked curiously as she cupped the crystal.


Ye Xing grabbed it and took a look, the soybean sized crystal actually contained a huge and incomparable Yuan Power within it.


This at least indicated that the owner of the skeleton was an immortal cultivator with a high level of cultivation, and this crystal was not known to be something.


Qiao Baihe spoke up, “I heard Shangguan Lan say within the Immortal Sect that there were people among immortal cultivators who could form Yuan Dan, possessing extremely surging Yuan Power that was terrifying.”


“Yuan Dan?”


Ye Xing thought about it this must be a Yuan Dan without a doubt, otherwise it was the size of a soybean and not a gemstone, why did it have such a terrifying Yuan Power inside?


Whatever it was, it must be something good anyway, so Ye Xing put it away and called everyone to leave the place.


The group returned to Guangnan Province immediately.


As soon as they arrived in the provincial city, a phone call from Beiye called, revealing that this time the Jiang family was furious and was bound to settle the score with Long Dun.


“It must be very frightening for a Ninth Grade Patriarch to take on Long Dong.”


Ye Xing deliberately showed weakness up.


“Kid, you are bold, don’t scream bitterness in front of me, the military soul side said that they will definitely give you full support, although Jiang Qin is very strong, the military soul is not a vegetarian either.”


Ye Xing smiled up, “It’s good to have a big brother to cover you.”


“What are you going to do with those people from Jiang’s family?”


“Illegal hunting, and suspected kidnapping, a felony.”


“You don’t really want to lock them all up, do you?”


“Of course not, we just have to get the momentum out, the angrier the Jiang family is, the more cards we have to negotiate terms.”


“Okay, you take care of yourself, although Jiang Qin is a Patriarch and won’t make a move against a junior like you, there’s no guarantee that he’ll be furious and come after you.”


Beino hung up the phone after admonishing.


Ye Xing was bragging when he said he wasn’t afraid, but there were three caves for a cunning rabbit, and he made every effort to hide his whereabouts, so Jiang Qin would have to struggle even if he wanted to find him, and besides, with the presence of Dragon Shield, every move of Jiang’s family had to be closely monitored.


All of Dragon Shield’s technicians were on alert to guard the air, land and sea, and the entire city of Guangnan Province was set up like an iron barrel, impermeable to the elements.


On one side, all the Jiang family members were being held incommunicado, and it was too easy to list any charges against them.


Ye Xing knew that he would not be locked up for long, and that he would just take these people to negotiate with the Jiang family.


But as soon as he was done on one side, on the other, Su Furong was clamouring to leave.


Ye Xing had arranged for them to stay in a villa and immediately rushed over when he received a call from Qiao Baihe.


Su Furong and Guo Dongmei were both disciples of the Immortal Sect, so if they wanted to inquire about the Immortal Sect, they naturally had to look for them.


When Ye Xing arrived at the villa, he saw Du Jiuniang sitting on the lawn.


Speaking of the Immortal Sect, Du Jiuniang was the most angry, she got up and approached Ye Xing and muttered, “How are you going to blackmail the Immortal Sect after capturing the two fairies?”


“Blackmail the Immortal Sect?”


Ye Xing laughed lightly, “It’s not like you don’t know what kind of person Shangguan Lan is, cold and heartless, it doesn’t matter who she sacrifices, are you too naive to think that two Immortal Sect disciples can blackmail her?”


“Then kill them and give me an outlet for my anger.”


Du Jiuniang huffed with a face full of murderous anger.


Ye Xing frowned and advised, “You’re killing so heavily all day long, no wonder you’re getting old fast.”


“Don’t you think I’m old?”


“No, just feel more and more attractive, and these two can’t be killed, it’s more useful to keep them than to kill them.”


“I think you’re just lusting after them and want to take them too.”


“Don’t be ridiculous, I have the heart but not the strength, having you is enough.”


Ye Xing laughed, and then went inside.


To deal with women, a few sweet words would do the trick, this would be the Du Jiu Niang who smiled and no longer had any desire to kill.


Chapter 424

Ye Xing entered the house and went upstairs, Qiao Baihe was guarding the stairway, when she saw it was him coming up she said, “Su Furong and Guo Dongmei can’t be trusted casually, after all they were both raised by Shangguan Lan.”

“Even the ones raised can betray, besides the Immortal Sect is heartless, the two of them came to the red and mundane world to dye a bit, they have long been unwilling to go back.”

Ye Xing approached the room and pushed open the door to see that Su Furong on the bed was pale and still recuperating, Guo Dongmei looked much better and the two were in intense communication.

Qiao Baihe was reluctant to see the two of them, although they were both disciples under Shangguan Lan, in fact Qiao Baihe had always considered herself as the eldest sister and was so arrogant that she did not have any affection for the other four sisters.

Of course this was also because Qiao Baihe had always had a blood feud, and naturally she usually acted in front of Shangguan Lan, but did not see eye to eye with the other senior sisters.

The door to the room closed, and Ye Xing made himself comfortable and sat down towards the bed.

Su Furong blushed a little shyly and frowned in displeasure, “Who told you to sit?”

“Miss, this is my home, this bed is also mine, what’s wrong with me sitting down?”

“Hmph, men and women are different don’t you know?”

Su Furong actually said it deliberately for Guo Dongmei’s ears.

“Men and women are different, that’s finished, you’ve been touched by me, so are you planning to marry me?”

Ye Xing laughed and cheered up, pointing out the previous interaction between the two in one breath.

Guo Dongmei’s eyes widened after hearing this, then she got up and laughed, “I knew you two were up to something, after Furong returned to the mountain, she didn’t cultivate either, all she did was inquire about what was going on down the mountain all day long, before she even asked me to remind you so that you wouldn’t go looking for trouble.”

Su Furong’s face turned red and she shyly denied it incomparably, “Senior sister, don’t listen to his nonsense, this guy is just a lustful maniac who loves to tease little girls.”

“Is that so? How do I see you both as a young couple, flirting.”

Guo Dongmei covered her mouth and laughed.

Ye Xing twisted his head to look at her and smiled wickedly, “It seems like I’ve had skin-to-skin contact with you too, before you were poisoned, it was me who gave you the cure.”


Su Furong suddenly let out a question.

Guo Dongmei also blushed and explained shyly, “Are you going to die? You gave me the antidote to the poison, and there’s no way we can have anything.”

“You are unconscious, of course you don’t know, in fact the antidote was fed to you mouth to mouth by me.”

Ye Xing crossed his legs when he finished speaking.

Sure enough, Su Furong started to look at Guo Dongmei and the two good sisters who had nothing to say to each other started to explain shyly.

Ye Xing was happy, how big a deal, really not the little fairy under the mountain, do not know how open society is nowadays, not to mention kissing down the mouth, is really to go to a room, seems to be nothing.

Finally, the two people stopped talking about this matter, Su Furong looked at Ye Xing and said in a huff: “I want to go, you plan to leave me behind?”

“Of course I have to leave you behind, you two can stay and be my thugs, little brothers and little wives.”

“Go to hell, don’t you go too far, big deal, we’ll die in front of you.”

Ye Xing got up and laughed, “Don’t be so rigid, this is not the first time we are dealing with each other, there is no need to make it seem like you are father killers, both of you have been saved by me and helped me, we are friends, very good and good friends, this time you were almost bitten to death by the Yin Dragon, I was also the first one to rush out to save you.”

Su Furong’s face was torn, she really didn’t know what to say.

Guo Dongmei frowned and asked, “So did you want to deal with the Immortal Sect by leaving us behind?”

“Sort of, to get some information from you guys, after all, that old woman, that old rotten B*****d of the Immortal Sect, Shangguan Lan and I hate each other a lot, either she dies or I die!”

Ye Xing cursed in a murderous manner.

Su Furong was amused, although Shangguan Lan was her master, she was in fact a strict disciplinarian, and to her there was absolutely no half-heartedness between master and disciple, at most she was just a pawn in her master’s hand.

Guo Dongmei frowned and continued, “We are disciples of the Immortal Sect, if we reveal information about the Immortal Sect, it is the same as committing a sect rule, so we cannot say a word to you.”

“We’ve been talking for half a day, it seems like more than one word, besides you two came to this flowery world, are you indifferent?”

“We were ordered to come out, we didn’t come to enjoy these material things.”

Ye Xing shook his head and said, “No matter what you say, you both are now my captives, there is no need to weasel out of this, is there?”

Guo Dongmei drank, “We can kill ourselves.”

“Fine, go ahead and kill yourselves, but let’s be clear, the Dragon Shield has its own set of rules, after you die, your bodies are not disposed of hastily, someone has to examine your bodies, and then there will be an autopsy or something ……”

“What? And we have to take off our clothes?”

“Yes, naked and photographed, plus your organs will be taken.”

“It doesn’t matter, we’re all dead, just a pair of skins.” Guo Dongmei said stiffly.

Ye Xing laughed badly, “Because you are fairies of the Immortal Sect, your status is not ordinary, your corpses will definitely have to be made into specimens and sent to the major medical schools for the students to see when the time comes, you have to make such a contribution even after you die, enough to give you an award.”

“Don’t be so shameless!”

“It can’t be helped, how famous and rare is the Fairy of the Immortal Gate, I can’t even keep you guys if I want to.”

Ye Xing happily walked out of the room, the two girls wanted to fight with themselves, they were still a bit young.

Qiao Lily came closer and asked, “Master, are they willing to talk now?”

“More than willing to talk, they have to do whatever they are told to do.”

Ye Xing turned his head and left with a smile, Qiao Lily smiled, no one could resist Ye Xing’s methods, neither could these two senior sisters.

In the evening, Ye Xing took Su Furong and Guo Dongmei with him and went out.

First, they went to hit the most famous netflix street in the provincial city. Although the two of them were usually cold and had a dignified status, they completely abandoned their status at this moment and turned into girls watching the fun.

Along the way, Ye Xing bought this and that, making the two Xianmen women fall deep into material enjoyment and unable to extricate themselves.

The three of them sat inside a luxuriously decorated milk tea shop and drank something.

“This is Yang Zhi Gan Lu, it tastes good, right? Many beautiful women love this stuff, sour and sweet, pure natural juice.”

Ye Xing smiled as he introduced it.

Su Furong did find the juice tasty, frowned and said, “Don’t you try to buy us off with this, we won’t say anything.”

“Sh*t, you are too underestimating me, if I want to make you guys talk, it is something that can be done in a minute.”

Ye Xing laughed confidently.

Su Furong sneered, “Thinking pretty well.”

“Try it if you don’t believe me.”

Ye Xing called the two of them to go to a nearby hotel, and specifically picked the intensely affectionate hotel with hints.

This kind of place was for couples to come and pursue excitement, and Ye Xing took the two of them inside in a big way.

When they came inside the room, it was actually two rooms of two sizes divided in two, but because the sound insulation was so poor, they could almost hear the movement in the room next to them, and they could even open the curtains and see all the movement in the bed opposite.

Ye Xing let Guo Dongmei follow him into one of the rooms and said with a low laugh, “Actually, Furong told me everything, but it was because of your face, so I didn’t have the heart to say anything.”