Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 421-422

Chapter 421

The technicians may not seem to be good at fighting, but in fact every one of them is a veteran who has been through the sands, they are extremely capable of fighting and are also good at using all kinds of technology, the most powerful being the fire control members.

They mastered large weapons with amazing killing power, which was one of the reasons why Ye Xing dared to come, otherwise he would have really P*ssed off Jiang Qin, the tomb guardian, and without something to deal with him, I was afraid that he would suffer a big loss.

A group of people quietly entered the valley at the northern foot of Fengqi Mountain, almost no one spoke on the way, and the quality was obvious.

When they arrived outside the valley, the first team entered to scout and soon found the secret sentry.

Although these sentries were all ancient martial artists, their combat quality was not high, and they were actually playing with their mobile phones.

The first team did not dare to make a rash move and replied for instructions.

Ye Xing nodded for the action to be taken, and the first team relied on accurate shooting to quickly solve the two ancient martial artists.

After the secret sentry was solved, the way was unhindered and soon came to the middle of the valley, by now there were already chaotic sounds coming from ahead.

Ye Xing told everyone to disperse and set up fire, and he himself took Du Jiuniang and Qiao Baihe, the two most powerful helpers in the battle, towards the front.

Ahead of them was a brightly lit area, and at that moment a huge pool of water in the distance was gurgling and bubbling, while at the edge of the pool a stake was stuck, and a woman was tied to the stake, who else could it be if not Su Furong?

After watching all this, Ye Xing found that there were several other tents by the water pool, and at this moment a large group of people were discussing inside the tents.

“Are they trying to sacrifice Su Furong here?”

“It looks like it should be right, the Immortal Sect fairy contains huge Yuan Power, it can be too attractive than ordinary people, it is comparable to the meat of the Tang Monk.”

Du Jiuniang agreed in a low voice.

Qiao Baihe narrowed her eyes, “I’m afraid that rushing to save someone will reveal our location.”

“The Yin Dragon should be hiding under this waterhole, Jiang’s family is planning to use Su Furong to be drawn out by this beast and kill it to get the elixir, if so, it’s really a bit tricky.”

“Why not just watch her die? Why bother with all this?”

Du Jiuniang had a lot of resentment towards the Immortal Sect, so naturally she hated to see all the disciples of the Immortal Sect die clean.

Ye Xing bristled, “If it wasn’t for Guo Dongmei giving me the information, I wouldn’t have known that Jiang’s family was here trying to kill Yin Long to get the elixir, so this Su Furong’s life must be preserved if she can.”

“What will you take to save it?”

Du Jiuniang rose up in dissatisfaction.

Qiao Baihe advised, “Sister, the master has his own plans, so don’t argue.”

“I am afraid that if I reveal my location later, I will invite the Jiang family to retaliate, this is a family of the four great masters, it is not trivial, it is not something that ordinary ancient martial clans can compare with.”

Ye Xing looked ahead and suddenly the bubbles in the pool of water stopped, followed by a huge whirlpool starting to appear on the surface of the water.

The Jiang family members inside the tent heard the commotion and came out, seeing this change, each of them showed smug smiles.

“Everyone get ready, the Yin Dragon should be coming out soon.”

An old man from the Jiang Clan roared out at the surroundings.

The Jiang Family disciples began to prepare, they took out an iron chain from inside the tent, the head of which was a flying tiger’s sharp claw, cold and sharp.

There were also various blast shields, all stuck into the ground, when suddenly a creature emerged from beneath the surface of the water.

There were horns on its head, its body was pitch black, its triangular head was flat and wide, and inside its mouth it kept spitting out scarlet letters.

Its body was three metres high, and it raised its body inside the pool of water, which was exceptionally terrifying.

The scales around this Yin Dragon were all diamond-shaped and oily, and the most crucial thing was that its scales could actually stand up, as if a sharp blade was inserted into its body.

“Yin dragon appears, make a move!”

The old man from Jiang’s family shouted, and a young man next to him pressed the switch, only to see Su Furong let out a painful scream.

It turned out that she had wires tied to her body and the mechanism activated, causing her to scream in pain.

And this miserable scream attracted the attention of the Yin Dragon, which quickly approached towards her position.

The Yin Dragon’s mouth was biting towards Su Furong, and Ye Xing was unable to rescue her.

The beast screamed in pain, and a nuisance sound of electricity emerged from its scaled armour.

A scorching smell spread through the area and the dragon roared and struggled wildly.

But the power grids landed on it and wrapped around it, and the rest of Jiang’s family threw out their Flying Tiger Iron Claws.

The Yin Dragon’s scaled armour stood up, rendering the Flying Tiger Iron Claws useless.

The Jiang family elder raised his hand and roared, “Burn this beast to death with oil.”

The Jiang family disciples around him picked up their spray guns and sprayed them wildly at the Yin Dragon.

The spray gun was not water, what came out was pungent smelling diesel.

A handful of fire was thrown immediately afterwards, and the Yin Dragon let out a miserable scream as its entire body caught fire, the fire getting bigger and bigger, burning it as it continued to struggle.

“Even if this beast is powerful, it can’t be fireproof, after it burns to death later, grab the dan and finish the job.”

The old man of the Jiang family said smugly.

Suddenly, a change occurred, the fire around the Yin Dragon began to weaken and slowly went out, when the last bit of spark disappeared, this Yin Dragon’s expression was blackened but it did not suffer any serious damage.


Ye Xing giggled in his heart, he had to admire that this Yin Dragon was a little scary.

Everyone in the Jiang family was dumbfounded as the old man roared angrily with a stony expression, “Use the steel spikes.”

The Jiang family disciples lifted the tarpaulin next to them and a piece of machinery with countless round holes was pushed out.

The machinery looked like a rocket launcher, but as someone activated it, an incredibly sharp spike emerged from within each round hole.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh ……

Countless steel spikes shot out and struck the Yin Dragon, actually literally shattering and knocking off its scale armour.

The Yin Dragon roared once more and quickly sank to the bottom of the water pool.

The old man sneered, “If you come out, you can’t be let back in.”

Only to see the bottom of the pool of water suddenly poof and explode as the Yin Dragon was forced up again.

The beast began to bleed, its scales and armour much less, and looked at the Jiang Clan disciples on the shore as they darted fiercely.

The Jiang Clan disciples raised their blast shields and as the Yin Dragon approached, it opened its mouth wide and ejected a cloud of white poisonous mist.

The poisonous mist landed on the shields and actually made a nuisance sound of corrosion.

One of the disciples was surrounded by the white mist and his exposed skin instantly bled and rotted, scratching his whole body on the ground in pain and screaming in agony.

The Yin Dragon scored a hit and again sprayed the poisonous mist at the crowded area.

The Jiang disciples fled, no longer daring to operate the steel spike launcher.

The old man had not reckoned that the poisonous mist would be so terrifying that he could not get close to it at all, and if he got it even if it was sucked into his body, he would have to be corrupted.

The dragon turned its head to look at Su Furong, who was tied to a wooden stake, and opened its bloody mouth to bite its prey.

As a result, Su Furong on the stake was suddenly carried away and the Yin Dragon bit down with a lonesome bite, directly breaking the stake into two pieces.


Chapter 422

Su Furong was saved out of the expectation of all the Jiang family members, and the person who saved her was very young, in his early twenties, and it was none other than Ye Xing who was hiding on the side.

He had thought that he would not have the chance to save Su Furong, but to his surprise, the Jiang family had set up many tactics, mainly to deal with Yin Long, and had no time to care about Su Furong, which gave him the chance.

Ye Xing picked up Su Furong and flew away. The Yin Dragon exploded with anger, spewing out white mist and poisonous gas from its big mouth.

The Jiang family disciples around him suffered, some of them did not dodge in time and were directly attacked by the poisonous gas and fell to the ground.

Ye Xing ran out of the water pool in one breath and handed Su Furong over to the first team to be treated.

At this moment, inside the water pool, Jiang’s family was not struck down by the slightest accident; for them, killing the Yin Dragon to get the pills was a task that had to be completed.

The old man shouted anxiously and greeted the Jiang family disciples to quickly deal with the Yin Dragon.

Although the Yin Dragon’s poisonous gas was terrifying, the Jiang family had many people and had been setting up for a long time, and several heavy machinery had been pulled out in the distance.

The machinery looked like a launcher, except that instead of a cannonball, it was an extremely sharp iron spear.

The iron spear was covered with barbs at one end, hideous and terrifying. The Jiang family did not dare to use large firepower because they were afraid that the Yin Dragon’s inner elixir would rupture, and once it did, it would be a wasted effort, so they could only use cold weapons to fight.

Several iron spears whistled and shot out, finally penetrating the Yin Dragon’s scale armour. The beast roared, but scarlet blood continued to flow out.

The dragon was in pain and spraying poisonous mist, but unfortunately the Jiang family had taken cover near the waterhole and the mist could no longer hurt anyone.

After less than ten minutes of stalemate, the dragon finally lost its strength and fell heavily on the edge of the waterhole.

This, along with the five-metre long tail, as thick as a buffalo, finally collapsed with a loud whistling sound.

The Jiang family were all overjoyed, but they did not dare to come forward.

Ye Xing saw that the time was ripe, plus Jiang Qin was not there, so what was the point of hesitating and greeted the Dragon Shield crew to start moving.

The area around the waterhole was already set up with weapons by the fire control crew, and immediately afterwards the first squad started to move.

The Jiang family’s sons below noticed something was wrong, after all, they were all ancient martial artists and their hearing was far too powerful than normal people.

The old man of the Jiang family frowned with a gloomy face, at this moment the Yin Dragon was not yet dead, no one dared to go up to fetch the dan, but there was an invasion of foreign enemies, it was really troublesome.

“I don’t know which friend is it? My name is Jiang Ci, if your Excellency makes it easy for me, our Jiang family will naturally treat you with courtesy in the future.”

Ye Xing laughed coldly, “There are plenty of people who have eyes for the Yin Dragon Inner Pill, don’t think that by raising the Jiang family, we can make you.”

Jiang Ci was the same old man who had been commanding, counting that he was also Jiang Qin’s nephew, at this moment he drank, “I don’t know if your Excellency has heard of Jiang Qin, the Tombkeeper, that is my clan uncle and the core bone of the Jiang family, this Yin Dragon Inner Pill is the one he needs, whoever dares to take it away is going to offend one of the Four Great Patriarchs.”

Ye Xing walked out and with a wave of his hand, the first squad had surrounded all the remaining dozen people of the Jiang family.

These were all ancient martial artists, so if they really fought, they might not be able to win even though they had fire control ringing the side.

Jiang Ci swept a glance at the equipment of the Dragon Shield members and sneered, “I thought it was which way they were, but I didn’t expect it to be the Dragon Shield that had only recently emerged… Don’t you even ask around, who dares to take care of the Jiang family’s affairs?”

“We naturally have to take care of the lawlessness.”

Ye Xing pointed at the Yin Dragon in the distance and laughed, “That thing is considered a protected animal, you guys actually poached it privately, why don’t you come with us?”

“Go away you granny.” Jiang Ci roared in anger, his eyes gesturing.

The Jiang family disciples pounced towards the first squad around them, once the two sides exchanged blows, although the first squad was experienced in fighting, they were also extremely beaten by this group of ancient martial artists.

There were a few thumps and finally shots were fired, but these ancient martial artists were actually able to deftly dodge the sub-disciples’ attacks and casually threw a stone, which was able to knock the members of the first squad to the ground.

This was the difference in strength, there was no use having more people and weapons, the other side were ancient martial artists, their reaction speed and fighting skills were all far superior to those of the first squad.

Ye Xing took one look at Du Jiuniang and said, “Go and help.”

Du Jiuniang took out her flying dagger and quickly joined the fight.

Jiang Ci narrowed his eyes in surprise and said, “So it’s the remnants of the Flying Daggers Sect, I thought they were much more capable.”

“Humph, the Flying Daggers Sect is not something you can insult.”

Qiao Baihe was furious and retorted.

Jiang Ci sneered in triumph, “To say you are the remnants of the Flying Daggers is an exaggeration, at most you are a bunch of stinkers, how dare you provoke our Jiang family, you are really tired of living.”

Ye Xing laughed; “Why are you still polite to him when others are cursing you, kill this old thing.”

Jiang Ci instantly blushed furiously, he was proud of his noble status, but he didn’t expect the other party to open his mouth and ask for a beating or killing, it was really abominable.

Qiao Baihe got Ye Xing’s order and flew out with a gloomy face.

Jiang Ci was a fifth-ranked clan master, and he was the highest commander in this operation, commanding twenty of the Jiang family’s core disciples, and with half a year’s planning, he was sure of taking down Yin Long, but he didn’t expect to kill them halfway.

Jiang Ci squeezed his fists tightly, his internal energy bulging up, his clothes bulging up high.

He looked at Qiao Baihe, who was at most in her twenties, pretty and soft, but such a girl, even if she had been cultivating since birth within the Flying Daggers, had at most only stepped into the Zong Shi realm, and was far too inferior to him.

Jiang Ci had even thought of the image of sending Qiao Baihe flying and seriously injuring her in a moment.

But to his surprise, Qiao Baihe ran to a place less than five meters away from him and suddenly made a strange gesture with both hands, and then the surrounding area seemed to become cold.

“Not good, it’s demonic magic.”

Jiang Ci cackled in fear and was just about to bolt when suddenly an ice spear shot towards him from afar.

Jiang Ci struck forward with both hands, and although he shattered the ice spear, the piercing and strange cold still made him feel bad.

Unexpectedly, countless ice spikes suddenly appeared beneath his feet, frightening him and causing him to dodge, roaring, “Demoness, let’s see what else you have up your sleeve.”

Qiao Baihe missed with two moves and could only hit the snowstorm.

Jiang Ci was worthy of being an expert of the fifth grade of the clan, his internal energy was already very terrifying, and he had a high drum of internal energy, although the countless ice flakes pierced his clothes, they still failed to seriously injure him.

Ye Xing saw that it was no longer possible not to fight, so he had to deal with Jiang Ci first before he could clean up the other Jiang family members.

Ye Xing threw a flying knife and Jiang Ci was shocked.

He quickly dodged, but the flying daggers continued to stab at him, in a pattern, exactly as if a person was controlling them.

This was very different from the ice spells, the kind that had one offensive path, relying on speed to kill the enemy, hitting and succeeding, and not knowing the variation if they didn’t.

But Ye Xing’s flying daggers were completely manipulated by his spiritual power, and he was able to fight Jiang Ci across the air.