Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 419-420

Chapter 419

Ye Xing headed upstairs, Luo Xiaoyun hurriedly ran and stopped him, “No going up, Xue’er is starting to cultivate , don’t disturb her.”

“I’m going upstairs to take a Sh*t, do you want to go and keep an eye on it?”

Ye Xing huffed and headed upstairs.

Luo Xiaoyun naturally did not believe her and hurriedly chased after her, seeing Ye Xing enter a room, she also ran in after him.

As a result, she really saw that there was a bathroom inside the house, where Ye Xing was taking off his trousers, and she ran out with a red face.

“Stinky guy, so rude.”

Luo Xiaoyun huffed and stomped her foot.

Ye Xing was thinking that by giving Luo Xiaoyun a little lesson, this girl could be a little more restrained, but he didn’t expect to meet her again as soon as he went out.

Ye Xing went downstairs to get some water, and this girl was not leaving an inch.

Ye Xing laughed: “Fine, you forced me to do this.”

“What do you want?”

Luo Xiaoyun skewed her mouth scornfully up, she couldn’t figure out what the hell Ye Xing would come up with.

She laughed and ran outside to jump into the pool, Luo Xiaoyun hurriedly chased her to the edge of the pool, only for Ye Xing to suddenly get out of the water and drag her into the pool.

By the time she climbed out of the pool, Ye Xing was already on a sun lounger drinking juice comfortably with a bad smile on his face.


Luo Xiaoyun huffed and turned her head to go inside to change, only to enter a room and have Ye Xing chase her in.

The design of these rooms was that they were open in all directions, this side was locked and that side was also open.

Luo Xiaoyun got wet and tired of it, knowing that Ye Xing was deliberately screwing her over, and finally ran to the bathroom to change her clothes.

Not expecting her to go in, Ye Xing locked the door outside and clapped his hands with a bad smile, “Stay honestly, you big light bulb.”

Ye Xing finished and went upstairs, but hesitated when he reached Murong Xue’s room door.

He was not a fool, Murong Xue called Luo Xiaoyun, his best friend, to keep such an eye on him, what exactly was his intention was still clear in his heart.

Although he was not happy about it, what could he do?

“How I wish she hadn’t been taken away by Shangguan Lan back then, now she’s messed up and turned into an ascetic, all day and night except for cultivation, she doesn’t even talk about her children’s love anymore.”

Ye Xing was clogged up in his heart and left through the door of his room to go downstairs.

Inside the room, Murong Xue heard the footsteps and tears dripped from the corners of her eyes, but she soon found that the breath in her body was chaotic and immediately began to throw away her distracting thoughts and concentrate on her cultivation.

Shangguan Lan had taught her the Jade Maiden Heart Sutra, a set of immortal techniques, with the aim of cutting off her seven emotions and six desires and cultivating with one heart to climb the Great Dao.

At eight o’clock in the night, Luo Xiaoyun finally took the door off and ran out to settle the score with Ye Xing.

She saw Ye Xing drinking with a melancholy face, and the pool was covered with bottles of wine, so she felt a bit sorry for him.

“Xue’er is also really, both of them are troublesome.”

Luo Xiaoyun sighed and didn’t plan to take revenge.

Early the next morning, Ye Xing gathered his mood and called Luo Xiaoyun to go to the Dragon Shield stronghold in Guangnan Provincial City.

The stronghold was located in a commercial building, and all the people coming in and out were white collar workers. When the two of them entered in civilian clothes, they were stopped by the security guards at the entrance.

Luo Xiaoyun showed her documents and the security guard immediately let her go.

When they arrived on the fifteenth floor, which was all covered by Dragon Shield, Ye Xing saw Lin Wei’s extremely unhappy face.


Ye Xing leaned closer over and asked in a small smile.

Lin Wei’s face turned slightly red with anger, “What kind of place is not good enough, but choose to put the Dragon Shield in this kind of place, you think we are not noticeable enough, right?”

“Don’t worry, it’s about keeping up with the times, we’re Dragon Shield, the department is special, working in a busy location like this, for one thing it puts the team in a good mood, and for another we can let everyone know that Dragon Shield’s work is also comfortable and cosy.”

Lin Wei didn’t bother to listen to his explanation and turned back to other matters.

Dragon Shield was growing fast, and had now established a stronghold in a first-tier city, specialising in dealing with the Ancient Martial World and the Immortal Sect.

Although there was usually nothing much going on, when things went wrong, the tasks were heavy and dangerous.

Ye Xing sat in the comfort of his office, directing Luo Xiaoyun to run his own errands, and he wanted to laugh happily at the increasingly annoyed expression on the light bulb’s face.

The phone buzzed without even seeing it, Ye Xing still went to get his phone before he found out that there were a dozen missed calls.

“Holy Sh*t, the spirits won’t let go.”

Ye Xing called over in depression.

Zhao Qiangwei roared, “Why did you only answer the phone, are you lying in that woman’s arms and can’t get up?”

“What’s this nonsense? I was in a meeting at headquarters and didn’t check the phone.”

“Grab a trip to the pier, there’s a windfall.”

Ye Xing frowned, but thought better of it and went downstairs to drive to the pier.

The Zhao family had a transport company, and although there was no sea in the city of Guangnan Province, there were waterways in and out.

When Ye Xing arrived at the pier, Zhao Qiangwei called him over, only to come into one of the tin rooms where he saw a pale woman.

“Why is that you?”

Guo Dongmei, whom Ye Xing recognised, frowned thinking if the Immortal Sect had already come to Guangnan Provincial City to seek revenge on him?

Guo Dongmei smiled bitterly, “Furong has been captured by the Jiang family, can you save her?”

“Jiang’s family? Could it be the Jiang family of the Gravekeeper?”

Ye Xing looked at Guo Dongmei with a serious expression.

Guo Dongmei nodded her head, “The Jiang family decided that it was the Immortal Sect that killed Jiang Chang’an and struck out at our Immortal Sect disciples, Furong and I were besieged by the Jiang family’s design, and she was captured herself in order to save me.”

“When the Immortal Sect and the Jiang Family fought, I should have been watching the fun, interfering at this point is asking for trouble.”

“I also know about the feud between you and the Immortal Sect, so it’s understandable that you don’t intervene.”

Guo Dongmei laughed bitterly.

Ye Xing told Zhao Qiangwei to take care of her, then turned his head and left.

Zhao Qiangwei had already sent someone to take care of Guo Dongmei, and when she chased out she asked, “This beauty is from the Immortal Sect?”

“That’s right, Shangguan Lan’s disciple, I didn’t expect that the Jiang family had really crossed fire with the Immortal Sect.”

Ye Xing was happy to think about it, but Su Furong was captured, which was more or less unpleasant.

“The Jiang family is poisonous, I’m afraid that if I fall into their hands, this girl will have to die in a fragrant manner.”

Ye Xing sighed and followed Zhao Qiangwei to the office at the pier and sat down.

Zhao Qiangwei told her how she found Guo Dongmei, it turned out that she had fallen into the water and was fished up by the fishing boats, and when the fishing boats came looking for her, she disappeared, and finally the dock workers found her in a cargo hold, covered in wounds, if she continued to hide, I’m afraid she would have died.

Ye Xing called Lin Wei and asked her to get all the information about Jiang’s family.

After checking it out, Lin Wei said worriedly, “The Jiang family has been making a lot of moves lately, all the experts in the family are out and about, and some characters who are usually in seclusion are flying around the country, so it looks like there’s quite a lot of movement.”

“The Jiang family is going to take on the Immortal Sect, it’s in our interest to fight.”

Hanging up the phone, Ye Xing saw Guo Dongmei actually limping again.

“Stop it, blame you guys for being from the Immortal Sect, there’s really nothing I can do about this.”

Guo Dongmei took out a box, “Take a look at what’s inside.”


Chapter 420

Ye Xing was just about to say that nothing would make him change his mind, no matter what, but seeing Guo Dongmei’s heavy face, he refrained from speaking.

The box was simple, just a plastic box, except that the outside could not see the inside clearly.

After Ye Xing opened it, he found that inside the box was a black diamond block.

The object did not have any metallic lustre, but the surface was a bit oily and the colour was deep black with a red tinge, but a fishy smell soon emanated from inside the box.

Ye Xing could not recognise what it was and was just about to reach out for it.

Guo Dongmei shook her head and admonished, “Be careful, this thing is very evil.”

Ye Xing frowned, but after considering it, he reached out to touch it.

The first sensation instantly was that it was cold in his hand, followed by a powerful spiritual force coming out from this black diamond block.

Ye Xing’s spiritual power was strong enough to completely resist this, and only after he had adapted did this terrifying spiritual power disappear.

Guo Dongmei was really a bit curious about Ye Xing holding this object for such a long time, after all, she was scared to scatter her hand just after she had touched it at that time, and subsequently tried it several times.

If it wasn’t extremely important to the people of Jiang’s family, she wouldn’t have been able to keep it around, after all, it didn’t seem to have the appearance of being of much use.

Ye Xing observed carefully, this diamond block was not some industrial product, instead it seemed to be a scale taken from the surface of some creature.

The more Ye Xing looked at it, the more it looked like, “Where did you get it from?”

“In the hands of the Jiang family, they designed me and Furong to show ourselves, but we both still killed those who set us up, then we fought with a few people from the Jiang family, Furong killed one of them and found this from the other side, the Jiang family took it very seriously before I gave to bring it on my body to escape together.”

After listening to Guo Dongmei, Ye Xing felt more and more that this thing was suspicious, but what exactly it was, and did not know, this could be a problem.

“You took this out because you want me to save your senior sister?”

Ye Xing smiled, since he didn’t even know where it came from, it was of little use.

“You have just touched it, you should know how evil this thing is, if it is used by the Jiang family to make a big deal, there is no way to clean it up then, the Dragon Shield will become a thorn in the Jiang family’s eye sooner or later.”

Guo Dongmei was very good at finding weaknesses, and immediately pointed out the things that Ye Xing could not be careless about.

Ye Xing smiled, kind of hit the nail on the head by Guo Dongmei, it looked like this matter had to be investigated clearly.

Ye Xing sent the black diamond block for examination, and had the others join him to see what it was.

Guo Dongmei waited anxiously, and so did Ye Xing. If it was nothing special, then he would not care about it, but if it was really something powerful, he could not just let the Jiang family do whatever they wanted.

Lin Wei soon called, her tone heavy: “This is a scale armour belonging to a snake, and just now news came from Northfield that it was a creature called a Yin Dragon.”

“What? Yin dragon? Is there really such a horrible and terrifying thing?”

Ye Xing asked in wonder.

“Beiye said that the military spirits had seen it and determined that this Yin Dragon grows in a place with dense Yin Qi and is a type of snake, but for some reason, it has eaten a lot of heavenly treasures, so it has become huge and looks like the size of a python, but then grows two horns, has thick skin and flesh, and can also spit out poisonous mist, very scary.”

Ye Xing was dumbfounded after hearing this, there was actually such a creature in this world, it looked like he was too ignorant before.

“What is the Jiang family looking for this thing for?”

Ye Xing muttered up in his heart.

Lin Wei then added, “Bei Ye said that if the Jiang family had thoughts about this Yin Dragon, it could only be to take the Yin Dragon’s inner elixir to refine medicine.”

“Inner elixir to refine medicine, could it be that this Jiang Qin still wants to break through to Martial Arts Patriarch?”

Ye Xing frowned, if he really let Jiang Qin succeed in breaking through, he would be in big trouble.

Jiang Chang’an was killed by him, although he was currently framing the Immortal Sect, it did not mean that the other party could not find out who the real culprit was.

Paper can’t wrap up fire, this matter can’t remain hidden.

So a powerful enemy would always be a nuisance to oneself.

Ye Xing could not let this happen, although Jiang Qin was one of the Four Great Patriarchs and his strength belonged to the peak ninth grade of Patriarchs, but he could not let him have his way easily no matter what.

Ye Xing made up his mind that this matter had to be stopped.

In addition, Bei Ye also explained that there must be strange flowers and herbs in the place where the Yin Dragon was, and if he could obtain them, it might be good for his cultivation improvement.

But where the Yin Dragon was, that was not known.

Guo Dongmei was all robbed of the scales, so it was impossible to know where the Yin Dragon was located.

“Although I don’t know, if we find Fifth Senior Sister, we might be able to find out where the Yin Dragon is located.”

Guo Dongmei suddenly spoke up.

Ye Xing analyzed that the Jiang family’s people should not get Su Furong killed for a while, after all, this was a fairy of the Immortal Sect and not bad looking, so it would be fine if they really took her as a slave girl.

Ye Xing told Lin Wei to hurry up and search for the whereabouts of Jiang’s family, Guo Dongmei added, “I escaped by jumping into the water, and when I left, I heard Jiang’s group mention a location, Fengqi!”

Ye Xing hurriedly asked Lin Wei to check, Fengqi had several places within China, but according to the data analysis, only one Fengqi Mountain was the most likely.

And this mountain had recently caused a lot of gossip news to brag about one thing, that is, someone had gone into the mountain and found the whereabouts of dragons, and there were all kinds of strange sounds of tigers and dragons roaring at night.

Although all the rumours were later debunked by the authorities, this was clearly the most likely way for Ye Xing to attract ancient martial artists to a place with visions.

Settling on a location, Ye Xing led the Dragon Shield members to set off quickly.

Zhao Qiangwei was unwilling to agree, and had to follow herself.

Ye Xing told her that it was dangerous to go into the mountain and that she, as a member of the Dragon Shield, had to obey orders.

Ye Xing and the others hurriedly flew to the airport near Fengqi Mountain, and then took a taxi to the mountains.

When they arrived at the bottom of the treacherous Fengqi Mountain, they found that the place had been fenced off everywhere, saying that the mountain was undergoing exploration works and no outsiders were allowed to enter for the time being, and that they would have to be responsible for anything that happened once they entered the mountain.

Ye Xing smiled, this Jiang family really has some tricks up its sleeve, they actually have some connections with the local government and have used a little power to stop outsiders from entering the mountain.

But this just shows that one has come to the right place.

The Dragon Shield team began to explore the mountainous area, a dozen drones quickly entered the mountainous area to search, relying on various thermal imaging and radar scans, and soon found a large number of people somewhere at the northern foot of Fengqi Mountain.

In broad daylight, the drones did not dare to get too close, and waited until night to slowly approach and monitor the area.

The pictures soon came in and it was indeed a number of people searching continuously in a valley somewhere, and they were carrying weapons, not geological prospectors by any stretch of the imagination.

“Hurry up and get over there, or if it’s too late, I’m afraid there won’t be any hair left.”

Ye Xing said and started to greet everyone and set off.

This time Dragon Shield came with the first squad, in addition to several technicians and a dozen fire control members.

The first squad had changed from the previous ten people to thirty, and belonged to the king of soldiers within the major camps.