Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 417-418

Chapter 417

Inside the villa, Luo Xiaoyun knew that Murong Xue’s temperament had changed drastically recently, almost turning into an iceberg beauty, and her speech was no longer as casual as before.

“Xue’er, I really didn’t mean to disturb you and Ye Xing.”

Luo Xiaoyun spoke awkwardly.

Murong Xue smiled, “I still have to thank you for relieving me, Ye Xing is my husband, but it’s so hard to do when he pesters me all day long and I don’t want to break his heart.”

Luo Xiaoyun’s eyes widened after hearing this, so much information was so complicated in this statement.

I don’t want to give up halfway, besides, if I move in the middle of a man-woman thing, it’s easy to go off the rails, then the lighter the meridians will be ruined, the heavier the death on the spot, I’m afraid he’ll worry, so I haven’t told him the consequences of practicing.”

“Then you should stop practicing, it’s so dangerous.”

Luo Xiaoyun was full of worry.

Murong Xue smiled bitterly, “It’s just as easy to go off the rails if you don’t practice midway, so I want to ask you something.”

“You say, I will definitely help you.”

Luo Xiaoyun’s entire body was shy after hearing Murong Xue’s words.

“Don’t worry, I will keep an eye on him.”

Ye Xing had also established a Dragon Shield stronghold in the provincial city of Guangnan, and he intended to open one in all the first-tier cities in the country so that it would be easy to move around.

As for the matter of the Western Paradise, almost everything had been solved, the net was wiped out in Jianye City, the main members of the Western Paradise were all caught, the small shrimps that escaped were no longer enough, in addition the supply chain about the Dream Pill was also all cut off, this was the same as eliminating a horrible zombie pill crisis.

This matter was also praised by Kitano a bit, praising the role of Dragon Shield, although doing things a bit roughly, the effect was satisfying.

Ye Xing teased, “You guys aren’t going to unload the pills later, are you?”

“Kid, no one talks like you, what era is it now? If we can let you set up Dragon Shield to do these things, we won’t unload on you, it’s a necessary strong-arm tactic.”

Kitano roared in displeasure.

Ye Xing finished explaining things and intended to leave the Dragon Shield stronghold, but his phone rang in his pocket, and when he took it out, he saw that it was Zhao Qiangwei.

“There’s someone who wants to see you, hurry up and come over, the alleyway of Guanghua District.”

Zhao Qiangwei hung up her mobile phone as soon as she finished speaking, not giving Ye Xing a chance to refuse at all.

Ye Xing was depressed, how did this big sister know that she had returned to Guangnan Province? Could it be that she had placed surveillance on herself?

Ye Xing frightened and searched his whole body, there was no surveillance at all, it looked like he was scaring himself.

Ye Xing drove to a small alley in Guanghua District.

I didn’t expect that this place was still a netflix attraction, people came and went, very lively, and there were many beautiful women shooting videos on the road all kinds of enchanting and flirtatious posing.

Moreover, the place was very marketable in terms of architecture, and there were small Netflix shops everywhere, with handsome men and beautiful women shuttling everywhere, forming a beautiful scenery line.

When Ye Xing arrived at the centre, suddenly there was a shout from the distance, turning his head to look, who else could it be if not Big Sister?

But when he looked closer, my goodness, Ye Xing was almost shocked.

Zhao Qiangwei, who was originally dressed uniS*x and had a prominent personality, was actually dressed very ladylike today, with a wrap-around skirt, tight-fitting clothes, and hollowed-out grey silk on her slender thighs.

Her melon face was very white, but today she had smoky eye makeup, big red lips, and a bit of blush, which made her extremely flirtatious and seductive in any way.

Seeing Ye Xing staring at herself, Zhao Qiangwei was a little embarra*sed, her cheeks shy, her skin red and her ears burning.

“What are you looking at, haven’t you ever seen me dressed up in this beautiful dress?”

When Zhao Qiangwei opened her mouth, she was still smelling thick and heavy like a big sister.

After saying that she regretted it, she had planned to pretend to be a lady, but she didn’t expect that it was easy to change one’s nature.

Ye Xing laughed: “OK, a mouthful of Jianghu smell, this dress really doesn’t suit you, why don’t you just go bare shoulders?”

“F**k you, what kind of woman wears bare shoulders? Aren’t you a hooligan?”

“What’s wrong with being a hooligan, it’s not very eye-catching anyway.”

“You mean I’m small, have you seen that?”

“Let’s not talk about it, we’ll have to talk about whose surname we’ll take when we have the baby.”

“Come on, there’s a process before a baby is born, why don’t we discuss it?”

“Big sister, I’m convinced, don’t keep talking about it, we don’t even know how to talk if we keep talking about it.”

Zhao Qiangwei showed a mouthful of white teeth and smiled smugly, thinking that as long as she gave herself up, she would take you down sooner or later.

“Come with me, there’s a beautiful woman who wants to see you and wants to give her body to you, the room is all set for you, just waiting for you.”

Zhao Qiangwei walked towards the front with a tug.

Ye Xing didn’t expect her to dress up in this way, she really had a bit of taste, but hurriedly dismissed this evil thought.

Arriving at a Netflix shop, Ye Xing saw a lovely girl, dressed in an ancient style long dress, with light make-up and long hair falling like a waterfall, pitch black and shiny.

She had an excellent figure and although she was covered by a long loose dress, it was still hard to hide her proud size.

Ye Xing took a closer look and the other party smiled shyly.

“Oh, you’re Fawn.”

Ye Xing tapped his head to remember.

Fawn nodded down and smiled, “Brother Ye, thank you for paying for my dad’s treatment, he’s fine and can even work now, I found Sister Qiangwei on purpose to thank you both.”

“Thank you oh.”

Zhao Qiangwei winked at Ye Xing.

Ye Xing laughed: “What’s there to thank you for, everyone has difficulties and will give a hand when they meet.”

“I don’t have money to pay you back, when I earn money in the future, I will definitely pay back all your medical bills.”

Xiao Deer said awkwardly.

Ye Xing waved his hand, “Okay, if I can help you, I don’t think I want you to pay it back, if I can make you pay back, I definitely won’t help either, so don’t mention these things in the future.”

The deer was very touched, Zhao Qiangwei coughed and laughed: “Let’s let the deer give its body in return.”

Ye Xing frowned and said, “Big sister, don’t do anything nonsensical, she’s young and doesn’t know any better, so don’t do anything nonsensical.”

Xiao Deer blushed bright red, “Sister Qiang Wei is joking, she has been teasing me lately.”

Ye Xing looked at her in her hanbok and saw that there was a performance, and sure enough Xiao Deer walked outside to meet up with some people who had paid her to come out for a photo shoot, mainly for online clothing sales.

Ye Xing sipped his milk tea: “I thought it was a big deal, if you want to see me, just say so, why beat around the bush.”

Zhao Qiangwei was nailed down and said, “Where did you go before? I heard from my father that there is a dragon shield that is quite powerful recently, is it to sweep the black?”

“Looking for me to ask for information, huh?”

Ye Xing laughed, “Dragon Shield doesn’t care about those things, besides, didn’t your Zhao family clean up and do legitimate business long ago?”

“Yes, but it’s still a bit involved, after all, once you enter the jungle, you can’t help yourself.”

“Then you go back and tell your father that it’s best to stay out of the affairs of the road, recently a group of typical people will definitely be beaten up, whoever dares to venture out.”

Zhao Qiangwei nodded after listening, curious and asked again, “Or you can pull me into the Dragon Shield, you know I like to do this kind of thing.”


Chapter 418

“Big sister, the Dragon Shield is very dangerous, aren’t you afraid of dying if you rashly join?”

Ye Xing frowned and lectured.

“I’m not afraid, being in the Dao is also playing with your life, besides, if I don’t have something proper to do, the old guy will have to lecture me all day and night.”

“He’s your dad, isn’t it a bit inappropriate for you to call him an old man?”

“I’m not calling you that, we’re used to calling each other father and daughter, take me in.”

“Take you in, but you don’t have any skills, why don’t you just become my master, from now on I’ll teach you martial arts and you’re not allowed to think anything about me.”

“You’ll be my master?”

Zhao Qiangwei nodded her head happily after hearing this.

Instead, Ye Xing wondered if his trick wasn’t working.

“I have to tell you, I am your master, you have to respect your master, in our clan, you have to obey even if I tell you to die.”

“Master, don’t worry, my disciple will go to the sword and the fire for you.”

“What about when I tell you to go and kill your father?”

“No problem, do it tonight, kill that old thing and divide his family fortune, and my sister Haitang, if you like, Master, you can do her tonight, as far as I can see, Haitang is still intact, is this big gift from my apprentice heavy enough?”

“When women are ruthless, it’s really scary.”

Ye Xing hurriedly ran out of the Netflix Bistro when suddenly there was an argument in the distance, attracting many people to gather around to watch and eat the melon.

Zhao Qiangwei frowned and said, “It seems to be Xiao Deer.”

Ye Xing walked over and at that moment found that Xiao Deer was crying and crying being surrounded by a group of people.

Ye Xing pushed away a few netizen chicks who were pulling at Xiao Deer, blocked in front of her and asked, “Just talk, don’t do anything.”

“Who the F**k are you? Do you have the right to speak?”

A young man with a camera on his chest pointed at Ye Xing and started to curse.

Ye Xing laughed and slapped him across the face. The young man was knocked to the ground and half of his cheeks were bloodied and red.

The young man was knocked to the ground and half of his cheek was red and bloodied. The grandson exploded and got up to pick a fight, while several other young people swarmed around him.

At that moment the nearby security guards came running to stop things from erupting into a bigger conflict.

“You F**king want to die, even dare to hit me, I will have to waste you later.” The young photographer pointed at Ye Xing and continued to curse.

Ye Xing laughed and didn’t say anything, Zhao Qiangwei pushed a security guard away and yelled, “Watch your business, things are not even right or wrong, who are you to push us?”

“Miss, we are maintaining law and order, you’d better cooperate.”

The security guard who was pushed a bit explained up.

Zhao Qiangwei sneered, “There are many of them, you don’t go to control them, instead you come to control us, really if there is a fight later, you are in the way, won’t we have to suffer?”

The security guards didn’t dare to move around, and each side called to shake people.

Don’t look at these netizen chicks and young photographers, they were all dressed in designer clothes and wearing luxury items, but in fact, when they shook people, the ones who came were all young people about their age.

Soon a fat, bearded man in his thirties arrived in a Mercedes G. As soon as he got out of the car, he strutted his stuff.

When he saw Zhao Qiangwei, he immediately came running quickly and shouted playfully, “Sister Zhao, you’re here too?”

Zhao Qiangwei sneered, “I thought it was someone, but it’s Fatty Song, who owns a film and television company, your men are good, bullying my sister, what do you think?”

“Sister Zhao, whoever bullies your sister, I will kill his whole family.” Fatty Song shouted up.

The young photographer who received the slap first was dumbfounded, Zhao Qiangwei reached out and pointed at him, Fatty Song pounced on him like a fierce tiger descending from a mountain, kicking him hard and knocking him to the ground in a few blows.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re after, you’re always picking up girls in the company, only a few of them are foolish enough to be cheated on by you.

Fatty Song scolded and kicked the young photographer on the ground, crying and begging for mercy.

Zhao Qiangwei saw that it was about time and shouted, “Fatty Song, it’s almost time, call everyone away and tell your company to identify themselves clearly and not to trouble my sister in the future.”

“Sister Zhao, your sister is good looking, join my company, I promise to give her the best resources, besides no one will touch her.” Fatty Song came to Zhao Qiangwei panting and started licking.

Zhao Qiangwei thought about it and nodded, “Okay, let her go to your company tomorrow, you have to remember for me, if anyone dares to touch one finger of my sister, I will settle the score with you Fatty Song.”

“Sister Zhao, don’t worry, who dares to mess with your Zhao family in this provincial city? It would only be high-handed if I invited your sister there.” Fatty Song licked one after another.

Zhao Qiangwei turned her head and called on Ye Xing and Xiao Deer and left.

On the way back, Zhao Qiangwei sat in the pa*senger seat, and Xiao Deer was scared to death in the back seat.

Zhao Qiangwei laughed after hearing this: “Silly sister, those people are deliberately setting up a trap for you, what tens of thousands of dollars of camera ah, in fact is blackmail, do not worry, you will enter the company of fatty Song, no one dares to touch you.”

Ye Xing laughed, “Follow Sister Qiangwei, you will be guaranteed to have food and clothing in the future.”

“Brother Ye, I also have to thank you for relieving me just now.” Xiao Deer said.

“A small thing, don’t take it to heart.”

Ye Xing grinned broadly.

The three of them looked for a place to eat, only to have Zhao Qiangwei receive a phone call midway, saying that there was an accident with a cargo ship and she had to go back immediately to deal with it.

The dock was a major source of income for the Zhao family, so Zhao Qiangwei naturally couldn’t do anything rash, so she took Xiao Deer with her and left first.

Ye Xing returned home, full of food and drink, only to meet Luo Xiaoyun sleeping on the sofa.

Ye Xing was dumbfounded, why did this girl have to stay at the villa instead of going home?

Ye Xing went closer and touched Luo Xiaoyun, she opened her eyes and saw Ye Xing and hurriedly sat up.

“Don’t go home, you still want to be a light bulb in the villa for a long time, huh?”

“Xue’er told me to stay, if you want to kick me out, you have to go and ask her first.”

“Then should I go and ask her if you’ve kissed me?”

Luo Xiaoyun turned red all of a sudden and said shyly, “You’re crazy, what happened before, and now you’re bringing it up?”

“I just like to bring it up, who made you have to stay and be a light bulb?”

“Xue’er asked me to stay and keep an eye on you, for fear that you might think otherwise of her, I don’t think I’ll tolerate you hurting her.”

Ye Xing was dumbfounded and roared in anger, “Are you crazy, we are a couple, even if we do something, it’s none of your business.”

“But Xue’er’s situation is different now, she can’t share a room with you, you’re such a strong animal, who knows if you’ll take advantage of someone?”

“Holy Sh*t, my wife, I’m still multiplying?”

“Anyway, if I don’t leave, you won’t be able to wreak havoc on Xue’er.”

Ye Xing sat down and looked at Luo Xiaoyun viciously, this girl must have been a dog in her previous life, or a watchdog, otherwise she wouldn’t be so obedient.