Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 409-410

Chapter 409

After Ye Xing finished his video conference with Bei Ye inside the old house, the corners of his mouth arced up, revealing a cold smile.

At present, according to the results of the interrogation, plus the information mined by the technical talents from various aspects, the distribution of the forces of the cult organization Western Paradise within China had been accurately grasped.

These people included ancient martial arts clans, Buddhist outcasts, and even unscrupulous businessmen.

They colluded with the Western Paradise for no other reason than to seek their own interests.

Whether it is domestic or foreign timber smuggling, or various kinds of cultural relics trafficking, or criminal activities such as money laundering and gambling, they are all sources of profiteering.

The Western Paradise, as a carrier, gives these guys a chance to make money.

Once this carrier is attacked, these people are naturally unwilling to give up the profits in their hands and still want to make a final counterattack.

“It’s time to settle these rubbish.”

Ye Xing got up and walked to the meeting, there were a lot of talents in Dragon Shield, the topic was thrown out, everyone was like a school of fish fighting for food, they started to keep saying all kinds of strategies, there was a slow progress, and there was also a thunderbolt from the sky.

The group talked for an hour and finally settled on a method and immediately started to act.

Ye Xing took Lin Wei and Luo Xiaoyun to the Terminal South Mountain Range.

Along the way, the three barely communicated with each other.

Luo Xiaoyun finally had time to contact Murong Xue, the two had been BFFs before, but now there was obviously much less to talk about.

Murong Xue was no longer the same female president Xue’er as before, becoming cold and irrepressible, as if she would focus all her energy on cultivation for the rest of her life.

This made it a bit hard for Luo Xiaoyun, her good friend had been forcibly taken away for so long, and after being rescued so easily, her personality had actually changed drastically, and the two had become distant from their previous close relationship.

Yesterday’s chat was less than two minutes back and forth, and Luo Xiaoyun could clearly feel Murong Xue’s icy attitude towards her.

“Xue’er, I wish you hadn’t suffered all those grievances in your life, how nice to be happy.”

Luo Xiaoyun started to sob when she thought of the hard part.

Suddenly someone next to her touched her and Luo Xiaoyun hurriedly wiped her eyes.

“I’m fine, just thinking of something uncomfortable on my mind.”

“Cover me with the quilt, I want to rest a bit.”

Ye Xing’s unconcerned voice rang out.

Luo Xiaoyun twisted her head to see that Ye Xing had already put the seat down and his whole body was lying comfortably in it, without even looking at himself, and he was not looking at himself to persuade him because he was uncomfortable, instead, he was treating himself like a servant.

“This hateful stinker!”

Luo Xiaoyun gritted her teeth in anger, but in the end, she could only obediently cover Ye Xing with a blanket.

The plane finally landed, but it was already late into the night.

Anyang belonged to the ancient capital, and when Ye Xing and the others walked out of the terminal, there were already SUVs parked on the road outside.

The three of them got in and set off for the Ancient Capital Hotel in Anyang to check in.

This place was still dozens of kilometres away from the Terminal Mountain Range, and it was too late in the day to rush there, after all, they still had to wait for the other technicians of the Dragon Shield to start their deployment before they could do so.

Inside the large hotel, originally one person to a room, Luo Xiaoyun had just finished her shower when there was a knock on the door.

She wondered and walked to the door to ask who it was.

“Crying little girl, it’s me.”

Luo Xiaoyun listened with a hard face and opened the door to her room, and it was really the annoying Ye Xing.

“What are you doing here?”

“The leader inspected the room to see if you did anything bad.”

Ye Xing said and walked into the room, Luo Xiaoyun was wearing hotel pajamas and her intimate clothes were on the bed, hurried over and gave them all a hiding.

Ye Xing swept around, sat down and smiled.

Luo Xiaoyun urged up, “Finished reading, you can go now, right?”

“I’m the leader, haven’t you heard the saying? The leader can sleep there if he wants to.”

“Get lost, I don’t have time to joke with you.”

“Because of what happened to my wife?”


Ye Xing got up and smiled, “Not to mention you, even I, my husband, have a generation gap with her, hey, sometimes I really hate to give her a break.”

“Bragging, you’d give up?”

Luo Xiaoyun sneered, she was well aware of Ye Xing’s feelings for Xue’er, saying that he would take the initiative to divorce was tantamount to a nightmare.

“What’s there to give up? What man can stand it when a wife doesn’t do her duty?”

“What obligations?”

“To live as husband and wife. Do you want me to show you?”

“Come on, the more you talk, the more outrageous it gets.”

Luo Xiaoyun’s face turned red.

Ye Xing got depressed, “So tell me who is worse off?”

“Haha, that’s right, a goddess like Xue’er shouldn’t have anything to do with you, once I hear you say that, I’ll be able to sleep well tonight instead.”

“You are also too inhuman, I came to comfort you with good intentions and you actually rubbed salt into my wounds.”

“Thank you, hurry up and go, or I’ll call someone.”

Luo Xiaoyun smiled and gave the expulsion order.

Ye Xing was kicked out of the room, only to turn his head and see Lin Wei.

Lin Wei turned her head away disdainfully and Ye Xing got depressed.

As a result, just after he returned to the room, Lin Wei came running again and said anxiously in a low voice, “The technical team has sent a message that two wealthy businessmen are spending money at a nearby nightclub, and will be taking people to the hotel.”


Ye Xing nodded his head and left.

The two of them went downstairs and got into the car, driving directly to another hotel a few kilometres away.

This time it was just the two of them, no one called, for fear of alerting the snake.

Arriving in front of an international hotel chain, the two waited up again, and soon a message came from the technical team.

Lin Wei and Ye Xing got into the lift, which turned out to require a room card to activate.

Lin Wei took out her mobile phone, pressed it a few times, it was close to the sensor and instantly the lift started and went straight up to the 16th floor.

Ye Xing looked quite powerful and asked curiously.

“With your skills, do you still need all this little technology?”

Lin Wei bristled and said one sentence, and stopped explaining.

Ye Xing was so angry that he wanted to kick her hard in the back, but had to put up with it for the success of the operation.

Lin Wei walked to one of the rooms and once again put her phone towards the sensor area, the door was quickly cracked open.

When the two entered the house, it was dark and everywhere was clean and very tidy, which meant that none of the wealthy businessmen had come to move in yet.

“Is it too early?”

“Not too early, the other party with bodyguards, once the frontal arrest, it is easy to alarm the snake, then make all kinds of news is not good, enter the house, wait for the other party to enter the house, directly arrest and take away, this is without any influence.”

Lin Wei finished looking at the house, called on Ye Xing and went to the study to hide.

As a result, the sound of footsteps did come from outside the house, followed by the door of the room being opened again, not expecting that it was not a rich businessman who came in, but a group of women instead.

These warblers were in a large group, all dressed in cool clothes, dressed in a demonic manner, and started to change their clothes as soon as they entered the room.

Lin Wei was dumbfounded, and Ye Xing’s eyes went straight.

Luckily, the suite was big enough that these beauties changed up in the living room and did not enter the bedroom.

“You’re here to catch someone, no being that nasty.”

“It’s not like I’m the one who has to look, don’t you look too?”


Chapter 500

Lin Wei’s face was red, her breathing heavy, her heart thumping, she didn’t expect to see such a pompous and extravagant scene, are all these rich B*****ds nuts?

They are really not afraid of dying in bed, and their strength is exhausted.

She took a look at Ye Xing, her eyes did not even blink, looking at it with great interest, really nasty and nasty.

The beauties changed their clothes and actually all turned into Christmas girls, all dressed up in Christmas attire, plus there were waiters pushing in all kinds of drinks and pastries and food.

Kebabs, turkeys and giant lobsters were all available.

It was like a party in the house, but the rich businessman hadn’t shown up yet.

Suddenly, someone walked into the bedroom.

Lin Wei glances at Ye Xing and one of them hides under the bed and the other goes to the cloakroom.

Ye Xing can suffer in bed, the two girls who came jumped straight up on the bed, not knowing why they were so high?

Finally the two stopped jumping and the sounds on the bed became thick with breathing.

Ye Xing slowly poked his head out from under the bed and actually saw the two girls on the bed hugging each other, madly pa*sionate ……

Lin Wei couldn’t stand looking at them anymore and ran out of the cloakroom and knocked the two Christmas girls out.

“What are you doing?”

Ye Xing questioned in a frightened whisper.

“Are you getting in the way of your interest in continuing to watch?”

“The rich merchants aren’t even here, so aren’t you just spooking the snakes by knocking them out?”

“Hmph, take a good look at their faces, and the marks on their necks.”

Lin Wei pointed out with a huff.

Ye Xing scanned over with a critical gaze, these two chicks had red cheeks and black lips, and most crucially, they actually had tattoos of the human face design of the Western Paradise on their necks.

“It looks like these women are all female believers controlled by the Western Heavenly Delight.”

“That’s right, these people are even more terrifying than we thought, the capture is cancelled for now, there will always be fallen fish just by the two of us.”

Ye Xing nodded in agreement and then opened the window with Lin Wei to go out.

Ye Xing was not afraid, but Lin Wei was afraid, this was the seventeenth floor, although she had trained for a long time, but she did not climb through the window outside the seventeenth floor in the middle of the night, it was too dangerous.

The result was not expected, the sound of men laughing came from the living room, and there were quite a few people coming.

Ye Xing frowned and urged, “Hurry up.”

Lin Wei dared to flip out the window and the two of them walked along the edge of the bulge that was only half a palm’s width.

The scariest part was that it was windy at night and there was no longer a good place to hold onto with your hands off the edge of the window.

Lin Wei’s legs trembled with fear, but she was unwilling to admit defeat and just didn’t say a word.

Ye Xing turned his head and asked, “Do you want me to help you?”

“No, you go first, I’ll be right there.”

Lin Wei stubbornly walked forward, suddenly her feet slipped and her hands couldn’t grab anything, instantly she was weightless, as if she had fallen into an abyss of ten thousand feet.

“It’s over, I shouldn’t have gambled on this.”

Lin Wei had indescribable regrets in her heart when suddenly, Ye Xing jumped down and grabbed her wrist with one hand, while the other hand grabbed the edge of the bump next to her.

In a flash of lightning, Ye Xing completed the rescue, which could be said to be quite thrilling, once any step was not done properly, he was bound to fall down with her and shatter to pieces.

“Don’t let go.”

Ye Xing finished slowly tugging the two men with one arm towards the top.

Soon he reached the edge of the bulge, and Lin Wei was almost in his arms.

Lin Wei was already sweating, she was really scared just now, if she hadn’t been trained, she would have been bawling.

“Don’t be afraid, hold on to me, we’ll go out together.”

When Ye Xing finished, Lin Wei didn’t resist and wrapped her arms around his body, burying her head in her arms.

Ye Xing followed the raised edge towards the front, his hands kept picking at those wall gaps, these ten or so metres were a complete river of heaven to him.

Eventually he carried Lin Wei and tumbled into a room.

The room was empty and they both fell to the floor laughing.

After a few minutes, the two men gathered themselves and left the room, going back downstairs to the car.

“Thanks for saving me earlier, but if you hadn’t caught me, you would have had to take a life too.”

“You’re my teammate, I couldn’t have watched you fall to your death.”

“It was my fault for having preconceptions about you and not choosing to trust my teammate when it came to things like that earlier.”

“Good to know, I really didn’t mean to peek at you changing before, I swear on my character.”

“Is your character worth that much?”

“It’s alright, after all, I’m not too interested in little buns.”

Lin Wei spat blood in anger as the two drove back to the hotel.

Early the next morning, the three of them, Ye Xing, set off for a villa within Anyang City.

Upon entering the villa, there was a group of people tied up on the ground, once Ye Xing walked over and inspected them, almost all of their necks and backs had the human face pattern of the Western Paradise.

“No one else was alerted, right?”

Ye Xing asked with a twist of his head.

The members of Dragon Shield all shook their heads down, as the villa was too remote, plus it was convenient to move late last night, so the first team of Dragon Shield struck decisively.

So far, no information had leaked out.

Ye Xing told them to start interrogating, as there were many people involved and they had to think of a foolproof way to make an arrest.

The Western Paradise was advertised early in the local area and was already well established, but they were very targeted in developing their followers.

It is almost always the rich, the young, or the women.

The rich can provide the money, the young can provide the labour, and the women are the lubricant that keeps the relationship between the three going.

To put it bluntly, after these women were brainwashed, they would become just those Christmas girls inside last night’s Nine O’Clock, eventually becoming nothing more than tools to control people.

Ye Xing demanded the arrest of the head, and based on the statements of the group inside the villa, it was almost certain that their organiser was a rich man in his forties called Xu Yang.

This Xu Yang not only had an industrial business, but was also a local celebrity, and apart from him, there were several local entrepreneurs.

The majority of the believers are in fact located in three clubs, which were also funded by Xu Yang and others.

These clubs are pretty much about brainwashing rich people, having women to brainwash, and ultimately asking for money and people.

Over the years, because of the success of the brainwashing, few victims have gone to reflect on the situation.

Because it wasn’t aimed at ordinary people, the different sides involved led to some people going deeper into it to enjoy their greed and couldn’t extricate themselves.

What Ye Xing did not expect was that a monk who called himself Master Hatoma contacted him before he had even made his move.

The two sides agreed to meet at a mountain resort outside Anyang City.

Ye Xing took Lin Wei and Luo Xiaoyun with him, and the three of them went to meet with the other side.

It turned out that the other party was quite tall in scale, with a water of black-clad bodyguards inside and out, many of whom were strong and powerful practitioners.

When he entered the interior of the villa, Ye Xing also saw many ancient martial artists, including monks and Taoist priests, and two full-figured master ladies.

Ye Xing was all happy to enter a gathering hall.

Master Hatoma, with his bald head and white beard, turned his head and smiled as he surveyed.