Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 407-408

Chapter 407

Ye Xing smiled and thought to himself that if he didn’t take something away, this group of guys might not feel comfortable in their hearts, so he might as well pick something interesting to take away.

Ye Xing followed Lin Zhibin to the speedboat, where a group of warriors surrounded the two speedboats and stood by.

The speedboats were covered with tarpaulins, and when Lin lifted one of them, several large wooden crates were securely fastened with ropes.

Lin Zhibin lifted one of the large camphor wood boxes, Ye Xing felt uncomfortable in his heart even after looking at it, because what it contained were indeed all antiques, but almost all of them were Buddhist Dharma tools, even some of them were still made of human bones and human skin, although they were old and possessed a high collector’s value, but to the general public, these things were evidence of an abusive torture, talking about history was all tears.

Ye Xing really didn’t want it and rummaged through it, suddenly finding a bronze coloured sword embryo.

He pulled it out and saw that it was a short sword, about a metre long and three fingers wide, without a hilt, just a sword embryo covered in bronze green.

But as soon as he put it into his hand, he could feel the incomparable power inside, as if it contained a magic formation within it.

“This is a magic weapon!”

Ye Xing instantly thought of the origin of this object and was instantly ecstatic.

Lin Zhibin smiled, “Don’t be polite with us, choose a few more items, or else we will still be said to be too greedy from the Fiery Furnace Island.”

“No need, just this is enough.”

Ye Xing smiled as he put away the sword embryo and turned his head back to meet Lin Wei and the others.

Both sides went directly to the island airport by speedboat, all the suspects had been controlled and boarded the plane, after Ye Xing and the others went up, the plane took off and departed back to Guangnan Provincial City.

The city of Guangnan Province was near the coastline and was the most suitable place for interrogation.

Kitano had already arranged everything and three hours later, the plane landed at the international airport in Guangnan provincial city, after which the group of cult members were all arranged to be tried.

This matter was exposed and became a sensation.

The first was a cross-border arrest, and the second was to let all outside elements understand that don’t think you can be lawless abroad, once you commit a crime within China, you will be brought to justice just the same.

Meanwhile, Jiang Qin, who had just left the Fiery Furnace Island, was furious, and after reading the news, he slammed his mobile phone on the ground viciously.

“The Chinese Army Soul has to cross our Jiang family because it has a strong enough background, this time I will definitely not give up.”

Jiang Qin’s face was so furious that it scared everyone next to him, and they didn’t dare to let out their breath.

“Tell me, have you found out the whereabouts of the Immortal Gate?”

Jiang Qin’s heart was unusually sad at the thought of his beloved son’s death, but his face did not change much.

“House Master, we suspect that this has nothing to do with the Immortal Gate, it could have been planted by someone.”

One of the family slaves bent over, like a eunuch in ancient times, he had a full head of grey hair and long, thin, clean cheeks, and really had a bit of the taste of a chief steward of the Great House.

Jiang Qin narrowed his eyes as a man next to him stepped forward and drank, “Chief Steward Lin, are you thinking too much, the spell wounds on Young Master Chang’an’s body are not the work of someone from the Immortal Sect, could there be someone else?”

“Rumour has it that Ye Xing, the one who made a big mess of Snow Mountain, the current chief commander of the Dragon Shield is a dual cultivator of immortal and martial arts, could it be him?”

The old man surnamed Lin frowned and used a questioning tone.

The man next to him continued to sneer, “He has no enmity with our Jiang family, is it necessary to kill Young Master Chang’an to plant evidence to frame the Immortal Sect? It’s obvious that the family head stopped the Immortal Sect’s plan last time, and that’s what made the Immortal Sect take action to retaliate in anger, so who else can we turn to if not the Immortal Sect for revenge?”

“But how can it be that simple?”

Jiang Qin raised his hand and drank, “Alright, stop arguing, do you have any evidence?”

“Minion has none.”

Chief Steward Lin shook his head down with a regretful expression.

“If you don’t have any, then determine the location of the Immortal Gate and take it first.”

Jiang Qin finished his sentence, turned his head and left.

The others went down and did as they were told, investigating the Immortal Gate, determining its location, and then beginning to retaliate.

As Chief Steward Lin left, he saw a group of Jiang Clan’s sons and daughters gathered across the street, each staring at him in an unkind manner.

When he thought of these dumb and incompetent sons of the Jiang family, Chief Steward Lin just looked regretful.

“This old thing is really getting in the way of our big event, I’ll tear an old bone of his apart sometime.”

Jiang Shao Ming, who had argued from reason earlier, laughed coldly.

Next to him, Jiang Shaoyi laughed badly, “Third brother, once the Immortal Gate is taken down, won’t those flowery beauties really help us prolong our lives?”

“If we get one of them to keep at home, we will not only prolong our lives, but also enjoy the endless pleasure of fish and water, how good would that be?”

Jiang Shao Ming was drooling as he spoke, and each of the other Jiang family’s children were envious, so they naturally hated to go to war right away.

Ye Xing returned to the city of Guangnan Province, and the interrogation of those monks would naturally not require him.

Lin Wei and Luo Xiaoyun would be able to take care of this. He went to Murong Xue’s villa first and hugged her as soon as he entered the house.

Murong Xue blushed a little and struggled a few times but couldn’t break free: “Let go, people will still laugh at me if they see you, right?”

“Such a big villa, just the two of us, who can see it?”

Ye Xing laughed and pushed harder, Murong Xue was a bit agitated by him and hurriedly shot out a spell.

Ye Xing dodged away in fright and roared with wide eyes, “Murdering your own husband?”

“Who told you to be dishonest, I said I could not have skin-to-skin contact with you when I was cultivating the Jade Maiden Heart Sutra, but you had to spoil my cultivation.”

Murong Xue grumbled and grunted.

Ye Xing laughed bitterly, then sighed, “Other people are old bachelors who stay alone, I am looking at my daughter-in-law and shedding tears, worse than an old bachelor.”

“Don’t make yourself sound so miserable, there are so many beautiful women around, I don’t even know how many you have stolen.”

Murong Xue sat on the sofa and coldly snorted.

Ye Xing was also a thief and did not dare to continue talking about this issue, and casually took out the sword embryo.

Murong Xue also felt that there was a magic formation in the sword embryo and had a surprised expression, “I heard Shangguan Lan say when I was training at the Immortal Sect that magic weapons contain magic formations and can absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to generate powerful power, could it be that this bronze ancient sword is a magic weapon?”

“That’s right, it contains a magic formation inside, and you can feel it when you touch it behind you.”

Ye Xing nodded down and then grabbed Murong Xue’s hand to touch the sword embryo.

She was full of joy, “There really is a magic formation, you plan to refine this sword?”

“Wife, if you like it, give it to you, maybe you can refine this sword and become a supreme sword immortal by then.”

“Really give it to me?”

“Of course it’s true, but there’s a price to pay.”

“What do you want? Don’t do that ……”

Ye Xing giggled and left the villa, almost half of his body was frozen just now, but finally a kiss of fragrance was as good as he could have hoped for.

Ye Xing went to the temporary headquarters of Dragon Shield in the provincial city of Guangnan.

Now that Ye Xing had a lot of support, he could have anything he wanted, and the Dragon Shield headquarters was inside an old house.

This old house was hundreds of years old and was a protected building, but was used as the temporary Dragon Shield headquarters.


Chapter 408

There were still a lot of people in front of the old house taking pictures, after all, there are not many buildings with such a sense of age.

Ye Xing got out of the car and walked inside the old house, making a group of tourists envious.

After all, people who could live in an old house of this scale were naturally rich or noble.

Ye Xing walked into the old house and went to the garden at the back, when Lin Wei rolled her eyes at the sight of him.

“This little comrade of yours doesn’t have the right attitude, are you allowed to treat the leader like this?”

“I say, leader, you’re too testy, aren’t you? You prefer this old house to be the temporary headquarters of Dragon Shield in the provincial city of Guangnan, do you know that our department has now become an internet sensation, our people from Dragon Shield have been captured in a video and put on the internet, saying that we are some kind of special department with important relations, or else we are not qualified to work here.”

Ye Xing’s expression changed as he anxiously pursued, “Let me see the comments on the internet.”

Lin Wei took out her phone and tapped on a short video website, turning up several pages, all about this old house.

Ye Xing skimmed his lips in discontent after watching, “Sh*t, I can’t believe none of them got me, these people aren’t professional enough, the real big guys don’t know to take a shot either.”

Lin Wei was furious after hearing this, she thought that Ye Xing was worried about being exposed online, but she didn’t expect that she was actually excited because she didn’t get a shot of herself.

“Just wait until you get scolded by Beino.”

Lin Wei grabbed her phone and left in a huff.

Ye Xing smiled, “The little girl is quite hot, but her body is quite good.”

Lin Wei in the front blushed after hearing this, and when she thought of changing clothes in the car and being bumped into by Ye Xing, she simply wanted to twist her head and go over and strangle him.

Ye Xing walked to the interrogation room at the back, this old house was an interrogation location decades ago, there was a row of air-raid shelters at the back, both hidden and safe.

When he arrived at the interrogation door, a case officer from Dragon Shield came out and immediately saluted when he saw him.

“How’s the interrogation going?”

“Quite a few confessions have been made, and all of them have transcripts.”

Ye Xing grabbed the transcripts and looked at them, these cultists were really connected to Jiang Qin, the two sides were in a partnership, Jiang Qin provided a lot of channels for the Western Paradise, while the Western Paradise was giving his Jiang family’s company a large amount of benefits every year.

“It looks like the one surnamed Jiang is not a good person either.”

Ye Xing closed the file and let them continue the trial.

Walking outside to the office, Lin Wei was on the phone, while Luo Xiaoyun was tired for a long time and was currently sleeping on a chair.

Ye Xing walked over and stomped his foot, Luo Xiaoyun instinctively reacted by quickly getting up.

“Go back to sleep, those guys have other colleagues to then interrogate.”

Luo Xiaoyun nodded down and asked, “Does the top not dare to move the Jiang family?”

“Nothing dares not move, don’t look at Jiang Qin as a gravekeeper, but he is also a Chinese, if he really commits a crime, he has to be punished.”

Ye Xing looked unafraid, Luo Xiaoyun nodded down, then smiled and left the old house.

Suddenly, a series of gunshots came from outside the house, followed by an explosion from inside the old house.

After hiding, Ye Xing thought of Luo Xiaoyun who had just walked out and hurriedly ran outside to check.

At this moment, the outside of the house was in a mess, a large number of innocent people had been shot and wounded, and Luo Xiaoyun was nowhere to be found.

“Luo Xiaoyun, Luo Xiaoyun ……”

Ye Xing shouted up anxiously.

“I’m fine, hurry up and call for help.”

A figure in the distance raised his head, his face full of darkness, and was holding a little girl.

The old house was attacked, which was a provocation to the Dragon Shield.

Kitano was furious when he got the news and ordered Ye Xing to catch all the people behind the attack, not letting any of them go.

The entire city of Guangnan Province was investigated closely that day, and secret investigations were carried out at all corridors.

The attack had serious consequences, with as many as fifteen innocent people injured outside the old house and two elderly people killed on the spot, as well as two houses blown up in the old house.

But it was a hard slap in the face, the other side was so arrogant that they dared to provoke the majesty of the Dragon Shield.

In front of the room where the old house had collapsed, Ye Xing’s face was gloomy as he swept a glance at all the members of the Dragon Shield, he was like an evil dragon at this moment, sweeping all his subordinates in front of him.

Like an emperor, he inspected the civil and military officials, and every one of them knew that he was furious to the extreme.

“Dragon’s shield, protect the country, today someone dares to make such a big attack within the country of China, this is a slap in the face to all of us, are you angry?”


Everyone shouted out one word in unison.

“I want you to find out all these B*****ds, among you there are hacker masters, data analysts, and even more crime trackers, I want you to find out all the clues about these people immediately, you currently have the highest authority in Guangnan Province City, you can access every Sky Eye system, you can investigate all the data, you can access all the information of people entering and leaving Guangnan Province City, increase the power, I want them to reveal their their original form.”

Ye Xing waved his hand and all of them went into battle, this was their first hard battle when they joined Dragon Shield, and they were only allowed to win but not to lose.

Once they failed, Dragon Shield would become a joke, a joke that would spread throughout the country.

Lin Wei was also infected by Ye Xing and had to say that he was a leader, a general who dared to step in and cross the line when faced with a crisis.

Everyone began to analyse the surveillance and investigate the information. It only took two hours for the suspects to be identified.

It was a group of Malay individuals who had entered the country under tourist identities. These people entered in groups but clearly met up at a number of places.

Moreover, all their identity information was false and their true identity was not clear.

The group scattered and fled after the attack, but were always on the radar of the sky-eye system in the provincial city of Guangnan.

As an order went down, by eleven o’clock that night, people were already making their moves in various places.

Apart from one murderer who jumped the train and was dropped dead, all the other five were captured, plus a large quantity of arms and weapons and poisons were recovered from their luggage.

The men were escorted back to the city of Guangnan Province, and this time everyone in the Dragon Shield was excited.

When these people were handed over to the Dragon Shield people, Ye Xing had one order, no matter what method was used, to make these people explain everything before dawn.

Early the next morning, Ye Xing reported the results of the night.

Kitano was very shocked after reading it, not expecting the Western Heavenly Lot to be so arrogant, but he still had to ask the Chinese Army Spirit for instructions.

Meanwhile, somewhere in a gra*s hall at the foot of the Terminal South Mountain, there are luxury cars here, but these people sitting in the private room are monks and Taoists, nuns and rich businessmen.

They had gathered to celebrate yesterday’s attack, and such a big slap in the face had been a good one for all the faithful.

“Everyone stop for a moment, this one was a success thanks to our Master Hatoma’s planning and a good slap in the face of the Dragon Shield.”

A big fat rich merchant got up with a red face and raised his cup in compliment towards a slightly chubby monk in front of him.

Master Hatoma smiled and got up proudly, “Don’t worry everyone, I won’t let Dragon Shield have a good time if it offends our congregation, there is a good show ahead.”