Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 405-406

Chapter 405

Ye Xing was not trying to be a hero, he was the strongest among this group of people, and it would be safest for him to go ahead to the doll temple by himself to investigate.

After discussing the decision, Ye Xing quickly stepped into the swamp, his internal energy raised, and he was instantly as light as a swallow.

This move could be done for many ancient martial artists, but how long it could be maintained was a test of the ancient martial artist’s strong strength.

After pa*sing through the layers of white mist, he found a large number of bonfires burning near the Doll Temple, all of which were still being chanted at the moment, with countless believers sitting on the ground staring intently.

Ye Xing approached the temple and quickly dived into the gra*s, the Temple of the Dolls was just a few metres ahead and with his sight he could completely take in all the ritual activities in front of the temple.

Ye Xing stayed for half an hour and finally got a good look at all the activities.

He quickly entered the doll temple while no one was watching.

The ancient temple resembled a small pyramid, with a cylinder-like object at the top of the temple sticking up into the clouds, while the temple had at least four levels, with the lowest level having a dozen entrances, with devotees and monks constantly entering and leaving.

Ye Xing jumped into one of the nearby entrances and found that there were actually many Chinese people, dressed not too different from him, all with pious faces, and without talking, they went inside the ground floor of the temple.

Ye Xing followed suit, as no one was paying attention to him anyway.

When he came to the middle of the ground floor, he was surrounded by a statue of Buddha, while each statue had an oil lamp in front of it, and countless notes from believers were posted.

At the same time, a monk was sitting cross-legged, chanting sutras inside his mouth, and believers came and went in several layers, presenting a large circle to surround the monk.

Ye Xing pretended to sit down and watched the devotees who kept sitting down and leaving, he stayed for a while and also left quickly, then walked to an unoccupied place to send a message to Lin Wei and the others.

A few minutes later, the disguised Lin Wei and the others also came.

They all stepped on chains to enter the temple, as no one was checking at all, and the whole doll temple did not look like any cult, it was completely a gathering place for believers.

“Was there a mistake?”

Lin Wei frowned, the journey had been so smooth not to mention that the most crucial thing was that apart from the monks being believers, it seemed to be just an ordinary old temple in the mountains that was just attracting attention because of its age.

But such a thing not to mention foreign countries, even within China there are many temples with such a lively incense, the annual leading incense, there are some temples thousands of people gathered, that lively scene is simply scary.

“The pattern can’t be wrong, I suspect that the people of this organization, the Western Paradise Lottery, are not visible on the outside, but behind the scenes they specialize in some male and female thievery.”

Ye Xing told everyone to separate and continue to observe, trying to find clues.

In fact, there were both male and female believers coming, and most of them were given a blessing pattern given by the doll temple after they went to donate money.

Lin Wei took the pattern and found Ye Xing, and it happened to be exactly the same as the one with the human face in the Western Paradise.

Everyone went to donate money and it was easier to move around after getting the pattern.

Suddenly, there were three monks approaching Ye Xing.

Ye Xing was a little scandalised when the other man smiled and addressed them in English, “Where are the several devotees from?”

“We are from the Eastern Land of China.”

Ye Xing scowled at the other party, smiling and looking relaxed.

The three monks were all over five foot seven, wearing not too clean monk’s robes, with lean bodies and skin tones quite a bit darker than the Chinese.

“So you are from China, then please go to the first floor for the Blessing a*sembly.”

The leading monk invited with a smile.

Ye Xing frowned and politely declined, “We just came to have a look, no need to go up there.”

“This time is a Buddhist event, there are only good things on the first floor, if you all go up there, you will definitely gain a lot.”

The monk smiled and introduced himself.

Ye Xing was afraid that there was a fraud, but looking at the three monks, they didn’t look like it, so he tentatively followed them to have a look.

There were four staircases from the ground floor to the first floor, all very spacious and all made of stone, so it was evident that back then this doll temple was built, almost all of them were repaired with huge stones, that’s why it was preserved for hundreds of years.

The first floor is half the size of the first, and all the devotees are sitting in four rows, and at this moment a monk is introducing something to all the devotees.

Once the devotees approved, they immediately took out their mobile phones and transferred money to buy.

The scene was not at all like a Buddhist retreat, but rather like a flea market.

After Ye Xing and the others sat down, a monk came over to introduce things.

From Sanskrit beads to Buddha cards, there were all kinds of heavy bone bowls, leather Buddha cards and so on.

Ye Xing was creeped out after listening to them, what age is this, there are still so many superstitious fools who believe that such fraudulent things can make people rich and safe, if they were really that magical, wouldn’t the people who made these things be turned into a pile of yellow earth?

Ye Xing and the others were not interested, and the monk did not ask too much, turning his head away and continuing to introduce them to the other believers.

After this a*sembly on the first floor was over, everyone went downstairs.

When Ye Xing was descending the stairs, he was suddenly startled and hurriedly turned his head because he seemed to have seen a familiar face among the group of monks coming down from the third floor, Jiang Qin, the tomb keeper.

As one of the Four Great Patriarchs, Jiang Qin was a godly man who had appeared at Mount Snow before and directly fought with the Free Fairy.

But Ye Xing had only recently got Jiang Chang’an killed, and the revenge of killing his son was no laughing matter.

Fortunately, there were too many believers and Jiang Qin did not notice Ye Xing’s figure and continued to walk towards the ground floor.

Ye Xing called on the others to twist and turn to avoid Jiang Qin, and then began to discuss the matter.

“Could it be that this medicine is what the Gravekeeper got into the country?”

“What purpose does he have?”

“No one knows that, but his presence here must have something to do with the Western Paradise.”

Ye Xing said worriedly, “Let’s go, we’ve basically investigated almost everything, let’s go back and analyse it slowly.”

The group left along the iron rope, but what they were hiding from came to them.

When Ye Xing and the others arrived near the car, they actually saw Jiang Qin’s group of people, they were speaking loudly in Chinese, and they were not afraid of being overheard in a foreign country.

After all, Jiang Qin was one of the Four Great Masters, and if he really wanted to deal with his group, none of them would be able to escape safely.

Back inside the hotel, it was already dawn and the guide, Ah Wang, came running early in the morning.

Ye Xing and the others had been tired all night, so naturally they did not need to go out today, and after paying the tip, they sent Awang away.

Ye Xing felt more and more that Jiang Qin must have something to do with this Western Paradise, and he had to report this.

Beino’s side got the news and hurriedly reported to Hua Junsheng.

“Colluding with overseas demons, the Jiang family is up to something big.”

Hua Junshen sat on his chair and frowned.

Kitano nodded and continued to report, “The Western Heavenly Lotuses are using a special pill to make huge profits, in addition to turning many people in the country into walking corpses.”

“I can’t believe they want to destroy themselves, then don’t blame us for being rude, tell Ye Xing that Dragon Shield has the responsibility of eliminating the enemy, so take West Heaven Lotto.”

Hua Junsheng gave the final order.



Chapter 406

Ye Xing was a bit surprised after hearing Bei Ye’s order, and after considering it for a moment, he asked, “If we really do it, will Jiang Qin, the gravekeeper, help?”

“He should have already left the Fireplace Island, so you guys should hurry up and do it, and bring back the group of people behind the curtain to face trial.

“Your words make my blood boil, I can’t wait to sacrifice my life to serve my country.”

“You’re a ghostly kid, it’s strange that I can believe you.”

Ye Xing hung up his mobile phone and immediately started to calculate.

Once they heard that they were going to start a cross-border arrest and that it was a big move, it made Lin Wei and the others’ blood boil.

Especially Luo Xiaoyun, a cynical and cynical woman like Luo Xiaoyun, had long looked at those cultists in the Western Paradise with displeasure.

“What support does the leader give us?”

Luo Xiaoyun asked afterwards with a smile.

Ye Xing shook his head down, in fact he was not sure exactly what care was given.

As a result, an unfamiliar number soon called, the other party claimed to be the Coastal Combat Team of the Fiery Furnace Island, who had received orders from the authorities to cooperate with the Chinese operation to capture a group of drug dealers and cultists.

Ye Xing smiled, “See, this is the poker face, the local Coastal Combat Team is here.”

The group went to meet with the Coastal Combat Team, there were more than a thousand people from the other side, all with speedboats, loaded with guns, with submachine guns and light artillery shells on the speedboats.

Ye Xing was a little surprised to see the other side, not expecting them to look like himself, only taller and with darker skin and.

“My ancestors came from China.” The combat captain called Lin Zhibin grinned and spoke in a standard Chinese language.

After exchanging pleasantries, Ye Xing began to discuss the battle.

It turned out that the Furnace Island authorities had long planned to take action against the cultists of the Doll Temple, as these cultists had affected the local economy, and only by cleaning up these feudal remnants could Furnace Island see its economy take off.

After discussing the countermeasures, Lin Zhibin frowned and reminded, “I know that this organisation, the Western Heavenly Delight, has many experts, all of whom are ancient martial artists, and our combat team is no match for them, so we need you experts to tackle the other side.”

“This is naturally up to us to solve.”

Ye Xing nodded down and then started to surround towards the Doll Temple.

Because they had to fight to surprise, they could only use airborne to start the capture operation.

The helicopter hovered quickly overhead and the Doll Temple below was already reacting, many of the believers didn’t know what was going on, but some of the timid monks started to roll up their blankets and flee.

The operation went a bit too smoothly at first, but when Ye Xing and the others stepped onto the outskirts of the Doll Temple again, suddenly several combatants fell from above the temple, unconscious.

“There are ancient martial artists up there.”

Lin Zhibin raised his gun and aimed it over the temple while looking at Ye Xing.

Ye Xing knew that he could not hide, so he left Lin Wei and Luo Xiaoyun behind, called Du Jiuniang and Qiao Baihe and entered the ground floor of the temple.

The three of them quickly arrived at the first floor, where the combat team had already surrounded the exit, with their guns pointed at each other, creating a stalemate.

The combat team did not dare to go up in a hurry, and the people above would not come down.

Ye Xing knew there was no good in a stalemate, once he let the monks of the Doll Temple spread the word, the natives would come in like a tidal wave in all directions then, a siege of tens of thousands of natives was no joke.

Ye Xing looked at Du Jiuniang and gestured.

Du Jiuniang understood and nodded her head, then took out three flying swords and threw them up towards a stairway.

The monk guarding the staircase was suddenly attacked by the flying daggers, which were extremely bizarre, and when they resisted, they would turn and fly away to attack from another angle.

The three flying daggers were like butterflies dancing around, killing the monks guarding the staircase.

When Ye Xing heard the commotion, he hurriedly rushed up, and Qiao Baihe also followed him up.

As the ice mist blew by, a monk hiding in the dark above was frozen into a block of ice, his eyes wide and stiff like a long-frozen striped fish.

Ye Xing smiled, signalling good work, and immediately rushed towards the middle of the third floor.

There was a large group of monks in the middle of the third floor at this time, and there was an old white-haired monk with a sinister face and a pair of shrewd eyes that seemed to be bulging out.

His face was full of fierceness and he was chanting various scriptures inside his mouth.

Ye Xing couldn’t understand them anyway, so naturally he wouldn’t be polite. The three of them lunged forward, and a large number of monks ran out and struck.

Once the two sides exchanged blows, although these monks were all ancient martial artists, they were nothing compared to Ye Xing, a Sixth Grade Master, who was a mere chicken and a dog.

One by one, the monks fell to the ground and could not get up, and with Qiao Baihe’s extremely sharp ice spells, the scene was one-sided.

Ye Xing kicked the old white haired monk away, this guy spat out his breath and actually spat out a national curse, “I’ll F**k your whole family.”

Ye Xing was happy: “You’re a monk who is still full of foul language at your age, even Buddha will have to send you to hell when he sees you.”

“B*****d, do you know who you have offended?”

“I’m not afraid to offend anyone, old man, since you can speak Chinese, I won’t be polite to you, back home, let’s see how I’ll deal with you.”

“I am a resident of Fireplace Island, you have no right to take me to China.”

The old white haired monk instantly got scared because the laws in the two regions were very different, within China, the maximum was the death penalty, while a place like the Fiery Furnace Island was just a dozen years in jail at most.

One was no life, the other was ten years, that one was easier, one could figure it out with one’s toes.

Ye Xing dragged the old monk up and then informed the combat team downstairs to clear the battlefield.

Soon Ye Xing found a large amount of gold, silver and jewellery being searched out, the combat team members were all greedy, as if they had entered a mountain of treasure.

Ye Xing didn’t care so much, the combat team was so heroic, surely not for the sake of eliminating the evil organisation of the Western Paradise, I’m afraid they were very willing to do it for the wealth here.

Lin Zhibin found Ye Xing, grinning and showing his mouth full of white teeth, then talked about the harvest this time.

Ye Xing interjected, “The old monk is the mastermind, he and a dozen others, I have to bring them all back.”

“As long as you can prove that they are not residents of Fireplace Island, you can take them all away.”

Lin Zhi Bin nodded his head in agreement and soon had everyone’s details ascertained, and there were actually close to ten people who were all Chinese, including the old white haired monk.

All of them were taken to the airport to be transported back to China for trial when the plane arrived five hours later.

Lin Zhibin pulled Ye Xing aside and handed out a document.

Ye Xing looked at it and laughed: “I’ve seen more than that, you guys are too ruthless, aren’t you?”

“It can’t be helped, although Fireplace Island is a tourist destination, we locals have a meagre income and all rely on fighting criminals to earn a living, this doesn’t affect you in any way, besides your share, we will also give it.”

Ye Xing shook his head and laughed: “Forget it, we won’t want it.”

“Don’t want it, how about this, I see quite a few rare and weird things, they should all be antiques, you guys can pick some to go.”

Lin Zhibin actually wanted to pull Ye Xing down, if everyone was greedy together, there would naturally be no trouble.