Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 403-404

Chapter 403

“From overseas? You’re not fooling me, are you?”

Ye Xing’s face went down gloomily, scaring Huang Wenchang with a nervous look.

“I wouldn’t dare, nowadays who in the whole ancient martial world doesn’t know the power of the Dragon Shield, I wouldn’t dare to lie to you even if I had ten guts.”

“Why do you think it’s overseas, you have to give a reason, right?”

Huang Wenchang frowned, “Actually, the Fantasy Pills that were delivered were found on the pier, but the direct person in charge of that pier was our Huang family, and we didn’t dare to report it for fear of implicating ourselves, so this was treated as if we didn’t see it.”

“Are they still being shipped now?”

Ye Xing drank in a deep voice.

Huang Wenchang nodded down and then had a hard time: “Occasionally there are still discoveries, we are also afraid that things will get too big and affect the dock being closed, so we don’t dare to manage it too much.”

“Alright, go to your dock and take a look, if you can catch the person who is carrying the goods, this will be a good thing.”

Ye Xing made up his mind to start with the freight.

“This has nothing to do with us, we won’t be implicated, right?”

“If you don’t cooperate, not to mention one pier, it’s not negotiable to close all your Huang Hai Gang’s properties.”

Huang Wenchang was trembling with fear and kept on persuading.

Ye Xing told him to grab a car and go to the wharf right away, which ship brought the stuff here had to be investigated properly.

Tianhai had a huge cargo throughput, and there were many dock ports, some of which were still functioning in small docks.

This one, Pier 7 of the Yellow Sea Gang, belongs to one of the docks of the Heavenly Sea, which not only has a lot of historical sentiment but is also close to the city, so it has become a place where many citizens usually take a walk in the evening.

Cargo ships are almost invisible during the day at Pier 7, but at night cargo ships and fishing boats come out, bringing in a large amount of goods and seafood.

Ye Xing and the others were waiting quietly in the office at the pier at this time.

Although the delivery ships were not the same, they were all coming from the same country.

Finally at nine o’clock in the evening, the sound of a merchant ship’s whistle was heard from the sea.

“Here it comes.”

Ye Xing led the men to the edge of the pier, and as the merchant ship approached, various machines began to run.

Suddenly, a few people came down from the ship, looking no different from the Chinese.

But the scent all over them still betrayed them.

Ye Xing didn’t hide, and with his men, he walked over to stop the five men.

“You are the crew?”

Ye Xing inquired as soon as he stopped the other party.

Once the five men saw that Ye Xing and the others were not wearing uniforms and there were quite a few beautiful women, one of them smiled and didn’t take it seriously.

“Asking you guys.”

Ye Xing yelled up again.

“Get away or watch out for your lives.”

A man in his forties sneered and threatened up.

As soon as Ye Xing saw how vicious he was, there was no doubt that it was this group of people, so he directly went forward to search them, five people resisted together, naturally they were all beaten down by Ye Xing.

When the five men saw that something was going to happen, they ran away, but unfortunately it was strange that they could escape.

Du Jiuniang threw a flying knife, two of the guys who turned their heads and ran were hit in the thighs and bled like blood, they fell to the ground and moaned and screamed.

Another one was caught up by Luo Xiaoyun who stepped on his back and put a gun to his head.

Another was thrown a handful of ice sands by Qiao Baihe and was shivering on the ground from the cold.

Ye Xing held down the middle-aged man who had threatened him earlier and retrieved several large packages of wound-up dream pills directly from the other man’s waist.

The other four men did the same, and Ye Xing piled the stuff together, and it was quite a lot of weight.

“There are at least ten kilograms, several thousand pills, if this were to flow out, I don’t know how many people would be killed.”

Luo Xiaoyun rose in indignation.

Ye Xing told Luo Xiaoyun to inform the branch office first and take the people and handcuff them, of course they all had to be held in solitary confinement to prevent accidents.

Sure enough, on the second day, all five of them mutated and became bloodthirsty, with fangs growing inside their mouths.

Ye Xing used his Yuan Power to suppress the drug power of the other men, and then began to interrogate them individually.

The five men were all errand boys, the real mastermind behind them was hiding abroad to control everything.

However, Ye Xing found a little clue, these five guys all had a pattern on their bodies, a human face with kind brows, but the human face was decorated with various stripes around it, which looked a little evil.

Ye Xing took a picture of the pattern and then began to discuss countermeasures.

Lin Wei also came to Tianhai and saw the pattern, and wondered what it was from.

“Going abroad to investigate will inevitably cause a lot of repercussions, and Kitano’s side will not agree.”

Lin Wei shook her head down and analysed the difficulties of acting abroad.

“If we don’t go abroad, we won’t be able to catch the person behind it, and these people will definitely find other channels to import these pills into our country.”

Luo Xiaoyun argued forcefully.

“Kitano won’t agree, there won’t be any support for the operation, and going abroad won’t necessarily lead to catching the mastermind behind it.”

“But ……”

Ye Xing stopped the argument, “All right, it’s useless for you guys to argue, forget about foreign countries for now on this matter, first cut off all domestic channels, also this pattern must have a secret, let all the ancient martial arts community take a good look at it and find out the clues before you do.”

Lin Wei stared at the pattern, then compiled it into a document and had her men send it to the ancient martial arts clans to check.

The next day, the pattern was revealed to belong to an evil organisation called the “Western Heavenly Paradise”.

After listening to the introduction of this Western Paradise, Ye Xing found that it was indeed extremely hostile to the Chinese State.

In addition, he also found out a crucial point, that this Western Paradise Organisation was recently operating in the overseas tourist destination “Fireplace Island”.

“What are you hesitating for? These B*****ds have imported so many Dream Pills, we should bring them all back for trial.”

Luo Xiaoyun became excited.

Lin Wei said, “Luo Xiaoyun, please remember your identity, you are not a member of Dragon Shield yet, you are invited to participate in the discussion, but not to listen to your whining, you have to plan things, you think you can just let you do whatever you want abroad, right?”

“But people make so many bad things to harm people, and we don’t stop them?”

Ye Xing banged on the table to interrupt the argument: “Book a flight to Fireplace Island, whatever conspiracy these guys are up to, they all need to be investigated, but don’t do anything rash once you’re there.”

Lin Wei immediately did as she was told, and Luo Xiaoyun couldn’t have been more excited to hear that she was going to continue the investigation.

After the meeting, Ye Xing asked Luo Xiaoyun to go to the room next to him.

“What do you want?” Luo Xiaoyun got apprehensive.

“Don’t worry, you’re not a Dragon Shield person yet, I won’t submarine you.”

Ye Xing smiled as he sat down.

Luo Xiaoyun froze, then her face was gloomy: “What do you mean, if I want to join Dragon Shield, I have to accept your rules? Let you dive me?”

“Pretty much, I am the Lord of Dragon Shield, I have to be responsible for Dragon Shield, any core member, has to listen to my dispatch.”

Ye Xing nodded his head down and looked at Luo Xiaoyun with a smile.

Luo Xiaoyun was torn inside, she wanted to join the Dragon Shield, after all it was the place where she could directly face the most dangerous events, it was more interesting than catching thieves and solving crimes, besides the Dragon Shield had a lot of authority, she was not afraid of making a big mess.

“I’m Cher’s best friend, can’t you give face?”

“Face can’t be given casually, it depends on what you give.”

“Don’t take off your clothes, you rogue, I’ll tell Xue’er to go.”


Chapter 404

Half an hour later, Luo Xiaoyun walked out of the room with a red face, her heart filled with anger when she thought of what Ye Xing had just done to her.

“D*mn Ye Xing, when I find the chance, I will have to waste you.”

Luo Xiaoyun viciously vented.

“Ye Xing is our leader, you’ll easily be kicked out of Dragon Shield if you talk about him like that.”

Suddenly, Lin Wei’s voice came from inside the corner.

Luo Xiaoyun rubbed her hands and complained, “Who told him to bully me?”

“Bullying you? I see you’re still enjoying yourself.”

Lin Wei decided that Luo Xiaoyun and Ye Xing had some kind of abnormal relationship, so naturally she looked down on her a little.

“I enjoy it my a*s, have you been bullied by him like this too?”

Luo Xiaoyun asked curiously.

Lin Wei blushed, thinking of being peeked at changing her clothes, a strange shame.

“No, if he dares to do that to me, I’ll make him become a eunuch in the palace.”

“Still you’re ruthless enough, I topped how he bullied me and I bullied him.”

As if she had heard a joke, Lin Wei’s eyes widened as she saw Luo Xiaoyun and frowned, “You’re not mistaken, are you? How he bullies you, how you bully him, isn’t this a loss for you?”

“What kind of loss can this be, just take the medicine according to the prescription and return it to him?”

“Sister, are you stupid? Can men and women be the same in such matters? He is getting a bargain, if you bully him like this again, he can earn another bargain.”

Lin Wei’s eyes widened as she explained, thinking for a moment that Luo Xiaoyun was not stupid and sweet, huh? How could she say something like that?

“Aren’t men and women the same? Don’t worry about it, I’ll definitely make him step up his game.”

Luo Xiaoyun smiled up with a smug face.

Lin Wei thought this Luo Xiaoyun was silly and cute, and advised in a low voice, “Don’t think like that, in the matter of men and women, the man takes advantage, the chief can have quite a few women, how can you be a little wife for him?”

“What little wife, don’t you talk nonsense.”

Luo Xiaoyun roared up with a red face.

At this moment, Du Jiuniang and Qiao Baihe were also attracted by the sound and came over here to watch the fun, settling down to be a crowd of gourmets.

Lin Wei said discontentedly, “If you mess around with Ye Xing, aren’t you just being a little wife to someone?”

Du Jiuniang’s heart stuttered after hearing this, and Luo Xiaoyun was so angry that she was close to tears, so she looked at them and explained, “What messing around? Only he is allowed to bully me, but not me?”

“But you can’t do that either, he’s a rascal and a scoundrel, but you can’t give yourself up like that.”

Lin Wei lectured up.

Du Jiuniang coughed and asked, “Stop arguing guys, what’s going on?”

“She and Ye Xing were messing around inside the room and actually wanted to do it again, plumming it up, isn’t it obvious that she wants to be a little wife for Ye Xing?”

Lin Wei spoke up with a sneer.

Luo Xiaoyun blushed furiously, “What messing around, he asked me to give him a ma*sage and bullied me in different ways, I want him to give me a ma*sage in the future too, is that wrong?”


Lin Wei’s eyes widened and instantly felt that she had thought too much.

At this moment, Ye Xing walked out of the room, stretching his back and shouting for comfort.

Du Jiuniang snorted and laughed, and the others all burst into joy, except for Luo Xiaoyun who huffed and puffed, feeling that she had suffered a great deal of aggravation.

After listening to Du Jiuniang, Ye Xing also followed suit and was happy, but called Lin Wei to him.

“This is your fault, apologise to someone, a nice little girl, what’s wrong with giving the leader a ma*sage? You’re not married yet, how hurtful is that? If you can’t get married in the future, won’t you have to blame me?”

Ye Xing gave a serious lecture, not only Lin Wei was angry, Luo Xiaoyun also had fierce eyes.

In the end, the two of them turned their heads and left, and no one paid any attention to him.

Ye Xing was dumbfounded as Du Jiuniang dragged Qiao Baihe away with a sneer.

Ye Xing stomped his feet, what was this all about?

A group of people set off for the Fireplace Island, Beino did not agree or oppose, anyway, told Ye Xing, foreign countries make a big deal out of it, you have to solve it well yourself, never leave any trouble behind, and don’t be caught in the act.

Ye Xing smiled and said OK, let him must be a*sured.

The Fireplace Island belongs to a large country’s overseas islands, because it is in the tropics, the weather is hot, and there is a long coastline, most suitable for holiday tourism.

Of course there were also natives on the island, all a group of superstitious believers who usually lived around centuries-old temples and belonged to devotees.

Ye Xing’s group arrived at the airport and immediately met the local guide.

It was a local mixed-race man who spoke the Chinese language. This man called himself Awang and specialised in doing business with the Chinese people, making quite a lot of money in a year.

He was not paid much and relied on tips, so his service was very attentive.

Awang took Ye Xing and the others to the local jade market and flea market. Ye Xing and the others pretended to be travelling and naturally pretended to buy quite a few things, and then in the evening, they were taken to the local beach for a barbecue and drinks.

The next day, early in the morning, they were taken out to the sea again for some fun, and in the evening, they went around the local casino.

On the third day, after everyone had mixed and familiarised themselves, Ye Xing offered to visit the temple.

“All the temples on the island are open to the public except for the doll temple, just book in advance.”

Awan smiled back enthusiastically, he got a lot of tips from Ye Xing every day and naturally treated him as his bread and butter.

Ye Xing looked around and said in a low voice, “I just want to go to the Doll Temple.”

“No, you can’t go to the Doll Temple, it’s a temple for the locals and you’ll be punished for not having permission to enter.”

Awang shook his head with a look of fear.

When Ye Xing saw how excited he was, it was impossible to get this guy to take him in, so he simply asked for a map and spent the night in the hotel getting ready.

The doll temple is within the deep mountains of the island, the road leading to this temple is difficult to walk, the most crucial thing is that the temple is actually surrounded by swampy land, only a thick and incomparably thick chain can be stepped through.

To know that the temple was built in such a treacherous place shows the price paid by the believers hundreds of years ago.

Rumour has it that nowadays it is the skeletons that can be seen everywhere in the swamp around the Temple of the Dolls, as tens of thousands of toilers and believers died in order to build this temple in the first place, which can be called a human tragedy.

Ye Xing and others set off overnight, the hotel downstairs is full of cars, looking for a good performance of the SUV, stole and then drive on the departure.

Two hours later, the car entered the primeval forest and then began to set off towards the Doll Temple.

Not many people have been inside this kind of temple, but it is extremely famous and has been mentioned by many photographers and travellers.

According to a foreign website, the car soon came to the edge of the swamp, and although it was early in the morning, there was a bright moon hanging in the sky, so the view was not too bad.

And with a thick mist rising over the marsh and a strong wind rattling the chains, it was a little creepy and hairy in the late night conditions.

“Once those chains are stepped on, they will definitely be heard by the people on the other side, so we can only pa*s over the swamp.”

Ye Xing looked ahead and conferred with the others.

“It’s a bit difficult to pa*s on the bog, isn’t it?”

Lin Wei frowned.

“It won’t be difficult if I go alone, you guys just stay nearby.”