Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 401-402

Chapter 401

Ye Xing walked towards the foreign devil, at this moment this guy’s eyes were bloodshot and the corners of his mouth were split open, revealing his fangs, he looked like a vampire.

“There can’t really be a Western vampire, can there?”

Ye Xing asked curiously.

Qiao Lily shook her head and said, “It doesn’t look like it, he looks like he’s been hit by some powerful evil spell.”

“Evil magic? Could it be another demonic cultivator messing around?”

Ye Xing continued to check up, although this foreign devil was fierce and lost his mind, he didn’t have any half of Yuan Power.

If he did not have any Yuan Power, he could not be an immortal cultivator, he could only have been transformed into this shape by a demonic cultivator using a special technique.

Ye Xing reached out and pressed his hand on the foreign devil’s head and punched his Yuan Power into his body, the guy let out a miserable scream, but soon the abnormalities in his body slowly disappeared and he finally fell to the ground half dead.

Ye Xing kicked him hard a few times, this guy woke up and looked at Ye Xing and shook his head and begged, “Don’t kill me, it’s nothing to do with me.”

“Tell the truth if you don’t want to die, who made you look like this?”

Ye Xing questioned as soon as he stepped on the foreign devil’s chest.

“We all became like this because we went to a nightclub and got high, please help me.”

The foreign devil begged.

Ye Xing continued to interrogate and soon asked many things.

The foreign devil and the others had gone to a nightclub to get high on drugs and had taken a kind of pill called Dream, and subsequently became addicted to it and turned into this ghostly appearance.

Anyway, in order to get money, they dare to do anything bad, what they said before about being forced is actually just an excuse for that head to snare a girl.

After Ye Xing finished asking, he called Du Jiuniang sisters and left, there was no need to ask whether the group of junkies were dead or alive.

Halfway there, Du Jiuniang laughed, “Don’t you want to go to that nightclub to see what kind of demons and monsters are there?”

“Why do you care so much?”

Ye Xing sat in the pa*senger seat with his eyes closed, not interested at all.

Who knew that the driver was actually sobbing uncomfortably, and Ye Xing casually asked, “Brother, what are you doing? As soon as we get into your car, we’re crying and sobbing, as if a few of us didn’t invite you.”

“Handsome, it’s none of your business, it’s because my family has recently had an incident, my daughter didn’t know who she went to play with, she took some medicine and is still in a coma in the intensive care unit.”

The driver is a bald, more than fifty years old, an honest face, hard to explain up.

Ye Xing didn’t say anything, but the driver was as if he found someone to talk to, and gave a speech about his daughter.

“Another nightclub, another pill called Fantasy, no one is checking?”

Du Jiuniang frowned and looked at the back of the driver’s head.

The driver said glumly, “Checked, but this kind of pills are all sold everywhere by some landlubbers, no one knows exactly from whom it flows out at all.”

Ye Xing was just about to speak when his phone rang in his pocket, it was Lin Wei calling.

“What are you doing in the middle of the night? Aren’t you afraid of disturbing my rest?”

Ye Xing deliberately scared her.

“Sleeping so early, is the woman beside you that hungry?”

Lin Wei also retorted up without the slightest fear.

“Definitely not as hungry as you are.”

Ye Xing harrumphed as Lin Wei stomped her foot in anger, “Alright, no more bullSh*t with you, you’re going to Tianhai, right? Recently there was a batch of drugs dispersed in Tianhai, causing a lot of oddities, this matter has been divided into the hands of Dragon Shield, you happen to go over there, so naturally you will have to take over.”

“What do you mean? Don’t you know that Dragon Shield is in charge of big things? You’re going to investigate this kind of trivial matter?”

Ye Xing huffed and growled.

“Kitano arranged it, it seems that this time the matter is quite big, once the pill spreads, it will cause panic in the society, let us solve this matter urgently.”

Lin Wei explained up.

As soon as Ye Xing saw that he couldn’t even hide, he then asked if there was anyone who would take over.

“Luo Xiaoyun from the special office, you should know her, she has understood this matter in advance, she should have no problem cooperating with you, and she is eager to enter the Dragon Shield, this is a good opportunity to investigate.”

“I know it feels like you’ve installed eyes around me, you know everything I’ve seen?”

“I’m not interested in keeping an eye on you yet.”

“Nope, you must have installed them, on my chest, or is it my a*s?”

“Go to hell.”

Ye Xing made Lin Wei angry, giggling happily.

Du Jiuniang in the back seat looked at Qiao Baihe and whispered, “See, just like him, he’s full of nonsense, you should never believe anything he says in the future.”

“She’s my servant, she’ll do whatever I tell her to do. I’m telling you, from now on, don’t hit on my servant’s ideas, my own sister is not even negotiable.”

Ye Xing twisted his head and yelled.

Du Jiuniang was so angry that she wanted to say something back, but she was afraid that Ye Xing would shake out her relationship with him, so she could only tremble with anger.

“Watch out in the future, don’t shake so fiercely, it’s easy to attract people to commit crimes.”

Ye Xing’s eyes lowered, and then laughed.

Du Jiuniang blushed so much that she really wanted to stab Ye Xing to death with a knife, Qiao Baihe laughed happily, seeing the two of them fighting was like watching a Spring Festival skit, full of excitement!

When Ye Xing called Luo Xiaoyun, he heard that it was about the dream pill case, Luo Xiaoyun was really interested and gave the name of a nightclub and told them to hurry over.

The nightclub was very famous in Tianhai, not only did it have a foreign heavy metal music style, but also the decoration was first cla*s, rumour has it that the decoration cost alone was over 100 million, and the various sound equipment in the shop was also top international.

Such a nightclub is really hot in Tianhai, with beautiful women coming and going, each with their own agenda.

This nightclub also followed the tradition of many nightclubs, where beautiful women or women dressed in posh clothes entered for free, while men had to get a membership or pay a price of 588.

Ye Xing’s trio entered the nightclub and found Luo Xiaoyun, a real eye-opener.

This evening, Luo Xiaoyun had turned into a hot girl, still with short blue hair and smoky make-up or a red and a blue one, just like a nightclub singer.

Seeing Ye Xing’s surprised look, Luo Xiaoyun explained, “I’m here to investigate the case.”

“There is no such thing as investigating a case in our Dragon Shield, just say action directly from now on.”

Ye Xing bristled and lectured up.

“Isn’t this a case? Who says you’re not allowed to say that?”

Luo Xiaoyun asked with a curious question.

“I stipulate, one says the case appears this good criminal investigation of the same, dragon shield mainly deal with major crisis, so unified say action, not allowed not to cooperate.”

Ye Xing finished calling the waiter, directly one person order a gla*s of wine.

Luo Xiaoyun take Ye Xing can’t help, looked at Du Jiuniang and Qiao Lily, still really old mature and charming, the small beautiful and charming.

“Hmph, I have to keep an eye on Ye Xing, this stinky guy, for Xue’er, so that he doesn’t mess around with men and women.”

Just as Luo Xiaoyun finished speaking, Ye Xing suddenly sneezed and said alertly, “Who cursed me?”

Luo Xiaoyun was startled, my goodness, what has this guy changed into, so spiritual?


Chapter 402

The next thing was to talk about the dream pill.

Ye Xing gave a talk about what he had seen, and Luo Xiaoyun was stunned after hearing it, “Could it be that it has all reached the late stage of the disease?”

“What late stage of sickness?”

“It’s these people who take dream pills, at first they will become addicted and will also have all kinds of hallucinations, according to our relevant departments testing the composition of the medicine, they found that it is more than ten times more powerful than ordinary hallucinogenic drugs, but if you take too much, all kinds of parasites will appear in your body, these worms will also mutate and invade the brain, making the stoner become crazy and bloodthirsty, they will also attack other people and infect the mutated worms to no one.”

“Holy Sh*t, isn’t this just zombie contagion?”

“Yes, it’s similar to those large swathes of zombies abroad, the infection is very strong, once bitten, you will definitely be hit.”

Ye Xing had to be cautious after hearing this, I’m afraid that only a demonic cultivator could do something so vicious.

But didn’t demon cultivators only target immortals? Since when did they start killing innocent people?

And what good would it do to a demon cultivator to create a ma*s of zombies?

Ye Xing was not entirely sure that it was the work of the demon cultivators, but whatever it was, it was something that Dragon Shield should address.

The four of them sat and drank, and soon a young yellow-haired man, dressed in a rare outfit, approached with a smile, striking up a conversation and making small talk at the same time.

Luo Xiaoyun changed her iron-faced state and became very good at teasing people.

The young yellow hair hesitated for a moment, pulled out a packet of blue pills and smiled, “This is good stuff, I charge a thousand a packet for everyone else, just five hundred for you.”

“Five hundred?”

Luo Xiaoyun scoffed, “Normal junk stuff, we don’t get high.”

“Pretty girl, this is Fantasy, the famous top stuff, just one, you’ll be high all night long.”

The yellow-haired young man bragged up, his face full of greed, looking like he could hardly wait to put Luo Xiaoyun on the spot.

Ye Xing was unhappy in his heart and really wanted to make a move to scrap this kid, but he held back for the greater good.

“Is it really a dream?”

Luo Xiaoyun asked curiously.

“How can I lie to you? If you don’t believe me, go inside and take a look, someone’s been eating for an hour and they’re getting high.”

Huang Mao pointed to the private room in the nightclub.

Luo Xiaoyun got up and followed him over to a private room, pushed open the door and took a look inside.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. If you take this medicine, you’ll be even more excited.”

“Where’s your boss?”

Luo Xiaoyun suddenly questioned with a stern face.

“What boss?”

The yellow-haired young man felt bad and said with a bristle, “Forget it if you don’t buy it.”

He turned his head and left, but Luo Xiaoyun couldn’t let him go and went up and took control of him.

As the three of them approached, the yellow-haired young man shouted and many of his a*sociates in the nightclub ran out to help.

Ye Xing frowned and lectured, “What’s the matter, making so much trouble.”

“It has been confirmed that he is the one selling, just take the person back for interrogation.”

Luo Xiaoyun was actually a little angry at the sight of the group of demons in the private room just now, which is why he was excited to strike.

“Alright, arrest and take away.”

Ye Xing nodded down, the others gathered around, and were not polite anymore, directly kicking out a path.

The nightclub was in chaos, and the security guards got involved. Ye Xing fought as he retreated, came to the door, called the car and rushed off.

The result was that the man was arrested and interrogated inside the local bureau, and it was just a small brother with goods, his superior was not known, nor did he have any underlings.

The company’s background is that it’s a college student who likes to go clubbing, and after becoming addicted, it started to sell and smoke.

The investigation was clueless, but the dream masters and these people were all in contact with each other online, and all of them used small numbers.

As for the transaction method is even more special, are you want how much goods, first to the other side transfer money, and then the other side to your designated location delivery, want to check any clues are impossible.

Once the clues were broken, there was no clue.

Luo Xiaoyun stayed up all night for three days, people are almost collapsed, the result went to Ye Xing, the other party actually took Du Jiuniang and Qiao Baihe to the leisure mountain resort to take a hot spring.

Ye Xing laughed and joked, “Change into a bikini and come down for a dip, I can see that you have these dark circles under your eyes, you can go to the zoo and become a national treasure.”

Luo Xiaoyun was furious and roared in anger, “I’m desperately investigating a case and you guys are actually playing around here, have you thought about how many people will be killed if we don’t get this pill under control?”

These were heavy words, and Ye Xing, seeing how persistent she was, also put away her playful face.

“Don’t worry, we haven’t been idle these three days, since we can’t find any clues on the surface, it can only mean that the other party is from the ancient martial world, or an immortal cultivator, so naturally we’ll have to look for the local snake here in Tianhai.”

“You didn’t lie to me?”

“How dare I lie to you about this kind of thing, hurry up and change your clothes and take a dip in the water, get refreshed and go to a place tonight to inquire about the whereabouts properly.”

Tianhai, as a big city in China, was a bustling, noisy and paper-drunk place where power and money consumed many people.

And there are also ancient martial arts clans that exist here, and the Yellow Sea Gang is a very small ancient martial arts clan.

But by doing business, this ancient martial arts clan is also considered to be a dignified one in Tianhai, and they are extremely cohesive because they rely on their family bloodline heritage.

The Yellow Sea Clan’s headquarters was in a farm outside the city of Tianhai, and many of the nearby planting bases were part of the Yellow Sea Clan’s income.

In the evening, Ye Xing drove up with his three beautiful women and was warmly received by the other party.

Ye Xing’s recent fame could be described as a sensational effect within the ancient martial arts community.

He had fought against countless ancient martial arts clans on the Snowy Mountains, and also created the Dragon Shield, and directly recruited the Hong Clan and the Hidden Clan, and these two clans actually succumbed to it, so it was clear how powerful they were.

As soon as he heard that Ye Xing had come to his door, Huang Wenchang of the Huanghai Clan was scared silly.

But no matter how scared they were, they had to meet. Inside the living room, the Jiangnan family were decorated in ancient colours.

There were ponds of koi in front of the door and greenery and mahogany inside the house. Huang Wenchang, who was in his early fifties and young and strong, was the current head of the Huanghai Gang.

He clasped his fist to Ye Xing and was just as polite as could be, with all sorts of complimentary words going straight to him.

“Don’t worry, although our Huang Hai Gang is a part of the ancient martial arts community, we have always obeyed the law for so many years and have never done anything wrong, and all kinds of business in the gang are legal and compliant, so we definitely won’t let you have a hard time.”

Huang Wenchang opened his mouth, and was not afraid of being looked down upon, because the Hidden Sect and the Hong Sect were unable to take Ye Xing, and his small Huang Hai Gang was still fighting, so he might as well lie down and not resist, and let people do whatever they want.

Ye Xing was happy and laughed: “Don’t worry, Master Huang, we are not here to deal with you, we just want to inquire about something.”

Huang Wenchang sighed in relief, nodded his head and smiled: “You can ask, I will definitely tell you everything.”

“Recently there is a kind of addictive pill called Dream, I wonder if your Huang Hai Gang knows about it?”

“Naturally I know, this poison is very powerful, we also have young people in our family to take it, fortunately we stopped it in time, otherwise we would have lost our lives.”

“Have you checked who is behind this?”

“Yes, the other party is very mysterious, I feel that they are from overseas.”