Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 397-398

Chapter 397

Ye Xing left Kunlun and did not go back to Guangnan Province directly, but went to Tianhai secretly.

He first went to the antique street in Tianhai, looking for a shop that specialised in jade carving and inlay, intending to make the Kunlun divine jade into a jade plaque, the kind that was easy to wear.

Huajingshan Antique Street is one of the three major antique markets in Tianhai, and it is close to the airport and the high-speed railway station, specialising in tourist business.

Although the place seemed a bit flashy and belonged to the concentration of scammers, there were actually many big name chain shops operating here.

Ye Xing got off the plane and took a taxi to this place at the first opportunity. As he walked around, he found that there were really quite a lot of tour groups, with tourists coming and going from the north and south shouting and chatting in various dialects, making for a lively scene.

Ye Xing looked around for a shop that could match the Kunlun Divine Jade, and finally found an ancient and aromatic Artisan’s Pavilion.

There weren’t many tourists in this shop, and a gla*s cabinet was set up at the entrance, containing many personally made trinkets.

The craftsmanship of these trinkets alone made this artisan somewhat competent.

Ye Xing called out and a yellow-haired woman in slippers and loose pajamas came out of the room.

The yellow-haired woman had good looks, white and clean, fitting the characteristics of a beautiful woman in the watery village of Jiangnan, gentle and lovely.

But she has a bad temper and asks with a frown, “What do you want to buy? The cheapest things in our shop are over a thousand.”

It was no wonder that tourists did not come to this shop.

Ye Xing smiled: “I’m not buying anything, I’m looking for your boss to make something for me.”

The yellow-haired woman frowned in displeasure, “The boss isn’t here.”

As soon as the words were said, the girl turned her head to leave, Ye Xing smiled and shouted, “Tell him to come back, my business is a big deal, enough for him not to have to open for a few months.”

The yellow-haired girl was half-hearted, and Ye Xing took out his mobile phone and said, “If you don’t believe me, I’ll transfer you five hundred yuan in red packets first.”

“Really?” The yellow-haired woman was instantly surprised, but quickly became afraid: “You’re not trying to sleep with me, are you?”

Ye Xing said awkwardly, “Although you are good looking, but my wife is prettier than you, don’t worry about it, I have no other thoughts about you.”

The yellow-haired woman then took out her mobile phone, Ye Xing swept through to give someone five hundred, indeed money can make the ghost push the mill, and soon this girl went to call the boss back.

The forty-year-old man with gla*ses, a face of vicissitudes, the most critical is the finger less a cut, turned into a nine-fingered god beggar.

Ye Xing smiled and exchanged words with the other party. When this craftsman saw the Kunlun divine jade, he was startled and hurriedly led Ye Xing towards the inner room.

“Where did you get this thing?” The craftsman asked with a stunned face.

Ye Xing frowned and asked, “Do you know this jade?”

“Of course I do, this jade comes from Kunlun, it is something sought by the Immortal Sect, I didn’t expect you to pick it up, this is still my luck to say the least.” The craftsman was full of gloomy cold smile, as if he had picked up a big bargain.

Ye Xing took a look at a good guy, he actually met an immortal cultivator, was this his luck or the other party’s bad luck?

“Master, since you know it, give me a price estimate?”

Ye Xing pretended to smile.

The craftsman took one look at him and even estimated the price and sneered, “Twenty thousand, I’ll get you the money.”

“It’s a bit less, but it’s not bad.”

Ye Xing nodded down and the craftsman went to the side and opened the drawer to make a gesture to get the money.

Unfortunately, what he took was not money, but a short sword.

Ye Xing’s eyes widened in alarm, “What are you doing?”

“If this falls into my hands no one else can know about it, who made your life cheap and met me?”

The craftsman stepped closer, the short sword in his hand quickly stabbed forward.

As a result, his grim expression suddenly stopped and was replaced by surprise.

It was because his hand had been grabbed by Ye Xing by the wrist, and an incomparably powerful internal energy caused his whole body to be in excruciating pain.

Ye Xing laughed: “Aigoo Hey, why do you look like this? Weren’t you quite fierce just now?”

“Internal energy expert, you’re an ancient martial artist.”

The craftsman was astonished, but was soon covered in sweat and severe pain.

Ye Xing took away his short sword, followed by a palm strike, and the craftsman slumped to the ground and pa*sed out.

Ye Xing came outside the house and found the yellow-haired girl, smiled and said, “Your boss has to make something for me, there’s nothing for you, you can leave work now.”

The yellow-haired girl was happy to get 500 yuan from Ye Xing, so she nodded her head and put on her bag and left.

As soon as Ye Xing closed the door, he grabbed the handicraftsman and started to press him.

This guy did not say anything, but Ye Xing has a lot of means to force a confession, some operation down, what there is to say, and also whole crying.

“Stop acting, you can’t be a member of the Immortal Sect, the Immortal Sect is all female, you’re a scruffy middle-aged man who still wants to be related to the Immortal Sect, do you think I’m that stupid, that easy to fool?”

Ye Xing looked at the craftsman and sneered, the dagger in his hand began to dawdle again.

The craftsman explained one by one that he was an outer disciple, but of course Ye Xing would not believe him.

“Alright, stop it, you guy is a demon cultivator at best.”

Ye Xing laughed coldly, and the craftsman really had a grim expression, putting away the face of fear he had just had.

“Just don’t be wrong, seeing that you are good at your craft, make this Kunlun jade into a jade pendant or jade plaque for me, if you dare not do so, I guarantee that you will be split into several large pieces and thrown into the river to feed the fish.”

Ye Xing smiled and threatened.

The craftsman dared not disobey and eventually got up and started fiddling around the room, he had quite a lot of tools and soon had the Kunlun jade in a string of necklaces.

Ye Xing looked at the craftsmanship and pulled out the other two pieces.

The craftsman looked dumbfounded, he thought the other side only had one piece, but he didn’t expect there to be two more.

Ye Xing told him not to dawdle and forced the guy to hurry up with his work.

By the evening, the craftsman had finished them all.

The Kunlun divine jade was smaller, but the quality had not been affected in any way, two necklaces and a jade plaque, just enough to be worn around.

“Are you planning to put this up for auction?” The craftsman asked curiously.

“Sell my a*s, I’m taking it to give away, you’re a demon cultivator, you must not have done anything good, come with me to the bureau later.”

Ye Xing looked at the craftsman and drank.

The craftsman was dumbfounded, he thought that Ye Xing would let him go, he was so angry that he resisted to his death, but unfortunately he was beaten up by Ye Xing, he soon became honest.

Suddenly, footsteps came from outside the house, and there were many people coming.

When Ye Xing heard the commotion, he hurried to the window to look outside and actually saw a familiar person, Luo Xiaoyun who was wearing casual clothes and had short hair.

“Aiya, we can even meet here, we are not destined to meet each other.”

Ye Xing joked with a smile.

Luo Xiaoyun, who was planning to lurk and capture someone, saw Ye Xing at the window and was surprised, “Why is it you?”

A group of people rushed into the shop, and when Ye Xing saw that there was quite a lot of commotion, a dozen plainclothesmen began to search everything inside the house.

When the craftsman saw so many people, he instantly knew he was out of luck.

“Is there a case?”

Ye Xing saw the look on the craftsman’s face and knew there must be a big case.

Luo Xiaoyun nodded down: “Several tourists have gone missing nearby, and when the bodies were found, the blood was drained from their bodies, and the murderer tortured the victims for a long and gruesome time.”


Chapter 398

“That ruthless?”

Ye Xing dropped his head to look at the craftsman on the ground, the people Luo Xiaoyun brought had already handcuffed the guy, his face ashen.

The two left the shop, and Ye Xing was curious as to why Luo Xiaoyun had come to Tianhai.

“I belong to a special department now, and this case is a bit strange, so I was dropped over here by the Tianhai side to a*sist in the investigation.”

Luo Xiaoyun asked about Murong Xue’s situation again.

He learned that Ye Xing had already snatched Murong Xue back from Shangguan Lan and was anxious to go to Guangnan Provincial City to see her.

“Don’t rush, it’s fine to go after the case is finished, besides haven’t you guys been in touch by phone lately?”

Ye Xing wondered up, Luo Xiaoyun frowned and said, “The case is significant, we have been following it for more than a month, and we don’t dare to open our mobile phones for fear of leaking secrets.”

“No wonder, secrecy is like that.”

Ye Xing smiled and then took Luo Xiaoyun’s car to downtown Tianhai.

Halfway there, Luo Xiaoyun asked, “By the way, what are you doing here in Tianhai?”

“I must have come for something, recently Tianhai is very dangerous, Dragon Shield intends to conduct a secret investigation over here to prevent those ancient martial sects from stirring up trouble.”

Ye Xing blurted out nonsense, he wouldn’t dare to say that he came to look for Su Xiaoqiao for a rendezvous.

“Dragon Shield? I did hear that there is a Dragon Shield that is very powerful recently, there are quite a few people in our department who want to join, but the test is very strict, it’s not that easy to get in.”

Luo Xiaoyun said with a bit of sadness.

Ye Xing laughed and coughed, “Actually, the Dragon Shield isn’t that hard to get into, as long as you have connections, it’s not just a matter of words for anyone who wants to get in?”

“To put it so lightly, could it be that you know the person in charge of the Dragon Shield?”

“Take away your suspicions.”


“Want to get into the Dragon Shield?”

“Want to check it out, investigating cases is killing me, and the Dragon Shield faces all the ancient martial forces and deals with extremely thrilling matters, just what I want.”

“But you’re not strong enough to enter the Dragon Shield and you’re a pawn.”

“I’m not strong enough? Don’t underestimate me.”

“I really don’t dare to underestimate, although you have a good figure, but you are really not strong enough.”

“Hmph, forget it, it’s useless to beg you.”

“You haven’t even begged, so how do you know it’s for nothing?”

“Then how am I going to beg you, buy you dinner and drinks?”

“Those are too cheesy, let’s get straight to the point, I’m not a fan of preludes.”

“I’ll find Cher.”

“She’s already a Dragon Shield member.”


“Say, what’s it going to take to beg you?”

“I’m a sucker for subterfuge-rules!”

“Go to hell, don’t even think about it, Cher and I are BFFs, there’s no way I’d do her wrong.”

“So did you tell her about me kissing you?”

“Don’t mention it again, or I’ll kill you.”

Ye Xing happily fought with Luo Xiaoyun, and when he reached the city, he found a place and excused himself from the car.

Luo Xiaoyun looked at him and frowned.

Ye Xing smiled up, “If you want to beg me, just say so, I’m a very nice person to talk to, especially when facing a woman.”

“Go to hell.”

Luo Xiaoyun huffed and stepped on the gas and left, venting her frustration along the way.

Ye Xing hurriedly changed the street and took a taxi to Su Xiaoqiao’s residence.

Su Xiaoqiao waited for Ye Xing to arrive and immediately jumped into his arms, fragrant and smoky, her breath like a pant.

The two of them really got right down to business, and early the next morning, Su Xiaoqiao got up to make breakfast.

Ye Xing finished eating and said he intended to fly back to Guangnan province in the afternoon.

Su Xiaoqiao was a little upset, Ye Xing touched her hand and advised, “Don’t worry, I’ll come back in a few days, things have been quite a lot lately, all adults, a small farewell is better than a new marriage.”

Su Xiao Qiao nodded down, then grabbed the last minute and took Ye Xing out to buy clothes and pick cosmetics.

Ye Xing thought about the Kunlun divine Jade and took the necklace out directly.

When she saw the necklace, Su Xiao Qiao was excited badly because it was a gift from Ye Xing and she could never take it off.

At noon Su Xiao Qiao received a call saying that there was a drama to talk about.

Although she couldn’t let go, they had to part ways.

Ye Xing took a car to the airport and Su Xiaoqiao went to meet the owner of the film company.

She arrived at a teahouse, and when she entered the private room she didn’t see anyone else, only a man with a smile on his face across the room.

“You are Mr Jiang?”

Although Su Xiaoqiao felt strange, she didn’t get suspicious.

The man nodded down and smiled, “Miss Su is really pretty, no wonder she was named as a candidate for the future film queen, don’t worry about it, everyone else is in the next private room, I as an investor would like to talk to you about some details about this drama.”

Su Xiaoqiao saw that the other party was farther away from her, so she didn’t suspect anything and put down her bag and sat down graciously.

The tea was already poured, still steaming, and the man picked up the cup and smiled.

Su Xiaoqiao nodded and took a sip of the tea, but soon she felt dizzy and fell unconscious on the table.

The man got up and smiled, then pulled the fake skin off his face to reveal his true face.

But he didn’t notice that the jade pendant hanging around Su Xiaoqiao’s neck was emitting a pale green light.

Sitting on the plane, Ye Xing had already fixed his seat belt and was chatting with the pretty stewardess when suddenly something rolled in his pocket, as if it was on fire.

Ye Xing hurriedly reached out and touched it, it was the other two pieces of Kunlun divine jade that had been made into a necklace and jade plaque.

“Strange, why is this suddenly hot?”

Ye Xing wondered, he was suddenly a bit disturbed, after a careful calculation, the other Kunlun divine jade had already been given to Su Xiaoqiao, it was better to ask her if something was happening there.

When Ye Xing took out his mobile phone and called, a man next to him shouted, “Who told you to call? It’s about to take off, what if your call affects the plane?”

“Sorry, it’s an emergency.” Ye Xing continued to call after explaining.

The flight attendant also turned around and came back, no one answered on Su Xiaoqiao’s side, which was a bit of a surprise.

“Sir, please turn off your mobile phone, otherwise it will easily affect the plane’s takeoff.”

“What a lack of quality.”

Ye Xing got up and said, “I’m not leaving.”

Everyone was dumbfounded, really so grumpy?

Ye Xing left the plane and hurriedly left the terminal, calling Su Xiaoqiao once more, no one was already connected.

“Something must have happened.”

Ye Xing called a car and set off to find Su Xiaoqiao.

But the phone couldn’t be reached, there were so many people in the sea, and Tianhai was one of the largest cities in China, it wasn’t easy to find a person.

Just when Ye Xing was wondering, the Kunlun divine Jade in his hand seemed to react.

Ye Xing tentatively poured in his Yuan Power, and sure enough, the location of another divine jade appeared inside his head.

“Tiandu Commercial Building?”

Ye Xing told the driver to grab the car and drive there.

An hour later, Ye Xing arrived at the Tiandu Commercial Building, followed by another infusion of Yuan Power.

“Ruyi Hotel.”

Ye Xing hurriedly looked for the Ruyi Hotel, ran into the hotel lobby, activated the Kunlun Divine Jade again, and this time actually got the room number.

Ye Xing pressed the lift and went upstairs, hoping in his heart that nothing would happen to Su Xiaoqiao.

Finding the room, Ye Xing was just about to kick in the door when suddenly the door opened and the two sides were less than a meter away from each other.

“It’s you?”

Ye Xing was so angry that he directly did it, and kicked out.