Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 395-396

Chapter 395

As a Seventh Grade Grandmaster, Deer Yiming, the head teacher of the Hidden Sect, was naturally not weak, and his hands formed into palms and pushed forward, a terrifying wave of internal energy roared out.

Ye Xing struck out with both fists, and as soon as the two sides exchanged blows, they each retreated a few steps towards the back.

Ye Xing was surprised in his heart, although he had relied on the Kunlun divine Jade to enchant a lot of gold elements, so that the defense of the Sakura Transformation Technique was enhanced by a lot, but he still could not take advantage of the Seventh Grade Grandmaster’s hands.

However, he was not discouraged, he still had a lot of potential to explore, and although each of these old guys had already reached the seventh ranked Patriarch, it was impossible for them to break through and achieve the eighth rank in their lifetime.

With this and the other, it was natural that he had the upper hand.

“So powerful, forgive me for not accompanying you.”

Ye Xing skipped away after the fight, Lu Yiming was dumbfounded and hurriedly chased after him.

Ye Xing broke through the encirclement and was happy in his heart, while Deer Yiming, who was in hot pursuit behind him, cursed in his heart.

He thought this kid was going to fight with him, but he didn’t expect to run away after a little fight, how f*cking excessive.

Ye Xing was extremely fast, and the hardening technique covered his whole body with gold elements, so he had a head start in his dash.

Ye Xing ran and hid at the same time, not giving Lu Yiming a chance to catch up.

Finally, his mobile phone rang in his pocket and he took it out to see that it was Lin Wei calling.

It was late at night and all was silent. Although there were not many trees in the Kunlun Mountains, there was a small amount of highland vegetation.

Ye Xing was hiding under a vegetation and counting the time. The tail behind him could not be shaken off and Lu Yiming had already informed the other elders of the Hidden Sect to come after him.

It was particularly difficult for Ye Xing to run out of the Kunlun Mountain area unharmed.

“What’s the situation on your side?”

“The situation is not good, a group of people from the Hidden Sect are chasing after me, if not for my recently improved cultivation, I am afraid that I would have been planted.”

Ye Xing smiled bitterly to himself.

“I will go over to meet you immediately.”

Lin Wei anxiously greeted everyone in the camp and set off, with countless helicopters heading towards the mountainous region.

Ye Xing laughed, “Right, give these old B*****ds a pot shot.”

“What do you want?”

“I’m the bait now, you guys are the hunters, use all the equipment you can, I’ll take the men to the encirclement and catch them off guard.”

“That would put you in danger.”

“No matter how dangerous it is, we have to solve this trouble.”

Ye Xing hung up the phone and continued running.

Lu Yiming was no longer in a hurry to catch up, he was the head of the Hidden Sect and it would be unseemly to continue chasing people like this.

At this moment, he was discussing this matter with several elders in the sect, while the matter of chasing Ye Xing had been left to other disciples within the Hidden Sect.

“Don’t worry, Sect Leader, our men have already occupied the few strongholds out of the mountain, in addition to setting up the bombardment lightning, even if this kid has great skills, he will still have to be blown to pieces.”

The grey-haired old man with a short, fat figure grinned.

The other elders also felt that unless Ye Xing had grown wings, he would not be able to escape.

“I thought he had brought someone to the outside of Kunlun Mountain to fight a war of attrition with us, but no one expected this kid to be so arrogant that he took the initiative to enter the mountain to look for trouble, this time let him have no return, if we catch him, what with the Dragon Shield not being broken, then even if we don’t get him killed, Hua Junsheng will have a head start there, and the Hidden Sect’s hundred-year plan to come out of the mountain will be completed.”

Lu Yiming said all old tears, a bit to complete the great glory.

The other elders nodded their heads, although the Hidden Sect was deep in the mountains in bitter cultivation, but the prosperous world outside was so beautiful that no one did not stay, each of them had long been eager to go out of the mountains to occupy the land and become a hegemon, but unfortunately they did not share the same goal with China, sooner or later they would have to cross paths with the Chinese Army Spirit, this time it was just a roadblock.

Ye Xing found that there were more and more scouts around him. Although these guys were not as fast as him and not as strong as him, they knew the terrain of Kunlun Mountain very well and were masters at taking shortcuts, and kept biting at him, not spilling their guts at all.

Ye Xing is not afraid, Lin Wei’s side has already started to set up, immediately give these B*****ds a good look.

Drip drip drip ……

The mobile phone in his pocket rang again, Ye Xing smiled and quickly ran towards a set up depression in front of him.

Jumping within the depression, Ye Xing’s figure instantly disappeared.

Soon a dozen of Hidden Sect disciples ran out from all around, and these people converged together to look at the depression.

“Senior Brother Song, that kid has entered the mountain depression, isn’t this a death wish?”

One of the Hidden Sect disciples, a balding man in his thirties with a sturdy build, grinned broadly.

The others felt the same way, the depression was filled with pits and crevices, but the only drawback was that the road around it was difficult to climb, entering it was like jumping into a huge bowl, if one was surrounded by people, it would be almost difficult to escape.

“Use the Booming Thunder to blow him up later, you all get ready.”

The senior brother Song, who was leading the group, was in his forties and had a dark face, he showed a mouthful of white teeth as he gave an explanation.

The others took out the Booming Thunder, an explosive unique to the Hidden Sect, which was extremely powerful, comparable to a grenade, and was filled with all kinds of poisons inside, so once you were stabbed, you would be killed even if you scratched your skin.

The group gathered around and looked down into the darkness above the depression, but there was nothing there.

Suddenly a blinding light came on, shining so brightly that the dozen people could not open their eyes.

When Brother Song saw that there was a trick, he immediately roared, “Throw the Heavenly Thunder down and blow him up.”

The Hidden Sect threw out the thunderbolts, and instantly explosions erupted below the depression, and a yellow mist rose into the sky.

If it was broad daylight, the scene would have been a bit more fiery, but unfortunately it was broad night, and it was over with a flash of fire and a blast.

Senior Brother Song and the others hurriedly gathered around to check. It was pitch black below and there was no movement, so I wondered if anyone had been killed.

As a result, suddenly, several more blinding lights came on and everyone was blinded.

Immediately below, a long, thin chain flew out and landed on the disciples of the Hidden Sect, and a powerful electric current quickly flashed across their bodies.

Each and every one of these Hidden Sect disciples twitched and foamed at the mouth, their whole bodies paralysed by the powerful electric current.

At the same time, men with guns and ammunition emerged from the ground around them, dragging all the disciples of the Hidden Sect away and imprisoning them.

Ye Xing emerged, smiling as he watched the dozen or so tails being taken care of.

Lin Wei, in full uniform, stepped out, wearing her newly equipped night vision goggles, and with a bristling mouth she warned, “There are Hidden Sect disciples at many of the exits within the mountains, and they are all carrying these homemade bombs, which are quite powerful, and have blown quite a few cracks in several of the devices down there, and they also contain severe poison.”

“They are all ancient martial arts sects with centuries of heritage, how can they not have some long-range weapons?”

Ye Xing said with a smile, “But they are always outdated, with today’s technology, who can be scared with just this kind of earth bomb, they have to be controlled honestly on their own initiative.”

“These Hidden Sect disciples are easy to deal with, how about those elders?”

Lin Wei frowned and got worried.

Ye Xing laughed, “Don’t be afraid, capture all the exiting Hidden Sect disciples, a tiger without its claws and teeth won’t be very useful.”

“You want to blackmail them?”

“You can’t use blackmail, I should say a righteous trial, we’re the decent protagonists, they’re all evil villains.”

“You’re the only one with more drama!”


Chapter 396

At the mouth of Kunlun Mountain, the short, fat old man, Blackwood, brought his disciples here to check, only to find that no one was there, and roared in anger a few times, only to have no response nearby.

Blackwood frowned, and with a bad feeling in his heart, he immediately turned his head and ordered, “Go check immediately to see if there are any clues.”

The disciples of the Hidden Sect behind him scattered and swooped towards the vicinity and began to search for any useful clues.

Although it was late in the morning, the ancient martial arts disciples had amazing eyesight and were still able to search for anything useful in the nearby yellow gravel.

Soon the bullet fragments were found and Kuroki frowned at the sight of them, they indicated that there had been a firefight here, probably between Dragon Shield’s men and the disciples of the Hidden Sect, and none of the bodies of the Hidden Sect were there, most likely they had been captured.

“D*mn it, go.”

Blackwood viciously dropped what he was holding and pounced on the next stronghold.

Soon the group of elders found that the disciples who had set out were gone.

Deer Yiming was furious when he got the news, he had expected to send a large number of disciples to ambush and catch Ye Xing, but he didn’t expect that all the arrangements were within the eyes of the other side.

The disciples disappeared in batches, most probably because they were captured.

The Hidden Sect had many disciples, but there were only a few hundred inner disciples, and now they had lost hundreds of them in one go, a loss they could not afford.

Lu Yiming found that he was somewhat in control of the situation by the other side, and behind him, the two supreme elders opened their eyes.

“Sect Leader, the other side is using the disciples to force you to compromise, a very high tactic.”

“So what if it’s high, the disciples can be trained again, for the sake of the Hidden Sect’s face, this time we must fight to the end in blood.”

After listening to the words of the two supreme elders, Lu Yiming felt a little sad in his heart.

He could bet his breath on a bloody battle with the other side to the end, but in the end, even if he won, it would be a miserable victory.

Without his disciples, he would be a toothless tiger. Even if he came out of the mountain, would he be able to grab territory and profits from other ancient martial arts clans?

Even with a group of powerful elders, the Hong Clan would be able to destroy the Hidden Sect in a wheel war.

With a bitter look on his face, Lu Yi Ming walked out and found Blackwood and instructed, “Contact the other side, we need to talk.”

Blackwood was stunned, “Sect Leader, if we go to talk, we’ll be at a disadvantage.”

“Over a hundred disciples have been captured, it’s not like we know where the other side is hiding within Kunlun Mountain, if this continues, more disciples will be captured, what else can we do then?”

Lu Yi Ming roared in anger.

Blackwood was also in a difficult position, the other party’s move was too sinister, not fighting with the elders of the Hidden Sect, but specifically capturing those disciples of the Hidden Sect, and they didn’t know what they had used, one capture after another, there was simply no way to escape, at this moment many disciples were on edge, they didn’t dare to go out to patrol the mountain at all.

“Okay, I’ll go.”

Blackwood turned his head and walked out of the cave, instructing his disciples to go out and find the other side and talk.

Ye Xing was eating ice-cream with his legs crossed in a hidden tent, he had to say that the combat equipment was getting richer and richer nowadays, supplies were directly airborne down, food and drink were available for rest.

Lin Wei came to report and, seeing his sleeping posture, frowned and drank, “The Hidden Sect wants to make peace.”

“Finally, you can’t help it.”

Ye Xing laughed out loud, and then led the men to set off to the place of the peace talks.

When they arrived at the place, Ye Xing began to have Lin Wei lead the men to set up, trying to be as forward and retreating as possible, but not to give the other side a trick to capture the thief first, that would be a big game.

Once everything was in place and the sky was bright, Lu Yiming was very unconvinced, but there was nothing he could do, he was the head of the sect, the key person who was going to lead the revival of the Hidden Sect, he had to live up to his master’s mandate, so this hatred could not be stretched out.

Ye Xing walked out alone, all the Dragon Shield operatives lurked, hidden fortifications were built nearby, once the firefight really started, the opponent, despite his high cultivation level, was not necessarily a match for the ma*sive firepower.

Lu Yiming was leading Blackwood, and dozens of metres behind him were the other disciples of the Hidden Sect.

He looked at Ye Xing with a complicated expression of hate and admiration, and of course, defiance.

“Sect Leader Deer, what do you want to talk about?”

“Dragon Shield is powerful, I, Deer Yiming, am resigned to the fact that I will never bother you again from now on.”

Deer Yiming hesitated for a moment before finally giving in.

Ye Xing laughed out loud, then frowned: “Master Deer, I think you are mistaken, Dragon Shield represents the common people of China, while you ancient martial sects kill the innocent indiscriminately, do not follow the rules, and think that just because you are hiding one by one in the deep mountains, you can be free from the restraints of the world, this is a big mistake, otherwise you think that just that little grudge between me and your Hidden Sect is worth so many people coming to trouble you?”

Lu Yiming coldly shouted, “The weak are stronger than the strong, this is the law of nature, the Hidden Sect has acted according to its own rules for hundreds of years, why should anyone accuse them?”

“Fine, no need to point fingers, then we will send you to the big jail or execute you on the spot, it doesn’t matter how many more of you there are, we still have hundreds of thousands, millions of enforcers outside, enough to play with you slowly.”

Ye Xing finished his angry roar, turned his head and walked away.

Lu Yiming’s face turned red and white with anger, and finally shouted, “Wait, what conditions do you want our Hidden Sect to accept?”

“Have you heard of inviting peace?”

Ye Xing twisted his head and laughed.

Inside the camp under the Kunlun Mountain, Ye Xing had finally taken care of the Hidden Sect, a major problem in his heart, and counting up the two major sects in the ancient martial world had already accepted the jurisdiction of the Dragon Shield.

With the sword of Dragon Shield holding them down, these two sects would not dare to do anything arbitrary, and if they wanted to kill at will again, I am afraid it would not be that easy.

Lin Wei frowned and said, “I’m afraid that they are just doing superficial work.”

“Don’t worry, when they come to the big dyed-in-the-wool world, it won’t take long for the Hidden Sect to become as worldly as the Hong Sect, and only then will they understand that making money and enjoying it is the priority, rather than acting recklessly.”

Ye Xing wasn’t worried at all, after all, material things could change everything, once these hardworking ancient martial disciples learned to enjoy themselves, I’m afraid they would no longer be interested in going into the deep mountains to train hard.

It wouldn’t take much time for any ancient martial sect to fall and eventually turn into one interest group after another.

The camp began to evacuate, but on a distant hill, a handsome man turned his head away with a face full of resentment and indignation.

This man was none other than Jiang Chang’an, who had been defeated by Ye Xing in the battle of the Ancient Formation and suffered great humiliation to his pride, so he already regarded Ye Xing as a thorn in his flesh and a thorn in his eye.

And he had come to Kunlun with a purpose this time, to deliver a message for one of the Four Great Patriarchs, the Tomb Guardian, but unfortunately the Hidden Sect had actually succumbed, D*mn it.

Jiang Chang’an turned his head away, drove down the hill and left.

“Your woman should still be in Tianhai, then I’ll go and have a good meeting.”

Jiang Chang’an gave an evil smile, having already come up with a nefarious revenge plan.

The camp was evacuated and Kitano called with some praise, adding that he would increase the various help he provided to Dragon Shield.

Ye Xing laughed as soon as he heard it, “Why don’t we get a few fighter planes, and whoever we don’t like is ground bombed, no matter what kind of patriarch you are, you’ll be blown to smithereens.”

After hearing this, Beino almost choked to death on his tea and cursed angrily, “Are you crazy, if you can use that thing, why do I need you to form Dragon Shield? Cannonballs hitting mosquitoes, you’re idle.”