Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 393-394

Chapter 393

The suction within the vortex grew stronger and stronger, and a crack at the bottom of the lake cracked ugly open.

Ye Xing wandered within the whirlpool and found that Lin Wei had disappeared from sight, only possibly being sucked into the crevice in the earth.

“Fight it.”

Ye Xing headed towards the crack in the earth below, the suction was terrifying and he was soon sucked inside the crack, originally expecting something terrifying and overwhelming inside.

As a result, he did not expect to be swept up into an underground river.

The crack at the bottom of the lake formed this underground river with fresh air and a little light ahead.

Ye Xing emerged from the water and saw Lin Wei floating on the surface of the underground river in front of him.

One end of this underground river was actually the bottom of a large lake, and the exit should be just ahead.

Ye Xing quickly swam to grab Lin Wei, after all, her cultivation level was not high, and after being at the bottom of the lake for so long, her whole body showed some signs of drowning.

Ye Xing held her with one hand while silently chanting “I’m sorry”, and then started to give her artificial respiration.

Lin Wei was not very serious after all, and with sufficient oxygen, she quickly opened her eyes and woke up.

When she saw Ye Xing, she immediately looked like an enraged tigress.

Ye Xing yelled, “Don’t be crazy, what time is it, do you want to die here?”

Lin Wei twisted her head and looked around, she and Ye Xing were actually floating in an underground dark river, with cliffs on both sides, and although there was light ahead, she didn’t know where it led.

Finally the light became brighter and brighter, Ye Xing looked dumbfounded, out of the head was actually a waterfall, a hand around Lin Wei, the two fell heavily from a height of tens of metres.

Below the waterfall was also a lake, but not on a large scale. The two of them fell into the bottom of the lake hard because they fell from a height.

Ye Xing found that there were actually a few bright shiny pieces at the bottom of this lake.

He dived to pick them up, only to find that there were many armoured bottles and jars at the bottom of the lake.

Ye Xing surfaced and Lin Wei had by now swam to the shore, soaked to the skin, with her delicate curves enticing.

“No looking.” Lin Wei blushed and fumed.

Ye Xing smiled and said, “If you don’t look, then don’t look, make it seem like it’s rare.”

Lin Wei turned her head away as Ye Xing continued to sink into the bottom of the lake to retrieve things, and soon came up with quite a few antiques.

“I’m really rich this time, look at this kind of antique, it’s worth at least a few hundred million.”

Ye Xing skipped his mouth and smiled smugly.

Lin Wei also stared at the antiques carefully, frowned and said, “This seems to be equipment from the Western Xia period, it’s actually so well preserved, I can’t believe it.”

“That’s okay, you can still look at antiques.”

Ye Xing laughed.

Lin Wei said, “The local cultural relics bureau must be notified immediately, the bottom of this lake should be an ancient tomb.”

“There can’t be any ancient tomb in this small lake.”

Ye Xing lay on the shore and crossed his legs.

“If it’s not an ancient tomb, how could it be so well preserved?”

Lin Wei offered a different opinion.

Ye Xing pointed to the waterfall above and said, “All these things were washed down from above, the real ancient tomb should be in that big lake at the foot of Kunlun Mountain, with such a large area, going down there for archaeology, I’m afraid it’s not difficult, thanks to the earthquake that happened here, a mouth was shaken out of the bottom of the lake, which was able to wash out the things inside the ancient tomb and see the light of day again.”

Lin Wei nodded, this was still a reasonable argument.

But no matter what it was, it had to be reported immediately.

Ye Xing didn’t stop it, although it was worth a lot, he had little interest in it, instead the few jade stones he touched were somewhat useful.

Lin Wei informed the camp and reported the location again, and soon the helicopter came to the rescue.

And the small lake was cordoned off, waiting for the Heritage Bureau to come and continue exploring.

Ye Xing returned to his tent and naturally kept his mouth shut about the episode that happened with Lin Wei.

Lin Wei also did not pursue it, she almost died, and then thought that Ye Xing also did not mean to peek, what anger subsided.

Ye Xing fumbled with a few palm-sized jade stones inside the tent, he didn’t show them to Lin Wei, he had to study them for himself first.

Yuan Power was poured into the jade stones, and instantly a powerful light emerged from the jade stones, and immediately afterwards the surrounding area became cool and moist.

“This is Kunlun divine jade.”

Ye Xing was excited to detect a bit of information inside the jade.

The main function of the Kunlun Divine Jade was to inlay spell formations inside, producing extremely magical effects.

Ye Xing tested it piece by piece, and it was indeed the Kunlun Divine Jade was correct, there were four pieces in total, three of which were the same spell formation, condensing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, which was extremely helpful for immortal cultivators.

This kind of Kunlun divine jade was worn around in the previous cultivation era to facilitate the cultivator to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and was a very powerful auxiliary treasure.

The other divine jade was different, and actually contained a gold-based spell formation.

This spell formation could absorb the gold element, one of the five elements in heaven and earth, which happened to match Ye Xing’s gold element.

He couldn’t wait to try it out, and as soon as the hardening technique was cast out, the gold element in heaven and earth was absorbed faster and more with the effect of the Kunlun divine jade added to it.

If the gold element Ye Xing had absorbed before was a small stream, then now it was a big river.

The frantic increase in the golden elements caused the hardening technique to be cast out, and the golden qi shield from before turned into a layer of golden armour.

And it covered Ye Xing’s body directly, turning him into a golden god of war, surrounded by the colour of red gold, his defensive ability was many times stronger than before.

He quickly ran to an empty place to practice a bit, and the result was that his combat power had really increased even more.

“If I meet Qiu Qianblade again, it won’t be that easy for him to get me killed.”

Ye Xing was inwardly overjoyed.

This gold element enhanced Kunlun divine Jade, Ye Xing naturally had to keep it, it was a treasure, the rest was three pieces, he could give one to Murong Xue, so that she could absorb heaven and earth spiritual energy faster, plus it could purify distracting thoughts and help with cultivation.

Qiao Baihe could also be given a piece, that girl was loyal and had performed well during this period of time.

The remaining piece, Ye Xing intended to give it to Du Jiuniang, unfortunately she was from the ancient martial arts lineage and was not proficient in spells.

“Keep it for now, maybe you can give it to Xiao Qiao in the future.”

With a smile, Ye Xing decided on the ownership of the four pieces of divine jade.

That night, news came from the Cultural Heritage Bureau that it was indeed a Western Xia tomb, but due to the extreme difficulty of excavating at the bottom of the lake, the only way to salvage the antique artifacts washed out from the small lake at the moment.

At noon the next day, Lin Wei and Ye Xing set off in pairs.

On the way, Ye Xing joked, “Is it psychological to see water now?”

“I’m not as fragile as you think, I was furious yesterday, otherwise I wouldn’t have missed.”

Lin Wei walked ahead, not at all defeated.

Ye Xing laughed: “In fact, yesterday went to you, is to give you an apology, who knows you change clothes in the sports car, besides I did not even see, you want to get me killed, really get me killed, I am only injustice, should have known that I should have looked more.”

“Go to hell.”

Lin Wei growled.

Ye Xing deliberately teased her, “Not to mention, it’s big and white, I didn’t expect you to hide it so well normally!”

“Say that again, and I’ll fight you!”


Chapter 394

There were almost no roads within the mountains, so Lin Wei had long since memorised the map and led Ye Xing to walk to the Pan Long Rock where the ascetic cultivators had gathered.

The two walked faster than the average person for sure, bypa*sing the eyes of the Hidden Sect’s spies, and began to circle around within the mountains.

That night, Ye Xing and Lin Wei appeared at Pan Long Yan.

As a result, Ye Xing yanked her to a halt and shook his head and said scornfully, “There’s the smell of blood, there’s something wrong up ahead.”

Lin Wei frowned and had her first hunch that something was wrong with the first Dragon Shield squad.

As a result, the lights of the hut ahead lit up, instantly turning the neighbourhood into what seemed like broad daylight.

A group of people walked out of the hut, and dragged out all the members of the First Squad.

This group of disciples of the Hidden Sect were all full of smugness, while almost all the people of the first squad were wiped out. Although they were all wounded, at this moment they were wrapped around the body by the other side with tH**ny vines, not only were their bodies numb and soft, they also pulled and tore their skin at the slightest movement, not to mention how uncomfortable and aggravating it was.

Fortunately, the first team are well-trained members, although they have suffered a big loss, but bleeding without tears, not a single begging for mercy.

Ye Xing was furious and Lin Wei roared, “Who are you people and why are you arresting people indiscriminately?”

“Who are we, are you two still not clear?”

A greasy man with a Chinese face and a face full of pimples from the Hidden Sect laughed coldly.

Ye Xing drank with a stern face, “Let them go, or you will all be killed.”

“Don’t worry, these wastes are returned to you.” The greasy man sneered and kicked a foot.

The first squad member in front was then kicked and rolled out, half dead from the pain on the ground, but still rolled in front of Ye Xing and Lin Wei.

Lin Wei drew out her dagger and untied the tH**ny vines on their bodies, the members of the first squad simply had no face to look up.

“Alright, failure is not terrible, they are all disciples of the ancient martial world, every one of them has been practicing at the Hidden Sect since they were young, if you can really make them not catch you without knowing it, then those of them who have been training hard for decades have really practiced to the dogs.”

Ye Xing scoffed up.

The greasy man and the others exploded with anger, but they froze and did not dare to make a move.

“Ye Xing, don’t get C*cky, the Sect Leader has an order for your people to leave Kunlun urgently, or else don’t blame us for being ungracious.”

The greasy man pointed at Ye Xing and roared up.

Ye Xing laughed, his voice was particularly loud, the other side was emboldened, one by one, they all held their anger and stored up their momentum.

“Do you really think that your Hidden Sect is the boss in this Kunlun Mountain? Nowadays, the world is at peace and there is a national law, you have violated the regulations by killing the innocent indiscriminately, what should be the crime?”

Ye Xing’s eyes were sharp and murderous.

The greasy man laughed coldly, “The ancient martial world is weak and strong, when you Ye Xing killed people, you did not kill innocent people, now you are using chicken feathers as arrows, do you really think our Hidden Sect is afraid of you?”

Lin Wei advised in a low voice, “Let’s go, the first squad is badly injured, they must go back for treatment immediately.”

“You take them to go first, I’ll break the back.”

Ye Xing gave the order, Lin Wei nodded her head, pressed the electronic instrument, and quickly sent the positioning back to the camp, the helicopter immediately came over to rescue them.

Who knows, suddenly there was a commotion from the back door of the hut, followed by several disciples of the Hidden Sect flying over, and immediately there were screams from there.

Ye Xing frowned and dashed over, while the greasy man and the others quickly followed.

Both sides came to the hillside at the back door of the hut, at this moment three disciples of the Hidden Sect were holding long swords and were stabbing an old man and two young nuns dressed as ascetics to death on the ground.

The most abominable thing was that these three guys were so ferocious that they actually lifted the clothes off the two corpses and kept humiliating them with their sharp swords.

“Let you play dead, see if I don’t pick your skin.”

A thin-built, waxy-faced disciple of the Hidden Sect vented with glee.

Ye Xing was furious and quickly threw out his dagger, which was filled with internal energy and shot out, and the three Hidden Sect disciples were instantly startled.

The three of them quickly waved their swords to resist, but unfortunately, Ye Xing’s cultivation level had grown by leaps and bounds, and his internal energy was as powerful and vast as an ocean.

After the dagger was knocked away by the flying sword, it quickly spun back over, faster, and the three disciples gave cuts to their necks, turning straight into corpses and fell to the ground.

The greasy man exploded with anger and roared, “Senior Brother Zhang is dead, avenge them.”

The remaining disciples of the Hidden Sect swarmed on him, but unfortunately Ye Xing had already transformed into a golden armored war god, the hardening technique was driven out, and with the addition of the Kunlun divine Jade, the golden element covered his entire body, completely defying the swords.

Ye Xing quickly drove all the remaining disciples of the Hidden Sect to extinction, and only then was he able to take his revenge.

In the sky, the helicopter had already flown away, but in the jungle below, several figures came swooping in quickly.

Two of the figures swept up the sand, like giant tanks crushing the jungle.

Ye Xing quickly slipped away, and when they arrived, they saw the bodies all over the ground and began to search for them.

Ye Xing was forced into the Kunlun Mountain area, but did not dare to stop for a moment, and kept darting towards the back.

The other side probably wanted to surround him and directly dispersed their forces.

When Ye Xing saw the opportunity, he naturally found an opening and broke out quickly.

But the breakout could not take too long, because the encirclement was like a pocket, you didn’t pierce the bag at once, then soon the bag would close up and close the mouth, then it would be troublesome to escape again.

Ye Xing had escaped for a day and was now hiding at the top of a lonely old tree, he stared at the figure chasing him in the distance and waited for the opportunity to quickly jump down and make his move.

The dagger flew out, but the opponent dodged and dodged, cleverly avoiding the dagger’s attack.

Ye Xing retrieved the dagger and looked at the other man with a grim face, who was actually a handsome man with a beard.

This man was white and beautiful, if not for his beard, he would have been a standard little fresh meat.

And the other party sized up Ye Xing, he was really young enough, no wonder many people in the Ancient Martial World hated this kid with an itch in their teeth.

There was a taboo within the Ancient Martial World, the younger the genius the more jealous they were, because young geniuses didn’t know what fire they could improve to in the future, while other Ancient Martial disciples with mediocre talent might stop at nothing after decades of cultivation.

There were many cases of young geniuses being killed, and nowadays, sects had to protect their young geniuses from being attacked by others.

“Haha, you are Ye Xing?” The middle-aged beautiful man laughed up.

Ye Xing sized up the other party, remembering the information recently collected by Dragon Shield, and asked aloud, “You are the Deer Master of the Hidden Sect?”

“That’s right, my name is Deer Yiming, the 24th generation of the Hidden Sect’s Sect Master, you have committed a capital crime by killing countless disciples of my sect, be good and come with me, I can make you suffer less.”

Deer Yiming stalled as he chided.

“Don’t dawdle, so what if you are the Sect Leader, even Qiu Qianren didn’t get me killed, I am still afraid of you?”

Ye Xing knew that his opponent was waiting to close the net, so naturally he would not hesitate, driving his inner energy, his whole body lunged forward to kill.

When Lu Yiming saw a golden man flying towards him, his face was full of surprise, what kind of f*cking technique is this, can it still turn people into gold?