Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 389-390

Chapter 389

“Sit down, I’m not used to you guys standing like this instead.”

Hua Junshen smiled, his attitude was kind, as if he was an elder.

Ye Xing smiled and took his seat, in front of such a patriarch, he really did not have any half-proud capital at the moment.

Moreover, if it wasn’t for this Military Spirit’s hand this time, he would have been crippled if not dead, it was really heartbreaking to say the least.

“You kid are very good, at a young age you were able to fight that old man Qiu Qianblade until the last moment, but unfortunately you still suffered the loss of youth.”

Hua Junsheng smiled as he commented up.

Ye Xing had an embarra*sed look on his face, “If it wasn’t for Army Spirit’s help this time, I’m afraid I would have been killed long ago.”

“You are in charge of the Dragon Shield, and since the Dragon Shield protects the safety and security of China, it is natural for me to not see anything happen to you.”

Hua Junsheng nailed the key in one go.

With one of the Four Great Patriarchs, Hua Junsheng, covering him, Ye Xing instantly felt relieved, but of course the other party was also looking at the face of the safety and security of the Chinese nation, which was why he had taken care of himself on purpose.

In the end, it was still a matter of standing in line.

After some conversation, Ye Xing thought that the Chinese military spirit would have to explain some precautions, such as not being too arrogant, or not causing too much killing.

Instead, he was extremely decentralised, making Ye Xing feel valued, at least for the moment, for the powerful force he could use, but only if he reported it.

No matter what, being able to command a ma*sive battle force team was already a worthwhile experience for Ye Xing to try.

Galloping through the sands and commanding a thousand armies, what man wouldn’t like that?

“Kunlun is the place of the Hidden Sect’s heritage, if you want to uproot the Hidden Sect or make them behave, it is necessary to enter Kunlun Mountain.”

Hua Junshen laughed as he sipped his tea.

Ye Xing frowned, “Army Soul, do you mean to go straight for the Yellow Dragon?”

“A large-scale battle is not appropriate in the Kunlun Mountains, there are many ascetic practitioners in the Kunlun Mountains, although they are all ancient martial artists, they do not belong to any power, uniting them together to deal with the Hidden Sect is the best policy.”

Hua Junsheng spoke out his thoughts with a wise face.

Ye Xing nodded his head, actually the army soul had said so, there must be no problem, this Kunlun Mountain was a trip that had to be taken.

That night, within the camp, Bei Ye’s helicopter slowly landed.

He saluted when he arrived in front of Hua Junshi’s tent and bellowed in a medium voice, “Beiye is here to see you.”

“Come in.”

A majestic voice came from inside the tent.

The previously fatherly Hua Junsheng had become a cool and powerful man, and Beinuo straightened his uniform before entering.

Hua Junshen glanced at him, “That boy is not bad, although his nature is a bit wild, but he is indeed the most suitable person to break the situation at present.”

“Military Spirit, the Immortal Sect’s landing points on the overseas islands have been identified, is it time to take action?”

Kitano drank without a glance.

Hua Junshen shook his head in the negative, “No need to monitor, I have dealt with that guy from Grave Digging, all three of them have an unknown attitude, once we make a move directly with the Immortal Sect, we might instead be caught by those three guys.”

Kitano nodded down, not daring to refute.

“It is in the best interest of China’s security to first deal with those big clans in the Ancient Martial World with all our might and turn them into a whole.”

Hua Junsheng stated the final plan.

Beiye was also thinking in the same way, so naturally he didn’t have too many other opinions.

Ye Xing went back to the villa to accompany Murong Xue, and seeing the wound on his neck, Murong Xue realised how critical the situation was.

At this moment she revealed her loving heart and drank with dissatisfaction, “Let me meet that Qiu Qianblade, I must kill him.”

“Wife, even I am no match for him, you must not show off when you encounter him.”

Ye Xing explained fearfully.

Murong Xue C*cked her lips in dissatisfaction, “If he bullies you, I will bully him, don’t look down on me, when I succeed in cultivating my dual system talent, I will have him to look at then.”

“Wife, is the Jade Maiden Heart Sutra that Shangguan Lan pa*sed on to you true or not? Why do I feel that you are deliberately fooling me?”

Ye Xing finished by wrapping his arms around Murong Xue’s small waist.

Murong Xue was blushing and rolled her eyes when she felt the tenderness of Ye Xing’s palm, “Of course it’s true, this spell is an extremely profound cultivation technique of the Immortal Sect and progresses very fast, apart from me, only the Sect Master has practiced it within the Immortal Sect.”

“So the Sect Master is also an old woman?”

Ye Xingle grinned up.

“What old woman? The Sect Master is so beautiful and has such a good temperament, you men are all hot to see her, right?”

Murong Xue joked up.

Ye Xing put his arm around her and said, “I’m only pa*sionate about my wife, I don’t care about other women.”

“Bragging, I don’t believe you.”

Murong Xue was teased a little too much, broke away from Ye Xing’s hands and opened the door to give the expulsion order.

“Wife, let me sleep in your house tonight, I promise not to make a mess.”

“I don’t trust you, hurry up and go, I have to cultivate, it’s not good for me to see you being bullied, I have to succeed in cultivating dual system spells.”

Murong Xue stomped her foot and pouted up.

Ye Xing had no choice but to smile and leave the room, and as he was leaving, he deliberately scented the side of his face.

After winning the hand, Ye Xing smiled and went downstairs.

Inside the hall, Du Jiuniang muttered unhappily in her heart, “Dog and man.”

When Ye Xing came downstairs, Qiao Lily asked, “Master, are you going to seek revenge on the Hidden Sect next?”

“Not for now, the Hidden Sect’s lair is in Kunlun, let’s kill to Kunlun and play with them properly, let’s see if they are in a hurry.”

Ye Xing said and lay down inside the sofa, Qiao Baihe went to pour tea in a very understanding manner.

Du Jiuniang sighed, this sister of hers was really stupid, she had to be a servant to Ye Xing.

Ye Xing looked at Du Jiuniang with a smile, his eyes sending out several meanings.

Du Jiuniang shook her head with a red face, in front of her sister, Ye Xing dared to hint like that, if she was found out, how could she still be a sister?

In the end, the three of them left the villa, saying that they were going out to check for clues.

Halfway there, Ye Xing asked Qiao Baihe to go back to the villa to look after Murong Xue for fear of being sneaked up on by the Hidden Sect.

Although Qiao Baihe wanted to follow the investigation, she dared not disobey Ye Xing’s words and could only turn around and go back to the villa.

Ye Xing drove and laughed: “Lily is still really good at fooling, and I don’t know if it will be cheap for that animal later.”

“As long as it’s not cheap for you.” Du Jiuniang looked out the window and squeezed.

Ye Xing reached out and put his hand on her thigh and laughed: “Isn’t it good for two sisters to be with me together?”

“Beast, I knew you didn’t have good intentions when you came out with me alone.”

“I don’t know who screams the loudest every time and won’t let me go.”

“Rascal, you are you and I am me, from now on don’t have anything to do with it.”

“That’s what you said, no backtracking?”

“I ……”

The green belt side of the isolated path, because the light does not shine through, the path is a little dark at night.

At this moment a car was parked on the path giving off a slight shake.

A sudden rush of mobile phone ringing, Ye Xing looked up and grabbed the phone to hang up discontentedly, but actually pressed the wrong one and turned it into a connection.


Chapter 390

He reached out and pressed Du Jiuniang’s red lips, “Won’t you let anyone sleep in the middle of the night?”

“The trip to Kunlun, when will we go there?”

Lin Wei hadn’t even closed her eyes until now, she was preparing to leave for Kunlun, the first action squad had all been sent out, she felt she still had to get through to and Ye Xing.

“Let’s talk tomorrow, I’m already asleep.”

Ye Xing couldn’t help but yell up.

“Sleeping? So early?”

“You don’t believe me, huh? Do you want me to turn on the video so you can see if I’m sleeping or not?”

“There’s no need for that, I just think it’s a bit strange for a cultivator like you to still be sleeping.”

“Ah ……”

Suddenly, Du Jiuniang couldn’t help it and let out a gasp.

Lin Wei was startled, and when she listened carefully, it was clearly a woman’s voice, and she was screaming so hard.


Lin Wei hurriedly turned her phone off, her face was red and she regretted making this call in her heart, the thought of Ye Xing talking to herself just now made her feel sick.

Ye Xing dropped the phone and looked at Du Jiuniang and laughed: “Why are you shouting so loudly? Scaring people.”

“You hurry up, I’m having a hard time ……”

Early the next morning, Ye Xing went to the camp, Lin Wei saw him and got angry inside.

“Captain Lin, come here for a moment.”

Ye Xing deliberately shouted up.

Lin Wei turned her head towards Ye Xing and asked discontentedly, “You have something to do?”

“I can’t call you if I’m fine? Don’t forget your identity.”

Ye Xing then asked about the arrangements for going to Kunlun.

Although Lin Wei was disgusted with Ye Xing’s incident last night, she did not dare to be sloppy about her work and immediately introduced it.

After listening, Ye Xing investigated in quite detail, so let’s do what Lin Wei had arranged.

“It’s alright, I’m leaving.”

Lin Wei said, turned her head and left.

Ye Xing laughed: “Quite a personality, next time I’ll let you listen to it for a few more minutes, exciting as hell.”

Lin Wei in the front almost didn’t break her foot and fall on the ground, thinking in her heart that Ye Xing was really nasty and excessive.

Ye Xing counted the time, he still had to go to Tianhai, otherwise Su Xiaoqiao’s place would not be good to deliver.

When he returned home, Ye Xing said he had to go to Kunlun.

Murong Xue frowned and asked, “Don’t you want to take me?”

“There’s nothing interesting in those mountains, besides, it’s to unite with other casual cultivators and deal with the Hidden Sect together, so there’s nothing for you to go, right? You might as well concentrate on cultivating the Jade Maiden Heart Sutra, if you really succeed in cultivating both systems of spells, then you can strike again and guarantee that you will kill those B*****ds from the Hidden Sect.”

Ye Xing did not forget to brag together.

Murong Xue smiled and nodded her head, also longing for the day when she would become a great cultivator and save Ye Xing in the form of a fairy.

The afternoon flight, Ye Xing rushed to Tianhai, one person did not bring, after all, is to meet a lover, bring other women is not convenient.

Tianhai is the premier metropolis in China, and in an ancient town outside the city, various film and television dramas are being filmed continuously.

Although it is not as hot as the film and television bases hundreds of miles away, there are several crews filming every day.

Su Xiaoqiao’s schedule has been very full recently, and her agent has given her a costume drama to do a couple scene with the hottest young man of the moment.

But on her first day on set, Su Xiao Qiao is very uncomfortable. She has made it clear that there will be no physical contact, but the fresh meat doesn’t care, and even tries to take the opportunity to force a kiss.

Su Xiao Qiao held back and didn’t get angry, but privately asked her agent to inform the other party that if they made such a move again, they wouldn’t film the scene.

As a result, when word of this got out, the fresh meat brought the director to the dressing room and killed her, giving her a direct scolding.

“You guys can stop filming if you want to, you’ve been hot for a few days and you’ve started being theater bullies, huh?”

The director, who was in his forties and wore dark gla*ses, came up and started to dislike her regardless.

“Director, I made it very clear that all intimate actions should not be excessive, including kissing are all borrowed positions, this most basic principle of filming, does he not understand?”

Su Xiaoqiao also came to temper, not giving an inch.

The director sneered, “Su Xiaoqiao, you haven’t gotten very angry yet? What are you pretending to be? I asked for a kissing scene, how can I shoot it if you don’t really kiss? Besides, Wu Ke didn’t even mind your bad breath, so you’re still justified?”

Su Xiaoqiao immediately got angry and slapped the table and yelled, “Who has bad breath, don’t slander people.”

“You don’t have bad breath, pay attention to your personal hygiene and smoke less in the future.” Little fresh meat Wu Ke sneered.

He saw that Su Xiaoqiao was pretty, so he wanted to take advantage of her, but he didn’t expect the other party to give no face at all. Since he had offended them all, it didn’t matter, just fight to the end.

Anyway, when it came to the number of fans, Su Xiaoqiao, who was a netizen, was no match for him. Moreover, once the fans of both sides quarreled, it was a topic of conversation, which could attract more attention than filming a movie, so this argument was all in his calculation.

“Apologise, apologise to Wuke right now, I’m telling you, if you don’t know any better, I can sue you for damages.”

The director and Wu Ke were both from the same company, so naturally they helped him and immediately yelled up at Su Xiao Qiao.

Su Xiaoqiao came to this crew with just one a*sistant, and at this moment there was no one to help her, sobbing with aggression and difficulty.

“What are you crying for? Apologize right now, or we will sue you for breach of contract, and your company will have to lose everything.” The director continued to accuse up.

Wu Ke sneered, “Xiao Qiao, I don’t blame you, but offending the director is not good for your development, you’d better make amends to the director and apologise.”

“I’m not wrong, why should I apologise?” Su Xiaoqiao looked up and cried.

“And you’re right?” The director huffed and slammed the door to reveal his fierce face: “D*mn girl, offend me, you don’t even know how to write your death, if you don’t apologize today, I will strip you naked and make you do a big scene properly.”

“Director, this I like.” Wu Ke also smiled badly.

Su Xiaoqiao was scared silly, how could there be such a shameless rogue crew?

“Ye Xing, where are you?”

Su Xiaoqiao cried out in her heart.

Suddenly the door of the dressing room was kicked open and Ye Xing was actually standing in the doorway with a smile on his face, while several people were lying behind him, all from the crew.

The director with gla*ses was furious and pointed at Ye Xing and shouted angrily, “Who are you? How dare you come to the set and cause trouble, call the police immediately and arrest him and put him in jail.”

Ye Xing walked into the dressing room and smiled, followed by a punch out, the director of the gla*ses instantly screamed in pain.

Ye Xing shattered his gla*ses with one punch, the thick lenses cracked and cut them directly.

Ye Xing didn’t stop there either, he dragged the director and hammered him hard.

But he was fine, he just lost his face.

The little fresh meat next to him, Wu Ke, looked dumbfounded, this was too F**king ruthless, right?

“Big brother, it’s nothing to do with me, it’s all because Yang Guang, the H**ny director, wanted to bully Su Xiaoqiao.”

Wu Ke immediately begged for an explanation.

Ye Xing laughed and looked at him then made an eerie sound, “Kneel down and kowtow to admit your mistake.”

Wu Ke was hesitant, after all, he was an idol, a fan of millions of people, a fresh meat, there were many fan girls who liked him, asking him to kneel down and kowtow and admit his mistake was too humiliating.

“I gave you a chance, you didn’t take it.”

Ye Xing kicked out, Wu Ke instantly suffered a heavy blow to his crotch, and the whole man fell to the ground covering his crotch and fainted from the pain.

I’m afraid that for the rest of his life, he would have to be terrified at the sight of a woman, as he would lose some of his manly abilities.