Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 381-382

Chapter 381

“Is that boy currently still in Xiangjiang?”

The leader of the group finally spoke up, he was the power figure of the Hong Clan, the head of the clan, Fang Ao.

“Sect Leader, the man should still be in Xiangjiang, but he has a backer, so it is not good for us to deal with him with all our might.”

The white haired old man frowned with a difficult face.

“We have to deal with him even if we are not good enough to deal with him, let him die in Xiangjiang.”

Fang Ao was moved to kill and had to have Ye Xing’s life.

Led by the Zhao sisters, Ye Xing wandered around the major fun venues in Xiangjiang.

It was said that the more dangerous the safer, Ye Xing didn’t take it seriously, anyway, the soldiers came to stop him, the purpose of his visit to Xiangjiang was to make the Hong Clan jump around, and he wasn’t afraid that the Hong Clan would come to retaliate.

The nightclub was very lively and was a famous place for picking up girls in Hong Kong.

Ye Xing was dragged into the dance floor by Zhao Qiangwei and swayed her body, and soon an even hotter girl approached him.

The other girl was even taller than Zhao Qiangwei and her body was simply too hot for words.

Zhao Qiangwei, with her hot temper, saw someone prying Ye Xing and tried to teach him a lesson, but was stopped by Ye Xing, who told her to go to the card table and have a drink to calm down.

Zhao Qiangwei stomped her feet in anger and walked back to the card table before grabbing a gla*s of foreign wine and drinking it down.

Zhao Haitang advised, “Sister, that’s how you drink, you’re deliberately getting yourself drunk, right?”

“The sight of him is annoying.”

Zhao Qiangwei poured another gla*s and Zhao Haitang looked towards the dance floor, where Ye Xing was dancing with a hot beauty.

The beauty was also bold enough, constantly shaking her body against the body, just that provocative dance, no one could really hold it.

“I didn’t expect Ye Xing to be quite charming.”

Zhao Haitang laughed, and Zhao Qiangwei naturally became even more discontented.

“Sister, are you jealous?”

“Hmph, isn’t it just that you can tease? I’ll go dancing in a bikini later and see who’s better.”

Zhao Haitang was all happy to hear that her sister had gone out of her way to chase Ye Xing.

The hot beauty came up to Ye Xing’s ear and let out a gentle and flirtatious voice: “Baby, come inside with me.”


Ye Xing nodded his head and was dragged by the hot beauty and left the dance floor.

“Shame on you.”

Zhao Qiangwei was trembling with anger when she saw it.

Zhao Haitang was surprised, “Sister, they’re not going to do something bad, are they?”

“Definitely yes, the indefinite B*****ds, who have no interest in me and treat others like a hungry dog.” Zhao Qiangwei was indignant.

The bathroom was spacious and there were many single rooms, the hot beauty dragged Ye Xing into one of the single rooms and closed the door.

Soon there was a thumping sound from inside the single room, and less than a minute later, Ye Xing walked out, shaking his head and smiling bitterly, “Asking for trouble.”

Inside the single room, the hot beauty’s wig fell to the ground and the man was already tragically dead.

This was Hongmen’s a*sa*sin, Ye Xing had found out long ago and deliberately waited for the other party to come to him, so as not to hurt the Zhao sisters by mistake.

Ye Xing walked out of the bathroom, called for the Zhao sisters and left.

Zhao Qiangwei yelled in dissatisfaction, “So soon, are you physically incapable?”

Zhao Haitang covered her mouth and laughed. Ye Xing explained, “Big Sister, are you stupid? You’re still a Taoist.”

Zhao Qiangwei was dumbfounded and asked in a deep voice with a frown, “Are you alright?”

“I’m definitely fine, change to the next place, I want the Hong Clan to not be able to concentrate their efforts on me, I’ll get rid of as many as come.”

Ye Xing grinned, not taking it seriously at all.

The trio changed to the next venue and were soon surrounded by a group of people, this time Ye Xing was also startled as he almost caused the Zhao sisters harm.

After putting the group all right, they never dared to play like this again, and the three quickly went out to find a car and open a hotel in a different area to rest.

Inside the hotel, Zhao Qiangwei smoked a cigarette and got scared: “You have too much guts, if you continue to play like this, you will have to make the Hongmen angry, and when the time comes, all of Hong Kong will be hunting us down.”

“You guys will leave first thing tomorrow morning, I’ll take care of the rest.”

Ye Xing did not think so, he was only worried about hurting the Zhao sisters by mistake.

“If we leave, there is no one to show you the way, although you are a good fighter, you are also unfamiliar in Xiangjiang.”

Zhao Qiangwei was not afraid and looked at Zhao Haitang and said, “Haitang, you go back first thing in the morning, this is not negotiable.”

Zhao Haitang crossed her lips and stomped her feet, it was a bit of a pity that she couldn’t participate in something so exciting.

Ye Xing didn’t sleep at night, with the Mixed Element Pill to get high, his internal energy and Yuan Power increased rapidly.

He began to cultivate Tidal Wave Power, although he was currently stuck at the first level, and the power of the Tidal Wave Fist he cast was only at the fifth level, if he broke through to the second level of Tidal Wave Power, the Tidal Wave Fist would be able to hit ten levels of power, increasing exponentially.

Ye Xing currently had no problem dealing with a fifth-ranked clan master, and could guarantee that he would not die if he met a sixth-ranked one, but it would be difficult to kill the opponent.

If he broke through to the second level of Tidal Wave Power, with a Tidal Wave Fist of ten heavy power, a sixth-ranked cleric would not necessarily be his opponent.

Ye Xing kept getting high and refining all night, refining and getting high, in a continuous cycle.

The internal strength was increasing and the Yuan Power increased terribly.

While he cultivated Tidal Wave Power, he also intensified his refinement of the Hardening Technique.

The next day, Zhao Qiangwei sent Zhao Haitang through customs and Ye Xing stayed at the hotel to cultivate until late at night.

After more than thirty hours had pa*sed, Ye Xing found that there were vague signs of a breakthrough in Tidal Wave Power, and he was so surprised that he continued to get high on pills to cultivate.

There was still half of the Mixed Yuan Pill left, so he had to continue to collect herbs and make another batch for himself to get high on.

After all, getting high on pills was a shortcut to cultivation, and Ye Xing was already used to it, so he could no longer rely on hard work to increase his internal energy and Yuan Power.

It was impossible for someone who was used to eating big fish and meat to go back to eating tree bark and gra*s roots.

As soon as it became dark, Ye Xing suddenly let out a long whistle, his entire internal energy converged and waves of Qi swirled around him, but soon subsided.

He opened his eyes and was full of joy, the second layer of Tidal Energy had broken through just like that, thanks to the help of the Mixing Pill, otherwise he would have relied on his own hard work and really didn’t know how long it would take to break through.

But at that moment the bedside landline rang, Ye Xing walked over and picked it up, a low voice sneered, “If you want your woman to live, come to Pier 3.”

“Don’t hurt her, I’ll be right over.”

Ye Xing hung up the landline, went downstairs, took a taxi and set off for Pier 3.

An hour later, Ye Xing arrived at the long-deserted Pier No. 3. There were still lights on the houses in the distance, but it was already pitch dark at the seaside pier.

Suddenly two beams of headlights shone over in front of him, extremely blinding.

Ye Xing kicked his feet and two stones flew out, and with a poof they blew out the headlights.

The group of people on the other side still wanted to play hard to get, but they didn’t expect Ye Xing to be so powerful.

“Want your woman to die?”

In the darkness, Zhao Qiangwei was dragged out of the car, and a burly man with a face full of flesh and a sturdy body took out a knife and demanded to be blackmailed.

Ye Xing smiled, “Let her go, and you will suffer less.”

“Kid, offending the Hongmen, you are committing a capital offence, remember not to be too arrogant in your next life.”

After the strong man finished waving his hand, a group of gunmen suddenly ran out from all around and started firing wildly at Ye Xing.

After a burst of bullets, there was no one in the open space in front of them long ago.


Chapter 382

“Hurry up and find him.”

The strong man roared up angrily, suddenly he hurriedly had a huge pain in his wrist, as if it was clamped in an iron vice, and turned his head just in time to see Ye Xing’s smiling and harmless face.

“When I heard that you were looking for me, I took the initiative to show myself, see how well behaved I am?”

Ye Xing finished with a smile, the strong man’s face changed drastically, followed by his whole body being thrown out and falling heavily on the ground like a broken sack.

The other gunmen turned around and came over, only for the car parked on the ground to be punched out by Ye Xing.

The immense commercial vehicle flew out as if it was made of paper mache, and the gunmen were unable to dodge and were directly hit and killed by several of them.

By the time the others reacted, Ye Xing and Zhao Qiangwei had long since disappeared.

Zhao Qiangwei was being held by Ye Xing, not caring at all about the treacherous environment at this moment, her head buried into his arms, “I really hope this is how it will be for the rest of my life.”

“Big Sister, you are a child of the jungle, used to seeing fighting and killing, but I am an honest man, it is better to live this kind of life less often.”

Ye Xing laughed and hugged Zhao Qiangwei with both hands.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Qiangwei bit his neck and viciously vented.

Ye Xing was so sore that he wanted to drive the hardening technique, but in the end, he held back.

“You’re a dog, aren’t you? And biting people.”

“It’s better to bite you to death, who made you so shameless?”

“Holy Sh*t, I shouldn’t have come to your rescue.”

“If I hadn’t come, I would have been chopped up into pieces and thrown into the sea, no big deal.”

“Maybe they’ll have to have intimate relations with you before they chop you up.”

“No shame.”

“Don’t bite, you’re really a dog, huh?”

Ye Xing hurriedly let go of Zhao Qiangwei, then he started rubbing his neck, this girl was really ruthless, her teeth marks were left behind, fortunately his wife didn’t come with him to Xiangjiang, otherwise he certainly couldn’t explain it clearly.

These people from the Hong Clan lost Ye Xing’s whereabouts again, and this time they were really furious.

In the end, Fang Ao personally led his men to Xiangjiang, and could not swallow his anger at being messed up like this.

Ye Xing and Zhao Qiangwei found a hotel to stay in, the environment was very poor, the sound insulation was extremely poor, and it was too late when they checked in, they could hear all kinds of strange noises coming from next door when they entered the room.

Ye Xing smiled and went to take a shower, and when he came out, Zhao Qiangwei was leaning against the bed smoking and drinking.

Ye Xing also took a sip and said with a frown, “If you don’t take care of your body, be careful not to have children in the future.”

“Cut, women smoke and drink when they are in a bad mood, it’s not like they do it all day long.”

Zhao Qiangwei was not impressed and looked at the teeth marks on Ye Xing’s neck and smiled smugly.

“You’re such a dog, giving me such a bite, next time, I’ll pick your teeth off.”

“So, do you want to get back at me?”

Zhao Qiangwei finished with a smile and reached out to scratch her leg.

Ye Xing shook his head down and advised, “Female monk, please respect yourself, poor monk cannot break the commandments.”

“Less of this, if you don’t, I will bite you.”

“If you really want to bite me, maybe you can try.”

“You’re not teasing me, are you?”

“I’m serious, but you’ll have to read the word bite differently.”

“Get lost, you rascal!”

Early the next morning, Ye Xing took Zhao Qiangwei downstairs for morning tea.

There were tea houses everywhere in the streets of Hong Kong, so the two of them went into one of them and ordered a lot of things to taste.

Ye Xing calculated that the Hongmen should be anxious, so today was the day to go to the showdown.

Having eaten and drunk enough, Ye Xing and Zhao Qiangwei took a taxi to one of the Hongmen’s village houses in Hong Kong.

This village house is located in a rural area of Hong Kong, built like a shrine, where the Hong Kong Sect came to Hong Kong decades ago and started its development, eventually turning into a huge thing today step by step.

This village house is of great significance to the Hong Kong clan, and not many people know about it, and the Zhao family is one of them.

Lin Heming arrived outside the village house and did not have to wait long before three luxury cars killed the concrete dam outside the village house.

Immediately afterwards, Fang Ao got out of the car, took a glance around and immediately spotted Ye Xing.

Ye Xing had long since told Zhao Qiangwei to stay away and walked towards Fang Ao with a smile on his face.

Although the two sides were meeting for the first time, they could both feel the powerful internal energy on each other’s bodies.

At this moment, the Hong Clan disciples surrounded by them.

As soon as Fang Ao waved his hand, he barked, “He is only here alone, why are you making such a fuss?”

As the disciples of the Hong Clan moved aside, Ye Xing approached Fang Ao and said with a smile, “It is a great joy that all the bigwigs of the Hong Clan have returned to Hong Kong, how about I treat you all to a bowl of rice today?”

“Rice in a pot?”

The men of the Hong Clan all burst out in joy, and a bearded man pointed at Ye Xing and scolded him with a smile, “Silly boy, whose family are you from in the village, get lost as far as you can, later the big master will not be happy and slap you a few times.”

“I’m not even happy to invite you to have boiled rice, eat Sh*t.”

Ye Xing pointed at the bearded man and became arrogant.

The bearded man was furious and quickly rushed towards Ye Xing.

This guy was also an expert in internal energy, don’t look at his sturdy figure, but he walked extremely fast, he grabbed Ye Xing with one palm and was about to make him suffer a big loss.

The bearded man was a bit gullible and did not expect his opponent to be a master at such a young age.

The bearded man was a bit gullible and did not expect his opponent to be a master at such a young age. He lost his weight and fell to the ground with his head in a doggy style.

“See, when he said he ate Sh*t, he really ate it.”

Ye Xing laughingly pointed at the bearded man on the ground.

The people of the Hong Clan all paled, Fang Ao stopped the others and looked at Ye Xing with a grim face.

“Little brother, you should stop pretending and come to the Hongmen’s village house specially to wait for me, you should have another purpose, right?”

Ye Xing’s smile tightened: “The Hung Clan is an illegal organisation, the seizure of your ten companies is just the beginning, we will contact the relevant authorities in Hong Kong and cut off all your Hung Clan’s network in Hong Kong, then you can only go overseas again and are never allowed to set foot in this land to earn money.”

Fang Ao laughed so loudly that the surroundings began to tremble, an internal energy clan master was no small feat.

Immediately afterwards he leapt out and lunged at Ye Xing to attack.

Ye Xing quickly backed up, his hands avoiding his opponent’s killing move.

Fang Ao only used the Dragon Fist, the longest legacy of the Hong Clan, which was wide open and incredibly deadly.

Ye Xing dealt with it calmly, both sides exchanged a few seconds, but dozens of moves had already pa*sed.

“Young and strong, but unfortunately you have made a big mistake, no one can save you today.”

Fang Ao roared, his hands changed from fists to claws, his ten fingers glowed with black light, as if they were claws made of black iron.

Ye Xing narrowed his eyes, Fang Ao was actually a Sixth Grade Patriarch, in that case, the other party was in all probability the Hong Sect Sect Head, or a powerful elder.

“It’s just the sixth rank, as long as it’s not the seventh rank, what do I have to fear?”

Ye Xing smiled, and immediately afterwards, he ran his Tidal Wave Power, the second layer of Tidal Wave Power was already too much more terrifying and majestic than before.

If it was a mountain stream before, then at this moment, the tidal force was like a small river around the village.

One torrent, one thick and heavy, the power was incomparable!