Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 379-380

Chapter 379

“This is too much trouble for you, you were the one who set things right last time.” Zhao Dongshan frowned.

Zhao Qiangwei stomped her foot in discontent, “It’s not his turn to be in charge of my affairs.”

Zhao Dongshan was furious and rushed over and slapped her across the face, causing Zhao Qiangwei’s eyes to tear up with aggression.

“You’ve been spoiled by me, you don’t know how to be polite when someone offers to help you, you have no rules.” Zhao Dongshan drank.

“Old ……” Zhao Qiangwei was so angry that she wanted to curse, but finally held back.

Ye Xing came in front of her, took out a tissue and wiped her tears and advised, “What are you crying for, you’re a woman who bleeds without shedding tears, you’re crying at this point of aggravation?”

“Humph. I don’t want you to care.”

Zhao Qiangwei snorted coldly and turned her head.

Ye Xing laughed, “Alright, big sister, don’t play with your temper, wait for me to send these annoying guys away and we will talk alone.”

Zhao Qiangwei was suddenly pleased. But there was not the slightest change on her face.

Ye Xing walked out and looked at the other party Black Eagle then sneered, “Elder Zhao is old, I’ll carry this, any of you who don’t like it can come out and try.”

“Gra*s, where the f*ck did you come out of trash, this is the Zhao family’s business, what does it have to do with you?”

Black Eagle pinched his knife. Pointing at Ye Xing, he cursed.

Ye Xing laughed, “I am Zhao Qiangwei’s man, standing up for my woman, what do you have against it?”

“F*ck, Zhao Qiangwei is bent, who on the road doesn’t know that, what the f*ck are you talking nonsense about?”

Black Eagle cursed up, arrogantly.

Ye Xing laughed badly, “Even if she is bent, she is still a woman, I used a little beauty trick, she fell for it and has been moved straight by me.”

These words made Zhao Qiangwei’s face flush red and she wanted to go up and kick Ye Xing, but hearing that it was his woman, that would be satisfying.

Black Eagle roared, “No matter who the f*ck you are, if you dare to come and dip into this mess today, then prepare to die.”

“This neck of mine does itch a bit, or else you guys come and chop it up for me?”

Ye Xing stretched out his head, looking like he was hanging around with a playful smile.

Black Eagle was furious, wheeling his knife and lunging up to slash.

This scene took everyone by surprise and they all drew a cold breath.

In full view of the public, Black Eagle was furious and chopped someone on the spot, and also chopped the vital organs, this is definitely going to kill people.

The crowd of nearby foodies didn’t dare to look. After all, it was too bloody.

As a result, he didn’t expect a clang, the knife in Black Eagle’s hand flew off to the side, and his whole body was shaken to the ground by the rebounding force.

Ye Xing rubbed his neck and laughed, “Luckily it’s still there, haven’t you eaten? Is that all the strength you have?”

Black Eagle was dumbfounded, he slashed down with his sword, not expecting a golden light to emerge from his opponent, directly shaking his entire body off.

This was definitely not an ordinary person!

“Slash him for me.”

Black Eagle roared in anger and greeted all his brothers to go together.

Ye Xing smiled, undaunted by the danger, and ran his internal energy with both hands as a tidal wave fist with five layers of power began to brew up.

When the front tens of people rushed to him, he struck out with both hands towards the front. It was like the tides of the sea, overwhelming the mountains.

The men were knocked away by a majestic and furious force, just in time to topple the men surging behind them to the ground with them.

Black Eagle was dumbfounded and was himself knocked to the ground by one of his brothers in front of him, hurting in all sorts of ways.

Ye Xing laughed and then shouted, “Zhao’s brothers just don’t be polite, capture the thief first, grab that B*****d, these people are not worthy of a blow.”

Zhao Xilong pinched his sword and led his men to lunge forward, chopping over a few before directly capturing Black Eagle.

In an instant, the men Black Eagle had brought with him were rendered useless, and Zhao Dongshan came in front of Black Eagle and slapped him directly with a round of slaps.

The man’s eyes were burning with gold stars. He was about to scream and swear when he was punched in the neck again.

As Black Eagle was half dead, Zhao Dongshan roared, “Just because you want to fight with our Zhao family, I’ll show you what heaven is like today.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhao Dongshan swung his sword down, directly cutting off one of Black Eagle’s hands.

This scene scared the other side, and at the same time, the siren sounded.

Zhao Dongshan turned his head and said, “Let’s go. The matter has been settled.”

Ye Xing did not expect Zhao Dongshan to be so ruthless, so he called Zhao Qiangwei and Zhao Haitang, got into the car and drove to a nearby bar.

Zhao Dongshan didn’t ask any questions, he was very relieved that his daughter was going with Ye Xing, and he even wanted Ye Xing to finish Zhao Qiangwei off tonight, so that he could settle his mind.

Trendy Bar is a bar with heavy metal decoration style, and the bartender here is very good, ranking in the top five in Guangnan Province.

But it is a bar where the main focus is on wine tasting, and it is very quiet and suitable for talking.

The three of them sat down, and there was the same breezy attitude there as earlier. It was totally here to party.

Zhao Haitang sipped his mojito and looked at Ye Xing and Zhao Qiangwei with a smile.

As the two didn’t say a word, they directly started to fight over drinks, as if they were both venting their frustrations.

The Trendy Bar was all about drinking. Naturally, there were all sorts of ways to play with the booze. Rows and rows of drinks that looked like test tubes were laid out, and that was simply a mixture of all kinds of alcohol, which could easily make people vomit on the spot.

Ye Xing drank a round. There was no effect at all, while Zhao Qiangwei was already unable to eat.

Ye Xing smiled: “Don’t force yourself if you can’t drink, it was your fault in the first place today, and your father was right to slap you.”

“The old B*****d has a heart condition, I don’t want to irritate him, or I would have to return it to him.”

Zhao Qiangwei cursed up angrily, taking off her blouse in the process, and started to continue drinking in her attractive underwear.

Zhao Haitang wanted to persuade but let it go, her sister was angry and had to vent her anger or she was sure to get into trouble.

“Go on!”

Zhao Qiangwei beckoned and brought another round of wine.

The boss also made a point of reminding that it was easy to throw up if you drank mixed, so it was better not to play like this.

Zhao Qiangwei roared in discontent, “It’s none of your business, smashing your stuff and dirtying your place. Just count it as money for me, you won’t get a penny less.”

The boss was so bashful, so naturally he wouldn’t say anything else.

As a result, Zhao Qiangwei really didn’t stand up to this round and ran to the toilet to vomit.

When she opened her eyes, she was already in the car, and next to her was Ye Xing. At this moment, she was incomparably aggrieved, crying and jumping into the other party’s arms.

“Why don’t you like me?”

“I have a wife. Don’t want to hurt you.”

“Then you can get a divorce.”

“I love my wife very much.”

“Then I’ll be your lover.”

“Lover too.”

“You’re a scum bag, don’t you have a spare?”

“Don’t want to hurt you.”

“I just want you to hurt me.”

“Come with me to Hong Kong, I need to run some errands.”

“I’ll go with you if you stay with me for one night ……”

Early the next morning, Zhao Qiangwei got up from her bed and ended up being shocked because there was actually a person next to her, and when she took a closer look, it was actually Ye Xing.

Zhao Qiangwei was red in the face, shy inside, and her heart was floating, as a result Ye Xing muttered, “I’m tired of meditating, I just laid down, don’t worry, I didn’t do anything to you, your sister is on the sofa opposite, she can prove it.”


Chapter 380

When Zhao Qiangwei turned her head, she really saw Zhao Haitang lying on the sofa.

“Why are you sleeping without clothes?”

Zhao Qiangwei’s eyes widened in discontent.

Zhao Haitang lifted the blanket and frowned: “Sister, I’ve put them on, don’t accuse me.”

“Humph, let’s see how I’ll fix you up later.”

Zhao Qiangwei huffed and got up and went towards the bathroom to wash up.

Ye Xing laughed and then went downstairs with the two of them to have breakfast.

It was while eating that Ye Xing stated his purpose, he had to ask the Zhao family to help him on this trip to Xiangjiang, the Hongmen had so many halls in Xiangjiang, it was best to drive people away without fighting.

“You’re not kidding, the Hung Clan is a giant in Xiangjiang, you want to make them go soft. It’s simply not possible to do that.”

Zhao Qiangwei shook her head down, although the Zhao family was located in the provincial city of Guangnan, they also had many deals in this area, and the Hongmen belonged to the level of the big brothers in the Dao. Naturally, they often dealt with each other.

Ye Xing laughed and smiled as he took his fork and stuck it into a piece of fatty meat, “Although Xiangjiang is not good to go over, but the deep city next to Xiangjiang can be good to fiddle with.”

“If you want to do this, I advise you to sweep up all the Hong Kong Gang Hongmen in one go, do you know that there are many people in Hong Kong who have been discontent with the Hongmen for a long time, if you can settle this matter, by then the biggest nest of the Hongmen will be terminated by you, and they will have to do whatever you want them to do. They will have to do whatever you want them to do.”

Zhao Qiangwei laughed, obviously intending to see Ye Xing’s joke.

Because this idea was just looking for death, the same as going to a coffin shop to buy a commercial house, or inside the bureau to buy bullets.

“That’s what I think, sweep it all away in one bite, then it won’t be me begging them to talk, but them coming to beg me to talk.”

Ye Xing ate the fatty meat in one bite, still relishing it.

Zhao Qiangwei instantly felt greasy excessively, so big piece of fat meat all eaten, in the future must be a greasy bald man.

The three of them went straight to the airport, Ye Xing didn’t bring Murong Xue, nor did he bring Du Jiuniang and Qiao Baihe, after all, it’s easy to get into trouble with more women, not to mention Zhao Qiangwei has always been interested in direct.

It only took an hour to get from Guangnan Province to Shenzhen City, and it was just about lunchtime when they got off the plane, followed by customs clearance.

The Zhao family also has an office in Xiangjiang, and when the three of them stepped out of the customs hall, a black Audi immediately came to pick them up.

The driver spoke Cantonese, and Zhao Qiangwei had no trouble communicating with him, and the three of them arrived at their hotel, which was really small and old.

Every inch of land in Hong Kong was gold, so the hotel was just like that, very different from those inland.

“Opposite us is the Hongmen branch, are you really going to give it a sweep?”

Zhao Qiangwei looked at Ye Xing. The expression was filled with a cold smile.

“I know what you are thinking, I am alone and single-handed, if I dare to go, I am afraid that I will have to be chased all over Xiangjiang by the people of the Hong Clan.”

Ye Xing smiled, as if he could see through Zhao Qiangwei’s mind.

“I don’t know why you don’t have the patience, isn’t it good to take your time and talk things out with the Hongmen?”

Zhao Qiangwei bristled and said.

“I have patience, but some people don’t have patience, my way is to let Hongmen and Hidden Sect dog eat dog, if I can’t beat Hongmen painfully, Hongmen won’t help me out.”

Ye Xing didn’t hide too much, and directly stated the plan to drive the wolf away from the tiger.

“But the Hong Clan is full of experts, are you sure you can beat the other side’s Sixth Grade Patriarch?”

Zhao Qiangwei frowned in worry. At the same time, she also let Ye Xing know the other party’s strength.

“Sixth rank, I am sure I can’t beat them, but the sixth rank should be the head of the Hong Sect, or the great elder, I am afraid it is not that easy for them to chase me, the Hong Sect is so big, as long as they are messed up, they will naturally have to agree to my plan.”

Ye Xing had just finished speaking when his mobile phone rang, Lin Wei had sent good news that the Shenzhen City side was already standing by. As long as he gave the order, he would immediately sweep away the Hongmen’s halls in Sham City, in addition to seizing the ten companies related to the Hongmen.

This is a huge blow to the Hung Clan, the seizure of the companies means no more business. The Hung Clan has thousands of brothers, but it is not just pulling no food and no money. It was a fatal blow to the functioning of the entire Hongmen.

“I’m going down, you two stay put.”

After Ye Xing said that, he opened the door and set off for the Hongmen branch hall across the street.

Zhao Qiangwei and Zhao Haitang came to the window to look.

“Sister, why don’t you persuade him?”

“I’m not his wife, I can’t persuade him, besides, for someone like him, it’s good to let him suffer a bit.”

Zhao Qiangwei grinned.

Zhao Haitang said unconcernedly, “I don’t think Ye Xing will suffer, he said it so easily just now, he must be very sure of himself.”

“Sister, this is a Hongmen branch hall, the largest one in Xiangjiang, do you know how many experts are inside?”

“Then don’t you persuade him?”

“Don’t worry. He’s not a short-lived statue, and he’s not wrong about one thing, a man can run fast, even if he can’t fight. Running is no problem.”

As a result, just as the two had finished exchanging words, Ye Xing had already walked out of the branch hall with a relaxed look on his face.

Zhao Qiangwei was dumbfounded, because Ye Xing was walking lightly and easily. It didn’t look like he was being chased at all.

Soon afterwards, smoke billowed out of the branch hall and it was actually set on fire.

Zhao Qiangwei dragged her sister downstairs and soon met up with Ye Xing, and the three of them drove away from this place.

On the way, Zhao Qiangwei asked excitedly, “You ran in and set fire to it?”

“Yeah, and scrapped a few Hongmen masters.”

After Ye Xing finished looking out of the car window he said, “Change to the next place.”

Zhao Qiangwei had a black line, today should be able to say that the Hongmen were in distress day, right?

In one day, the three branches of the Hong Kong Hung Clan had been burned, and the masters of each hall had been seriously injured, the other side came and went all by themselves, no one could stop them, and no one found out in advance to stop them.

The Hong Clan lost such a big face that it became the talk of the customers in all the teahouses in Hong Kong for a while.

It was a local habit to have morning tea, and every teahouse, where there were people from the jianghu, could hear about the embarra*sing story of the Hung Clan.

Once the story spread. The Hongmen’s prestige suffered a serious blow and many of their previous businesses, such as debt collection, real estate, etc., could not be carried out.

Many companies and individuals who work with the Hung Clan are slowly choosing to fade away, because if the Hung Clan is destroyed, it will be a big loss.

There is an island country somewhere overseas. It is all yellow-skinned, dark-haired faces, but the locals have darker complexions and are dry, thin and short.

In the area of a huge coconut grove villa somewhere, a group of localised Joes in cool, loose short-sleeved shirts and sun hats are talking things over.

The ground had cracked several tiles, so it was clear that they were all a group of ancient martial artists who possessed internal energy.

“Sect Leader, if we let that boy run amok, the foundation we have built over the last hundred years will be ruined.”

A white-haired old man, stout and wearing sungla*ses, viciously vented.

“Yes, nowadays the economic environment abroad is getting worse and worse, most of our capital has been transferred to the country for development, but the seizure of a dozen companies is tantamount to cutting off all our economic sources, and without funds coming in and out, all our projects will have to stop, and the losses will be particularly heavy.”

The middle-aged man wore gla*ses, he was the finance officer at the Hongmen headquarters, with experience of studying in a big country, plus his father’s generation belonged to the top of the Hongmen, he naturally moved up to take up the important position of finance.