Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 377-378

Chapter 377

“I’m not as nasty as you.” Du Jiuniang blushed and scolded.

Ye Xing threw the flying knife back and laughed around Du Jiuniang, “Why did you come to the mountain to look for me if you had nothing to do?”

“If my sister didn’t have to find you, I wouldn’t have bothered to come.”

Du Jiuniang drank with a trembling body.

Ye Xing smiled and asked, “You mean you’re the only one who came to this mountain?”

“We searched separately, of course it’s just me.” Du Jiuniang finished with a blush.

“Don’t you mess around, shameless and nasty.”

“Then why didn’t you resist?”

“You’re shameless.”

“Shut up, it’s not like you haven’t tried it before, and don’t scream so loudly later, or else your sister will find out and see who’s ashamed.”

At the foot of the hill, Qiao Lily looked at the hill and was just about to go up to look for her sister, when Ye Xing ran down from above first.

“Master. Have you seen my sister?” Qiao Lily asked curiously.

“I don’t see it, this mountain is so big, maybe we missed it.” Ye Xing said casually.

Qiao Baihe nodded down and waited for a few minutes. Du Jiuniang ran down with a slightly red face.

Qiao Baihe asked suspiciously as she approached over, “Sister, why are you so tired?”

“It’s not because I was looking for him, I wanted to get down the mountain quickly, so I ran a bit faster.”

Du Jiuniang said with a guilty conscience, “Come on, let’s go back to the camp, it seems that that little pepper surnamed Lin has returned.”

Qiao Baihe didn’t think much of it, and the three of them quickly headed back towards the camp.

All along the way, Du Jiuniang was inwardly floating with thoughts. If the first time was a misunderstanding, then what was this time, the bottom line was that just now she had been too active, and I guess the longing that had been inside her all these years could no longer be hidden.

“How humiliating, this brat is so bad, he actually treated me like that, I must scold him when I have the chance.”

Du Jiuniang was ashamed and angry in her heart, but she couldn’t say that she hated him, instead she felt that her feeling of being a woman all these years had come back to her.

Within the camp, Lin Wei’s face was ironic, obviously the negotiations had not turned out well.

When Ye Xing returned, she immediately reported, “The Hidden Sect demands the immediate release of everyone, plus they want you to personally go and plead guilty.”

“So that means there is no negotiation?”

Ye Xing smiled, but inside he was filled with anger.

Lin Wei nodded and said; “These ancient martial sects are still living in their world and feel that today’s technology can’t do anything to them, moreover in the north, many of the Hidden Sect’s strongholds have been pulled down and many disciples have been killed and injured, and the clues left at the scene all point to you.”

Ye Xing laughed coldly, these fools of the Hidden Sect, if it was really me who did it, would still leave clues for you to check, it was really foolish to do so.

But it didn’t matter, both sides were already in a state of immortality. Then there was nothing more to talk about.

“What’s next?” Lin Wei looked at Ye Xing, waiting for him to make a decision.

“Naturally, we will fire at the Hidden Sect with all our might, but compared to the Hidden Sect, the Hong Sect should easily succumb, so to deal with the Hidden Sect, we will have to use a poisonous trick.”

Ye Xing smiled and said, “Drive the wolf away from the tiger.”

“You want to make the Hong Clan and the Hidden Clan dry up, that’s not easy to do, is it?”

Du Jiuniang frowned not believing that this could be done.

“Not easy, we also have to see how much strength the Hongmen have, but compared to the Hidden Sect, the Hongmen are more powerful and involve more worldly, they should know very well what will happen if they go against the Dragon Shield. So by letting them deal with the Hidden Sect, we have an even greater advantage.”

After Ye Xing finished speaking, he walked to the command headquarters and called Bei Ye directly to report his idea and that ploy.

“The solution is good, but do you think the Hongmen will go after their fellow members of the ancient martial world?”

Kitano was also a little unconvinced.

“In terms of looking at profit, the Hong Clan is much more secular than the Hidden Sect, they should know the difference between good and bad.”

“Alright then, you go all out and I’ll try to cooperate on my side.”

As soon as Kitano agreed, Ye Xing immediately set off with this group of female generals from Dragon Shield.

The Hong Clan had many forces and strongholds in Guangnan Province, and in addition to the provincial city, it also had several halls in Xiangjiang.

The number of people and the power of these cantons. The wealth held by them was not comparable to that of the Tong in Guangnan Province.

When Ye Xing proposed to go to Xiangjiang, he still had to use the help of a group of people.

In the evening at the KK nightclub, Zhao Qiangwei was drunk again. Recently, she was depressed every day, so she could not do without drinking and venting.

After the last lesson, Zhao Qiangwei has curbed her temper and can only drink on the turf that the Zhao family holds. I was really afraid that I would go somewhere else that day and cause trouble, which would lead to a lot of trouble then.

But I didn’t expect that even drinking could lead to meeting scum.

A white guy at the next table has been coaxing a white collar worker, who seems to have been cheated out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings and has a child inside her belly.

Although Zhao Qiangwei temper control more, but encounter this kind of thing that there is no reason to ignore, deliberately go up and talk to people, because the handbag watch are hundreds of thousands of over a million value, can put the slag to be happy. I also thought I had come across a rich and stupid girl, some pleasing, but also the white collar girl to scold.

The result is that just after the fight, Zhao Qiangwei couldn’t help but strike out. She beat her opponent half to death.

This little white girl is not an ordinary person, her family has a cousin who is in the road.

The Zhao family is generally a big family in the road, but the other side is a deadly rival to the Zhao family, and this kind of thing happens. The two sides inside started to make a date outside the bar.

At 3am, the doors of the nearby nightclubs were packed with people, after all, there was a big show to watch soon and there were a lot of people eating the melon.

Zhao Qiangwei’s father was reluctant to take her up on it and didn’t come at all this time. Not many people from the Zhao family came, more or less her uncle’s generation.

The other side, on the other hand, was out in full force and strong.

Zhao Xi Long, a distant uncle, frowned and advised, “Qiang Wei, call your father, the other side has come with three to four hundred people, we can’t hold our own with these few dozen people.”

“Uncle Long, I’ll take the lead later, don’t look at their numbers, they’re all a bunch of rubbish.”

Zhao Qiangwei changed into a jacket and grabbed the smooth open swords with both hands. A heroic look of a woman among heroes.

Zhao Xilong frowned and said, “Then you can follow me later, but don’t try to be a hero, if you really get into a messy fight, the sword will not have eyes.”

“Uncle Long, the Zhao family has become what it is today by fighting, I won’t let my father underestimate me.”

“Your father has never underestimated you, it’s just that you P*ssed him off before. One kick to break someone’s heirloom, you’re really ruthless, a gangster eunuch-making machine, huh?”

Suddenly, a familiar snickering voice came from behind her.

Zhao Qiangwei heard the voice and felt a little hard, but snarled with a stiff upper lip, “This has nothing to do with you, get as far away as you can.”

“Are you stupid as a boss, they have strong soldiers and strong horses, these dozens of you bring them there, even if you can fight, you are just sending them to their death.”

The one who came was naturally Ye Xing, once he saw Zhao Qiangwei fighting with people again, there was half a woman’s face there, she was simply the big sister on the road.


Chapter 378

Zhao Qiangwei defiantly rushed at Zhao Xilong and said, “Uncle Long, I’ll take the lead.”

Zhao Xilong recognised Ye Xing and hurriedly advised, “Listen to what this young man has to say, your father thinks quite highly of him.”

“My business has nothing to do with him.”

Zhao Qiangwei was still full of defiance.

Ye Xing skimmed his lips and laughed: “You are quite reasonable, such a small number of people fighting with each other, have you thought about the feelings of your brothers? You don’t even have to send them to their deaths like this, do you?”

Zhao Qiangwei still wanted to say something, but turned her head to see that the brothers next to her were indeed all full of disbelief, as if to them, fighting to death was not scary, but most afraid of this kind of brainless up.

The Zhao family can gallop on the provincial road for so many years, the brothers in the family are not fools. They know very well that this fight is bound to be lost, but if Missy wants to do it, they, too, can only put their lives on the line.

But you can’t say that they are genuinely happy to go on. That was absolutely impossible, reluctance and incomprehension were the only expressions on everyone’s faces at this point.

How Zhao Qiangwei felt good, suddenly difficult, looked at Zhao Xilong and said, “Uncle Long, you take the brothers, this is something I caused, I’ll solve it alone.”

“You’re not messing around? This is a fight on the road. If you go over there alone, the other side will still humiliate you, right?” Zhao Xilong frowned and yelled.

Zhao Qiangwei drank with a steely expression, “I don’t want anyone’s pity.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she twisted her knife and rushed out, Ye Xing rushed after her, pulled her by the arm and yelled, “Are you crazy? You don’t have to gamble like that.”

“Let go of my hand, my business has nothing to do with you.”

Zhao Qiangwei struggled hard and Ye Xing sneered, “You can’t even beat me, how can you beat so many people on the other side? Sulking all day long, what you can’t get, would you rather trample yourself than be sober?”

“Get lost, I don’t want to see you.”

Zhao Qiangwei finally shed tears with difficulty.

She liked Ye Xing, but the other party rejected her, and as a righteous woman, she felt that she had finally become a woman at this moment, that the man she liked did not love her, and that living all day was like walking dead, numbly drinking and smoking and clubbing everywhere.

If she were not the daughter of the Zhao family, I am afraid she would have been bullied by men everywhere.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t do it, she couldn’t change her love for a man, this emotion was unchangeable.

Ye Xing watched her cry and slap her face, Zhao Qiangwei cried and punched him in the chest.

Ye Xing did not move at all, at the same time. The people on the other side also pressed over.

A few hundred people directly blocked half the street of the nightclub, and the group of people who led them were all in their thirties, they belonged to the newly promoted forces, and had gotten to where they were today by being ruthless and united.

But if they could drive the Zhao family off their throne, they would have a foothold in the city of Guangnan Province.

The oldest of the two is called Black Eagle, his real name is ominous, he has been a mercenary abroad for a few years and has also gone to war zones to make money, so it can be said that he is used to seeing life and death. But when he got out, he didn’t clean up his act, but became even more vicious.

He pulled together a group of ex-prisoners and took up the life of a gangster.

This time he was more organised, with people to take the blame, people to do the job, people to negotiate, and various industries to support.

The better you mix, the more bosses seek your cooperation, and now that Black Eagle has grown to a certain status, he naturally wants to challenge the Zhao family.

“Motherf*cker, what are you guys showing love for? This is a f*cking fight. If you want to show it, go home and show it in bed.”

Black Eagle twisted his knife and cursed.

The white boy who was beaten up pointed at Zhao Qiangwei and cursed with laughter, “That b*tch was the one who fooled me and beat me up before, I’ll have to give her a good beating when I get the chance.”

“All the Zhao family’s little girls have big tempers, but you’ve messed with the wrong person.” Black Eagle sneered, “This is my brother, tell your surname Zhao. If you don’t kowtow and admit your mistakes and pay another ten million in medical fees, if one of you surnamed Zhao dares to come out, I’ll chop one to death and follow those lapdogs of yours that appear on the street, my men will waste you all.”

Dozens of people from the Zhao family were furious, and Zhao Xilong came behind Zhao Qiangwei with right behind him.

Zhao Xilong sneered, “Black Eagle, I know you kid wants to have some fun with us, but to be honest, you don’t have that strength, and those bosses behind you. All of them are a bunch of masters who gave birth to sons without A**holes, one of them is either abducting women or playing with drugs that kill people, you follow them. Sooner or later, you’ll send yourself to get shot.”

“Who the f*ck are you? Are you qualified to talk to my boss?”

Next to Black Eagle, an inch-headed gangster with a black beard raged up.

Zhao Xilong laughed coldly, “Just you scum, you’ve all gone stupid in jail, haven’t you? When you come out, you think you can do whatever you want just because you’ve recruited a bunch of minors. You guys really think too much.”

“D*mn it, kill them.” With a wave of his hand, Black Eagle no longer hesitated.

Hundreds of people swarmed on him, only to have a large group of people suddenly come out from across the street, all the people from the Zhao family came, Zhao Haitang among them.

The two sides were about the same in number, and when they ran into each other, it was a bit of a Mars collision, and the scene was very lively for a while.

Zhao Dongshan walked out with Zhao Haitang and looked across at Black Eagle and sneered, “A piece of trash with a bunch of stinkers and you think you can fight with our Zhao family, how ridiculous.”

Black Eagle’s face turned blue with anger and he pointed his knife and yelled, “Zhao Dongshan, you old B*****d, I heard that you almost died of a heart attack before, I didn’t expect that you would dare to come out to die today, I’m afraid you’ll have to be carried into the morgue from this place in a while.”

“I’ll do it.”

Zhao Qiangwei would not allow anyone to call her father names. The knife in her hand was thrown at Black Eagle.

Black Eagle was quick and dragged the white boy next to him and blocked him.

The machete dug into his arm and he screamed out.

Black Eagle’s men dragged him away and the guy sneered, “Go ahead, keep throwing it, I have many brothers on my side, there are plenty of people to block my knife.”

“Black Eagle, let’s not gamble with our little brother’s life. Go one-on-one if you can, and see who gets out alive.”

Zhao Dongshan sneered with bravado.

Black Eagle laughed sinisterly, “Fine, I’ll play with you Zhao Dongshan.”

“Black Eagle, I’ll compete with you.”

Zhao Qiangwei growled unconvincingly.

Black Eagle laughed wickedly, “I’ll go to bed with you to have fun is more like it, I heard that Miss Zhao is bent, with me, you are guaranteed to think of me when you don’t want a woman in the future.”

“Haha, Brother Black Eagle is awesome.”

“Brother Black Eagle is awesome, the chick surnamed Zhao, dare to go to a hotel to compete?”

The people on the other side were full of filthy words, Zhao Dongshan was furious, after all, it was his daughter, being insulted like this, being a father couldn’t stand it.

Ye Xing saw that there was no way to solve the matter of Hongmen if this matter was not solved, so he came to Zhao Dongshan and clasped his fist, “How about I take over this matter?”