Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 375-376

Chapter 375

The four elders wanted to leave, but Ye Xing would not allow it, and lunged towards He Yu.

The old man was full of pride and swung his single palm forward, trying to dissolve Ye Xing’s power.

Unfortunately, the tidal wave fist was like a wave taking off, one layer more violent than the other.

His Chemical Energy was simply not enough to melt such a terrifying internal energy, and his palm made a bone cracking click, followed by a punch to the chest by Ye Xing, sending his whole body flying backwards several metres, hitting countless tables, chairs and benches.

The other two quickly took action, and Lin Wei did not dare to step forward. This level of ancient martial arts experts overplaying, internal energy declaring, seemingly nothing, but really be hit. A slight internal injury would result in death.

Ye Xing was not afraid of the other two. The other two were about to hit him with their hateful palms, but as a result, a golden qi shield burst out from his body, directly blocking their palms.

The two men’s internal energy hit the golden shield, but the rebound was even stronger, and they retreated several steps back. Their bodies were injured in various places and their throats were sweetened as they spat out a mouthful of blood directly.

With an arrogant face, Ye Xing looked at the two and instructed Lin Wei, “Arrest them.”

Dozens of people swarmed around them and directly handcuffed the three elders. In order to be afraid that they would drive their internal energy to pop the handcuffs and escape after they recovered, they also specially put electric shock rings on the three.

As long as they dared to break free, the powerful electric current would make them look good.

Having escaped one, caught three, and taken down hundreds of outer disciples, Ye Xing smiled and left the mall.

Lin Wei’s side immediately gave a report to Bei Ye, who was also happy to learn of the great victory, and praised Long Shield properly.

Ye Xing walked to the hotel across the street, Murong Xue was already in the lobby, and when she saw him she immediately got up and walked over.

“Is everything alright?” Murong Xue asked.

Ye Xing nodded and laughed, “A group of old men from the Hidden Sect, a bunch of old men who don’t know how to hide in the mountains to cultivate at their age, actually came out to do wrong and planted a bomb under your room, this group of old men are really abominable, completely straw man and lawless.”

“Go, go to the back.”

Murong Xue turned her head and walked to the back of the hotel. Ye Xing thought something was wrong, and when he reached the dark back alley, Du Jiuniang and Qiao Lily walked out, while the bin next to him kept making a whimpering sound.

Ye Xing lifted it up and saw that a foul smell was coming out and that Song Yang, who had escaped earlier, was actually locked up inside.

Ye Xing laughed and said, “Who came up with this idea?”

Qiao Lily said fearfully, “Master, there is no place to lock him up, so we can only lock him up in the bin.”

Ye Xing laughed out loud, “This old man was so arrogant just now, you should stuff him inside the driving rain bucket, so that he can have a good meal.”

“Ye Xing, just wait, the Hidden Sect won’t let you go.”

Song Yang stayed in the bin and still wasn’t honest.

Ye Xing skimmed his lips and said, “Think about yourself first.”

Ye Xing called for Lin Wei. Take this guy away too.

Du Jiuniang coldly shouted, “Killing it is the only way to get rid of it, you are letting the tiger back into the mountain like this.”

“Don’t worry, Bei Ye is not a fool, this time the Hidden Sect has committed public anger, what good do you think they can fall?”

Ye Xing laughed up and then accompanied the three back to the hotel.

Du Jiuniang tugged Qiao Baihe and went back to the house, while Ye Xing held Murong Xue’s hand and also went back to the house.

When they reached the house, Murong Xue turned her head and smiled, looked at Ye Xing a few times and asked, “Who was that beautiful woman in uniform just now?”

“That’s really one of my men, and I’m planning to recruit a few of you together as well.”

“Recruit? Why don’t you say incorporate them all into your harem?”

“Don’t think of me like that, wife, I’m a decent man. I’m a gentleman. I’m devoted to you.”

“Less nice words, so many women circling around you, if you were me, what would you think?”

Ye Xing instantly frowned, who let himself have many female friends? Can I be blamed for this too?

Ye Xing was kicked out of the room and went to knock on the door next to him again, Du Jiuniang refused, “We don’t want to see you, let’s talk tomorrow.”

Ye Xing was dumbfounded. He could only go downstairs to the hall and wait for dawn.

Lin Wei came early in the morning, still with dark circles under her eyes, obviously having not slept all night.

“Why are you staying inside the hall if you’re not going to your room to rest?”

Lin Wei asked as soon as she pushed Ye Xing.

“I knew you came to look for me early in the morning, so I just took a nap here.” Ye Xing weaseled his way up.

At this time, Murong Xue all three came downstairs, that even dressed as ordinary people, the three were properly three delicate flowers, and the age difference was not small, each with their own charm.

Many guests in the hotel looked dumbfounded, but no one dared to strike up a conversation, after all, Du Jiuniang looked quite fierce.

“Let’s go, what a dragon shield you speak of. I want to go and see it too.”

Murong Xue came to Ye Xing’s side, her eyes glancing around.

Ye Xing got embarra*sed and Lin Wei returned, “Dragon Shield is in charge of domestic security and joining requires very strict vetting. One must be loyal to the Dragon Shield and the country ……”

Ye Xing hurriedly interrupted, “Alright, don’t tug on the words, it’s just one sentence, if you join, you have to be responsible. You can’t be double minded.”

Murong Xue smiled, “I’m in.”

“We are also in.” Du Jiuniang hurriedly said.

Qiao Baihe had no opinion, Lin Wei had a big opinion, Ye Xing recruited all a group of beautiful women, this gave people a glance there is a guardian organization, make it look like some kind of car model company.

“Although you are the founder of Dragon Shield, but I ask you to remember that this is not a child’s play.”

Lin Wei frowned and gestured, her expression serious beyond belief.

Ye Xing coughed a few times then introduced, “This is my wife Murong Xue, she is a good talent in the Immortal Sect, and is also a dual system genius, this kind of talent you come up to find? People are willing to join because of my face.”

Lin Wei was a bit unconvinced after hearing this, Murong Xue smiled and reached out her hand and said, “This beautiful comrade is so pretty, I didn’t expect to be my husband’s subordinate, first time meeting, nice to meet you.”

Lin Wei shook Murong Xue’s hand. Instantly her face was full of shock, it was like touching a piece of cold ice, cold and piercing, making her rush to let go of her hand.

“So powerful, she looks soft and weak, but I didn’t expect her to be from the Immortal Sect.”

Lin Wei was filled with shock.

Ye Xing smiled triumphantly and went on to introduce, “This is Qiao Lily, also a member of the Immortal Sect. She is currently my servant, she is similar to you, both are my junior brothers, no, you are my subordinate, she is my servant, the other one is her sister, the remaining member of the Flying Daggers Sect, although she is old, she has a lot of underground information, and her strength is not inferior to those elders, just the strength of the three of them, they are fully qualified to join Dragon Shield, you don’t have a problem with that, right?”

Lin Wei put away her contempt, nodded her head and returned, “The three beauties are indeed very powerful, I hope we work well together in the future, for the safety and security of the common people.”

“Come on, let’s go and see how your interrogation went.”

Ye Xing finished and led the way out of the hotel, Murong Xue followed behind and asked in a low voice, “What do you plan to do when you capture so many people from the Hidden Sect?”

“If the Hidden Sect wants to retaliate against me, I must have some cards in my hand, right?”


Chapter 376

Ye Xing and the others got into the jeep and then drove out of the city, killing their way to a nearby makeshift camp.

Beyond the camp were stretches of green hills, and bunkers and outposts could be seen in sheltered places, all heavily armed and heavily guarded.

When Ye Xing arrived inside the camp, Kitano had already left and helicopters were landing and rising all around.

Lin Wei said as soon as she got out of the car, “Kitano gave us a lot of power, including the right to judge and special disposal, plus the authority to mobilize the local camp’s battle force and so on.”

Ye Xing laughed after hearing this, “So awesome, I never thought I could be the commander-in-chief of a large army one day.”

“Only for unexpected events like last night, you are only qualified to have the authority to mobilise the military strength of the local camps, if you do so rashly, you will be punished.” Lin Wei doused Ye Xing’s beautiful dream of leading a large army in a mighty manner with a pot of cold water.

As Ye Xing got depressed, Lin Wei snickered in her heart and led the group of them to walk inside one of the tents that occupied a larger scale.

When they said it was a tent, it was actually not much different from a bungalow, and the height inside was close to three metres, and it was also separated into three separate rooms.

When Ye Xing arrived and took a look, the four elders of the Hidden Sect were all arranged, each with a depressed look, not even trying to resist to escape.

Lin Wei said, “They are all ancient martial arts masters, in order to prevent them from escaping, we can only give them injections to paralyse their nerves so that they cannot operate their internal energy.”

“You guys are too kind, if it was me, I would have directly stuck steel needles on them, once the eighteen steel needles went on, they would have been completely ruined.”

After Ye Xing said this, the four elders sitting opposite to each other all shivered coldly and thought in their hearts at the same time that this kid was too malicious, steel needles were stuck into their bodies and ruined all the major acupuncture points, even if they could live, they would be ruined in the future, not to mention any cultivation, I’m afraid they couldn’t even run their internal energy.

Lin Wei knew that Ye Xing was trying to scare the four elders, so she brushed her lips and said, “Bei Ye’s side asked you to dispose of the four of them, whether they are released or killed, all in the name of Dragon Shield.”

Ye Xing smiled badly after hearing that, “Before killing, you can pull the skin and the tendons first, these old B*****ds dared to scold me before and tried to blow up my wife, let’s settle the score with them now.”

The white haired old man, He Yu, hurriedly said, “Ye Xing, the four of us are just following orders, why do you have to rush to kill them all?”

“If I were to become a prisoner today, I’m afraid you’d be even more poisonous than what I’ve done, right?

Ye Xing swept at the four elders, his face full of cold smiles.

He Yu and the others no longer had the same prestige as before, at this moment, each one of them was thinking about how to live, after all, this guy Ye Xing was so non-conformist that it would be no surprise if he really wanted to get the four of them killed.

“No matter how it was before, it is possible to make an end between the Hidden Sect and you.”

He Yu spoke again to persuade, he really didn’t want to continue like this, a lifetime of hard cultivation, he didn’t expect to be caught and imprisoned here right after he came out of the mountain, and with his life in danger.

“A break? Your closure is nothing more than asking for my life.”

Ye Xing walked a few steps and gave Song Yang a fierce kick.

This old guy was still angry and arrogant before, but at this moment, after being kicked, he didn’t even dare to let out a fart, obviously he was really convinced.

Suddenly, a man came from outside the camp and handed out a piece of paper when he came in front of Lin Wei.

After reading it, Lin Wei came to Ye Xing and gestured with her eyes.

When Ye Xing followed her outside, Lin Wei frowned and said, “The Hidden Sect wants to make peace.”

“Peace talks?” Ye Xing grinned, “We won’t talk, we’ll slowly wear out their temper, don’t think they all have a big face.”

“You have to think carefully, if the Hidden Sect mobilises those old guys, I’m afraid you won’t be able to resist.”

Lin Wei persuaded, “Not to mention those three supreme elders, even the two main and deputy sect masters of the Hidden Sect, the information we have received is extremely frightening, possessing the strength of a fifth-grade sect master.”

“A fifth-grade sect master?” Ye Xing thought of how even Cheng Zizhi was only a third-grade, and these four Elders were only a third-grade strength.

But the other party wanted three more Tai Shang Elders, this Hidden Sect’s depth was really deep, it actually had endless layers of experts.

“Let’s talk, you go and take charge.” Ye Xing finished and turned his head.

Lin Wei yelled, “Is there any bottom line?”

“The bottom line is that you can’t lose, you are not going to negotiate, you are going to harvest the spoils of war, we are the winners, they want to negotiate fairly, then no way, tell them that if they P*ss me off, all the four elders will be skinned and drawn, and all the rest of the hundreds of disciples will be put in jail.”

Ye Xing sneered as he cursed, and Lin Wei was dumbfounded to hear that he was actually going to negotiate as the victor, thanks to his thinking.

Lin Wei made an appointment, brought a large number of loaded men and horses and set off.

Ye Xing stayed in the camp, looking for Murong Xue or fighting with Du Jiuniang, who were each living in a tent anyway, while Ye Xing ran around to pa*s the time.

At night, once it was dark, Ye Xing went to the logistics department and got a whole lamb roasted, divided it into several large plates and served it to each of the two tents.

Murong Xue ate the lamb, drank some clear tea and casually asked, “If the negotiations with the Hidden Sect go well, what do you want to do next? Continue to find trouble with the Immortal Sect?”

“It’s not easy to find trouble with the Immortal Sect, recently there are ancient martial sects everywhere that have suffered losses, all of them are counting on me, now I’m about to become the public enemy of the ancient martial world.”

Ye Xing said as he ate his lamb and skimmed his lips.

Murong Xue worried, “Then why don’t you jump out and explain?”

“People in the Ancient Martial World have discredited me, so why explain so much, public enemy is public enemy, there are not many really powerful clans in the Ancient Martial World anyway, I can still afford to mess with them.”

Ye Xing had a relaxed face, not taking it seriously at all.

“If you really get trouble from those clan masters above the seventh rank, I’m afraid you might not be able to win either.”

“Don’t worry, I have a way to break through my cultivation quickly, after a while, not to mention the seventh rank, even if a ninth rank sect master sees me, he will have to be careful.”

Ye Xing rubbed his hands and walked out of the tent, he couldn’t sleep next to Murong Xue at night anyway, he walked out of the camp and went to the nearby mountain to refine pills.

The herbs for the Hybrid Pill had all arrived, Ye Xing was busy all night and started refining the pills on the nearby mountain.

Although it was his first time refining, he was making great progress and already had a finished product. Unfortunately, none of the herbs were too old and their medicinal power was halved, so he had to refine in large quantities, as if he was so madly high on pills before, in order to boost his cultivation quickly.

In three days, Ye Xing had exhausted all the medicinal herbs and could be counted to have refined one hundred and twenty Mixed Yuan Pills.

Looking at the crystal clear Mixed Yuan Dan, which seemed to have a layer of mist brewing inside, Ye Xing opened his mouth and tried one.

The taste was bitter and the medicinal power was fierce, and he instantly felt an unprecedented experience.

“So powerful, they say getting high can knock you out, what I’m feeling now is truly heavenly.” Ye Xing laughed in triumph.


Suddenly, a cursing voice came from outside.

Ye Xing lunged out inside and quickly crossed paths with his opponent, resulting in two flying daggers being thrown out, he landed on the ground after catching them, smiling and snickering, “Du Jiu Niang, you actually peeped at my alchemy, how nasty and despicable.”