Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 373-374

Chapter 373

Lin Wei stomped her feet in anger, but Ye Xing didn’t care about her, fighting with himself, and didn’t look at how much he weighed.

When he came to an office and sat down, Ye Xing crossed his legs and asked Lin Wei to get some tea and snacks.

Lin Wei was furious, but she was under Ye Xing, so she naturally had to obey orders.

While the two of them were eating and drinking, the sound of a helicopter roaring came from outside the house.

Ye Xing frowned and said, “It’s better to be in the military zone. Helicopters can be used at will.”

“Do you think you can use the helicopter at will without orders?”

Lin Wei finished discontentedly and walked outside the house.

A wooden box was soon carried into the house, which was very thick. It was used for delivery.

The box was opened and there were several medicinal plants lying inside.

Ye Xing grabbed them and sniffed the medicinal smell, and it was true that the year was correct and the medicinal properties were also correct.

“Pack all these up for me, I have to take them home to make pills.”

“When did you become a Taoist priest and still make pills?”

“What you were eating before. Don’t eat it and then Sh*t, don’t know how to be grateful.”

The words were so brown that Lin Wei couldn’t resist and was too angry to speak.

After gathering up the herbs, Ye Xing suddenly had his mobile phone ringing in his pocket.

He took it out and saw that it was an unfamiliar number, should he answer it?

Ye Xing finally gave the connection and immediately a thick male voice rang out, “If you don’t want your people to be blown up, you better come to see me obediently.”

“Who are you? Don’t make hara*sing phone calls.”

“Kai Yue Hotel, 88 and 89, I just have to press the switch and the two houses will be engulfed in flames, and the tnt explosives will be enough to send them to their death.” The other party finished with a sardonic smile.

Ye Xing’s heart thumped, these two rooms and the hotel were exactly where Murong Xue and Du Jiuniang sisters were staying.

“What place are you in?”

“There is a shopping mall opposite the Kai Yue Hotel, where we are waiting for you.”

When the other party hung up the phone after saying that, Ye Xing bellowed in a murderous mood, “Bring up your men and kill them for me.”

Lin Wei froze. Ye Xing roared, “What are you still standing there for? I don’t know if it’s the ancient martial world or demonic cultivators, but they’re out to harm the people anyway, and Dragon Shield has the responsibility to protect everyone.”

Lin Wei frowned, “Dragon Shield is just me and you, where can we find other men?”

“Are you stupid, what is this place?”

“A military zone, you’re not trying to move them out, are you? That’s an order from the top.”

“Isn’t the superior the Northfield? Tell him if he wants to see a big explosion in the provincial city of Guangnan, injuring dozens, if not hundreds, of innocent people.”

After hearing this, Lin Wei hurriedly ran to find Bei Ye to make a report.

Ye Xing didn’t wait any longer. The two of them contacted each other by phone, then jumped into a helicopter and asked the other party to send him to the vicinity of the Kai Yue Hotel in the provincial city.

The Golden Sand Commercial Building opposite the Kai Yue Hotel was already closed for business at 10pm.

But on the first floor, there was still a group of people waiting, each of them dressed in robes, Taoist clothes, and some in Chinese clothes, but all dirty. It looked particularly disgusting.

This group of people seemed like beggars or some kind of vagrant group, but no one dared to underestimate them, including the general manager of this commercial building at this moment, who was in fear and trepidation in front of an old man with a white beard.

The commercial building belonged to the private property of one of the elders of the Hidden Sect, and coming here to settle a grudge was purely accidental. After all, across the street was where the target had landed.

But with the care of the elders, it was natural to make this place the home turf.

This time the four elders of the Hidden Sect had led hundreds of people to come, many of whom were outer disciples of the Hidden Sect, each extremely powerful in battle, with a body comparable to that of a boxing king.

Ancient martial arts sects recruited disciples, divided into outer and inner disciples, generally speaking, the inner disciples were rare in number and could practise the sect’s inherited techniques.

As for the outer disciples, some of them serve as errands for the sect. Another part is responsible for outer security, and although they are unable to practise the sect’s inherited techniques, they are treated extremely well. Many ordinary people with good talent could still be recruited to join.

The four elders wear Daoist clothes, robes, Chinese clothes and Confucian shirts respectively, and they dress like this all year round, no matter whether it is goose feather snow outside. Or the blazing sun.

The four elders were all not young and usually cultivated hard in the mountains of the Hidden Sect. This time, if not for the words of the Supreme Elder, none of them would have easily gone out of the mountains to solve the trouble.

The strength of the four was unfathomable, and they were the few experts within the Hidden Sect.

“Senior Brother Song Yang, I heard that that kid has strange methods and dual cultivation of immortal and martial arts, I’m afraid that if we really fight later, we’ll have to get the hundreds of disciples outside to come together to take him down.” The long-robed old man said with a frown.

The grey-haired old man in Daoist clothing was Song Yang, grinning lightly, “The sect master wants to see what is so special about the dual cultivation of Immortal and Martial Arts, that’s why he sent the four of us to lead so many disciples to capture him alive. We have laid down this heavenly net, I’m afraid he wouldn’t even have a chance to run away, this time it’s all about catching him alive, so naturally we have to go together to be most sure.”

“Actually, it doesn’t take that much trouble, the four of us old guys will go together. We should be able to defeat him, what with the dual cultivation of immortal and martial arts, I don’t believe there is such a thing at all.”

“Yeah, in all the years of our Hidden Sect’s heritage, we’ve never heard of anyone who can dual cultivate immortal and martial arts, could it be that San Yang guy talking nonsense?”

“Anyway, whether it is or not, we will naturally be able to tell the truth from the falsehood when we catch the person later, so just be patient everyone.”

Rumble ……

Suddenly, there was a violent commotion in the distance.

The four elders on the third floor instantly looked towards the floor-to-ceiling gla*s outside, only to see a helicopter suddenly appear in the dark mid-air, really aimed at the four of them.

The lights on the helicopter turned on and the four men’s eyes stung, after all, the lights were so terrifying that they didn’t know how many times brighter than the electric lights at home.

“D*mn it.” Song Yang waved his hand in dissatisfaction as the disciples below ran out of the commercial building and began to scream incessantly when they arrived downstairs.

The helicopter descended from a high altitude and countless people all around avoided it, after all, the movement and wind was too great.

Ye Xing rushed the car and jumped down, a group of Hidden Sect disciples surrounded him like a tidal wave, and the helicopter quickly lifted off.

Ye Xing smiled and asked, “Don’t be nervous, there are still quite a few of you, where is your leader?”

A stoutly built disciple came out and sneered, “Third floor please.”

Ye Xing quickly ran to the lift and then wandered up to the rest area on the third floor.

It was really big, at least hundreds of square feet, with rest benches, but more like a coffee shop with tables and chairs.

A group of people came up behind Ye Xing, and there were quite a few people below, he observed that the number of people was another three to four hundred, he really didn’t expect the commotion to be so big.

Looking at the four old men, Ye Xing almost had a judgment that it definitely would not be a devil cultivator.

The devil cultivators were cruel and unpredictable, so it was impossible for them to make such a big commotion, so there was only one possibility, either the Hidden Sect or the Hong Sect.

But looking at the four old men’s clothes, not to mention their dirty and concealed faces, they were obviously elders from within the Hidden Sect.

The Hong Clan was closely linked to the world, and there were hardly any Hong Clan elders of standing who were dressed so shabbily.


Chapter 374

“Now that you’re here, please have a seat.”

With a gentle push from Elder Song Yang, a white chair quickly slid in front of Ye Xing and came to a steady stop.

This hand of controlling internal energy was not too unusual for an ancient martial arts expert.

Ye Xing looked down and realised that the whole chair was still trembling slightly, if he sat down at this moment he would have to dissolve his opponent’s internal energy, if it was anyone else, he would have to sit down accidentally. I am afraid that if anyone else sat down, they would have been injured.

Ye Xing reached out and pressed the trembling chair, and smiled when he sat down.

“You are Ye Xing?”

Elder Song Yang’s eyes widened.

Ye Xing nodded and then said, “I heard that the four elders of the Hidden Sect came to trouble me, that is, you four, right?”

“Ye Xing. Do you know the crime of brutally killing our Hidden Sect disciples?”

The white haired old man in Chinese clothing bellowed in an imposing manner.

“There is no harm in being a believer, but do you know your crime?”

Ye Xing sneered back, his temper not weak.

The white-haired old man sneered, “Qiu Huan is the son of our Hidden Sect’s supreme elder, do you know that you have committed a capital crime if you dare to kill him?”

“So he is the son of a great man. No wonder he’s so arrogant, but he deserves to die.”

Ye Xing’s eyes flashed out a murderous aura, unconcerned.

“Hmph, so arrogant even at the end of your life, today our Hidden Sect will let you know that there are some people you can’t afford to mess with.”

Song Yang raised his hand, and the hundreds of disciples below were already standing at attention, ready to strike.

“So the Hidden Sect is so vicious, then if I exterminate all of you, it won’t be any sin, instead it will be removing harm for the people.”

Ye Xing grinned with unspeakable confidence.

The white haired old man coldly shouted, “I don’t know who gave you the courage, there are so many of us, we have long surrounded this place, as for your women, they are also under our control, one button will make their souls fly away.”

“Elder He, don’t talk nonsense to this kid. Destroy his women first and see if he can still laugh.” The robed old man pointed at Ye Xing and said.

Elder He nodded down, took out a remote control, looked at Ye Xing and raised it, “Kid, there’s your woman living across the street, right? We have rigged explosives under each room, they will have to be scattered in their souls even if they are fairies of the Immortal Sect, you are given a choice, kneel down and kowtow and admit your mistake, I can let you die before them.”

Ye Xing’s face turned pale. Then he asked, “You will really let them go?”

“That’s for sure, I, He Yu, am a man of my word, kneel down and kowtow and admit your mistakes, and your women can live.”

The white haired old man laughed fiercely, his face full of smugness.

Ye Xing hesitated for a moment, then slowly knelt down, and when he saw that he was about to hit the ground, he stood up again, patted his knee and laughed: “I kneel to the sky and the earth and my parents and teachers with these legs. I won’t kneel to you old B*****ds, yin and yang people rotten A**holes.”

“What? You’re too wild, get him killed.”

“Son of a B*tch, I’ve been in purgatory all my life, but I can’t help it today.”

“It’s useless for anyone to plead for this kid today, he must be killed.”

“Cut the crap. Elder He detonates the explosives, I want to see his pitiful face.”

The white-haired old man, He Yu, pressed the remote control, only to press it several times in a row with no reaction from the opposite side.

Ye Xing laughed out loud and pointed at the remote control and asked, “Old man, did you get the wrong one? Try another one.”

“Luo Sheng, call the opposite side immediately and ask what’s going on?” He Yu exploded in anger and roared.

A stout man below immediately called to ask, only to have his face go pale. He muttered, “Elder, a woman on the other side answered the phone and said thank you for the explosives we sent over. It will be returned to the Hidden Sect in full.”

Ye Xingle said, “Is there anything else you can do? Let’s do it together.”

“We still have hundreds of disciples here, I’ll see how many you can handle.”

Song Yang pointed at Ye Xing and roared.

Ye Xing nodded and smiled, “It’s so late and there are still so many people gathered. This should be a violation of the regulations, I’m afraid they will all have to be arrested later.”

“Haha ……” Song Yang laughed out loud, and the other three snorted.

“Are you kid really stupid? Since when does anyone dare to care about my business? Not to mention these few hundred people, even if tens of thousands of us from the Hidden Sect were to come out together, no one would dare to take care of it.”

He Yu stroked his beard with one hand, with a smug look on his face.

Suddenly, the gla*s outside the mall shattered, followed by black-clad men in uniforms, helmets and stab-proof suits descending from the sky. One by one, rope in hand, they fell from a height crashing through the gla*s.

Once they landed, they all pulled automatic rifles from their backs and aimed them at everyone present.

This a*sault squad, about fifty to sixty people, surrounded the third floor all at once.

Song Yang and the others’ faces turned pale. But they were not afraid at all, after all, hundreds against dozens, the numerical advantage was still quite large.

“This is all the help you have? Do you kid think we’ll be afraid?”

He Yu looked around, his face full of a cold smile.

“Not enough, huh? Then let’s get you some more.”

Ye Xing took out his walkie-talkie and yelled, “People think you guys aren’t strong enough and look down on you, so hold on tight.”

Rumble ……

In the distance a helicopter circled over and hovered directly around the mall, each one carrying heavy weapons and looking just as murderous and unbeatable.

A dozen helicopters armed to the teeth were aimed at the mall, while the streets below were by now jammed with all sorts of thickly armored combat vehicles.

There were not only heavy machine guns on top of these combat vehicles, but also gun barrels, and the sheer number of them was astonishing.

By now both ends of this street had been blocked off and a large number of men carrying weapons surrounded the area.

Lin Wei grabbed the rope from outside and dropped down, standing next to Ye Xing then said, “There are five thousand people outside, plus fifty combat vehicles and twelve helicopters, if they think they can try to break out, then they can feel free to try the power of the bullet fire.”

Ye Xing looked at the four elders and asked, “What are the four old sons of B*tches thinking? I don’t know which one of you four is physically fit enough to die at the end.”

The four elders obviously had fearful expressions, although they were all ancient martial arts masters, but they were not invulnerable to swords and spears, not to mention that there were so many heavy weapons and equipment outside, it could be completely said that there was no way to escape from the sky and no way to escape from the earth.

“Ye Xing, I didn’t expect you to be so shameless, actually willing to be reduced to a lackey.”

Song Yang pointed at Ye Xing and cursed.

Ye Xing laughed in disbelief, “I’m defecting and serving my country, you few B*****ds are suspected of various felonies, so stop dilly-dallying and come with us.”

“Wanting us to submit, you’re dreaming.”

Song Yang turned his head and jumped out of the window, and soon the hundreds of people below were in disarray.

The white-haired old man, He Yu, roared in mid-air, “The Hidden Sect disperses quickly, the future is long.”

Soon hundreds of people rushed outside together, and those outside the door took action, arresting if they could, shooting if they couldn’t, without ceremony anyway.