Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 371-372

Chapter 371

A demonic cultivator had appeared and was targeting fairies of the Immortal Sect for hunting, this was obviously dangerous for Qiao Baihe.

Ye Xing suddenly frowned, full of tension, Murong Xue was also an Immortal Sect fairy and extremely talented, the other party might have targeted her as well.

“Go back immediately and look for my wife.”

Ye Xing said and ran to the car, Qiao Baihe instinctively followed quickly.

Du Jiuniang was reluctant to go, but in the end, she couldn’t let go of her sister and quickly jumped into the car.

Murong Xue was inside the villa with her headphones on, humming a song. Making a random cake.

She had recently brushed up on short videos and found a few cakes that were particularly tempting, so she planned to make them herself.

She was not a person of asceticism and did not indulge in cultivation all day long. For her, it did not matter if her cultivation progress was slow, as life was too short to spend her life dedicated to cultivation.

In that case, even if her cultivation level is very high, what is the point of losing other pleasures and turning into a walking corpse that only cultivates.

Suddenly, Murong Xue noticed that something was wrong. Immediately afterwards there was a thud and the floor-to-ceiling gla*s behind her shattered, followed by several arrows breaking through the air and stabbing at her position.

Murong Xue quickly dodged and with a single hand, flour formed a wall of white powder.

By the time the two men outside the gla*s entered the room, there was no sign of her.

“Stop hiding, there’s no way you can escape the house.”

One of the visitors was balding and slightly fat, in his forties, bearded and dirty looking, especially with the greasy clothes he was wearing, his whole body lying on the ground like a beggar’s caller.

The other man was dressed in a Zhongshan suit, with a Chinese face, in his thirties, and his eyes were scanning the room.

The two men heard the motive upstairs and quickly darted up.

Murong Xue suddenly hit an ice pick, which the state-faced man quickly dodged, followed by throwing a cloud of red smoke with his backhand.

The smoke seemed like a ghost, lunging towards Murong Xue and enveloping her completely.

With a shocked look on her face, Murong Xue threw her hands upwards, and countless ice elements blocked the red smoke from approaching.

The king’s face laughed coldly, “Silly girl, this Qi of Withering Death of mine. It’s too easy to deal with your ice spells, so just fold your arms.”

“Don’t talk nonsense to her, take this fairy and send it back to the boss, it will definitely be a great achievement.”

The bald fatty smiled badly as he opened his mouth and spurted forward, a ball of flames shot out, baking Murong Xue directly, her ice element was unable to resist under these blazing flames.

Murong Xue’s heart was cold, thinking she was doomed, when suddenly a dagger flew in from outside the window.

The dagger was aimed at the face and the bald man, who saw how powerful it was. They could only withdraw their spells and dodge.

Murong Xue’s pressure was lightened and she jumped straight out of the first floor window.

After landing, she saw Ye Xing and was so warm and touched inside that she wanted to hug him.

But soon Murong Xue dismissed this thought because she saw Qiao Baihe and Du Jiuniang.

This dog of a man, who was always dabbling in women, had not even finished with Su Xiaoqiao and had brought home two more beauties.

The older one is still charming and has a charming body, the younger one is Qiao Lily not to mention. Really deserves to be the first beauty under Shangguan Lan’s door, both temperament and body are enough to attract people’s eyes.

Murong Xue was a little unhappy that Ye Xing’s side had already forced two demonic cultivators down the stairs.

Four against two, the two demonic cultivators clearly froze in their expressions.

With a big grip, Ye Xing retrieved his dagger and looked at the two then sneered, “Dare to sneak up on my wife, I’ll beat you two B*****ds to death today.”

“Kid, talk out of turn. My old crab will have to break your arms and legs later.” The balding fat man roared.

With a gruff expression, Kunzai waved his hands, forming a puff of red smoke and striking forward.

Ye Xing smelled the corrosive stench and told the others to get out of the way, his Yuan Power ran, the gold elements in the surrounding heaven and earth were attracted to him, a golden Qi shield covered his body, and he charged forward immediately afterwards.

The face was dumbfounded, he had never seen anyone who could resist his deadly Qi.

Ye Xing was like a tank crushing, rushing in front of the face, and his tidal wave fist struck out fiercely.

The poor Face was invincible with his spells. After all, they were immortal cultivators and not ancient martial arts sects, so they did not cultivate much for the physical body.

Ye Xing’s two fists were like two mountains. In one fell swoop, he was knocked off his feet and fell to the gra*s behind him, spitting out blood, his life and death unknown.

The bald fatty was dumbfounded. He opened his mouth viciously and spat.

The flames roared and could burn everything, but as a result, Ye Xing resisted the burning flames, walked up to him and squeezed his neck.

The bald fat man’s eyes rolled back and the flames recoiled, burning directly into his own internal organs, followed by his entire body actually burning up, instantly turning into a char that landed on the gra*s and still kept on burning, fully burning himself into a pile of ashes before it was over.

Du Jiu Niang pounced on the side of the Chinese character face, checked and then looked at Ye Xing and said, “You hit too hard, your chest cavity was shattered and your internal organs were pierced by the ribs, I’m afraid I won’t live long.”

Ye Xing was depressed and said, “So unbeatable, I should have saved some strength if I had known.”

Du Jiuniang searched the body of the face and found a mobile phone. A few more things were found.

The Face finally died without breathing, and Ye Xing threw his body on top of the fat man’s burning corpse, and soon the two bodies burned to ashes together.

Du Jiuniang took a golden card and muttered, “Nine Souls, could it be that all these demon cultivators belong to this one organisation?”

Ye Xing grabbed the card and looked at it, the golden card was made of precious metal, with various hideous ghost patterns on the front and magnetic stripes and raised numerical codes on the back.

This thing should be the exclusive item for demon cultivators, while the other mobile phones and bank cards were not too useful.

A hundred-odd dollar old man’s phone. It looked like a disposable item that these guys would discard when they were done with their business, seeing no clues inside.

The only thing of value was this Nine Souls card.

Ye Xing called up the three to leave, Murong Xue was not happy from the beginning.

When they arrived at the hotel, Ye Xing thought about how to go about explaining and shushed them when they came inside the room, “Wife, are you alright, I was really worried sick.”

“Worried about me, and running around and inviting Qiao Baihe back again, what the hell did you have in mind?” Murong Xue looked at Ye Xing with dissatisfaction.

Ye Xing explained, “She is a servant I took in, you saw her that day on Tianshan Mountain, she is willing to work for me as a slave and a maidservant in order to repay me.”

“Fine, you’ve taken on a little maid, do you have to warm your bed too?”

“Honey, she’s willing, and I’m not willing, I have such a beautiful wife like you around, I have absolutely no thoughts about other women.”

“You think I can believe that?”

“If I bragged, heaven would strike me.”

A click of explosive thunder rang out of the window, scaring Ye Xing’s face.

“I’m tired, get yourself a room for the night.”


Chapter 372

Ye Xing was kicked out of his room and went to the next room, only to see Du Jiuniang, who had just come out of her bath towel.

Du Jiuniang’s face was red and she growled in displeasure; “Shameless man, what are you doing in my room again?”

“I thought I’d come over to have a seat, if you’re not welcome, forget it.”

Ye Xing said and turned his head to go out the door.

When Qiao Baihe reached the door, Du Jiuniang stopped her and said, “Don’t mind him, he must be looking for his wife, why do you need to worry about that?”

Ye Xing walked downstairs when his mobile phone rang in his pocket, he picked it up and saw that it was Lin Wei calling.

Ye Xing happened to be looking for Lin Wei. He smiled and said, “Where is he?”

“If you turn on the location, I can shoot a helicopter to pick you up right away, there’s a tricky matter and I need your help.”

Lin Wei still spoke in the same iron-clad style. Straightforward, nothing to beat around the bush.

Ye Xing opened the positioning, Lin Wei’s side quickly along with the network, not more than ten minutes later, the phone rang again.

Ye Xing followed the other party’s reminder to walk to a street next to him, at this time many people were staring at the helicopter in the sky to see what was going on.

I thought the helicopter hovering over would fly away, but it was off to descend and had reached a height where you could see clearly inside the cabin.

At the same time. A soft ladder dropped from the helicopter, and Ye Xing couldn’t even think of not putting one on.

It just so happened that there was a couple arguing right next to him.

“You’re really something, I bought a ticket with a price of more than two thousand to come to you, from yesterday to today, how many times did you tell yourself? Now I’m asking you to treat me to a Western meal and you’re too expensive, are you a human being or not?”

The man looked at the onlookers and yelled, “You sent yourself to the door, who can blame you? You’re having Lanzhou ramen, take it or leave it.”

“You son of a B*tch.”

The woman was angry and wanted to slap this scum who cheated on women, but the man didn’t dare to show weakness to do it.

Ye Xing went over and pulled the girl back, smiled and said, “Beauty, don’t bother with this kind of scum who cheats bubbles, hit him and dirty your hands, I’ll send you back.”

Everyone was dumbfounded, where did this foolish man come from.

As a result, Ye Xing smiled and picked up the girl towards the soft ladder, reached out and grabbed her and climbed towards the top.

The scumbag was dumbfounded and cursed angrily, “B*****d, you have a helicopter? I’ll just ride a shared bike and have a woman just the same.”

The crowd below was enraged, Ye Xing took out a wad of banknotes and threw them down and yelled, “Don’t be polite guys, beat up the scum, there’s still money to be had.”

The crowd swarmed around the slag man and beat him up furiously.

The man got into the helicopter. The field girl was moved, Ye Xing pushed her away and said, “sister, brother is already married, you should not be so stupid in the future, run to the field to meet online friends to find true love, but you have to be smart, thousands of miles to send that what, but also be said to bus, are you worth it?”

The foreign girls are crying, people are just simple, and there is nothing bad intention, with this one lesson. I’m afraid that in the future can eat less losses.

Helicopter in the park to put down Ye Xing, Ye Xing gave the girl to buy a plane ticket, let her go home early.

The girl was even more touched. Ye Xing smiled and left, and waved his hand proudly, it still felt good to pretend.

Lin Wei saw Ye Xing walking and then squeezed, “Coming here all the time, what’s up with that girl?”

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing to do with me, I’m just helping people.”

Ye Xing walked towards the public toilet in front of him and when he reached the side, someone was already doing an autopsy.

Ye Xing smelt a foul smell from a long distance. Immediately afterwards, he found that the entire facial skin of the corpse had been peeled off and it looked very hideous.

“The examination results we got just now, the time of death was six in the morning, and it was hidden in the miscellaneous room of the toilet, but for some reason, the body decomposed extremely fast, it looked as if it had been dead for seven or eight days, because this case is extraordinary. That’s why I was informed to handle it, and I wonder what you have to suggest.”

Lin Wei looked at Ye Xing and introduced it.

Ye Xing frowned and said, “Go, come with me to the military district to see Bei Ye, he really needs help this time.”

Lin Wei froze as the two called for another helicopter and flew to the military area to wait for Bei Ye.

When Kitano arrived inside the camp, he looked at Ye Xing and said with a huff, “You kid really know how to pick your time, you still made me come all the way back, if you don’t give me a reasonable explanation, be careful I’ll smack you.”

“Don’t be angry, I dare to call you back, it must be something big.”

Ye Xing asked Lin Wei to take out the photos. When Beino looked at it, he said, “That’s disgusting, why is this thing like a horror movie?”

“This victim has been skinned and the person who did it is, I’m sure, a demon cultivator. Also known as an evil immortal cultivator.”

Ye Xing said as he walked around a few steps.

These words not only made Bei Ye freeze, Lin Wei also froze.

“I’ve dealt with this group of demon cultivators, the methods are so vicious that they take lives with their strikes. There was also a corpse in the Skeleton Underground Bar, which was also skinned, and it was also done by this guy.”

Ye Xing said, “You asked me to set up Dragon Shield to deal specifically with ancient martial sects, I think it is only right that we have to deal with these evil demonic cultivators for the time being, or else I don’t know how many innocent people will have to die.”

Beino frowned and then looked at Lin Wei.

Lin Wei nodded, “I agree with Ye Xing, the Dragon Shield should first deal with the demonic cultivators who are innocently endangering ordinary people.”

Beino drank, “Whether they are demonic cultivators or ancient martial sects, they all have to be regulated, they cannot be allowed to do whatever they want, Dragon Shield should next give these forces a good hammering, there is no room for nonsense in this land.”

Ye Xing snickered in his heart, with the military backing him up, what with the Hidden Sect and the Hong Sect, feel free to come and seek revenge on himself. When the time comes, we will uproot you all.

“By the way, the herbs I want, you can promise to provide them.”

Ye Xing suddenly launched into debt demanding mode.

Beino was dumbfounded, frowned and said, “Don’t worry, there is nothing less for you, if you need anything, tell Lin Wei, we fully support it.”

Ye Xing then didn’t know what it meant to go polite. He called Lin Wei and went to get the herbs.

The Mixed Yuan Pill formula had long been hungry and thirsty, and was just a few herbs away from being ready to start refining.

Ye Xing was relying on pills to raise his cultivation, so naturally he had to refine a large amount of Mixed Yuan Pills, once he could start taking pills, his strength would have to soar and keep rising.

The stronger his strength was, the more certain his means of preserving his life would be.

After listening to the herbs Ye Xing wanted, Lin Wei called the logistics department directly to prepare them.

“How do we go about finding these demon cultivators next?”

Taking advantage of her free time, Lin Wei looked at Ye Xing and asked.

“No leads yet, but I want to know how much support Dragon Shield can actually get?”

“Don’t worry, the leaders have spoken, there’s no shortage of support for you, Dragon Shield is currently highly cla*sified, just from that alone, you should know how much this department is valued.”

“That’s good, I’ll pull a few more people in to amp up the strength.”

“It won’t be those women in your family, will it?”

“And you guessed right.”

“You are seeking personal gain.”

“Be careful what you say, I’m your boss, offend me and make you sleep with me at night.”