Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 37-38

Chapter 37

Murong Xue glanced at Ye Xing and nodded helplessly.

“Su Xiaoqiao, your prospects are definitely not something that can be estimated by a few million.”

Su Xiao Qiao hurriedly went forward, took that resignation letter back and said, “Sorry Mr. Mu, I won’t resign, I promise to live up to Mr. Ye’s disappointment in the future, I will definitely make money for the company and return it to you.”

“That’s the right thing to do.”

Ye Xing snatched her resignation letter over with one hand. Tore it to shreds and threw it to the ground.

“Su Xiaoqiao, go out and work properly!” Murong commanded.

“Yes. General Mu.”

The gloom on Su Xiaoqiao’s face left and was replaced with a resolute expression.

When she left, Ye Xing was immediately happy.

“Thank you so much for your wife’s cooperation.”

“I don’t want you to look listless every day either.” Murong Xue rolled her eyes.

Besides, Su Xiaoqiao really had potential, her ceiling was high and far from being comparable to a level like Xia Hong.

Such a lucrative internet star. She didn’t want her to leave either.

“This is something I just went out and racked my brain to come up with, this brain of mine is not bad, right!” Ye Xing was very proud of himself.

Murong Xue gave him a blank look, “Go play your game, don’t disturb my work.”

“I’m going to the washroom, I forgot to pee in order to think of a solution.” Nie Ye Xing whistled and left the office.

“Do you think women are all stupid?”

“But that’s not a bad way to give everyone a leg up.”

Murong Xue looked at his back and murmured.

As a woman, she knew very well that she could keep a man’s person, but not a man’s heart.

Especially for a capricious man like Ye Xing, the more you tethered him, the more likely you were to lose him.

It was better for her to keep Su Xiaoqiao by her side, to keep an eye on.

Su Xiaoqiao returned to her office and sat in her chair, dazed.

Inside her mind was all about that man.

“He’s already married, he’s someone else’s man.”

“Work hard and stop thinking about him. Stop thinking about him.”

“Make money, make money and live up to Mr. Mu’s expectations.”

Su Xiaoqiao changed the screen of her computer to the struggle picture, before she started to study the video she had taken today.


Murong Xue was working when suddenly the phone rang, it was Luo Xiaoyun calling.

“My beautiful officer, what wind is blowing today?” Murong Xue laughed.

“Xiaoxue, lend your husband a hand.” Luo Xiaoyun laughed.

Murong Xue: “……”

“Look at you, you’re so nervous that you don’t dare to speak.” Luo Xiaoyun giggled. Only then did she say, “The police station has some things to ask him about, don’t be nervous, only you are that rare to him, others are not.”

“What’s going on?” Murong Xue asked.

“It’s just a routine enquiry.”

Murong Xue had a bit of a headache.

Ye Xing was already handsome, she didn’t think so when people were stupid, but now she suddenly found that being handsome was also a fault.

Su Xiaoqiao seemed to have fallen in a bit, in case she, her best friend, also fell in.

Murong Xue didn’t dare to imagine it.

It was a good thing that Luo Xiaoyun was a people’s police officer and had a very high level of awareness. It would not be as easy to fall in as Su Xiaoqiao.

“When will it be, I’ll bring him over.” Murong Xue said.

“You’re on a day-to-day basis, no need for you to bring him, I’ll just bring him over, I’m downstairs now, you tell him to come down.”

Not waiting for her to reply. Luo Xiaoyun hung up the phone.

Murong Xue rubbed her brain, just as Ye Xing came in from outside.

“Ye Xing, Xiao Yun has something for you and is waiting for you downstairs.” Murong Xue said.

“Luo Xiaoyun, the underdog policewoman?” Ye Xing’s eyes lit up, “What is she looking for me for?”

“To ask questions.”

“I’ll be right down.” Ye Xing turned around and left.

A pretentious target delivered to his door, he was having an idle time!

“Wait a minute.” Murong Xue hurriedly shouted at him.

“What else is going on?”

“I don’t want what happened to Su Xiaoqiao to happen to Luo Xiaoyun again.” Murong Xue warned.

Ye Xing tossed his short, half-finger-long hair and tilted his head to look at the ceiling with a long sigh.

“A man as good as me. Just like that glowing firebug in the darkness, shining so brightly everywhere. Your best friend is a woman too, what if she falls in love with me. How about you refuse her invitation?”

Murong Xue’s face darkened, this guy was getting really uncouth.

“This is a question, not an invitation to dinner. Just say push it?”

“Then I’m going.”


“What again?”

“A reminder to watch your distance.” Mullen warned.

I’m going to pretend to be a P***y, not to be a so-and-so P***y, what are you worried about?

“Got it, you put a million hearts into it.”

Women are just nagging, Ye Xing was afraid that she would grow her tongue again and ran out in a flash.

Just after he walked out of the building, he saw a motorbike parked at the entrance and a tall woman standing next to him.

Her body stood straight, jutting out in front and back with beautiful curves.

“I didn’t look closely before, but I didn’t expect this chick to be quite good looking.”

He walked over. Showing his signature goofy smile.

“Sister Xiao Yun, you came to see me?”

Luo Xiaoyun’s gaze fell on the man in front of him.

In her mind, the coroner’s words immediately rang out.

The deceased had suffered heavy trauma to his armpits, joints, the back of his neck and many other tissues, and had moved with an expert before he was killed. Only then was he shot and killed.

The deceased’s name was Wang Chong, a grunt master, and the one who could beat him to death must have been a master too.

“Sister Xiao Yun, why are you looking at me like that, do I have flowers on my face?” Ye Xing asked stupidly.

“Hold out your hand.” Luo Xiaoyun ordered.

Ye Xing instinctively put his hand out.

Luo Xiaoyun stretched out her hand and turned his hand around and looked at it, it was a normal person’s hand, not a martial arts practitioner’s hand.

“Sister Xiaoyun, your hands are not as pretty as your person’s.” Ye Xing said cheekily.

“I’m a person who practices martial arts, you think it’s like your wife, who stays in the office all day and has white hands and a tender face?”

Luo Xiaoyun put her hands to her side before asking, “Ye Xing, let me ask you, did you ever see Wang Chong move his hands with anyone before you killed him?”


“Lying to the police is punishable by jail.” Luo Xiaoyun warned.

“Sister Xiaoyun, I really didn’t lie, I was terrified at that time.” Ye Xing said.

Luo Xiaoyun stared at his every move, but no matter how she looked, she couldn’t tell that he was playing dumb.

“Get in the car.” She commanded.

“Where to?”

“Cloud Police Station.”

“In this car?” Ye Xing was a bit dumbfounded and said, “You can’t be so poor that you can’t even afford a four-wheeled one.”

“There’s a big case, all the cars in the police station are out, and the bureau doesn’t have a car.”

Luo Xiaoyun stepped out on her long legs, sat down on the car and put her helmet on.

“Get in the car!” She commanded.


Ye Xing obediently got into the car, and then put his hands around her small waist.

“What for?”

“What for?”

“Let go.” Luo Xiaoyun said angrily.

“Sister Xiaoyun I’m afraid, what if I accidentally fall off when you drive?”

Not only did Ye Xing not let go, but he wrapped his arms around her waist even tighter.

It felt good in her hand, elastic and without a hint of fat, not something that a woman who hadn’t exercised could compare to.

It was nice to be a fool, to be able to take advantage of a room.

Ye Xing was in the middle of his complacency when Luo Xiaoyun slapped him hard on the hand.

“Let go, if you move again, I’ll kill you.”


Chapter 38

“Sister Xiao Yun, I’m afraid.” Ye Xing said weakly.

Looking at his silly look, Luo Xiaoyun had a bit of a headache.

She hadn’t thought about it that much before she came, forgetting that he was a fool.

Today she had held her fire.

After graduating from the police academy, Miss Luo came to the Huaijiang police station and entered the criminal investigation team.

After she got in, she had been placed in a civilian job, and every time she went on an a*signment she was almost never given a part.

It wasn’t that she didn’t work hard enough, or that she wasn’t strong enough, but because she had an old man who was a deputy bureau.

He protects her like a giant panda and doesn’t let her take part in every mission.

She loved being a policeman because Lao Tzu was her idol. But he doesn’t agree.

For this reason the relationship between father and daughter has become very bad.

At first, she wanted to enter the police academy but was refused by her old son, who finally agreed only after she threatened him with a hunger strike.

She thought that her son had seen the light. Who knows, when she entered the police station, she realized that Laozi was still holding her down.

What is the purpose of being a police officer? It is not to solve big cases and be a hero.

What’s the point of taking the police academy when you’re a petty clerk?

“I’m driving slower, no touching me, you hear me?” Luo Xiaoyun ordered.

“Okay. You don’t drive so fast.” Only then did Ye Xing retract his hand.

Luo Xiaoyun started the motorbike and drove towards the police station.

Halfway there, the phone rang.

Stop the car and answer the phone.

“Xiaoyu, looking for me for something?”

“Xiao Yun, help me.” A panicked voice came from the other side.

“Take it easy, take a deep breath and speak slowly?” Luo Xiaoyun asked urgently.

“I was with a cla*smate in my hometown, she was arrested, I ran out, you come and save …… ah ……”

The voice stopped abruptly, Luo Xiaoyun dialed again and found that the phone was switched off.

The case of the missing teenage girl!

In Luo Xiaoyun’s mind, these five words immediately popped up.

Recently, there was a big case in Guangnan Province, as many as dozens of young girls had gone missing in a dozen cities across the province.

Huaijiang was even the hardest hit, as many as two dozen young girls had been arrested, and it was because of this matter that the province had sent experts down and held countless meetings in the city, just to study this case.

The final conclusion was that it was a very large case of women abduction and trafficking, and became the most important big case for the police force.

She had thought that she could contribute to it, but as a result. Again, she was protected by her old man as a giant panda.

Now the cla*smate suddenly called, this situation is likely to be met with the criminals who arrested the young girl.

“Ye Xing, you go back first, I have an urgent matter.”

“Sister Xiao Yun, I won’t go home.”

“You won’t even go home, you trash.” Luo Xiaoyun almost vomited blood.

At this moment, she couldn’t care about anything else and said urgently, “Hold on.”


The car was like a wild horse, whistling out.

“Sister Xiaoyun, don’t drive so fast, I’m scared.” Ye Xing wailed in fear and instinctively wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Let go.” Luo Xiaoyun almost vomited blood. She had never been hugged by a man before.

“I’m scared, stop the car.” Ye Xing almost cried out in fear.

Leaving him here, Luo Xiaoyun was even more uneasy, in case she lost him, how would she explain to her best friend.

Forget it, it’s just a fool, just treat it like a child.

With this thought, Luo Xiaoyun felt much more comfortable.

“Hold on tight, don’t be afraid.” She drove the car even faster.

Ye Xing wrapped his arms around a soft body and smelled the unique scent of a woman emanating from her body, somewhat intoxicated.

Every woman was a different flower, a different book of stories.

Even the fragrance on her body. It is also different.

Luo Xiaoyun had a wild smell on her body that was particularly attractive to men.

Such a wild beauty, I don’t know which tortoise kingpin will conquer her in the future.

Ye Xing sighed secretly.

Luo Xiaoyun had been to Xiao Yu’s home before and knew where it was, whistling away.

The city roads were driven by her for one hundred and twenty kilometres, and the feeling of that wild ride made Ye Xing feel a long-lost fever.

Ten minutes later, the car entered the mountain road. Just in time, a van came head-on.

“Sister Xiao Yun, look at that van, it’s so dirty.” Ye Xing suddenly shouted.

Luo Xiaoyun instinctively glanced at the van.

The next moment, her pupils shrank.

There seemed to be a head peeking out from inside the car, and it was instantly crushed.

Something was going on!

Luo Xiaoyun didn’t stop immediately and drove for a few more moments, taking a detour and slowly following behind the van.

If she guessed correctly, it was likely that Xiao Yu was inside this van.

The van did not enter the city, but headed towards the northern outskirts of the city, where there was an abandoned car lot.

With her superior tracking skills, Luo Xiaoyun was never discovered.

Somewhere in the middle of the car park. The van circled in.

“Ye Xing, stay here and don’t go anywhere, do you hear me?”

Stopping the car beside the junkyard next to it. Luo Xiaoyun’s eyes shone with a brilliant light inside.

Excitement, tension, excitement.

A mixture of feelings.

Since entering the police station, thanks to the protection of her old man. She hadn’t done a single thing that would impress everyone.

With such a good opportunity today, she would definitely not let it go.

“Why?” Ye Xing asked.

“Stay if I tell you to, don’t talk so much, if you dare to move, I’ll beat you up.”

Throwing down these words, Luo Xiaoyun drew out her gun from her body and quietly touched over.

Looking at her back, Ye Xing grinned.

Interesting, really interesting!

He picked up a black plastic bag from the ground and covered his face.

Then he smoothly copied an iron bar on the ground and pounced out like a fierce tiger.


Inside the abandoned car park, the van pulled up.

The door of the van was pulled open and three big men stepped out of the van.

Two of them had a woman in their hands, and both women’s ba were sealed.

“D*mn, we finally caught two, two million in hand.” The tall man said.

“Those cops have been acting like crazy lately. We haven’t even hunted an animal for a week.” The short, horizontal man said.

“Get them to the basement and hurry up with the shipment before it gets too late.”

The driver stepped down and said in a commanding tone.

The two men nodded and were about to bring the two women inside.

Suddenly, a figure ran in quickly from outside.

The visitor, with his face covered with a plastic bag, came aggressively, holding an iron bar in his hand.

The driver quickly drew his gun. He pointed it at the man.

He was quick, but the other man was quicker!


The iron bar came out of his hand and hit the driver’s hand just in time.

The gun fell far to the ground.

“Get him.”

The driver said as he ran over to pick up the gun.

He had just finished picking up the gun when he turned around to look and was dumbfounded.

He only saw that the two men holding the daggers had fallen to the ground, unconscious and unaware of how they had fallen.

The masked man had come to him, his eyes mimicking as if in mockery.

“You seek death.” The driver pulled out his gun and pulled the trigger.

The masked man’s face tilted, just in time to dodge the bullet, then instantly snapped the other man’s wrist.


The sound of fractured bones rang out and the man screamed miserably.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

The masked man used his hands and feet to throw punches as fast as lightning, landing hard on the man’s body.

In a few moments, the driver fell limply to the ground, spitting white bubbles from his mouth.

The two captured women looked at the masked man and were instantly stunned and shocked like heavenly beings.

The masked man threw a flying kiss at the two women, which took a few jumps and disappeared without a trace!

The whole process of subduing the three kidnappers took less than half a minute.

At this very moment, a figure rushed in and shouted, “No one move, all down, police!”

Luo Xiaoyun came rushing in, and the next moment, he was directly dumbfounded.

The kidnappers were down, but not by fear, they were knocked down.

What was going on here?