Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 369-370

Chapter 369

The Skeleton Underground Bar is not very famous in the provincial city of Guangnan, but people in the circle are all full of praise for it.

This underground bar not only allows you to play black market boxing, but also to place bets, and all the models follow the foreign kind, which is not only hot and boiling, but even more hormonal.

There are shirtless girls dancing with signs and all sorts of surprising performances.

This place was the seat of blood and lust, and naturally attracted countless guests to splash out.

Ye Xing sent Su Xiaoqiao away and went back to pacify Murong Xue. Taking the time to follow Du Jiuniang, he came here.

He originally thought that this bar was Du Jiuniang’s property, but Du Jiuniang denied it, saying that this place was made by a group of young masters in the city of Guangnan Province. It was only with their background of connections that they opened it.

Ye Xing skimmed his lips and asked, “Coming to this kind of place to watch the hustle and bustle, you are not afraid that I will find your sister to relieve my fire after my blood boils.”

“Ye Xing, you’d better watch your language for me or I won’t spare you.”

Du Jiuniang was angered and glared.

Ye Xing laughed, “Then we can make a hotel date and try it out.”

“F**k you. Don’t even think about it.”

Du Jiuniang led the way, and because of her hot dress, she had already made many of the animals inside the venue whistle.

Qiao Baihe was also quite disgusted with this place and wondered why her sister had come here.

As a result, when they reached the manager’s room at the far end, Qiao Baihe instantly got excited and jumped into the arms of an older, curly-haired woman in a flash.

“Auntie Leng, I didn’t expect you to be alive.” Qiao Baihe said all teary-eyed.

The curly-haired woman stroked Qiao Lily’s long hair and smiled, “Lily, don’t be sad, the Flying Dagger Sect’s revenge can be avenged sooner or later.”

Once Ye Xing saw that he was here to catch up, he couldn’t help but stare at the situation outside the venue.

Black market boxing was very fierce, life and death was up to each other, and the bosses would often push the boxers towards life and death fights, or serious disabilities and injuries in order to make the arena lively.

Ye Xing saw a boxer being beaten heavily and severely by his opponent, indifferent to the fact that this kind of black market boxing, which has no referee, is completely stopped only when he admits defeat himself.

The boxer who eventually lost tapped the ground to concede defeat and surrender, and the victor to create a sensational effect. Rides up on his head and starts showing off.

“Come on, let’s go inside and have a good chat.”

The short-haired woman greeted the Du Jiu Niang sisters as they entered the room, and naturally Ye Xing followed them in.

The office wasn’t big, there wasn’t much space after sitting down four people, the short-haired aunt smiled, “Recently there was quite a storm in the ancient martial world, a kid called Ye Xing, one person picked on the Hong Sect’s hall in Guangnan Province, and also killed the son of one of the Hidden Sect’s supreme elders, the Hidden Sect sent four elders. They are determined to take that kid’s life, and now the reward has exceeded ten million, so I don’t know how many people want to go get that money.”

“I didn’t think I was still worth so much.”

Ye Xing laughed at himself.

The short-haired aunt froze, then looked at Du Jiuniang and asked, “Could it be that he is?”

“That’s right, he’s that short-lived, thousand-dollar p*rnographer Ye Xing, a B*****d brat who should be killed by a thousand cuts and sent to the palace.”

Du Jiuniang buried it unceremoniously.

Ye Xing laughed, unconcerned, he and Du Jiuniang already belonged to an existence where mutual mockery had no effect.

Qiao Baihe stole joy. Every time she saw her sister and Ye Xing fighting, it was particularly amusing, and she really didn’t know if the two of them could keep arguing.

“Excuse me, I didn’t expect such a big shot to show up at my place.”

The short-haired aunt scowled at Ye Xing.

Ye Xing said, “10 million is a lot, aunty can take me for it if she wants.”

“I dare not. If you dare to challenge the Hidden Sect and the Hong Sect, this money belongs to the category of being able to earn and not spend it.”

The short-haired aunt laughed up, then took out a few cards and put them in front of Du Jiuniang.

These cards were all in foreign languages, and once Ye Xing took a look at them, he knew the purpose of Du Jiuniang’s visit, after all, it was to get the cards with the intention of escaping to a foreign country and hiding from the limelight for a while.

“Auntie Leng, be careful yourself.”

Du Jiuniang said as soon as she held the hand of the short-haired aunt.

The short-haired aunt laughed, “I’m a ruined person. I should have died twenty years ago, and having survived, I would like to see the day when I can avenge the Flying Daggers Sect. I wonder if there is any hope of seeing it.”

“Auntie Leng, you will definitely see it.”

Qiao Baihe also put her hand up and nodded her head.

Suddenly, two poisonous snakes emerged from this Auntie Leng’s hands. They bit the back of Du Jiuniang’s and Qiao Baihe’s snow-white hands.

The two were shocked and hurriedly withdrew their hands, but Auntie Leng was already smiling wryly, pushing her hands away from the desk and approaching the wall.

“You’re not Auntie Leng.”

Du Jiuniang was furious, but she found that the poisonous Qi in her body was running amok, her internal energy was suppressed and her consciousness was beginning to blur.

“Ten thousand poisons drilling your heart, it’s not a good taste, is it?”

Auntie Leng laughed ghostly, her hands still in front of her mouth, and two poisonous snakes crawled out of her cuffs and kept climbing on her cheeks.

“Who the hell are you?”

Qiao Baihe just tried to run the Yuan Power in her body, but the result was that the poisonous excitation became even more fierce. The whole person began to stagger and could barely stand up.

“I’m your Auntie Leng.”

Auntie Leng smiled as she opened the cupboard next to her, and a bloody corpse fell out of it, with curly female hair and facial skin gouged away.

“Auntie Leng.”


Qiao Baihe and Du Jiuniang almost uttered in grief.

“Because a fairy from an immortal clan is useful and that’s why she deserves to die.”

Auntie Leng pointed at Qiao Lily and smiled badly.

“Old demon B*tch. Whoever you are, I’m still here, the big man with a ten million dollar bounty, won’t you give me some face?”

Ye Xing laughed as easily as if he was watching a joke.

Du Jiuniang was furious, what time is it, you kid is still smiling and laughing, are you only happy when you really play your life away?

“Although you can make the Hong Sect and the Hidden Sect suffer, but you are not from the Immortal Sect, then you are not enough to be feared.”

After Auntie Leng finished speaking, she suddenly struck out, and two poisonous snakes flew out, extremely fast, like lightning.

Ye Xing grabbed the poisonous snakes by the neck with his quick eyes and hands, not expecting that the snakes actually turned into two clouds of smoke and disappeared.

“A spell?”

Ye Xing was astonished, this was still the first time he had encountered other immortal cultivators outside the Immortal Sect.

“Spiritual Snake Dance.”

Auntie Leng roared once again.

Black smoke instantly wrapped around Ye Xing’s body, causing him to feel the pressure.

Ye Xing ran his Yuan Power, and at once a golden Qi shield appeared, and the free gold elements in heaven and earth pounced madly.

The black smoke instantly collapsed when it met the golden qi shield, as if it was a natural restraint.

“Gold element, how can you have such a huge amount of gold element?”

Auntie Leng roared in disbelief.

Ye Xing sneered, “Old witch, you are right to be afraid, let’s see how I will clean you up.”

Ye Xing rushed over, kicked the desk and struck forward with both fists.

The five-fold power of the Tidal Fist, combined with the destructive gold element, was like a lance through the sun, unbeatable.


Chapter 370

Auntie Leng was shocked, but there was no way to avoid it, so she could only strike out with both hands to receive it.

Unfortunately, she was unable to do so, and her body was sent flying against the wall, spitting out blood.

Ye Xing hurriedly chased after her, but unfortunately the old witch was extremely fast and darted through the nightclub, quickly losing sight of her.

Ye Xing was sure of catching up with the other party, but his mobile phone kept ringing in his pocket, so he took it out and took a look. Immediately, he turned around and returned to the manager’s room.

On the ground, Du Jiuniang’s face was black and her bitten hand was swollen up. Her face was blue.

Ye Xing helped them both and hurriedly left the Skeleton Underground Bar.

When they arrived at the car, Ye Xing had no antidote, so he could only take them to the hotel first.

Qiao Baihe was trembling and sat down, and began to use her energy to expel the snake poison.

Ye Xing looked at Du Jiuniang, whose condition had worsened, and said helplessly, “I’m afraid this is the end of her life.”

“Master, save my sister.”

Qiao Baihe made a small pleading sound.

Ye Xing brushed his lips and said, “I can refine pills, but I can’t cure poison.”

“Sister is not an ordinary person, the snake poison will not kill her. As long as Master pounds Yuan Power into her body, it will definitely help her get rid of the poison.”

Qiao Lily begged and cried, “Master, please, Lily is willing to be a cow and a horse for you.”

Ye Xing said helplessly, “I’ll do my best.”

As she approached Du Jiuniang, the person was already unbearably uncomfortable and could not make any sound.

Ye Xing used a knife to cut her back, followed by a bin to catch the poisoned blood.

Ye Xing covered her shoulders with both hands and punched Yuan Power into her body, soon the blood circulation accelerated and the poisoned blood was continuously forced back.

Ye Xing got covered in sweat, Du Jiuniang was still weak and feeble.

“Oh no, too much blood was released, if I didn’t die from the poison, I’ll have to lose blood and die.”

Ye Xing was dumbfounded and picked his head to think of countermeasures.

“Yeah, the real sisters must be fine.”

Ye Xing was just about to go and let Qiao Baihe bleed, but she was at a critical time when she was running her kung fu, wasn’t touching her at this time the same as taking her life?

“D*mn it, let’s fight.”

Ye Xing found a medical kit inside the hotel and used a plastic tube and needle to make a simple blood guide tube.

He then tied his own blood vessel and gave Du Jiuniang another blood transfusion.

Not knowing how long had pa*sed, Ye Xing couldn’t take it anymore and pulled out the tube, and then looked at Du Jiuniang. Surprisingly, her face was flushed.

She opened her eyes with a charming face and looked at Ye Xing with a smile.

“What are you smiling at? Why are you so cheap?”

Ye Xing deliberately laughed and scolded.

Unexpectedly, Du Jiuniang was indifferent and watched him get up and pounce.

Ye Xing was afraid that she would fall, so he stepped forward to help her. Du Jiuniang’s head was lying on his neck, and immediately afterwards Ye Xing felt a little strange.

“Don’t you be gracious and don’t bite me.”

With a clang, a flying knife knocked out the electric light overhead, and immediately afterwards Ye Xing was dragged down by Du Jiuniang.

Early the next morning, Qiao Baihe had finally dispelled all the toxins and she opened her eyes to see. She opened her eyes and saw that Ye Xing was sleeping heavily, but it was a bit unsightly, just a quilt on her waist, her back and thighs were all bare.

Qiao Baihe didn’t dare look at her much, smelling a foul odour, she stank from the night’s detox.

She gingerly got out of bed, only to find pieces of light bulb on the floor, and when she looked up, there was a flying knife on the roof.

“What’s going on here? Why did my sister’s flying knife put out the light?”

Qiao Baihe was a bit puzzled, but didn’t think much of it and rushed to the bathroom.

As a result, once she opened the door. She saw Du Jiuniang was inside and shouted in surprise, “Sister, you’re alright?”

Du Jiuniang was scared half to death, she had just lost her mind and thought about many things, but she was terrified.

“You go out first, I’ll call you when I’m done washing.”

Du Jiuniang just finished saying and then said, “You come in and wash, I’m going out.”

Qiao Baihe felt that her sister was strange, but didn’t think much of it. She walked into the bathroom and started to wash up.

Ye Xing had also had enough sleep and rolled over to get up, and actually saw Du Jiuniang.

It was a bit awkward when they looked at each other, but soon Du Jiuniang’s eyes burst into flames and she pounced on him, saying in a vicious whisper, “Don’t tell Lily about me and you.”

Ye Xing laughed as he picked his head, “What is it? I don’t think anything happened with you.”

“That’s best, remember you’re a shameless person.”

After Du Jiuniang said that, she turned her head and walked out of the room.

Ye Xing felt bitter in his heart, it was obviously not his own initiative, but he had actually become the culprit, who could he find to reason with?

Soon Qiao Baihe came out with a bath towel on, and Ye Xing saw a bright light before his eyes. He beckoned directly.

Qiao Lily did not dare to resist and came over with a red face.

“Dressed like this, are you trying to force me to commit a crime?”

Ye Xing reached out to tug the bath towel, and Qiao Lily resisted with a red face.

Suddenly. The door to the room was opened and Du Jiuniang was standing at the door with new clothes.

Qiao Baihe hurriedly ran over, Du Jiuniang dug at Ye Xing angrily, then told her sister to go to the bathroom to change.

Ye Xing put on her jacket and waited to wash up. Du Jiuniang was really angry, for her dead husband to abide by her womanly ways, but she never thought that she would end up destroyed at the hands of this B*****d boy.

“My mother, let go, you are a dog, don’t bite me.”

Ye Xing let out a miserable scream that shook the entire corridor of guests.

At nine in the morning, Ye Xing walked out of the hotel depressed, he was simply convinced, he was looked at like a monster on the way.

The three of them left the hotel by car and after the commotion, Du Jiuniang’s sisters grieved over Auntie Leng’s death.

Ye Xing also frowned and asked, “It’s not right, people from the Immortal Sect can do spells, this guy is sneaky, he doesn’t look like a member of the Immortal Sect, how can he also know spells?”

Qiao Baihe said, “I heard Shangguan Lan say it. Although we call ourselves the Immortal Sect, we are actually not the only lineage of immortal cultivators, and I think the means that killed that person of Auntie Leng should be the legendary demonic cultivator.”

“Demon cultivator?”

Ye Xing and Du Jiuniang both stared in awe.

“That’s right, devil cultivators are evil people who specialize in hunting immortal cultivators and use extreme cultivation methods to increase their cultivation by drawing on their Yuan Power, the immortal sect also has the obligation to kill devil cultivators.”

Qiao Baihe said slowly.

Ye Xing understood. After all, it was the so-called demon cultivators who did it, but these guys were invisible, so where could one find them?

While Ye Xing was depressed, a few dozen kilometres away in a park, a lake was bubbling with water and many dead fish were floating on the surface, some red koi weighing tens of pounds.

But before this bizarre scene could be noticed by the park manager, the bubbles suddenly grew larger, followed by a bare head emerging from the water, followed by an extremely thin man crawling out of the lake.

The man was so bare, with no hair, eyebrows or beard, that he looked like a rubber man.

He walked into a nearby toilet and within a few moments an old morning man came out in his tracksuit, took a look around and left the place alert.