Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 355-356

Chapter 355


The Free Fairy frowned and quickly pounced over, and after some examination, her face was full of dark clouds.

Jiang Qin laughed coldly, “Haha, I see, the four ancient formations must be opened together in order for the aura to recover, it’s useless to open one alone, you guys are emptying the bamboo basket.”

The Free Fairy exploded with anger and kept chanting that it was impossible, but the truth was right in front of him, the ancient formations were running slowly and could not revive the aura at all.

Jiang Qin roared, “Immortal Prosperous, let’s fight another three hundred rounds.”

“I want your life.” The Fairy of Prosperity was having nowhere to vent her anger. She lunged at Jiang Qin and started to fight.

The air was tightened as the ancient formation was filled with spells.

Shangguan Lan stared at Ye Xing and also roared, “You clown has disturbed Xue’er’s training three times, I will solve this stumbling block of yours today.”

Ye Xing got up playfully, “Come on, I’ll see how powerful you are too.”

Shangguan Lan threw out a cloud of ice mist. It was incomparably cold and fell from the sky, landing beside Ye Xing, causing him to be blocked from seeing by this ice fog, and he couldn’t see at all within a few metres nearby.

“This move again.”

Ye Xing felt the presence of the golden element and kept catching Shangguan Lan’s whereabouts.

This time Shangguan Lan was obviously more cautious than before, not even striking out himself and constantly driving his magic power. An ice thorn protruded from the ground, stabbing Ye Xing everywhere to hide.

“How dare you not get close, thinking that I can’t help you?”

After Ye Xing finished cursing, a white light flashed in his hand and his dagger shot out.

There was no trace of Shangguan Lan in the ice fog, but the other party could not be too far away to manipulate the spell right here, casting an ice stab attack that could force her to show herself, or even make this ice fog disappear.

Ye Xing manipulated his mind and drove his dagger to fly out to stab, and Shangguan Lan outside the ice fog was taken aback.

She had seen Ye Xing defeat Jiang Chang’an with his sword mastery technique before, and understood the power of this technique.

The dagger pierced through the ice spear at once, effortlessly.

Shangguan Lan was chased by the dagger and was in an extremely difficult situation. Ye Xing laughed triumphantly, “Shangguan Lan, you still don’t give up your hand, before I let you look down on me and steal my wife, today I will let you suffer and let you run away like a stray dog.”

“Ye Xing, don’t be complacent you punk, the Sect Master will definitely kill you.” Shangguan Lan was shocked in his heart. This monster Ye Xing didn’t know how he cultivated, it could simply be described as a thousand leaps in a day, where his cultivation and strength had increased was too terrifying.

As a result, a flying bird made of flames coalesced in the distance came closer and directly wrapped around the dagger, turning into a blazing flame that burned up.

Ye Xing had a splitting headache, as if someone was burning his own head with blazing fire.

He hurriedly withdrew his thoughts, and the dagger quickly returned to the ice mist.

The flames slowly disappeared, and Ye Xing put away the dagger, knowing that the blow just now was definitely not the work of Shangguan Lan.

The ice fog disappeared and the three once again appeared before him, Shangguan Lan leaning against the side of the Free Fairy, by now the lord of the Immortal Sect was in a terrible state of disarray. Not only was the veil covering her cheeks missing, her black hair was dishevelled and her breath was confused, she looked rather haggard.

Ye Xing took a glance at her, but she was really a great beauty, with a melon face, phoenix eyes, skin like cream, snow white as jade, this posture was more than a match for Qiao Baihe.

On the other side, Jiang Qin, the long-haired man, was also in a bad way, his clothes were in tatters. There was blood at the corner of his mouth and several wounds on his body, making him look even more wretched and traumatised than the Free Fairy.

It was as if Jiang Qin’s soul had been drained away from him at this point, and he had aged by more than ten years, with a face full of wrinkles, thick bags under his eyes, and most crucially, his facial spirit was gone. It was like an aging man.

“The Four Great Masters are no better than that, keep fighting and I’m sure I’ll take your life.” The Free Fairy sneered as she calmed her internal breath.

Jiang Qin mocked with a ragged breath, “Rumour has it that Immortal Free and Clear has the ability to keep her face intact and never age, but it is true. I can keep your immortal clan safe and also make your heart desire what you want.”

“Filthy words, a patriarch like you is really not a good thing.” Shangguan Lan spoke up and scolded.

“Ouch, another great beauty is angry. Although she’s a bit old, she seems to have good posture, and I don’t mind, I can take you along. There are quite a few fairies in your immortal clan, why don’t you all come into my house, we also have many masters in the Jiang family, so we can be completely monogamous.”

Jiang Qin was really good with his mouth, he was not polite at all.

The Free Fairy’s eyes were sharp and once again she struck quickly, this time two flying birds took shape from behind her, an ice bird and a fire bird.

Jiang Qin was taken aback, not expecting the other party to resort to such tactics when he was already at the end of his rope.

“There will be a long day ahead, next time I will definitely invite the fairies of the Immortal Sect to sit at my Jiang’s house.” Jiang Qin ran his legs with his internal energy and stepped towards the ground, followed by his whole body as if catapulting out, and soon flew from inside the cave to beyond the snowy mountain.

The two flying birds were turned into pieces of spiritual light in mid-air, and no longer had the terrifying aura they had just had.

The Free Fairy took a few steps back. It was obvious that this had scared Jiang Qin off, but she had also run out of gas.

Shangguan Lan gave her a hand and gave Ye Xing a vicious look, then two ice spears appeared under their feet and they quickly flew out of the cave.

Ye Xing was dumbfounded, everyone had run away and he was left alone.

He turned his head to look at the slowly operating ancient formation, which was so huge. The power must not be small, and no one dared to destroy it, which showed how terrifying the ancient formation was.

He looked at it for a few more moments, then also quickly ran out of the cave and came to the entrance outside, his fists slammed towards the stone wall, and soon the entrance collapsed, eventually the rocks and snow buried the entrance.

Ye Xing hurriedly ran towards the place where he had dropped Murong Xue, looking for her and calling out for her.

Ye Xing happily swooped over and wrapped his arms around her. Murong Xue was also happy, cultivation for her was suffering, only staying by her lover’s side was the happiest.

The two of them were intimate for a while, and then hurriedly left the snowy mountain.

There were still many people staying at the foot of the mountain, all disciples of the major ancient martial arts sects, with San Yang Daoist and Master Wu Neng being the main ones.

This time the ancient martial sects had suffered heavy casualties and had not stopped the ancient formation from restarting, it was simply a disgrace.

“I don’t know if that kid can stop the ancient formation from activating.” Daoist Sanyang muttered.

Master Wuneng frowned then said, “Nothing has changed even after so long, perhaps the ancient formation really hasn’t activated.”

“He actually succeeded?” Daoist Sanyang was still a little uncomfortable when he thought of what Ye Xing had done.

Master Wudao suddenly said with a serious expression, “An expert has come down the mountain, everyone be careful.”


Chapter 356

The Ancient Martial Disciples who were originally taking a break from their work were all pumped up, once they met someone from the Immortal Sect again, they, too, would have to lose their lives here.

It turned out that it was Ye Xing who came down, accompanied by a big beautiful woman in a long white dress.

Daoist Sanyang shouted, “Catch that demon girl and avenge the dead disciples.”

At once, the remaining dozens of ancient martial disciples quickly surrounded them.

Ye Xing roared, “Get out of my way, whoever dares to block my way, don’t blame me for being ungracious.”

“Kid, she’s a demon girl, she’s Shangguan Lan’s disciple.” Daoist Sanyang roared.

“She is my wife Murong Xue, only that she was taken away by Shangguan Lan to be a hostage, besides she has never struck out to hurt anyone from your various ancient martial arts schools. You better not force me to do anything.”

Ye Xing looked around and his body’s true essence coalesced and rose.

Master Wudao saw that there was going to be another infighting and immediately ran out to advise, “Don’t be impulsive, it’s all thanks to him this time. It was only because of him that the Immortal Sect’s plan fell through, and to put it mildly, he is the one who deserves the credit, we can’t strike at someone who deserves the credit.”

“But the woman beside him is a disciple of the Immortal Sect, keeping her is a scourge, so many people died this time, maybe even more will die next time, a demon girl who knows demonic arts is definitely not to be kept.”

Daoist Sanyang was still unrelenting.

Ye Xing stared at him and suddenly darted over quickly. At the same time, he shouted, “Stinking Daoist, you’ve been looking for trouble with me three times, since you want to be beaten up so much, I’ll make it happen.”

Ye Xing darted in front of Daoist Sanyang, and this guy quickly pushed his hands forward, his internal energy was wildly violent, like a rolling river.

The corners of Ye Xing’s mouth lifted up, full of smiles, if it was when he first entered Tianshan, he and Daoist Sanyang might still be on par, but after breaking through the realm, at this time, his cultivation was already at a level where a scholar should be able to distinguish himself.

The five-layer Tidal Fist blasted out, containing the gold element and the hardening technique added to it, only to see Ye Xing’s fist covered with a faint golden light shield.

With a bang, Samyang Daoist flew out more than ten metres and crashed heavily into a small black car.

The door of the car was dented and all the gla*s in the car was shattered, while his eyes bulged out, his hands dropped and a mouthful of blood spat out inside his mouth, followed by his whole body fainting and dying, only half of his life left.

As soon as the disciples of the Hidden Sect saw that Daoist Sanyang had suffered such a heavy blow, they defied the odds and tried to surround Ye Xing.

After all, Master Wudao was a member of the Buddhist sect and immediately stopped them, “Don’t do anything rash. Daoist Sanyang is not dead, if you continue to look for trouble with Ye Xing, I am afraid you will force him to go on a killing spree, our goal is to deal with the Immortal Sect, and now that the Immortal Sect has not yet gone up in smoke, if we kill each other, it will only be cheaper for those demon girls.”

Murong Xue was uncomfortable to hear, after all, she had also spent a long time in the Immortal Sect, not bad or good, but definitely not some ten evil fairy girls, the only thing that was annoying was that controlling mother.

Ye Xing took advantage of the situation and naturally did not say anything. Looking at San Yang Daoist, who was beaten down on the car in the distance, he took out all his anger.

In the end, the Hidden Sect disciples did not make a move and Ye Xing deliberately asked, “It’s alright, I’ll leave first, I just found my daughter-in-law, we have to go home and cultivate our relationship.”

Murong Xue’s face was red and she shyly lowered her head, Ye Xing pulled her and walked to the side of the car, got in and left, not giving the Ancient Martial Disciples any chance.

On the way, Ye Xing and Murong Xue kept chatting and their feelings kept warming up.

Murong Xue also did not continue to mention Ye Xing’s entanglements with other women, she was a woman who could see that. The women around Ye Xing are more or less related to him, but after comprehending cultivation and embarking on the path of cultivation, Murong Xue’s entire worldview has also changed, after all, all kinds of thoughts are instilled in the immortal clan, moving is immortality, ranking in the immortal cla*s, who cares how many women you have. Who cares how many women you have or how many wives you marry?

Murong Xue was so angry before, purely because she felt that Ye Xing had betrayed herself and found another woman, but understanding his heart, seeing him explain to himself like he didn’t want to die, and risking his life in a bloody battle with Shangguan Lan in order to save himself, then it was worth everything.

It is not necessary to love someone perfectly, as long as he loves and cares for you enough, and is even willing to sacrifice everything for you, that is enough.

Back to the villa. Su Xiaoqiao, who heard the commotion inside the house, was the first to run out and was just about to open her mouth to shout a word, but was forced back.

“Mr. Mu, it’s good that you came back safely.” Su Xiaoqiao gave an awkward smile.

Murong Xue saw her. Surprisingly, she was not particularly angry, and smiled lightly with a nod of her head, “Thanks to you taking care of Ye Xing, he is very capricious and no one is in charge. He will definitely make a big mess.”

“Wife, I’m very good.”

Ye Xing ran to Murong Xue and held his head in his hands and winked.

Murong Xue snorted and Su Xiaoqiao was also happy, but she didn’t dare to face Murong Xue and was just about to say something when Ye Xing had already spoken first, “I’ve been in a lot of trouble lately, I have to change to another place, I came just to see that you are alright.”

Murong Xue asked, “Ye Xing, do we have to change places?”

“Of course, you and I have offended too many people, it’s not safe to stay here, it’s better to find another place.”

“That’s right, we can’t let Xiao Qiao get involved in this fiasco.”

Ye Xing gave Su Xiao Qiao a wink to indicate, although Su Xiao Qiao was heartbroken, there was nothing else she could do.

As Ye Xing drove the car away, Murong Xue said, “Actually, if you really let me live with her. It’s not that I can’t accept it.”

“Honey, don’t think too much, I’m keeping my body for you, but I’m not messing around.”

“Do you think I’d believe that?”

“Didn’t I go a long time without touching you before? You should have an idea of my character.”

“That’s because you didn’t think you had much to live for and couldn’t bear to leave me a widow.”

“At least it proves that I’m not a bad person, so you have no reason to doubt my feelings for you.”

Ye Xing babbled for half a day, but finally got Murong Xue to stop dwelling on the matter and drove the car to a villa area with a nice view with a sigh of relief.

This area had only been developed a short time ago. Many of the houses had not been renovated yet, but there were also renovated ones being shown to customers.

When Ye Xing drove his car over, Murong Xue thought he had prepared the place long ago and didn’t ask much about it.

When Ye Xing’s car drove up, a group of rich people were a little upset, some covered their noses, some frowned and walked away.

When the agent saw that the car was driving his clients away, he huffed and puffed and slapped the front cover of the car and yelled, “Who told you to scurry around inside the villa? Are you the residents here?”

Ye Xing got out of the car and smiled, “Soon enough.”

The agent looked at him, he was dirty and his clothes had holes everywhere, he looked no different from a beggar, although there was a beautiful woman in the car, but this villa was worth tens of millions of dollars for a random one, obviously not affordable for people like them.

“It stinks, how many days has it been since you took a bath?”

“There’s no virus, is there? What if it infects us all?”

“Such smelly beggars hurry up and get rid of it, or we won’t even buy it.”

A group of wealthy people looking at the house pointed up in disgust.